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dlpSteve 06-03-2011 05:41 PM

The 2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards - The Results!

Thanks to everyone who voted, and without further a do, here are the results for the first category:

Best On Site Hotel

Disneyland Hotel (33%)

2nd Hotel Cheyenne (25%)
3rd= Hotel Santa Fe (13%)
3rd= Hotel New York (13%)
3rd= Sequoia Lodge (13%)
6th Newport Bay Club (4%)
7th Davy Crockett Ranch (0%)

Next: Best Off Site Hotel

nl's mummy 06-04-2011 05:07 AM

aww what a shame! 0% for DCR - id have voted!!!

markpsych 06-04-2011 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by nl's mummy (Post 41354873)
aww what a shame! 0% for DCR - id have voted!!!

Snap :thumbsup2

Michael623 06-06-2011 09:08 AM

I have to admit I find it a bit satisying that I'm not the only one who feels that NBC is as far down the list as it is.

Dad2Buzz 06-06-2011 09:25 AM

Unless you have stayed in all of them (which very few people will have done), how is it possible for people for one to vote what is the 'best on-site hotel'?

Not trying to put a downer on the awards, but people will just vote for the one they have stayed in. It is more a case of 'the most popular on-site hotel'.

dlpSteve 06-06-2011 03:28 PM

If you look at the trip reports then you'll see that majority don't in fact stay at Disneyland Hotel, but it won Best On Site Hotel. I know like myself a lot of people have looked round the different hotels whilst on the resort and also like myself, have stayed at more than one. With that in mind we can pretty much say which we prefer. For example I've stayed at Cheyenne, Sequoia Lodge and Santa Fe. I have also looked round the others and have no intention of staying in them because I prefer the Cheyenne. I don't think you need to have stayed the night to make a relatively informed decision. These awards are just a bit of fun and by no means a definitive fact finding operation.

dlpSteve 06-06-2011 03:45 PM

Best Off Site Hotel

Dream Castle Hotel (22%)

Kyriad Hotel (22%)

Explorers Hotel (22%)

4= Hotel Elysee (11%)
4= Park & Suites (11%)
4= Magic Circus Hotel (11%)

dlpSteve 06-08-2011 09:02 AM

Best Season
Best Season

Christmas (42%)

2nd Halloween (38%)
3rd= Summer (8%)
3rd= Spring (8%)
5th Autumn (4%)

My vote went for summer - those long opening hours and nice weather - unbeatable combination!

loladelorean 06-08-2011 01:12 PM

Yay for Christmas! And loving the pics. Excited for the rest of the to remind myself what I voted for :surfweb:

kizzabel 06-09-2011 11:06 AM

Cant wait to see Christmas for myself :goodvibes
Yay Steve, was looking forward to the results! Should I be in formal attire for reading them!?!?! :lmao:

dlpSteve 06-10-2011 11:33 AM

Best Hotel Restaurant
The only dress code for the awards is Mickey Ears must be worn by all!

Best Hotel Restaurant

Inventions at Disneyland Hotel (29%)

2= California Grill at Disneyland Hotel (18%)
2= Chuck Wagon Cafe at Hotel Cheyenne (18%)
4= Hnter's Grill at Sequoia Lodge (12%)
4= La Catina at Hotel Santa Fe (12%)
6= Cape Cod at Newport Bay Club (6%)
6= Manhattan Restaurant at Hotel New York (6%)

Agree 100% with this one - expensive but amazing.

lucie 06-10-2011 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by

Best Hotel Restaurant[/B]

Inventions at Disneyland Hotel (29%)

Agree 100% with this one - expensive but amazing.

I cant wait to try Inventions now :woohoo:

kizzabel 06-10-2011 03:16 PM

Gots my Mickey ears on an eagerly awaiting the next installment popcorn::

Ware Bears 06-10-2011 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by kizzabel (Post 41430278)
Gots my Mickey ears on an eagerly awaiting the next installment popcorn::


Totally agree with the Best Hotel and the Best Hotel Restaurant categories. :thumbsup2 Ooh, to be back in Inventions again tonight ..... :cloud9:

dlpSteve 06-16-2011 03:41 PM

Best Disneyland Park Restaurant
Best Disneyland Park Restaurant

To read more about the 2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards click here.

Waltís (42%)

2= Agrabah Cafe (8%)
2= Blue Lagoon (8%)
2= The Lucky Nugget Saloon (8%)
2= Plaza Gardens (8%)
6= Toad Hall (4%)
6= Cowboy Cookout Barbecue (4%)
6= Auberge de Cendrillon (4%)
6= Fuente del Oro (4%)
6= Colonel Hathiís Pizza Outpost (4%)
6= Silver Spur Steakhouse (4%)

Boooo! Blue Lagoon for me!

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