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mherb 05-08-2011 09:16 PM

Two Foodies and our Two Year Old Travel 'Round the World
Hello everyone! We just returned from a 7 day trip to WDW. First I will introduce our cast of characters:

Me- fifth trip to the World. I am an elementary teacher and love WDW!
DH- possible fourth trip (he says he can't remember how many times he went as a child??). He is a lab analyst and not quite the Disney fan that I am.
DD2- our little princess who just turned two in Feb. We waited a long time to be parents and adopted our sweetie in Sept. of 2009. She was born in Taiwan. She loves Disney princesses and her favorite movie is Monsters, Inc.

DH and I had honeymooned in WDW and on the Disney Magic in 1999. That was DH's last trip. I went on a trip with my friend in 2006. We were both very excited to take our DD on her first trip to the parks! Typically I have stayed at POFQ, but we got a pin for 35% off Deluxe so we went with the Beach Club. Now that we have gone there, I don't think I can ever go back to POFQ!!. I loved the FQ, but the close walk to World Showcase was awesome.

Our trip began last Sunday at 6:30 am. We booked our trip through a local travel agency. They happened to offer a charter flight from our local airport (about 5 minutes from our house!). This was DD's 2nd flight ever. We had flown 14 hours home from Taiwan. She was a champ on the plane. We bought a mini dvd player. She watched a Tink move (Lost Treasure) and ate some plane snacks.

Our flight left our airport at 8am and arrived in Orlando at 10 am. The line for ME was fairly long, but we ended up at the BC by 11 am. We did online check-in so it only took about 10 minutes until we were in our room. Yes, our room was ready at 11 am! We were on the fourth floor room 4552. It was close to the elevator, had a nice balcony overlooking the gardens, and was close to the quiet pool, Stormalong Bay, and the Marketplace Cafe. It was also near the lobby and other restaurants. Everyone at the BC was so friendly (with the exception of one MC employee). The lobby smelled like sea grass and beachy flowers! I am embarassed to say that we never got to go to SB. Our itinerary was booked and our afternoon break involved a 2 1/2 hour nap for DD.

We went to our room and put down our carry-on bag. We headed to Beaches and Cream for lunch. By this point DD was tired, cranky, and hungry. She had a mini-meltdown so I housed my veggie wrap and fries. DH had a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. The meals were okay and the price was a bit expensive. I know everyone loves this place and the fries but it was just okay. It was time to head back to the room and let DD take a nap. She still sleeps in a crib so we rented one from A Baby's Best Friend. It had not arrived by that point so she napped on the bed with us. We also rented a City Mini from Magic Strollers. It was already at Bell Services. The stroller was easy to maneuver but a bit bulky in my opinion. The crib arrived later that evening. It took some time to put together and was a bit old looking. The bedding was Pooh and was fresh and clean. DD LOVED her crib and went to sleep with no problems! The BC has a nice curtain that separates the sitting area and bed/tv area. We had no idea that would be there and it was great for her naptime.

She took a nap for about 2 hours and we headed out to World Showcase. This is one of our favorite places in WDW so we were exited to be a 5 minute walk away! We had park hopper passes for 7 days. In the future, we will get 5days of PH and single day passes for our first and last day. We had 6:30 reservations for Biergarten so we headed there. We had been there on our honeymoon and both loved the buffet. It was great as usual and so was the show. We had a married couple and a couple with one daughter at our table. My DH was bummed no one else was having some beer!! We ate up and I was loving the German cheesecake. Very light and spongy, yum! I also loved the rolls and salads. I don't eat red meat and not much chicken or fish but it was really easy to find things to eat. We watched the show for a bit and DD shook her booty to the German music. The rest of the night we spent walking around a bit and headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Edited to add: Forgot to mention we used the DDP. We had the snack, QS, and TS for 6 days.
Up Next: First Full Day at Epcot :)

mherb 05-08-2011 09:45 PM

Here are two pics from Day 1:

