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WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 07:03 AM

A Complete Turnaround!UPDATE-Rain/Lots of Pics! WDW Celebration Trip March '11!
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” -Walt Disney

Thanks, Walt! I agree…quit talking and begin doing! This is exactly what I began doing on September 10, 2010. Why, you ask? Because I was so very tired of the previous 2 years…one of the most miserable periods of my life. I would rather not revisit the past but let me give a brief overview, before that breezy September night, I was positive my marriage of nearly 12 years was over. 24 months of questioning, wondering, losing trust, stressing, making myself ill came to a screeching halt. I had enough…so I quit talking…quit “threatening” to leave if things didn’t get better, quit fooling myself that the kids weren’t affected…quit all the talking and began doing. I called off of work that night for personal reasons and would you imagine, THAT was his wake-up call! I never call out of work unless I am extremely ill…he realized I was serious and my final attempt at “working things out” had passed him by. I began looking at my options, where would I go? Should I move closer to family with the kids? Should I stay put where I have a job I enjoy with a company that encourages advancement? I was making future plans and he wasn’t included. It scared him. It scared me. That following Tuesday, September 14, 2010, we were seeking professional help and nearly 6 months later, things have never been better! I am grateful everyday for the resources provided which played a large part in keeping my family together. Things aren’t perfect but I don’t need them to be!

Thanks for sticking with me this long…now onto my first PTR ever; I hope to see you all there!

During all my attempts to “make things better”, I planned our first family trip to WDW in November of 2009 (Thanks to my Mother and Father In Law who were joining us from Delaware and the kids had no idea!) This was also a test for the In-Laws as they were recently reunited after a pretty terrible separation. The trip was filled with many, many great memories and many, many terrible memories…not even Disney World could make everything right…it was a rude-awakening. Check out the link in my signature for a small overview of the trip…minus personal family details. This all leads me to where I am today. My husband informed me at the beginning of the year that he wanted to take our family on a Disney Celebration Trip before our already planned Disney Cruise on the Dream/WDW vacation with friends in October 2011. What?! You want to take 2 trips this year? Yay! Wait…no, that is not a good idea….way too much money, let’s just wait until October. Nope. He was insistent we take this trip…a trip of new beginnings and positive changes for our family…a trip to celebrate the good that has come over the past 6 months and all the good in the future…he has apologized repeatedly and genuinely so for the 2 years he caused so much heartache and pain but now he wants to seal it all with a trip to the World! Ok! Let’s do this!! And better yet, let’s not tell the kids…not until we arrive at the airport on March 28th! And even better, another Disney loving family of friends added a trip to WDW during the same time! Awesome!! Is this a dream? Someone please pinch me!! Ouch! This is real, yo! So very real! Onto the cast and details!

When: Monday, March 28-Friday, April 1
Where: POP Century Resort
Who: Me (S) DH (B) DS12 (M) DS9 (C)
Who Else: Another Disney loving family of friends visiting at the same time at the same resort!

The Cast:

Me (S): I love my family and I love all things Disney...that pretty much sums me up but let's add a bit to make it more interesting! I am the proud Mom of 2 amazing boys who are my world and wife to B, who despite a rough patch, means more to me than I can ever express...he is my soul mate, best friend and forever has my heart! When I'm not working as the Overnight Supervisor of a luxury hotel in Downtown Denver, you can find me at home with the family or Disney Researching! We moved from Maine to Colorado 4 years ago for my husband to continue his education and have made great, long-lasting friends over the years. I don't know where the future will take us...I just know everyhing is pretty great for us right now. Favorite Park: Magic Kingodom Favorite Ride: Kilimanjaro Safari

DH (B): Boston Red Sox fan extrodinare! Genuine, kind, huge heart, loving, funny, always open to new things. Yes, he loves Disney. Well, he likes it well enough but I think he says he "loves" it for my sake. In any case, this trip was all his idea and I couldn't be happier to plan and execute the week of festivities...all the while sharing bits and pieces of information with him as he offers input and suggestions but trusts me to make this a spectaular vacation! DH is a Chef by trade and showcases his talents at the dinner table...he is partially responsible for my connection to Weight Wathcers! Needless to say, Dining is a very big part of vacationing for him...for all of us really, we love our food!! Favorite Park: I would say it's a tie between Magic Kingdom and Epcot Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain

