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MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 10:40 AM

Haunting the Magic Oct 29, 2011 (Western) The Pre-Scare Report
So the more and more I think about my October cruise the more and more I feel like I need to start my Pre-Trip Report…yes I know its not even close and to the halfway mark but I have to release some of this cruise planning somewhere!

Some of you or maybe a few of you, have read both my PTR & TR for my Dec 2010 4day Cruise on the Wonder. But let me give you little background info..

I first came on the disboards to gather information for my trip to WDW back in 2009..I had went to Disney twice and felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of my visits. So I started my research, and so began my DIS-OBSESSION. I am so hooked on this forum, that I cannot go a day without checking the site. I love to read other peoples PTRs nd TRs so when I re-booked my first Disney Cruise for Dec 2010, I started my first ever PTR. I think writing a PTR helps you remain focused and sane when planning a trip (And it also is a good reference for when you can’t remember what the plan was!). So with me not going a day without thinking of both my cruises I have booked for this and next year, I have to commence the reporting.

The Boo-tiful Cast:
Me (34) Single mother of 2 fun & fantastic gorgeous little boys. Yes I do everything with my kids. I know that will not always be the case when they get older and become teenagers so I am taking advantage that they want to be with me all the time.

Miguelito (3)…I have made him a Disney lover and he still gets excited when we walk onto WDW property. His memory is expanding and he’s now remembering things I wouldn’t have imagined him to remember, like where’s Dinoland in AK. When asked where does he lives? He says Magic Kingdom. He still plays with Mickey Mouse toys, but he also is a fan of Spiderman and Iron Man (which is a plus since they are now owned by Disney).

Manuelito (1) ah my little man. He’s so determined to be like his brother that it almost feels like I have two 3yr olds. He loves the characters and he loves water. He loves to just be with his brother and I. He definitely loves Mickey Mouse. So I cannot wait to get him on the ship again so he can plan in the Splash Pad.

So a lot of folks think I’m crazy that I travel alone with two little ones and they wonder how I do it and they probably under their breaths think what a waste of money since they can’t “remember” the trips . I mean, I just do it because I love to travel and I plan for it. We don’t live a normal life and I accept that this is my family and its little, so I refuse to let the fact that one adult is not participating in my life restrict what I do for vacations or do whatever it is I think my boys will enjoy, even if its only for the moment, who cares if they can remember any of the trips..I barely remember the first time I went to Disney and I was 25yrs old…I just remember the excitement..ANYWHOOOO

I’ve always love going on vacations. And even more so I love cruising…and even better is that there’s Disney Cruising.

So this is my Ohana:

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 10:43 AM

The Haunting Prelude
My cruise in December was awesome. I was so impressed with everything on the Wonder (except the small elevators), that I couldn’t wait to book another cruise. I have cruised in October couple of times on the carnival so I decided to look up cruises for that month.

Couldn’t decide which cruise to do..Do I go on the Dream, do I do an Eastern vs Western..choices choices choices…and the only reason it was difficult to decide is because I had to book another cruise in April 2012 for my kids birthdays. I even looked in the Allure of the Seas, RCCL.

I decided to not make a decision for a month on what to do…February finally came around and after researching, looking through peoples TRs and deciding whats in the budget…I booked the Oct 29th Magic’s Western 7-day cruise. And for April 2012, I booked April 10th, 2012 Dream’s Bahamas 5-day cruise.

I mostly picked the Western because of the time frame, I have a huge event that I help my company put on the 3rd weekend of Oct so traveling before that weekend is frowned upon. Plus I love Halloween, and I wouldn’t mind being on the ship for Halloween.

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 10:45 AM

The Disappearing Act $$$
I have to admit that I am a shopaholic. But I am a frugal shopaholic. Quite the cliché’ I guess. I already have my “Disney Cruise” box started. Most of the stuff was from our last cruise. If you read my PTR you will see all my purchases. This cruise, I will refrain from over –spending on items that I don’t need.

These are some of the purchases that I have made for this cruise lol:

Boys Mickey Mouse swim Trunks
Miguel’s cruise outfits

This is the stuff that I need:
1.A Formal Dress for the Captains Dinner and 2 suits for the boys. (I’m still debating if I want them to be in the Oceaneers Club/Nursery during this dinner). Last time I couldn’t find a red & white polka dot dress for the cruise and so I settled with an all red dress. This time I will find one!
2. Shorts for me.
3. Earrings for me ( I lost my beautiful dangling Mickey Ears earring and they don’t sell them anymore)
4. A new camera/a new chip
5. A new suitcase

I'm sure I will be updating this as we move along

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 10:45 AM

The Haunted Trail
Now I sort of have some ideas on what I want to do for this week.

