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silverhaze269 06-09-2011 03:43 PM

Expect the Unexpected: A May/June 2011 Trip Report
Hi everyone, and welcome to my first trip report! :wave2: If you followed me over from my pre-trip report, I'm glad to see you back, and to those of you who are just joining in, thanks! :goodvibes

My name is Amy, and I'm a 24 year old retail worker/student. I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with my fiance, her two cats, and our pet snake.

Our Disney vacation started on May 27th (2011) and went until June 4th. I can't stress how much I wish we were still hanging out with the mouse, in the sunshine, with a "Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar" just soaking it all in. Alas, we all have to return to the "real world" at some point, and our time has come. :sad1:

Alright, time to get down to business, so to speak. This vacation consisted of myself, my fiance, my parents, and eventually, my brother. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort, and were on the Disney Dining Plan (for free! :woohoo:). I'm going to give a brief overview of our trip here, and then as time permits I'll come back and update properly (this is also partly so I can remember what happened on what day since I didn't keep a travel journal, despite all my good intentions :rolleyes1).

May 27 - Day 1: leave home for WDW! Dinner at Maya Grill
May 28 - Day 2: Day at AK, lunch at Yak'n'Yetti, night at HS, dinner at Pizza Planet
May 29 - Day 3: Morning at Epcot, lunch at Sunshine Seasons, dinner at 'Ohana, evening/night at MK
May 30 - Day 4: Morning in Downtown Disney, scoping out the Yacht Club, lunch at Electric Umbrella, dinner at Brown Derby, Epcot at night for Illuminations
May 31 - Day 5: Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
June 1 - Day 6: MK in the morning, lots of rain, lunch at Cosmic Rays with a DISser, Epcot, dinner at Sanaa
June 2 - Day 7: Breakfast at the Tusker House, lunch at Flame Tree BBQ, Epcot in the evening, dinner at Tangerine Cafe, the kitchen sink!
June 3 - Day 8: EMH at Epcot, AK for a short time, dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe, EMH at MK
June 4 - Day 9: leave WDW :sad1:

So there you have it, just a taste of what's to come. Until my next update (which will probably be tonight), I'll leave you with this fabulous picture!

EDIT: So it's hard to believe it's been a year, but my time how time flies! I've decided to come back and give this an index for easier reading.

mickeystoontown 06-09-2011 03:52 PM

Joining in! I can't wait to hear/read all about your trip!

Chaitali 06-09-2011 03:59 PM

Love the photo, you all look so happy! Sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait to hear more :)

Aburns8 06-09-2011 07:25 PM

That is the greatest photo ever! I have never been there and plan a visit soon!

silverhaze269 06-09-2011 07:49 PM

Aww, thanks guys! :goodvibes

Now, just to prepare you all, I can be pretty long-winded sometimes, so there might be a lot of reading in my posts, but I'll try to add some pictures in there too, but the first one probably won't have many pictures in it, just because of the nature of it. I'm getting ready to post the first real installment. Here goes!

silverhaze269 06-09-2011 07:54 PM

Day 1: Are We There Yet?
So my trip report begins on May 26th. I know it sounds a little weird, but you’ll soon find out why.

So picture this: It’s May 26th, 9:30 pm. My fiancé and I are in a mad scramble to get everything packed and ready to go. Our flight leaves at 6:35 am, which means we have to be out of the apartment by 4:15 am. Bedtime is in half an hour, but I’m too excited (and a little stressed) to even think about sleeping, so I take a gravol (like Dramamine) and continue to clean the apartment and pack any last minute things. The phone rings, but I’m in the middle of cleaning out the litter box so my fiancé answers it for me. It’s an automated message. American Airlines regrets to inform of us that our flight has been cancelled. :scared1: WHAT?! CANCELLED?!

So that’s when, excuse the expression, all hell broke loose. My fiancé took down the phone number to call American Airlines to try and get us re-booked on another flight and I called it right away, from my cell phone. After explaining to the person on the phone what happened and getting transferred to someone else to help, the house phone rings and it’s my parents. Now, I’m in the middle of talking to the person at American Airlines and my fiancé is talking to me at the same time trying to tell me my mom is also on the line with American Airlines. At this point I had to tell the person from American that I had to call back because it appeared that someone was already handling our problem. Thoroughly confused, I hang up, and start talking to my dad, who is also slightly confused because he’s only been getting half of the information from my mom. In the background my fiancé is freaking out because our flight got cancelled and what are we going to do about our dinner reservations and everything? This is when the gravol kicks in. Now I’m feeling very dopy, yet stressed and agitated.

