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lovethattink 03-15-2011 05:54 PM

Disney done differently, (BOG dining updates pages 202 and 203)
The cast:

Dh - amazing husband and super dad all rolled into one. We'll call him Goofy.

DS17 - football player and foodie; thinks he is outgrowing his parents (GASP GASP!) We'll call him Grumpy.

DS6 - Star Wars and Lego enthusiast; newbie pin trader. We'll call him Anakin.

Me - SAHM, homeschool teacher to Grumpy and Anakin, vacation planner, and all around Disney enthusiast! Most people call me Tink from back in our VMK days. Remember those?! Good times!!

Our challenges for this trip: Anakin has cortical dysplasia which causes him to have sensory issues exactly the same as in Asperger's Syndrome. The cortical dysplasia also causes him to have seizures. His biggest triggers are lights, loud sounds, and heat. Grumpy has anaphylactic food and latex allergies.

Our goal for this trip is to maximize FUN, while staying seizure free, meltdown free and allergy free!!

MNSSHP 2012 Part 1 and 2

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Star Wars crafts snuck in there

Day 2- Part 3 - Yacht Club Grounds and Boardwalk Area

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Fantasyland Expansion

Landscapes of Flavor - AoA food court - Dinner

Crystal Palace Lunch

Princess Merida M&G

POP Century Feb 2012
POP Check-in
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Whispering Canyon Cafe

Table of Contents December POFQ

WDW Personal Diary Research

POFQ Room 1107

Table of Contents November 2011 Pop Century

Trip Report Starts Here Post 1414

Room 113 Building 10 70's building (1))

[U]Room 113 Building 10 70's building (2)[/U])

Art of Animation buildings (1)

Misc pictures of POP, construction, Art of Animation, Painting of the Tramp

Table of Contents October 2011 CSR Stay:

October Check-in

Corner Room 7187/Ranchos

MK/New signs/DIS Meet/PUSH

CSR Campfire Oct 14/Pics of CSR

House of Blues DIS MAW Meet

Sea World Spooktacular!

CSR Campfire/Cabanas/Ranchos

Star Wars Weekend Plans start middle of page 20


Cafe Rix:

Dig Site:

CSR Theme Pool:

CSR Room Pics

CSR Misc. Pics

Universal Studios:

Magic Kingdom:
Buzz Lightyear:
The Plaza Restaurant
Mardi Gras week crowds
Mickey's Meet and Greet:

Journey into Imagination/Captain EO
The Land:
Test Track:
Easter Day:

Animal Kingdom:

Merchandise promotions:


Pop Century:
New pins, do the hustle (Last post on page 22)

Polynesian and Grand Floridian:

Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Bass Pro Shop Orlando:

(I just realized we don't have a single picture of the 4 of us since Dec 2004! One of us is always taking a picture, or dh is working, or ds is at football. We need to change this!!)

Goofy had to work on Friday. Grumpy said he'd rather stay home and do his school work than go to check-in at the resort. Anakin couldn't wait to get to the resort! He was packed a week before any of us! He loves macation, as he calls it!

We were ready to head out to Coronado Springs Resort!

lovethattink 03-15-2011 06:22 PM

Disney Done Differently (Merida M&G update page 163)
Horrors of horrors!! Grumpy's cell phone broke on Monday and we were to leave on Friday. Excellent customer service at the Sprint store was hopeful a replacement phone would come in on Thursday. We didn't receive a call. I called on Friday morning just as Anakin and I were ready to leave. The phone was ready! I never saw Grumpy get out of bed so fast!! In a flash he was heading towards the shower, and Anakin's lip was quivering because he heard talk of deviating from schedule. Instead of he and I heading straight to Disney as planned, we would be taking Grumpy to the Sprint store to get his phone, take him back home so he could go later with Goofy, then head our car towards Disney.

Anyone who has a child with ASD knows that throwing kinks into a schedule is not going to go over well. My mind went into over drive as I thought of ways to divert a full scale meltdown. In schmolland, there is no such thing as luke warm. Anakin's tolerance level was going from cold to hot. A lightbulb went on in my head! I sent Grumpy back to bed. Anakin knew that some day soon we were going to have to go back to the Spring store to get the phone. I told him that we weren't changing plans. We just had to make a stop on the way to Disney to pick up Grumpy's phone. Anakin was ok with that, and Grumpy was happy to have his phone on vacation!

We were listening to the JoyFM as we were heading out of the Sprint store's parking lot. We heard news of an earth quake in Japan and that a tsunami could hit somewhere in the pacific.

