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Sandy321 05-15-2011 12:38 PM

I think I'm going to throw up! Half Marathon 2012! :faint:
OK Here I come - ready or


Sandy - still too old and too heavy to be doing this - but tired of my couch potato ways

DH - Loves running Marathons, he needs to run! He will be leading a Blind Runner he met through WISH boards

DD - now 14 - if she goes she wants to run the 5K!

I was Dead Last Finisher in 2010, we had hoped to go back in 2011, but jobs didnt come through. Sad That.

DH for the last month has tried to prod us into going.

DD said NO

Then, he just seemed depressed. and I was a couch potato. Maybe we need this to motivate us! So just today we are booked at Boardwalk Villas, and dh is signed up to run GOOFY!

We still have a few tragedies - DS has us watching his big Teddy Bear of a dog -
He is a cuddle bear - walks well on a leash, and hasnt barked yet!

Sandy321 05-15-2011 12:49 PM

I know in my signature I have reports from the 2 Donald Half Marathons I've done.

in '08 - my first, I did ok! However, the powers that be shut off the timer so when I crossed, according to my watch I finished in 3 hours 30 min - but with no chip timer, I was not official - I had started at the back of the pack in the last corral, so I cant prove that!

in 2010 - I was out of shape, I had to see a chiropractor to get my hip aligned, it was so painful... I wasnt in a good training shape - but I did it - and it was miserable! Sleet, Snow, Rain, cold - miserable - but like the Little Engine that could I was the last runner to cross the finish line! I had quite the convo with the sweepers for at least a mile - that last turn off the main road to the road to Epcot - the last sweep spot was right before the turn into the parking lot - I made it - barely! But since I was in good spirit and could talk to the sweepers on the bike, they let me finish!! WOO HOO!

and I hurt - and I swore to DH "NEVER AGAIN" I cant enjoy the parks, I'm in pain - and its cold!

nope, done. finished!

But here we go again!

WHY? :confused3

I have no idea. Maybe because I dont want to be a couch potato. Maybe its because if dh is going to get in shape I dont want to be left behind. Maybe I want the bling - its a milestone for the Donald so its a special medal. No that is SO not it!!

Maybe I'm going to throw up!

Sandy321 05-15-2011 12:52 PM

Must have a training schedule.

Technology - I have an iphone - and I know there is "an ap for that"

On the walk with the dogs today I used the pedometer ap - didnt work!

Dh likes Hal Higdon's program

Many people are successful beginning with Couch 2 5K program. This has set interval training - where you jog for a bit, walk, jog... increases your stamina, distance, and speed!

and there's an ap for that!! Its $3.99 so I'm googling and reading reviews, not sure its worth it!

Sandy321 05-16-2011 09:04 AM

Found Runkeeper ap for iphone.

It uses my music I've got on my iphone, it tells me my distance, and my min per mile...

I need a lot of help! At one point I was 27+ min per mile (I walked each dog to the park post and back, and did have to stop and pick up after the dogs! yeah, that its, that'll slow you down!)

In the end I did 1.4 miles, but it took me 32 min and an average of 22min 28 seconds -

Must shave off Seven Minutes! :faint:

Backstage_Gal 05-16-2011 07:20 PM

Sandy, I'm here and subbing. Run, Sandy, RUN!!

More than my couch-potatoe body is even willing to discover, so good for you!

beebeeryan 05-17-2011 08:15 AM

You can do it! You've done it before!!!

I just completed the C25k program yesterday :banana::banana::banana: and I thought the app was worth it, the GPS is extra, but I liked it for when I went outside. It made me keep going even when I didn't want too. I set it to publish to my Facebook account automatically so people would know I was doing it. That made me feel I had to follow through and finish it. I have the Runkeeper free app now too to keep going at my own pace. Now that I can run and don't have to do intervals so much. At least for 5k. I can't imagine a 1/2 marathon, but I suppose with a good walk/run interval it can be done.

I'd love to do a Disney run, have to convince DH though and he's not into it at all even though he could easily run a 1/2 marathon. I don't think he understands why I want to pay all the $$$ to go kill myself at Disney as opposed to just doing it here. :rotfl:

Sandy321 05-17-2011 09:23 AM

Gal thanks for joining me! You are a great Cheerleader! :cheer2:

BeeBee thank you! WTG on completing the C25 program! I love the pictures in your signature! When dh first proposed us going to Disney - but doing the run, I was skeptical - training in the fall/winter here in Chicagoland area, uggg! ok well summers are hot and sticky/humid!

I always have an excuse - I always start on the right mindset - I see myself having a nice good casual run at Disney... but the last 2 times havent been that way!

I think I do have to sign up for a 5K or a 10K to help keep me focused in the fall...

Sandy321 05-17-2011 09:39 AM

still walking the dogs - that's where my pace is...

Now is a beautiful time for a walk - the weather is just gorgeous - the trees look beautiful, the walk is peaceful - well, except for when another dog walks by! Decided not to stress myself out and not turn on RunKeeper - so I only know we were out there for 40 min - I'll take them out again after lunch and do that route, see where I'm at - but for that walk, I'll push myself! (I try and pick up my pace - its really not running, it feels like running to me, but I know its not)

Dogs FINALLY settled - almost an hour after the walk! - they are too funny how they try and get the other one in trouble by wrestling - I'm the mean mom!

BeeBee I hadnt thought about updating to Facebook. Its now in my thought process! I havent been really posting any updates over there - its still a little weird for me!

