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podsnel 06-02-2011 08:56 PM

DISmoms 3! If the Tiara fits... 5/13-5/17/11 Complete! 11/8!
Hell-ooooooo DISpeeps!! We are back with the story of our third...YES THIRD!!...trip to WDW without our husbands and without our kids! :dance3::dance3: Not that we don't miss them terribly, and think of them often while we are away...:rolleyes: but really, it is SOOO much fun that we just can't stop ourselves from doing it over and over again!

Our first year, we stayed at AKV, in a concierge level studio- just four of us, Lonnie, who was once upon a time my MOH and college roomate; Cammie, who I met on the DIS; and Kara, an axe murderer of unknown origins, also known as Karajeboo on the DISboards.

Year number two, we had all of our original members, plus two new lovely additions- Lovinlife, aka Pam who Kara & Cammie knew from here, and my dear friend from home, Joan, also called Wannabeadismom. We stayed in a 2 bdrm villa at BCV-

Well, this year, we lost two- Pam was unable to join us, and Cammie couldn't come either...:sad1:. But then, we got two NEW ones!! Laura -CRdismom who we knew from guess where, and another dear friend of mine from home- Evie! We were all in for 4 nights in a 2 bdrm Boardwalk view villa at BWV!

I hope you'll join us for ANOTHER side-splitting, pants wetting adventure in the happiest place on earth!!:goodvibes


First Class, BABY!

Kara's Sizable Differences

Laura-A Bumpy ride

Kara's Royal Court

Open that slushie stand!!

Made in Morocco

The Ditch

Spicy Minniesoder Girl

Can we keep her?

Let's find Lonnie & our 2BDRM villa at BWV

Dinner at Tutto Italia

More Tutto & Epcot

Test Track Barf-o-Rama....or not....

Kara's second try at what happened that night

Laura's story

Off-topic updates from Ellen

DISmom Vids from Day 1

Good morning Kouzzina!

DISmoms get their Ride on

Time to Tune-In!

Kara is Poohped

Laura's turn!

Back at the BWV....

I'm feeling nostalgic-


Caribbean Cruise Update

DISmoms in DTD

Where's that Hottie???

Kara's 2 cents

Sunday in MK

Kara's moment with Jack

Exploring the High Seas without the Magic- 9 Nights on RCI TR

Tea Time

La Hacienda with Nenner1

Kara hits the catwalk

Laura's Day

Night time Shenanigans

Kara's Rebuttal

Hey Hey We're the Monkees

Space Shuttle & Yak & Yeti

Eau de KJ

Dismom Dancin Machines

Laura & Evie's night

The Scary Clown Pool

Hangin at the BWV

Flying Fish

Kara's catching up!

It's On like Donkey Kong

Our last morning

Update from Laura

Via Napoli

A farewell to Epcot at Caramel Kuche, Kringla Og & The Ditch

The Last Stop

KristiMc 06-02-2011 09:13 PM

Joining in - should be fun!

OhMari 06-02-2011 09:21 PM

What were your dates?
I'm going to try and be there next May for the Triathlon.
Cancelled Labor Day-because it went off site. Killed Me.

Dumb me, should of looked at your Title.

donnaf516 06-02-2011 09:38 PM

Joining in. Would love a girls only trip one day!

podsnel 06-02-2011 09:53 PM

First Class, BABY!!!
We were all up and ready to go at the crack, heading to lovely Newark airport for our 7:45 am flight on Continental. Evie's hubby Tom was kind enough to wake up early with us, and schlep us all to the airport- gotta love a good husband!! Thanks, Tom! We got there a little early, because the month before my hubby had flown to Orlando on the same flight, and found out that now you can do the first class upgrade for $69 if you arrive early enough and there's availability (it used to be that you could upgrade online when you checked in, but no more). Anyway, we all hit that first row, and were happy to do the meet and greet for all the other oncoming pax....

Ok, well HER we knew from town (how crazy is that???) but we greeted all the rest too, I can promise you- we tend to lean on the friendly side...:rolleyes: Joanie and I were ready to go!

Especially when the flight attendant INSISTED we try his bloody mary. Hey, who are we to argue? Even if it was 7:30 am!! We did, however, follow it up with a pretty yummy breakfast-

Evie, who is a nervous flyer, was thrilled to be seated next to an off-duty flight attendant- she was AMAZING, calmed Evie right down! We all enjoyed her company- she was a fantastic person. :goodvibes

Two and a half hours later, it was time for the first thrill ride of the trip- ORLANDO, BABY!!!