Anakin played with his Star Wars sticker book and his leap frog in the car. He was so excited because he got to a new level. He spent the rest of the trip telling me what he did and how he doesn't know what he's doing now since he is on a new level. He was still talking about it as we pulled into CSR.

lovethattink 03-15-2011 06:36 PM

On my reservation, I had requested not to be placed in the Ranchos section because of Anakin's fascination to cacti. They are like mega strong magnets to him, and he can't resist them. All self-control goes out the door when there is a cactus. I also requested buildings 8 a or b, or Casitas 4 or 5 (to be near the dig site). And if possible to be on the first floor or near an elevator due to his endurance issues. At the 10 day prior point, I did online check-in and clicked on "near transportation".

Disney's disability person told me to call 5 days prior to check-in to make sure they see the request about the Ranchos. He said that was a guarantee, the other requests were just that, requests. I called at the 5 day point and I was told to call back at the 3 day point. I ended up calling 2 days prior and was assured they saw my requests.

Check in went great! I asked the cm if any of my requests were able to be met? She said yes, 1st floor and building 8A!! How awesome is that?! Our room wasn't ready yet, so we headed over to Cafe Rix for a snack, and we had hoped to score some new mugs!

The only mugs they had in Cafe Rix were the old mugs. I asked if they had the new mugs. The cm told me they did, but they weren't allowed to sell them until all the old mugs were sold. I saw someone walk by with the new mugs and asked where they got them. They said they ate lunch at the Pepper Market.

lovethattink 03-15-2011 06:48 PM

We took our snack outside and ate at one of the tables. Anakin could see the dig site in a distance and he was antsy to get over there. We moved the car to 8A's parking lot and headed over to the dig site.

He met a sweet girl from Virginia, that he played with the entire afternoon.

KatMark 03-15-2011 06:48 PM

I'm I have to go back and read and catch up. :goodvibes

And if you get bored when you are done with yours, I've got a PTR going and we'll be back at CSR in September.

lovethattink 03-15-2011 06:56 PM

We never did get a text that our room was ready. At 3pm, I called to see if it was ready. It was!! So we headed there! The room was great! The location was great! And we were able to get a microwave from mousekeeping. Funny thing was they first delivered a refrigerator, because the person who took my request for one typed in refrigerator. I was taken by surprise when Alex came with a 2nd refrigerator! He said no problem and called in for a microwave. The person on the other end of the walky talky said that it was impossible to get one today, but Alex told me to hang tight, that he would make it possible! While he was there, I asked him where the safe key would be hidden if it's not in the safe. He said it should be in the safe, but it wasn't, so he said he would take care of that too! Alex is awesome!

KatMark 03-15-2011 06:57 PM

Great start, Tink. I am SO happy your requests were met at the CSR. You got some good shots at Cafe Rix...I may ask you if I can use them the next time I have to update the CSR thread if I forget to take new ones myself.

Lidian 03-15-2011 06:57 PM

Can't wait to hear more! popcorn::

lovethattink 03-15-2011 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by KatMark (Post 40334867)
I'm I have to go back and read and catch up. :goodvibes

And if you get bored when you are done with yours, I've got a PTR going and we'll be back at CSR in September.

Thanks for joining in Kat! I will definately check out your PTR. I'm ready to stay there again sometime...soon I hope!

lovethattink 03-15-2011 07:27 PM

Goofy called that he was leaving work. I should have known better and called home to tell Grumpy to get ready to leave. When Goofy got home, Grumpy said, "Oh I guess I better go take a shower." Goofy called me again to tell me he didn't know when they'd be leaving, because Grumpy was holding up production. I told him that's ok, it gives him some time to pack some food since we have a refrig and a microwave. He asked me what to pack and I said whatever you think we'll eat. He brought some great and nutritious finger food, Plant City Strawberries... YUM! ...cucumbers, turkey lunch meat, bacon, bread, and boxes of cookies and crackers that will show up in one of the Star Wars Lego shots.

We had an ADR for 7pm at the Cape May Cafe. DH and DS arrived at 6:30pm. Everybody was starved. Grumpy said there's nothing he can eat at Cape May Cafe, he gets sick there every time. He said we should go without him, he'd be happy to eat gelato here. Anakin heard eat here, and he didn't know anything about going to the Cape May Cafe, grrrrr. Cancelled Cape May, and we ended up eating at the Pepper Market instead.

I don't have any pictures, but our meal at the Pepper Market was excellent. I had a chicken fajita. Goofy and Grumpy each had chicken quesadillas. And Anakin had pepperoni pizza.

It had been years since we ate at the Pepper Market. Unlike the food courts at the values there is no signage to say enter here or exit here. Instead there are big menu signs.

I walked over to the sign that said pizza and pasta. I stood in line. When it was my time I asked for a kid's pizza. The cm told me not here, to go to next sign. I did and another cm waited on me. And again told me I needed to go to the next sign. So to the next sign I went! A third cm waited on me, and this time I was like goldilocks. I was at the right sign! Third try's the charm! Anakin was at my side the whole time. At the first sign he noticed garlic bread in a bowl. He asking for garlic bread nonstop, with these puppy dog eyes. I asked the cm if it would be possible to get him a side of garlic bread. The cm said sure and placed it on top of his pizza. Anakin beamed from ear to ear!

