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CopaDave 03-21-2011 12:25 AM

Yet ANOTHER droning MR TR - 3/13-20
Day 637, and the madness is starting to make itself apparent.

I have worked my way through almost all of the supplies I was able to salvage after the disaster, and find that I'm down to about a thousand pounds of frozen steak, and a couple of hundred frozen lobster tails...and no way to cook them.

My man Friday is starting to look at me funny. Or am I looking at him funny? He never says anything. He just sits there and watches me. Only now, his eyes are flashing and he's vibrating off the tabl

<garbled muttering>
Oh, just relaxing on the bed in the cabin, why?”
<excited muttering>
Dinner? Oops, I'll be right up! Bye.”
<cut-off excitedly animated scream->

Dratted Wave Phones. So, where was I? Oh, nevermind.

Here it is, Day 3 (If you count Los Angeles as Day 1) and we've just left Cabo San Lucas for the first time. Tomorrow we are stopping in Walmart...I mean Puerto Vallarta.

Day 3? Yep, day 3. We've had fun so far and we can't wait for tomorrooooo-, what's wrong?

Oh, you want more detail about what's happened so far?

Okay, I guess.

Day 1 – The alarm clock went off at 5:00am Pacific Daylight Time, as we woke u- NOW WHAT!?

Oh, too much information? Hmmm...

Okay, hold on. Let me see what I can do.

LdyMags 03-21-2011 12:54 AM

Ok, already intrigued. Ready for more.

CopaDave 03-21-2011 02:02 AM

Day 1 - Sunday
We arrived at the Port of Los Angeles at 9:45am. While they were still unloading passengers from the previous week's trip, there were plenty of porters there to check our luggage. We waltzed right through the door and up the escalator to the main floor. Departures are handled on the top floor, and I imagine that arrivals are moved downstairs after they disembark from the ship and clear Customs.

At the bottom of the escalator we were handed our first Personal Navigator, along with a letter advising us that our port schedule had changed and Mazatlan was not an option. Luckily, DCL had already sent us a letter to this effect about a month earlier. And the DIS was great at updating everyone before DCL had even made an official announcement.

There are BIG signs everywhere, and Cast Members all over the place with smiles and a ready answer to questions.

Step 1. - Fill out a brief medical questionnaire (Anyone in your party with the plague, funny spots, Beaver Fever, etc)

Step 2 – Check-in. There is a line for Castaway Club and a line for first-timers. If you've ever flown, it's similar to the ticket counter at an airport. First Class in one line, and cattle car class in another. The first-timers line was a LOT shorter than the CC line. We waited about half a second before being escorted to a smiling CM who was more than ready to assist us. Did we have our check-in form from online?

We handed it over, she scanned the barcode and we were off. A quick look at our ID, a snap of a picture for each of us, and we had our Key To The World (KTTW) (Like AmEx...Never Leave Home Without It) cards and we were pointed toward Security. Just prior to the security checkpoint, we were handed a boarding card by another Smiling CM (SCM from now on). We were Number 4!!!! WOO HOO!! Oh, sorry.

Empty our pockets onto the conveyor belt and pass through the security arch of doom. I beeped. Back up and drop my inhaler onto the belt and try again. Made it through this time.

Once we collected ourselves again, another SCM confirmed we had the correct boarding card and sent us to the far end of the terminal to relax and wait.

It's now 10:20, and we're ready. I can't sit down. DM9 can't sit still. DM11 is into his Nintendo, and DW is on Facebook (or something) on her smart phone. Lots of photos in the terminal. Lots of waiting.

We even had fun photographing DISsers!

The Youth Activities Desk is closed. There are some SCMs over there getting ready, but a Non-smiling CM is making sure nobody jumps the line and does something unspeakable. About 11:00 the hoards of demanding parents gang-rushed the CM and queued up in a corral for the Youth Activities desk.

Ok, it wasn't a corral. It was (back to the airport scenario) similar to the queue you go through to check-in. Lots of dividers and pleasant lines.

11:10 – Mickey Mouse makes his grand appearance, and another line forms...albeit a much shorter line. The wait for Mickey photos was about 5 minutes max.

11:32 – The rumor was that they would start boarding at 11:30. It was wrong.

11:50 – The Youth Activities Desk finally opens.

11:50 - “Attention, Disney Cruise Lines would like to welcome guests holding Boarding Card 1 to line up at the gate.”

11:55 - “Attention...yada-yada-yada...guests holding Boarding Cards 1 through 4- THAT'S US!

11:57 – The queue for the Kiddie Corral is still huge. We show our cards, they swipe us through and we're on our way to the gangway! OMG, we are ON THE SHIP! No? Well, almost. Down the gangway that goes on forever (3 switchbacks) and finally we're at the Wonderful portal!

JDBlair 03-21-2011 02:43 AM

Awesome!! I was thinking about writing a TR as well. I don't know if I'll bother if others are writing one!! I couldn't believe the mess in the terminal to check kids in for the youth activities. We had no problems getting DD's band once on board!

bitocas 03-21-2011 06:25 AM

thank you very much!great trip report,we leave in 4 weeks for the 10 night mex.rivieira and your photos are kepping me very excited!!

smb6 03-21-2011 09:35 AM

Great start!! I love all the detailed info and pics; we will be sailing on the Wonder for our first cruise in a few months...

Señor DonDuck 03-21-2011 12:08 PM

Nice port details! Look forward to the rest of day 1.

CopaDave 03-21-2011 12:08 PM

Day 1 - Part 2
Our family name is announced and we're in! A SCM directs us to the hall leading to Parrot Cay for lunch.