Oct 28th Spend the day at Magic Kingdom & then attend the MNSSHP. One of my favorite events. Love the Boo to You Parade and love the characters in costumes.

Stay at the Rodeway Inn for $29.99 after MNSSHP.

Oct 29th Wake up early Saturday morning and try to get to the Port by 10am.

Attempt to get a picture with Sailor Minnie.

Give the CM our boarding names: Mother Grothel and her Happy Haunts…its still a work in progress.

Hope that the weather is fantastic for swimming and hit the pool and Topsiders once we are on board.

Attend the Muster drill and then back to the party deck to see the Sail Away Party.

Dinner and a Show is a must do for tonight.

Oct 30th Key West…not sure if I will get off the ship. If I do I might go to the Butterfly Conservatory, and then get back on the ship and just chill out at the Pool and Splash Pad. But I’m really leaning towards staying on the ship altogether

I might book some nursery times for my little one here. And get Miguel to go to the Oceaneers Club for a little so I can watch a show by myself.

Oct 31st Day At Sea…This is Halloween, so I’m going to try and partake in most of the Halloween events. I’m also afraid that this might be Formal night. I hope not as I would like to stay in our costumes for this day…the plan is to be cowboys. Not sure if I will book nursery times for this day.

Nov 1st Grand Cayman..I love this Island. We are going to book the Turtle Farm but through Boatswain. They emailed me back yesterday and said there’s a free shuttle to and from the port!! It will be much cheaper to do it through them versus DCL. Sorry Disney..
I’m not sure what menu this will be and if its Pirate night or what..but I have to do more research since I want to book a Palos dinner.

Nov 2nd Cozumel. I’m staying on the ship for sure. So we are winging it this day. I have a feeling this is Pirate lets cross fingers.

Nov 3rd Day At Sea…winging it

Nov 4th Castaway Cay..beach bumming it. Man I hope it is hot outside. I want to go in the water!!
Nov 5th..disembark and go home!

Now I want to watch all the Disney themed musicals.
I want to partake in Pirate Night (and eat from Pirate Buffett)
I want to do character breakfast.
And I want to just enjoy the quality time with my kids..not having to cook, clean or work!!!

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 10:46 AM

The Creepy Curios

I have started collecting Disigns from here on the Creative Disigns Forum..Here are some of the designs..

This will be our boarding shirts:

The back of shirts

This time around I am only making one tshirt and that’s it.

And this time around I’m only making 50 magnets vs 150. lol

Fish Extender:

I might use the same FE that I used on my last cruise. I’d just have to take off my stepsisters name on it..we’ll see what I decide.

Now the real exciting thing here is I think I know what I want to make for the FE group. I want to make something and personalize it , and then of course give out some little curios or trinket.

This is a must do if you are a first time cruiser…but warning you will spend money on this as you get so carried away. I don’t know about you but its kind of fun shopping for people you never met!!

So keep up with me as I plan out our next adventure on the Disney Magic!!!

My next plan of action is to pay the cruise off by August before all the Palo ressies are taken!

CherylSue 05-19-2011 11:04 AM

Hey MommaMouse! :wave:

I stumbled upon your TR! I just love reading yours!

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 11:07 AM

CherylSue!!! How are you!!!!

Yea I just couldn't hold it in anymore and I had to start the pretrip...I was hoping to bring Chloe but I don't think she's going to be able to come this time.

I know you have a cruise coming up in Dec right? have you started PLANNING?

CherylSue 05-19-2011 11:28 AM

We are doing great! Are your boys good??? They are soooo cute!!!!! :goodvibes My DD still asks about sailing again with Chloe LOL!

We actually changed the date to February 26, 2012, it just worked out better with my DD and school. It's a 4 night Dream, but while onboard we are booking a 7 night Eastern on the Fantasy....looks like it goes to Pueto Rico :yay:

I can't wait to hear all about your Western cruise! Looks like you have a great start on the planning!

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 12:15 PM

oh how awesome!!!!!!!! I won't be able to book a Fantasy cruise until maybe late 2013...

I of course love MY island :) and I once left out of PR for a carnival cruise...and I never forget, before we got on the ship there's a liquor store...HALF OFF...yea I had bought too much liquor that I gave two bottles to the room attendant. He was like cool..cuz they were like $30 bottles..

Chloe has to get good grades to be able to come with us on this vacation...and right now they are are decent, and one not so good. but we'll see what happens.