The kid's pizza came with an orange slice (about a 4th of an orange), a chocolate chip cookie, and a bag of chips. Sugar is another of Anakin's seizure triggers, so he is limited to one sugar a day. He gave his daddy the cookie because he knew he wanted a premium mickey bar at Epcot instead! The bottom of the pizza was burnt to a crisp. He picked off the cheese and the pepperoni and ate that instead.

My fajita was amazing! The chicken was nice and tender, no fat. The onions and peppers was perfect. The fajita tortilla was nicely warmed. There was a sign that said guacamole and sour cream were $2, but that is for additional guacamole or sour cream. Both the fajitas and the quesadillas came with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. The flavors were wonderful. Goofy and Grumpy don't eat gaucamole, so I pigged out on theirs..yum!!

I asked our server if they had the new mugs. He assured us they did. So we bought 3 new mugs. Anakin can't drink sugar or artificial sweeteners, so we didn't see a point to him having a mug. He was ok with not having one...this night.

After dinner, we headed back to our room to change. It was getting cold outside. Little did we know at the time, but a record low for March was about to be tied, at 40 degrees on that day. BRRRRRR!!!

lovethattink 03-15-2011 07:32 PM



Originally Posted by Lidian (Post 40334960)
Can't wait to hear more! popcorn::

KatMark 03-15-2011 07:35 PM

You are too quick for me.

First, yes, as they get older...they lose that "Disney" love, sometimes.

:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: to Alex for taking care of the microwave and the key for the safe!

So glad you enjoyed your meal at the Pepper Market. We're not been Mexican food eaters; well, truthfully, I don't eat it at all, but my DH might just like that Fajita.

lovethattink 03-15-2011 07:45 PM

Epcot had evening EMH! That was our next stop. All bundled up, except for Grumpy who wore shorts and one of his many Grumpy jackets, we were ready to go.

Anakin sporting his winter coat and DUDE hat. I was wearing a Philadelphia Flyer's winter coat that was Grumpy's years ago when he was little and we lived in PA. That coat is so warm! DH was wearing a Cleveland Indians coat.

The movie Toy Story 3 was a major disaster for us with Anakin. Lotso the bear caused a huge anxiety attack for him. We avoid Lotso at all costs, because living in Schmolland, it is common for him to repeat the episode in his mind and have all that anxiety surface again. I went to take a picture of the topiaries at the entrance of the park. How I didn't notice Lotso until I had the camera at my face, I don't know?? Goofy and Grumpy saw Lotso, so they took off with the stroller while I was left there to take a pic and catch up with them afterwards.

lovethattink 03-15-2011 08:04 PM

Goofy's Indian's jacket was easy to spot in the crowd! Spotted them in no time. There was a sea of people entering Epcot.

Our first stop was guest services for a new GAC. Anakin's expired that exact day. We turned in the old card and stroller sticker and got new ones. Since we have an AP, they date it two months out.

Next stop, that premium Mickey bar that Anakin had saved for all day! Grumpy wanted to ride mission space, so he left us and went on his own.

Journey into imagination was our next stop. This is one of Anakin's favorite attractions. He knows the words to the entire ride. I always pray they put us in the front row to spare the other guests. Sometimes people think it's cute, and other times, the people are just annoyed. He says it quietly and he uses his indoor voice and is expressive too! He thinks that everybody needs to share his enthusiasm for this attraction, and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't get all excited and over joyed with the skunk scent. Or isn't in total aww as they pass by the butterfly. Where did the other half go!? How can you possibly pass by the laugh lab without laughing, or the sleep lab without snoring??!! That's the best part! And how can people possibly not get excited about the hidden mickey onion rings on figment's upside down table?! Or not get startled every time that Imagination is a blast?! And afterwards there is image works! Where else can you conduct music?! Or step on pictures to make sound?! It's the best place in all of Epcot to him!! How dare I stop him for a moment to snap a picture?!

lovethattink 03-15-2011 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by KatMark (Post 40335465)
You are too quick for me.

First, yes, as they get older...they lose that "Disney" love, sometimes.

:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: to Alex for taking care of the microwave and the key for the safe!

So glad you enjoyed your meal at the Pepper Market. We're not been Mexican food eaters; well, truthfully, I don't eat it at all, but my DH might just like that Fajita.

Grumpy prefers the thrill rides. We just got Annual Passes to Universal and IOA. He is game to go there!

Alex was great! He even brought a manager with him to change out the lock on the safe. Maria, the manager wasn't able to do it. She got it stuck. So she said she would send engineering to fix it. I made an appointment for 1pm the next day while we would be out. When Alex brought the microwave, I tipped him GOOD!!! He wasn't expecting it and the look on his face was priceless!!

Taking a break for the night. Give you some time to catch up ;)

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