After being on the phone with American Airlines for probably 45 minutes, my mom had my fiancé and I re-booked on a flight for the following afternoon (the 27th) but they didn’t have 4 seats on the plane so my mom and dad got put on a flight for the morning after (28th). We were not impressed at this point. It sucked majorly to have to loose pretty much a full day, but for my parents to loose a day and a half, well, it sucked even more. Then I had to call the Magical Express people to inform them about the flight change, and I also called Disney Dining to cancel our Coral Reef reservations :sad1:. I re-booked us in at the Maya Grill for 8pm, thinking that we would have more than enough time to get there after landing at 6:30 pm. At this point it was around midnight and I needed to get some sleep, so I went to bed, a mix of cranky and happy.

The next morning (27th) was pretty uneventful. It just consisted of us getting up and twiddling our thumbs until my mom came to drive us to the airport. The drive was uneventful and we got there with plenty of time to spare. The guy at the check-in counter was okay. He wasn’t overly perky but was quick so it was good. There wasn’t any line for security, which also went very smooth, and there wasn’t any line for customs, which was awesome. The customs officer wasn’t as cold as they normally are, so I guess we got lucky.

We then had a bit more waiting to do, as per usual when traveling anywhere. Our flight was a little late leaving, but we arrived in New York early, which was nice. That flight was good, but the flight attendant wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. When we got to New York we had some time so we decided to look around for a bit and then head to our gate. On the way to our gate, we noticed that it had changed, so we turned around and headed towards the new one. When we go there, there was a huge crowd around the counter and one of the ladies was calling out names. A little worried about what was going on, I approached one of the ladies at the counter and asked. She didn’t look up from her computer screen, and told me “your name will be called”. That wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for…in fact, it was no help at all. So there we were, in a large crowd of people, just waiting to see what would happen. Then an announcement comes on that says they over-booked the flight and were offering incentives to anyone who would wish to take a later flight. :scared1: Not again! :scared1: Now we’re back to panic mode. After all the trouble we’d already gone though, we may not get on this flight. :sad2:

Shortly after this announcement they started the pre-boarding for the flight. No one went up to the gate so they opened it up for “group 1” tickets. Lucky us, we were in group 1. On edge, we went up to the lady who was checking the boarding passes and she goes to scan ours…apparently they’re not working…great. She then goes over to the other computer, but comes back a few minutes later with new boarding passes and lets us on the plane. THANK GOODNESS! FINALLY!

Now that we were all settled on the plane I was able to breathe one big sigh of relief. We were finally getting to Disney World! :yay: Our flight was nearly an hour delayed by the time we left, due to whatever happened in New York (still don’t know what it was all about), so I knew there was no way we would make our dining reservation but there was nothing we could do. I was just happy to be on the plane!

The flight was another good one. There was very little turbulence, and not too many young children crying about the pressure changes, but the flight attendants weren’t very friendly yet again.

When we got to Orlando :woohoo: I almost cried. Infact, I almost cried several times in the airport just because we were there. It was a quick trip to the Magical Express, and there was a very short wait for a bus. Once we got on the bus we had to wait a little while for it to fill up a bit, but I didn’t care much because we were going to Disney World! I almost cried several other times during the bus ride because we were finally there…after 3 long years I was finally back…going ‘home’. Through all this excitement there was a crazy thunder/lightning storm going on. It was the most amazing thing…we just don’t get storms like that here, so it was really awesome to see it. Unfortunately, this meant that it was raining. A lot. When we got off the bus it was pouring, and neither of us had umbrellas or rain gear. My first order of business once we got settled was to get a poncho from the gift shop. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Coronado Springs was the first stop our Magical Express bus made, and aside from my fiancé and I there was only one family of four getting off as well. Check-in was excellent, and the front desk staff was great. Our room was in Cabanas building 8B. It was bit of a hike, in the pouring rain, with lighting and thunder, but eventually we found our room. It was very nice.