I also have an april 2012 Dream 5day booked for my kids bday week. My mom, her husband, and chloe might think of coming with us if the ship hasn't sold out middle of the year.

MommaMouse411 05-19-2011 01:32 PM

Haunting Trail part 2
So I had some time and I looked up last years western caribe navigators..

and here's what they have

Day 1 All Aboard Show
Day 2 Alfred & Seymor (I am not going to see this show)
Day 3 Twice Charmed
Day 4 Villains Tonight (now I saw there was an early show, I hope this is true, the posted time was 3pm, if so thats when I'm going to see it)
Day 5 Pirates Night!!!!
Day 6 Dreams: an enchanted classic
Day 7 Remembering the Magic

Okay that's alot of shows...last time on the wonder, I didn't see Disney's Dreams. So I guess I'll have to for sure see this one but I'm not sure if I want to see All Aboard and/or Remember the Magic.

Any advice on these? which one is better, are they the same, almost?

MommaMouse411 05-20-2011 02:38 PM

The Gluton
So I was cruising the menus for the restaurants..and I pretty much already know what I'm going to eat at Animators, Lumieres, and Parrot Cay...

but for Palos Dinner (hoping to miss out on the Prince & Princess Menu..although the cheese souffle is deleesh!)

don't laugh or roll your eyes..because I can definitely put down some chow!

This is what I want to eat:

Tuna Carpaccio
Frutti di Calamari
Grilled Mushrooms
Melanzane al Fungheta (eggplant)
Shrimp Salad

Risoto di Mare
Mushroom risoto
Lobster Ravioli
Sea Scallops
Pan Fried Tuna


For the Captains Dinner:

Mushroom Soup
Blue Cheese & Asparagus Risotto
Lobster Tail (3)
maybe soba noodles & venison medallions

Creme Brulee

Till We Meet Again:
Tuna Sashimi
Cheese Dip
Seafood medley
Chicken satay
Lobster Bisque
Grilled Beef Tenderloins
Portobello Mousaka
maybe Orange roughy or lamb sirloin

not sure on dessert

Pirates of Caribbean:
Jumbo Crab Cake
Pearls of Caribe
Conch Chowder
Grilled Shimp & Scallops
Sirloin of Beef
Sunken Vegetable Treasure

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Last time I ate about the same amount of food..and I remember there wasn't alot of food on the plate which I think is great..its almost like TAPAS!!

MommaMouse411 05-25-2011 03:45 PM

Did I tell you that my cabin # was 6319?

Was doing some research..not alot of info out there on this room for the Magic.

also, I booked my Chef Mickey's Breakfast at 11:20am on Oct 28th. The plan is to get to Chef Mickey's around 11am...after breakfast head out to Magic Kindgom (might decide to do Animal Kingdom instead)..depending how I feel that morning. but either way, we'll be at a park, then to MNSSHP.

After MNSSHP, head to the motel...make some sleepytime tea for my boys and so we can sleep till 7am. Shower, get dress, head out of the motel by 8am head to Port Canaveral..stop have some breakfast, and be at terminal extra early!

you know I almost forgot about the whole paying for parking!!! now I have to google how much is going to cost me to park 7days!

Okay just came back from doing a quick search on port canaveral parking and this is what I'll be doing

$6.99 a day!!! plus tax!!! they'll shuttle me to the port..but that means that I might not be able to get to the terminal early...because I'll have to get to Radisson early, and hope that the first shuttle isn't full. well I guess to pay that price then it might be worth waiting in an excruciating long line with two little ones......

mnrhannah07 05-25-2011 10:42 PM

totally joining you in this PTR! I really want to write one but I wouldn't know where to start and how to keep it going! But knowing you, I want to make a prediction that you might stay on site the night before the cruise...maybe at POP, I could be wrong but I just have a funny itch that you might switch from the $29.99!

Anywho, totally looking forward to more updates!

MommaMouse411 05-26-2011 12:37 PM

@ MNRHANNAH! welcome!! thank you for joining!! :cool1:

Its funny you say that about the POP.....I've been waiting for a PIN CODE to come to my email for a long time..and nothing yet..but if I get a nice discount for that week, I'll definitely consider year I think I paid like $60 a night for pop and stayed for was awesome.

MommaMouse411 05-26-2011 01:12 PM

So last cruise I still had some baby belly going on so I wasn't able to fit in my disney bathing suits..well i still am having a hard time losing my baby belly...and am getting skinny every were else...:confused3

so I joined Shapes last night..and hopefully my goal is not to lose weight but just lose my belly and tone up...

Keep your fingers crossed as I started with Zumba yesterday and today I do weight areobic class!!

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