Sandy321 05-17-2011 09:52 AM

Trip Planning :cool1:

It keeps my mind off the "real world" and gets me to "Disney's World"

Got the resort all set - Boardwalk Villas...
biggest problem is no counter service for breakfast - must make my own hot tea and coffee - which 3 out of the 6 days is perfect - but, I wake up early and enjoy going down and getting a breakfast sandwich, filling a mug of hot tea goodness.... The Boardwalk Bakery is ok, but not for an OCD tea maker like me!

Which brings me to the next stage of planning:

Dining Plan or Not to Dining Plan!
That is the question!

When we first got Free Dining - we were spoiled, mostly because the restaurants had personality! The last time we went we started noticing a trend - all the desserts were identical on buffets... which to me meant, most arent made in house - outsourced desserts, means outsourced other food... (its just easy to spot the key lime pies, and the cheesecake, brownie bites)

Every year since the savings grew narrower and narrower - but even on our last Marathon Weekend, we went Dining plan - ah, but that was before that Quick Service snuck in to make people believe there still are bargains to be had at Disney....

Dining Plan we are used to is $45.99 per day :faint:
QS + 2 snacks (the mug is a deal? really a hook? ) at $35?

no thank you!

But, do I really want to dismiss it just like that?

Sandy321 05-18-2011 09:54 AM

Really wet weather today! Only did 1 mile - - 25 minutes out there (had to take care of dogs before we went on the walk!)

All7OfUs 05-18-2011 11:47 PM

I'm here, I'm here!!!!! I"m elated you're back among us, Sandy!! Really I am!!

AND I'm training too- FOR A DISNEY race!!! I really want to do the Wine and Dine in October 2012. I"m starting my C25K all over again, and will have to do at least one or two 5Ks this summer, a 10K next spring, and then we'll see.... Did you know they are having a relay for that Half?? One person does 5.something, and the other does 8. something. Glad we can train "together"!!!

Sandy321 05-19-2011 05:52 PM

Just looked at my 2010 report in my signature line... its closed, and I never finished - so Lets look at the miracles that I experienced in 2010 - through pictures!

1. My 2nd son 21 I think at the time had a brain injury and was hospitlized in 2009 - at Univ of IL - (he's 100% recovered btw - now does Triathlons!) Well because of trip reports and DIS'ers reading my trip reports - he was able to find the loophole and close it - :goodvibes that was a Dis Miracle!!

2. The day we left, we had the first flight out - and the weather was FRIGHTFUL! For some reason - we were able to take off! NO problem! :wizard:
De - icing plane

Looking out the window :scared1:

we took off - and landed with no incidents!

We were able to pick up our packets at WWOS with no problems - we did miss our LeCellier adr - I made a quick call from the bus and we used our tickets just to eat!! :rotfl2:
cant find my food porn pic!

Sandy321 05-19-2011 05:59 PM

I only have 90 photos uploaded - I'll have to look to see where my precious pictures from 2 years ago are!!

I have to tell you waking up at 2am for the Half is no fun! DH was going to meet a blind runner at the bus stop of Beach Club and help him navigate the course -

We did find him ok -

We got to EPCOT ok - but the weather was so cold. SOooo cold. We had lots and lots of layers on... the idea is to strip as the sun comes out and it gets warmer - well it never did that.

DH and Chris are faster than me - and so I sat at the rope of my corral and waited, a nice couple had an extra trash bag and gave it to me, as it was raining/snowing wet goop... and the wind was cold. and I was upset I wasnt near dh... all alone, and not knowing if I could finish...

Then we move - I dont want to whine too much about the corral situation, but suffice it to say there are a lot of cheaters that dont stay in their assigned corrals - and this race isnt set up for the last 2 corrals - you are out of luck (and dont get a time) if you dont get your rear in gear - even tho it takes over 30 min to cross the start line!

I have to say in 2008 when I ran there were lots of WISHers with me in the Half, but not so much this time... its ok, I'm a lone runner...

But when I got to MK - some fun things happened - coincidences? miracles?

Must make dinner now!

Sandy321 05-20-2011 10:26 AM

So I went through my photobucket account and couldnt find any pictures of the start of the race - that one is from 2008!

So this picture of the Pop Meet reminded me that first we got to WWOS on Thursday, Friday being a Pop Meet, Saturday the Half Marathon!

Well that being the case - I have to share THIS picture!

I forget what the 2010 theme was, but as I was standing in line at Columbia Harbor House, I sent DD and DH upstairs to get a seat - I vaguely remember reading we are not allowed to save seats any longer, that your whole party should be together - well, it wasnt crowded, so maybe it will be ok? Nope - a CM came towards me, with a clipboard, I must do some quick talking to get out of trouble now!! :rotfl: She said she noticed my button - DH and I are celebrating our anniversary 28 years... she said that she had a special table for me, she took my food ticket (after I ordered and paid with dining credit) and said she will serve us our food - and yep - LOOK AT THE TABLE!!

This is a quick service place near Haunted Mansion.
DD is thrilled!! :rotfl2: Gotta luv Mickey confetti!!

I thought I took notes for the trip report - I just need to find them!

In the meantime, I must rely on my fragmented memories!!

Sandy321 05-20-2011 04:08 PM

And we must've toured before the Pop Meet for dinner on Friday

I do remember DH and Chris exchanged phone numbers and DH took his call (Chris is a blind runner dh lead him in 2010 for the Goofy, and plans on doing it again 2012)

They were eptying the moat this day -

and DD loves to ride Big Thunder Mountain! I love taking pictures of them!!

I know some people hate bubbles - but WDW and I love them!!

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