DS12 (M): My first baby. M is a loving, caring, polite little man who is wise beyond his years. He is my responsible son who enjoys Disney World and loves to read all of my reference books but "can you please not talk about Disney everyday, Mom? Please?" Hmmm...No, sorry, not possible kid! A big swimmer in the summers, we hope to put him on a swim team after the school year. Last year was also his first year playing Hockey and he loved it so much, we will continue it this year. HUGE Criss Angel fan! We would love to take him to a one of the Magic Shows in Vegas for his 13th birthday next February. He's a collector by nature...always has been; he can turn pretty much anything into a collection. Rocks, shells, coins, silly bands, pokemon cards, all it's not surprising he LOVED starting his WDW pin collection in Nov 2009! He also has a vinylmation collection started from that trip...well, if you can call one character a collection! Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain.

DS9 (C): My baby, baby. C is a lovebug...always has been; he is one of the sweetest, kindest, loving most affectionate little boys I have ever known. His heart is large as is his love for his friends, reading, video games and yes, even Disney. Although he tends to repeat the same thing as M..."Mom, I love Disney too, but everyday?" Haha! yes, everyday! C will be playing tackle football this Fall and is so excited. He also plays Hockey like his brother and loves it! C's relationship with B is extremely close and gets stronger everyday...he is an absolute Daddy's boy where M is a Momma's boy...hmmm, Momma's boy just doesn't have the same ring! C also strated a pin collection during our Nov 2009 trip but isn't as crazy about them as his brother is. Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom Favorite Ride: Spalsh Mountain

There you have it....My family. My heart. My everything

Family Picture: Epcot Nov 2009

Boys being Surprised by their Grandparents: DTD Nov 2009

Next Up: changes, changes, changes!

KatMark 03-08-2011 12:21 PM

I'm here and can't wait to follow along. Now back to read the intro.

jmb910 03-08-2011 12:51 PM

Great start! I am so excited for our first of many Disney trips together!!!

WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by KatMark (Post 40237443)
I'm here and can't wait to follow along. Now back to read the intro.

Kat...welcome to my first PTR!! So happy you stopped by! :hug:

Originally Posted by jmb910 (Post 40237880)
Great start! I am so excited for our first of many Disney trips together!!!

Jen...I'm so very excited for this first of many Disney trips together, too!! We are going to have a GREAT time!! :cool1:

* jmb910 along with her husband and 2 sweetpea daughters are our friends who will also be at WDW during the same time!

WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 04:46 PM

We stayed at Coronado Springs Resort for our first trip in November 2009...thanks to KatMark and her great CSR thread! While we thought the resort was absolutely beautiful, we also felt is was HUGE!! I tired myself out the first day walking all around it several times! By the middle of the trip we were so exhausted, that every time we were near a monorail resort (especially at park closing), we wished we were staying at one of them. B and I vowed to never stay at a non-monorail resort ever again! So that’s that and I was determined to make this a monorail resort staying perfect trip…no matter what. Almost. I had the brilliant idea to book the Contemporary Resort on Valentine’s Day at an AP discount of 42%…yay!! Better yet…it was Club Level! Woohoo! Let me backtrack…first night at POP Century and next 3 nights at CR! Great! I’m excited, B’s excited. Then I really start looking at the math….it’s soooooooo much money for 3 nights?! B, let’s just stay at POP the whole week. Nope, we are staying at CR. But, it’s so much money, makes no sense. Doesn’t matter. We are doing this….I want to do this for you and the kids. Hmmm, fine. CR it is! Life passes the next couple of weeks, I look at the prices, compare, look at the prices, compare, and so on and so on. One day I lay it out…would you rather spend $$$$ or would you rather spend $$? What?! That much of a difference? Wow! I had no idea he says…maybe you are right. Yeah, just change it to POP. Yes!! Thank you…I’m relieved as I speed dial the WDW Resort and make the change. There, all set and now paid in full! Fast-forward a couple of days and B says maybe we should stay at POP the first night then CSR the next 3 nights. What? Really? Yeah, he loves CSR he tells me and can’t wait to revisit the hammocks! Hmmmm, this very well may work out. I do love the Queen beds at CSR and am very concerned over our comfort level at POP…not only the double beds but the size of the room. For now, we are still booked the 4 nights at POP and I’m just tempted to keep it that way…we shall see. I change my mind. A lot!

