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BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:32 PM

ONE DWARF SHORT! Six to Orlando June 2011...a TR. (Updated 11/17)
Well, we are going back...yep...we are officially hooked!

We will be going from June 11 - June 18.

NOTE...following this thread down, I will be updating it with the results of our trip. Thanks!

My partners in crime include the following cast of characters:

DOC is played by me (was actually my high school nickname).

SLEEPY is played by my DW (also known on Dis as SheilaG62)

GRUMPY is played by my DS(24) (also known on Dis as fantasmusician)

DOPEY is played by my DDIL(26) (also known on Dis as littleangie)

BASHFUL is played by my DS(11)

SNEEZY is played by my sister in law (is that DSIL? lol)

HAPPY couldn't come :-(.

Sections to follow:

Shirts and signs
Other crafty stuff

And here we go... :thumbsup2

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:33 PM


We will drive our 2007 T&C from near Cincinnati to Orlando.

As we have 3 drivers, we are planning to leave at 4 PM 6/9 and drive straight through in shifts. We will stop for gas, bathroom breaks/stretch breaks and two meals--dinner 6/9 and breakfast 6/10. Planning to arrive in Orlando area around noon on 6/10 and meet up with my cousin sometime that evening as she lives in Winter Garden.

UPDATE 6/8: We are leaving at 2:45 PM and driving straight through, arriving at around 10 AM on Friday.

I have broken it up into 10 segments so we can stretch our legs, make rest stops, eat, etc. We have three drivers so no one will be overly tired as we can nap in the car!

On the way home we will leave 6/19 from Orlando but take our time going back...probably get a hotel in Northern Georgia or Southern Tennessee so that we have about 6 hours left to drive on 6/20.

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:34 PM

Current Itinerary (subject to change)

We are staying at POP in two preferred rooms.

We are planning to visit the following on these dates:

6/11/2011 UPDATE 6/8: Hollywood Studios!!! STAR WARS WEEKEND!!!!
6/12/2011 Magic Kingdom
6/13/2011 EPCOT
6/14/2011 Hollywood Studios
6/15/2011 Animal Kgdm/DTD/Polynesian
6/16/2011 Magic Kingdom
6/17/2011 EPCOT/Hollywood Studios
6/18/2011 Magic Kingdom

More details to follow!

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:35 PM

Currently we have the following reservations:

6/11 UPDATE 6/8: 50's Prime Time 420p
6/12 Crystal Palace 430p
6/13 Chef Mickeys 735a
6/13 Biergarten 430p
6/14 Hollywood & Vine 355p
6/15 Aloha Dinner Show 800p
6/16 Raglan Road 600p
6/17 Akershus 935a UPDATE 6/8: Coral Reef 105p Les Chefs de France 700p
6/18 Wishes Dessert Party 900p

More to come!

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:36 PM

Shirts and signs
Yep, we have plans!

littleangie and I have chosen our shirt designs. We will post them once we have some done. We are using a mix of tie dye and iron ons (not together! yuck!) and have our materials.

1) Tie dye kit and soda ash from Hobby Lobby.
2) Shirts for Tie Dye also from Hobby Lobby.
3) T-shirts for iron on ordered from Got a great deal on Gildan tees at $2.83 a shirt!
4) We scoured the web and chose some cool images and themes to work with. Fortunately, both she and I are experienced graphic folks and can manipulate and create what we need.

UPDATE 3/15! Initial Drafts of Most Shirts...

UPDATE 6/8! Adding Tshirt details for 6/11 and 6/12:

Shirt for 6/11 is Hollywood Studios...Star Wars Weekend:

Shirt for 6/12 is for the 1st Magic Kingdom day:

littleangie will post below.

Shirt for 6/ Epcot Day:

Shirt for 6/ HS day:

Shirt for 6/15...a mixed day (AK, DTD and Poly for the Aloha show):

Shirt for 6/ MK day:

Shirt for 6/ Epcot Day (with Akershus for breakfast):

And for our last MK day:

More to come!

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:37 PM

Other crafty stuff
Planning Binder

Currently am using a file folder that is becoming way too full, lol! I have taken a presentation 3 ring binder and am working on images.

It will have the following tabs:

- Planning
- Pop Century
- DS9
- Dining
- Finances
- Itinerary
- Drive Plans
- Mousellaneous

I will post pics soon!

Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Here are our tip envelopes (subject to change):

I included the blank in case someone else wants to use the template.

Door magnets
(will order in April)

More details (and probably additional items) to follow!

BigDaddyWill 03-03-2011 09:38 PM


Have been wanting a dSLR for awhile and decided I needed one to document the trip. Bought a Nikon d300s now so that I could learn it before June. So far, so good. Will post some picks of things taken with it as we progress.

More to come!

BigDaddyWill 03-04-2011 12:17 PM

1st trip adjustment...

Called the TA today...added a day in dates are 6/11 - 6/18!!! :dance3:

wtccheermom 03-06-2011 08:18 AM


lbuzz52 03-06-2011 11:57 AM

Love the title and your cast synopsis;)
you seem very prepared!

BigDaddyWill 03-06-2011 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by lbuzz52 (Post 40207383)
Love the title and your cast synopsis;)
you seem very prepared!

LOL and I feel woefully unprepared!! I do have an awesome helper in my DDIL littleangie! She is in charge of working on the shirts that we designed together. And my DW puts up with me! hehe....we have less than 100 days and it can't get here soon enough!

BigDaddyWill 03-08-2011 08:43 AM

Updated to add our first draft tip envelopes for Mousekeeping.


BigDaddyWill 03-15-2011 01:36 PM


Updated to add some of our shirt ideas! Enjoy!


BigDaddyWill 03-18-2011 06:42 PM

3/18 UPDATE!

littleangie got a FD PIN!

We saved over $1000 and we PAID IN FULL today!!!!:cheer2::cheer2:

BigDaddyWill 06-08-2011 09:36 PM

Okay, sorry for not posting for so long, but work has been...let's just say 65-70 hour weeks are interesting...especially when you are salaried, lol!

Tomorrow we leave...I will be updating the above parts of the thread tonight...finally, yes I know!!!

We will take lots of pics to share when we get back.


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