Brancaneve 05-08-2011 09:52 PM

Your daughter is adorable! I look forward to hearing more from the foodies and a first time visitor. :)

mherb 05-10-2011 06:43 AM

Monday was our first full day at the parks. We decided to go with Epcot since the MK is supposedly busy on Mondays. We visited World Showcases a bit the night before but wanted to do all the headliner rides on this day. We started off with an 8:05 breakfast at Akershus. Well...that ended up being more of an 8:45 breakfast :( There was a long line to check-in and a long wait to be seated. This was DD's first experience with a character breakfast. We actually though she would be better than she was. She typically doesn't mind face or costumed characters at parks/events. She wasn't overly thrilled about having the princesses disturbing her breakfast. The only way we could take pictures is if one of us held her. The seat we were at had windows all around so it made for poor picture lighting. We have bright sunshine behind all of our shots. The food was okay. There was a cold bar with cheeses, herring, salmon, and some croissants and other pasteries. They brought the food family style and there were potatoes with cheese, bacon, sausage, and eggs. We were sort of in a hurry by this point because we wanted to try and hit rope drop. Unfortunately someone must have barfed on the floor so we had to avoid that on the way out. Not what you want to see at the end of a meal LOL.

We headed toward Test Track since DH had never been on there before. The single rider line was short so he went on the ride while I let DD run around in a patch of grass. She made friends with a squirrel and a duck! It was good for her to take a break. I decided to not ride TT since I had gone on it our last trip. DH loved the part where you take off at full speed. Our next stop was to fast pass Soarin' and ride Living with the Land. DD was not too thrilled with the opening storm sequence of the ride. Other than that she seemed to enjoy it. She seemed most comfortable if one of us was holding her on all the rides. DH had never rode Soarin' before and he loved it. It is one of my all time faves so I had to go on it again! Nothing like the feeling of flying!! Our next stop was Turtle Talk with Crush and the Nemo ride. None of us had seen either so we were all excited. TT was so cute. Very interactive and DD adored Crush and the fish tanks in the waiting area. She liked Nemo but was a bit scared at the dangling jellyfish and the angler fish. I must admit that I jumped when the angler fish came out!! We didn't have to wait for the show or the ride which was nice. From there we headed to Spaceship Earth. DD seemed to enjoy it and we all liked the interactive part at the end. Again there was no wait at this ride. DH decided to go on Mission Space: Green side. I encouraged him to do the "easy" side. He thought the ride was okay but would have liked to have more G Force. Our next stop was Journey into the Imagination. I used to love Figment, now I can't stand him!! That ride is brutal. My DD clung onto me for dear life. There were so many unexpected loud noises. That was the only ride that she actually began to cry a little. I was ready cry too!! We wanted to do Ellen's Energy Adventure but kept missing the showtimes. We headed to World Showcase for lunch and to do some shopping. The new ride in Mexico was cute. Our DD loved Donald and the other birds. We also got our picture taken with Donald. We got lunch to go from the Tangierine Café. I had the veggie platter and DH had the chicken wrap. We bothed loved our meal as well as the baklava. This place is a great CS deal! We headed back to the BC to eat and let DD take a nap. DH and I also took a nice long snooze.

We woke up around 5, showered, and headed to La Hacienda San Angel for dinner. We had 6:30 ADR. This place was not only cute, but had great service. Our waiter went above and beyond and so did all the other staff members. The manager even stopped by to see how our meal was. I had the cheese empanadas which were delish! They tasted like a Mexican version of a mozzarella stick. They had a creamy sauce on top and were served with rice and beans. I also ordered the blueberry basil margarita. It was big and strong but yummy. I had to split it was DH. They brough our daughter a fruit cup and brought us all fresh tortilla chips and salsa. DD ate some of my rice and beans along with her fruit. DH got the chicken dinner and loved it. It had some type of fruit salsa on it. It also came with rice, beans, and some awesome fresh corn tortillas. DD gobbled thos up as well. For dessert DH had the chocolate mousse and I got the apple empanadas. I was so stuffed I didn't really eat much. We all enjoyed our meal. We shopped around a bit then watched Illuminations. DD did not care for the loud fireworks so we headed back toward the hotel.

Up next: Our first day at the Magic Kingdom!!

mherb 05-10-2011 08:07 PM

Here is a shot of the margarita! I forgot I took a pic of it. I am still drooling thinking about it. It had a nice blend of flavors and was very refreshing :)

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