Now, let me just say it’s my dream to stay at CR…it just feels so very Disney to me. And while the price with the discount was great, for as short of a trip we are taking, I didn’t feel it was really worth it at this time. We are looking at CR either before or after our Cruise/WDW trip in October 2011 so one day we will get to stay there. In the meantime, I am thrilled to try POP…it looks so cute and fun! So much for our vow to NEVER stay at a non-monorail resort…the things we do for Disney!!

dizneeat 03-08-2011 04:56 PM

I am in! I am in! I am in! :rotfl2:

Now going back to read! :thumbsup2

WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by dizneeat (Post 40241605)
I am in! I am in! I am in! :rotfl2:

Now going back to read! :thumbsup2 happy to have you here!! :yay:

WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 06:30 PM

The Surprise!
This trip is a celebration! The boys will remember their trips to Disney World but we really want them to remember this trip and so the Surprise! was developed to make this an extra special trip!!

The Plan: Pack the car while the kids are at school on Friday 3/25, work Overnight Sunday 3/27...hopefully leave by 6:30am, go home and inform the kids we need to go to the airport to drop off a box one of the guests left at the hotel. Said box will be filled with Surprise goody bags and balloons both attached to the bags and also several that will escape when the boys "help" me rip off the tape from the box to add a "forgotten" envelope to the box for the guest! We are so excited and hope we can pull this off! Pretty confident we can do it!! Then we are off to Disney World!!

Surprise Goody Bags and Shirts for the Boys!

More Surprises...WDW Books, Mickey Nerd Bookmarks, Gift Cards, and Vinylmations!

Kari-B 03-08-2011 07:43 PM

Looks good so far. The surprise sounds great!

WDisneyMom 03-08-2011 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by Kari-B (Post 40243901)
Looks good so far. The surprise sounds great!

Welcome, Kari! Thanks for stopping by my PTR!

WDisneyMom 03-09-2011 09:50 AM

Disney Mail!!
Nothing better than Disney Mail! I don't know what it is but when I open the Magical Express envelope, the trip seems more real!!:yay:

KatMark 03-09-2011 10:29 AM

Okay, I'm caught up now.

I love the introduction. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that things have turned around for you and hubby. I remember our talking last year and this news has just made me smile from ear to ear.

I'm sorry you aren't staying at the Contemporary; maybe on a future trip you can do a split stay. We've not been there since 1990 I believe. I'm sure the kids will love the huge icons at POP.

I love the surprise you have in store and I am sure you will pull it off.

And there is NOTHING like Mickey mail.

WDisneyMom 03-10-2011 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by KatMark (Post 40250820)
Okay, I'm caught up now.

I love the introduction. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that things have turned around for you and hubby. I remember our talking last year and this news has just made me smile from ear to ear.

I'm sorry you aren't staying at the Contemporary; maybe on a future trip you can do a split stay. We've not been there since 1990 I believe. I'm sure the kids will love the huge icons at POP.

I love the surprise you have in store and I am sure you will pull it off.

And there is NOTHING like Mickey mail.

Thank you so much, Kat! And thank you for being so kind and supportive...really hoping the rough times are behind us for good!

We will totally stay at CR someday and for this trip, POP looks really fun!

Mickey Mail :love:

WDisneyMom 03-12-2011 04:38 PM

New Disney Goods!
My feet KILLED me in Nov 2009 and I had Crocs and everything! The shoes and the sandals! OUCH!! With that being said, I have been researching the best shoes for Disney and lots of people have raved about I present to you my first pair of Tevas! OMG! They are awesome!! Like walking on pillowy awesome!

Teva: Deacon Style
These were so cute I just had to get them! Disney Nerd magnets and paper clips

Until next time! :)

WDisneyMom 03-14-2011 07:00 PM

2 weeks until the Mouse!!
Yay! The closer it gets to our trip, the more unreal it feels! Sigh...feels like I should be getting more Mickey Mail now but sadly, that is not the case.

The past few days I have searched high and low for Capri's!! I need to lose about 150 pounds so it is very difficult to find clothing. My usual favorites of JCPenney, Kohl's and even Dress Barn failed me! I must have tried on 25 pairs of Capri's/Bermuda's and one pair was worse than the other! UGH!! By the way, I do not like shopping for myself...not even a little....I hate trying clothes on and nothing ever seems to fit. Anyway, today I ventured to Lane Bryant and Yay!! I found a cute pair of Capri's and a very cute Spring'ish shirt! I am done!! Only stuff left to buy for this trip is a couple of shorts/shirts for M and shoes for M and C. I will post clothes pics when they make it out of the trunk tonight!

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