We made a beeline for the DME...which had a HUGE line!

That's ok- that can only mean one thing....time for ROPE DROP! For the stinky yellow Mears bus- BOO!

It was the strangest thing- they never showed "THE" movie- they just put on some Disney cartoons. What up wit dat??? :confused3

And then the prettiest sight of all-

And as never before, we hit the DME jackpot- we were FIRST!!!

We checked right in, with a CM who had all the enthusiasm of my left largest toe, and Evie went over to pick up her 5 day park hopper-

Which would, of course, end up being upgraded to an AP later in our trip. (The husbands of Scotch Plains love me- their wives go on a little 5 day trip, and they all come back with an annual pass! :rotfl:). Some BWV lobby pics-

This is supposed to be Lucy the Elephant from Margate, NJ-

Or, it could be the Coney Island elephant- but that would be very un-Disney, so we'll stick with Lucy. :thumbsup2

I did take more than a few pics in there- but it's SO PRETTY!!! was my first trip HOME since buying some BWV points this you know I was in love!

Up next....hmmm...what should we do first at 11:55 am??????

podsnel 06-02-2011 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by KristiMc (Post 41340471)
Joining in - should be fun!

Hi there! And welcome!!


Originally Posted by OhMari (Post 41340537)
What were your dates?
I'm going to try and be there next May for the Triathlon.
Cancelled Labor Day-because it went off site. Killed Me.

Dumb me, should of looked at your Title.

NOOOOO!!!!!!! I'm so sad for you!!! Are you going to do another one? Next year we will be there May 4-6, before the cruise- not sure who will be at BCV other than Lonnie & me, but hoping for Kara & Joan- Kara, Joan & i are going on the 4 night Dream next year! :banana:


Originally Posted by donnaf516 (Post 41340764)
Joining in. Would love a girls only trip one day!

Hi!! Thanks for joining in!! You should go- it is a completely different experience! :thumbsup2

OhMari 06-02-2011 10:09 PM

Loved your intro.
You must of been getting the first pictures up, while I posted.

This year's race with "Danskin" was Mother's Day Weekend.
"Trek's" race was suppose to be Labor Day weekend, but they cancelled with WDW and moved it over to Clear Water--FL. The whole point was doing the Triathlon at WDW. So now I am shooting for next May.

Comment-AirTran used to have upgrades for $39 online. We figured it was cheaper to upgrade than pay for luggage. Luggage is included with the upgrade. Anyways, AirTran changed the fee to $99.

You have to be a Dis'er to get this.:rotfl:

WannaBeADisMom 06-02-2011 10:16 PM

:banana::banana:WOO HOO!!! Never fear, I am here.....complete with all my inane comments, a few pictures (though I can't quite compete with Ellen), and quite possibly a kleenex or two as I struggle through life!!! (or maybe I'm just loony tunes :confused3) Looking forward to reliving the laughs:yay:!!!!!

2xcited2sleep 06-02-2011 10:26 PM

Marking my place and will be back to read in the am. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Mysteria 06-02-2011 10:46 PM

Was wondering when this was going to start! Can't wait to read along.

dvc4life 06-02-2011 10:52 PM

Woo Hoo!!!!! You have started your report!

So excited :banana:. Now I gotta go get caught up!

MEK 06-02-2011 11:25 PM

I've been waiting for this and I MUST remember to get the "fake" monorail shot on my next trip. It was kinda hard this time since I was traveling solo! :laughing:

Love the BWV pictures. Love the theme. Its so Steele Pier 1960's and reminds me of visiting there with my grandmother. (Well - not in 1960 because even I am not THAT old, but you know what I mean) She lived in South Jersey and we drove down there every summer from the time I was about 7 to the time I became a surly teen.

I know you all probably had a wonderful time and I can't wait to read all about it.

hmillerbarilla 06-02-2011 11:41 PM

joining in... I just love your trip reports! Thanks for sharing!:goodvibes

anewmac 06-03-2011 01:28 AM

YEAH i knew demanding things from you would pay off lMAO. Already starting off right.. Upgrade Fairy (even if you did have to pay) and bloody mary to start the day/vacation off right.. woohoo thats my girls! Cant wait to hear about more shinanigans... um i mean fun times! LOL

MAGICFOR2 06-03-2011 02:23 AM

I'm here! I'll be back - I still need to do the dishes before I go to bed!:faint:

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