However, when we reach the Aft elevator lobby, another SCM tells us we have the option of Parrot Cay or Beach Blanket buffet, on Deck 9. Everyone votes for BBB and we hit the elevator. Friends, I've been in closets that are larger. We make it to Deck 9 and find our way through a buffet that DS9 christens “First Class dining.” His standards are a bit low, but it is indeed good eats.

Oh, since I spent a good portion of my teenage years working on fishing boats in New England, I remember a bit of ship lingo. For those who don't know, “Aft” refers to the rear of the vessel (boat) and “Forward” obviously refers to the front of the boat, or bow. (Like bow-wow, minus the excitement). “Mid, or Midship” is the middle of the boat, where most of the character meets happen, but I digress. If you stand, looking in the direction the vessel is heading, the side of the ship to your left is the “Port” side (remember “left has 4 letters, as does “port.”) The right side is the “Starboard” side of the ship.

So, we went to up to Deck 9 Aft for lunch at BBB. Note: Ships do NOT have floors, they have Decks. Disney Wonder happens to have 14 of them. Decks 1-11, and A, B, C. ABC are the 2 crew decks and an engineering deck. Pay attention, there's a test later.

After we ate, we wandered the boat, exploring.

Major Score!!!! As we passed through the lobby atrium area on Deck 4, we came upon Princesses Ariel and Belle, waving to the passengers as they came on board downstairs. DW was able to get photos with each of them with no waiting.

We went to the Oceaneer's Club and checked DS9 in. There was one family ahead of us. Much different from the madhouse on the dock.

We toured the Club and Oceaneer's Lab, and then went down to The Edge to look at that. Nice facilities.

The staterooms were ready about 1:50pm.

Lifeboat Drill at 4:00pm

A quick encounter with Princess Tiana and another Princess photo in the books!

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story. The Adventurer's Away party, dinner at Animator's Palate, and an early evening to bed (this was the theme for the rest of the cruise for me).

Thank you for tuning into Episode 1 - Los Angeles.

Supported by a cast of several hundred Disney Cast Members, your stars today included Yessika (DW), Matthew (DS11), Isaiah (DS9), David (CopaDave), Mickey Mouse, Princess Belle, Princess Ariel and Princess Tiana.

Tune in next time for Episode 2 - Adventures At Sea!

LovingRN 03-21-2011 12:36 PM

Great start... I'm looking forward to more as we leave in about 3 weeks for MR cruise!

Diamondback01 03-21-2011 01:04 PM

Wow Dave! Very detailed and informative. Thanks for doing this. I'm not sure I need to do one now :). Though, I might write an abbreviated one to give our take on the ship and excrusions we took. I'll be looking for us in your pictures! I think we sat near you in the waiting area on embarkation day.

CopaDave 03-21-2011 03:19 PM

Episode 2 - A Formal Day at Sea
Today we had our Character Breakfast, in Parrot Cay. We also have Formal Night in Parrot Cay as well.

Our dining rotation is APPTAPT, which equates to:

Animator's Palate
Parrot Cay – Formal Night
Parrot Cay
Animator's Palate – Pirate Night
Parrot Cay – Semi-Formal Night
Triton's – DW's Birthday Celebration

Monday is our first At-Sea day. We are heading for Cabo San Lucas, and the seas are swelling at about 5-8 feet, so there is a bit of motion to the ship, but nobody appears to be green.

More exploration and wandering around today. The boys were in the pool, and we did a lot of nothing. A couple of Character Appearances today.

Since the dry cleaner back home messed up and "forgot" to press the DS's shirts, we went on a voyage of discovery looking for the laundry room on Deck 2. There were 2 irons in the laundry room, both of them on timers. Each washer and dryer is $2 per use, and you swipe your KTTW card.

While hiking down the Deck 2 corridors, we came across some staterooms with decorated doors.

Tonight was the Golden Mickeys, the first of 3 Broadway quality shows onboard. DS9 was picked from the audience to be one of Snow White's 7 dwarves. It seems that Dopey was the only one who made it back to the ship before departure yesterday, so they were looking for children to fill in for her stage number in the show. Isaiah did a GREAT job! Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out good. I made a mistake and took the iPod Touch to the show. The camera sucks. So now I tote the big camera everywhere.

I'm uploading the iPod photos to Picasaweb because I have them. They look ok in smaller size, but they are not the highest quality, so viewer beware.

We did NOT dress up formally for the show, but we did for dinner.

Thank you for joining us for Episode 2 of Lost in the Pacific. Tune in next time for "The Clampetts take on Cabo."

Photos from Day 2 are available here.

Raeryan50 03-21-2011 03:46 PM

Enjoying your TR:cool1: Can't wait to hear more.

mnsweeps 03-21-2011 03:55 PM

I am so nostalgic now.. I was in the 2/6 - 2/13 MR week the week before yours .. especially the shuffle board on deck 4 and the dec 2 doors brings back so many memories.. we were in 2074 and 2076 and used the washer / dryer on same deck.. :( omg my dining rotation was the same as yours..

scott_twinsmom 03-21-2011 05:21 PM

It was great meeting you on the cruise Dave. I see you found the laundry room which happened to be right across from our staterooms.

Looking forward to the rest of your TR. Still debating if we are going to do one or not.

CopaDave 03-21-2011 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by scott_twinsmom (Post 40410531)
It was great meeting you on the cruise Dave. I see you found the laundry room which happened to be right across from our staterooms.

I had fun scribbling on your white board, too. I was tempted to go back a couple of times and write more...but DW threatened me.

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