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AnnMorin 09-19-2002 08:09 AM

captian marvins 8:30 or 11:15
I want to prebook our capt. marvins trip but am unsure of if we want the 8:30 or 11:15 with tendering and all . I was leaning towards the 11:15 but will it be crowded then? thanks Ann

Minnie's Guy 09-19-2002 08:13 AM

Family did 8:30 Captain Marvin's
My husband and two boys did the early trip -
they was alot of concern about getting off
the ship on time, grabbing the tender, but
they made it and were glad they did the
early trip. They were back on the ship for
lunch and we were able to all take the
afternoon turtle farm trip. Note: bought
a Fugi Underwater Camera (throw away) and
sent it with them - the pictures turned out
GREAT - and husband said they were
very accommodating about taking pictures
of all of them - they were very happy with
Captain Marvin's and it was all because of
these great boards. Have fun! - Lucy

mmouse37 09-19-2002 11:09 AM

We wanted to book the early one also, but was unsure about getting there in time. On our 8/3 cruise we did the 11:15-1:15 tour. It was great. We felt it was just enough time to spend on the excurison and still have time to walk around Grand Cayman afterwards. We had one stop to snorkel at and one stop at Stingray City.

Allow extra time for travel on their van...about 20 minute each way to get to the boat.

We only had about 12 people on our boat. Not crowded at all.


IrishCowboy 09-19-2002 11:59 AM

8:30 will work!
We did the 8:30 Captain arvin's tour back in May and it worked out great. At our first stop, we were the only boat on the was fabulous.

You may want to ask, but I'm pretty sure that if you book the 8;30 and don't make it because the ship is late, Captaon Marvin's will not charge you.

AnnMorin 09-19-2002 09:42 PM

If you do the 8:30 how early do you need to get off the ship?
Are the stingrays still around on the next trip?

mmouse37 09-19-2002 10:18 PM

The stingrays are there all the time. They come over to the reef area everytime there is a boat. Sort of like Pavlovs (sp) dogs....


KeenHo 09-19-2002 10:50 PM

Captain Marvins....
My DW and I, and friends, booked the 11:15 tour originally. Before we got to the island, we had discussed that we'd like to go on the earlier excursion to Stingray City which would allow us more time in the afternoon to enjoy 7 mile beach on Grand Cayman.

When we disembarked, we walked to Captain Marvin's office (not too far from the tender area) and inquired. The earlier trip was booked solid. We asked them for options and we were offered a different trip (Coral Gardens, Barrier Reef and Stingray City) which left about 45 minutes later. The trip was $5 or $6 more per person, but the time savings to leave earlier and get back earlier was well worth it. We absolutely loved it! The boat we were on was full, but not uncomfortable at all, the crew was nice and helpful too.

My word of advice is to take the earlier trip to save more beach or shopping time in the afternoon. We asked the van driver from Captain Marvins drop us off at the Holiday Inn on 7 mile beach on our way back. We spent a few restful hours there and caught a taxi back to the ship.

Happy cruising!!


AnnMorin 09-20-2002 07:09 AM

Too much sun?
I was concerned that after 2 hours of snorkeling I would not want to spend more time in the sun at the 7 mile4 beach. Is the beach THAT nice? I was just going to go back into town and shop/sightsee. Oh what to do.. what to do??

KeenHo 09-20-2002 09:13 AM

Too much sun????
I can never get too much sun, especially while on vacation. During the time we were there in June, there were clouds and sun, and nice temperatures (80's). It was wonderful to be there. Seven Mile beach is really beautiful. Not quite a Magen's Bay (St. Thomas) but very nice and plenty of water activities if you so desire.

BTW, the chairs at the Holiday Inn beach area are not "free." They are for hotel guests only, but I don't believe they enforce it much, if any. We didn't pay for the use of them while we were there.

I hope this helps!


AnnMorin 09-20-2002 09:19 AM

well I just booked the 11:15
I went ahead with the 11:15, we are not the best morning people, so we will get a later start but not feel rushed. If we are done with the excursion at 1:15 that still gives us time to explore some.

KeenHo 09-20-2002 09:34 AM

Just Booked....
Have a great time!!!!


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