After drying off a little and unpacking, it was time to eat. We were both starving, and although we had planned on going to Epcot when we got there, we decided that with all the rain and how late it was (about 9pm) it just wasn’t worth it. So, instead of Epcot, we decided to stick with the Maya Grill. We didn’t have to wait any longer than 2 minutes for a table, which was nice. Normally I would have taken pictures of our food, but we were both very hungry and forgot. We had the sampler plate for 2, which was fantastic! There were shrimp tacos, steak, and I don’t remember the other thing…it was all really good though. We both had the key lime desert shot, which was also fantastic. I also found a hidden Mickey in the restaurant!

Once we finished up our meal, we headed over to the gift shop for ponchos. I was very impressed with the gift shop. There was a great selection of items, and the staff was very friendly.

So, after a long day, we went back to the room for some much needed sleep. Once we got back to the room the light on our phone was flashing. It was my mom with some bad news. Their flight out in the morning got cancelled…again! They were re-booked on the same flight that my fiancé and I had that day. Great. Now my parents lost pretty much 2 full days. I was not impressed. I’m still not impressed. American Airlines will be getting an angry e-mail from me soon, and probably one from my parents as well.

End of Day 1.

Unfortunately I only have one photo to get us started, but here it is!

Aburns8 06-09-2011 08:07 PM

That 24 hour period sounds too stressful! I have flown AA one time, and that was enough. I was in Dallas for a business trip and they canceled my flight and I had to be in Chicago that night. I vowed to never fly them again. They are horrible! That stinks that you missed out on days of your trip as well!

KatMark 06-09-2011 08:41 PM

I'm joining in for the adventures.

Love the pic of all of you eating the ice cream (I assume at Beaches & Cream?).

Sorry for all the headaches with the airlines. I HATE flying and that would have had me totally stressed out. But glad you finally got to the CSR. So glad to hear you enjoyed your meal at the Maya tends to get a mixed bag of reviews.

silverhaze269 06-09-2011 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by Aburns8 (Post 41421372)
That 24 hour period sounds too stressful! I have flown AA one time, and that was enough. I was in Dallas for a business trip and they canceled my flight and I had to be in Chicago that night. I vowed to never fly them again. They are horrible! That stinks that you missed out on days of your trip as well!

I don't think I'll be using American Airlines again, unless it's the only way to get somewhere.


Originally Posted by KatMark (Post 41421784)
I'm joining in for the adventures.

Love the pic of all of you eating the ice cream (I assume at Beaches & Cream?).

Sorry for all the headaches with the airlines. I HATE flying and that would have had me totally stressed out. But glad you finally got to the CSR. So glad to hear you enjoyed your meal at the Maya tends to get a mixed bag of reviews.

Yes, it is Beaches & Cream, it was awesome :lovestruc and...:welcome:

Strawberry's mom&dad 06-09-2011 09:44 PM

I liked your pics over in the photo safari. We are leaving in 14 hours. So i will get caught up when we get back.

anjalee6 06-09-2011 09:51 PM

Great start. I am sorry to hear about your flight issues. That would make me panic too. Disney somehow managed to not send out our Disney package booklet, luggage tags, etc. so my TA is in the process of getting those things. They better get here soon. We leave in 14 days, almost 13 days now. Ahh! Anyway, can't wait to read more.

pooksma 06-10-2011 09:55 AM

I'm here! Great start!:thumbsup2

I have never been to CSR so I am looking forward to your pics. The teaser you put up of BNC is really sweet. Everyone looks very happy. Glad to see things improved for you after a rough start.:banana:

Lidian 06-10-2011 10:33 AM

I'm here! Sorry about the issues with your flights. That really sucks, but glad to see you finally made it!! :woohoo:

mickeystoontown 06-10-2011 10:36 AM

I don't blame you one bit for being frustrated and almost in tears. You guys had a streak of bad luck. Thank goodness you finally arrived and were able to get some food after such a stressful time.

itsalebeau 06-10-2011 12:06 PM

That sounds so horrible!

We had a flight cancelled once at the beginning of a trip - we were taking the train across Canada (Vancouver to Halifax). We couldn't get to Vancouver, so we missed the train, had to fly to Edmonton at 1am, catch a train backwards to Jasper, AB, and then get on the train we were supposed to be on. It was a nightmare. I cried a lot.

Anyway, enough about me! I'm excited for your report! :D

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