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dixonsontour 01-29-2011 05:46 PM

From England To OKW - 14 Nights On DDP COMPLETED LOTS OF FOOD PICS 2/3/2011
Myself, DH and DD aged 4 spent 14 nights on DDP staying at OKW at the end October 2010.

It was our second time on site doing DDP. Our first attempt was December 2009 staying at All Star Movies.

We did a mix of new restaurants and ones which were our favourites first time around.

Both myself and DH can eat but still came away feeling like the DDP is a lot of food. We managed to use all the credits. DH likes steak and ribs, no seafood. I enjoy most foods including seafood.

DD aged 4 eats well usually but isnt a fan of a lot of the food choices for kids especially at cs she doesnt do burgers or peanut butter and jelly.

dixonsontour 01-29-2011 05:55 PM

Day 0 Airport Food and POFQ Sassagoula Floatworks
Breakfast Manchester airport burger king

Lunch - plane

Dinner Sassagoula floatworks, POFQ

Our flight from UK was 10.25 am so we left home 5.30 ish before breakfast. What can I say, breakfast was expensive but filled a hole.

Lunch was courtesy of Virgin Atlantic I can only remember eating the GU chocolate raspberry pudding. DH ate DDs kids meal dinosaur pasta bolognaise.

On top of the usual 9 hour flight, we were delayed 2 hours leaving, plus another hour on the plane waiting to immigration let us off so we were exhausted on arrival at OKW.

We quickly checked in and dropped our luggage off then headed to the food court at POFQ.

On our first stay onsite we had pizza the first night and wanted to make it our tradition. It was our first visit to POFQ. We went there as it was the nearest food court to OKW.

It was about 8pm and the food court was quiet. We ordered a 16 inch pepperoni pizza, 2 bowls of ice cream, an energy drink and an orange juice. This was 2 counter service credits. We were given a pager and the pizza was cooked to order. Pizza was hot and fresh.

After eating I went up to the ice cream counter with the receipt and picked up two huge bowls of ice cream. We also refilled our mugs with soda.

Overall a very good use of 2 counter service credits easily enough food for the 3 of us.

dixonsontour 01-29-2011 06:11 PM

Day 1 - Chef Mickey breakfast, Teppan Edo dinner
Breakfast - Chef Mickey, contemporary

Lunch nothing!

Dinner Teppan Edo, Epcot

Our Chef Mickey Adr was for 8.10 am but we were all awake early due to the time difference so got to the contemporary at 7am and asked if we could be seated. The cm was friendly and said no problem.

We had a picture with the statue of Mickey (didnt buy but they were happy to take one with our camera) and were given a pager and waited. Cartoons were on the tv which DD watched and we watched the sun rise over the lagoon. Soon we were the last ones waiting and a cm came to get us and said sometimes the pagers dont work! We only waited 10 mins or so.

Chef Mickeys was still quiet, only a few people at the buffet. We were in the back area behind a screen with about 6 tables.

Id read all the horror stories noisy, dirty etc but we really enjoyed it. Buffet was clean and fresh. We all found something we liked. DH loved the cheese potatoes, preffered them to the casserole at Akershus.

Sorry no pictures of our food just the buffet. We do get better as the trip goes on I promise.

Characters came and spent enough time with us they also danced twice and did the napkin parade. DD loved seeing Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. Pluto is my favourite. We didnt feel rushed at all to leave.

As we arrived at OKW the night before after our long travel day DD had cried that she hadnt seen Mickey yet. This was a great way to get all the main characters seen and wed only been in florida just over 12 hours.
Used 3 TS. We will be back no hesitation.

Lunch - ? I cant believe this possible but neither DH or I can remember eating lunch. We spent the afternoon by the turtle pond pool at OKW we refilled our mugs at turtle shack snck bar. Its not self service but the cm was happy to do it it was open 12 noon til 5pm when we were there.

dixonsontour 01-29-2011 06:16 PM

Day 1 Continued - Teppan Edo
We went to Epcot for our 6pm Adr at Teppen Edo, our first time eating there. DD was dressed as Ariel. Epcot was really busy as it was Saturday during F & W and there were a lot of people worse for wear.

We got a friendship boat across, watched the belly dancer in Morocco and DD got a Duffy bear to colour and a passport, think it was $12.95. She loved the kidcot stops – did USA and Japan tonight. Another day we actually did them all and have a fully stamped passport and Duffy.

Teppan edo was packed and we waited maybe 15 mins past our ADR. It was very noisy, alot of young children in but did quieten down as we were eating. We were seated with a local couple and their relatives, they were really nice and even gave DD a Disney dollar.

The female chef was good – she made the volcano, and a joke about nemo.

Whole experience was different, there are no hibbachi restaurants near us. Very child friendly, my DD aged 4 really enjoyed it. They did the chopsticks so she could use them.

The food was excellent – one of our best meals of the trip.

I had steak and shrimp;

DH steak;

and DD the kids chicken.

Steak was cooked how you requested it. I particularly enjoyed the steak and the shrimp with the yum yum sauce and the chef was happy to cook dh’s without mushrooms. Someone else at the table also wanted no mushrooms, i was glad he wasn’t the only picky one.

For dessert DH and I had chocolate ginger cake. DD’s only choice was vanilla ice cream. I shared my cake with her and as she liked it she ate most of it. It was light with a very mild ginger taste.

Cost 3 TS credits plus tip.

tluvstink 01-29-2011 06:17 PM

AAAWWWw....your DD is adorable and I love her Minnie dress:lovestruc

I am enjoying your reviews and I'm looking forward to reading more!


kerri0616 01-29-2011 06:35 PM

More please! I'm enjoying your reviews. I love your little Minnie poking her head through the chair!

Pssst...can you sneak in a few words about OKW? What size accomodation did you choose? Renovated? What part of the resort? Did you like the area? Did you enjoy the pools? How were the buses?



dixonsontour 01-29-2011 06:51 PM

I've stopped for the night as it's almost midnight here and i've just managed to accidentally delete the bit i'd done on teppan edo - time for bed and i'll try and do some more tomorrow.

We loved OKW. Stayed in a renovated studio at turtle pond - block 42. Loved the location, just a few steps to the pool. We swam there every day, only ventured to the main pool once. Rooms were spacious and I found it alot easier having the fridge and toaster for quick breakfasts.

Didn't use the buses at all, used boat to DTD one night which was nice.

athenna 01-29-2011 06:59 PM

I'm in:thumbsup2 Enjoying the reviews:goodvibes

mullysisters 01-29-2011 07:15 PM

I'm following
I've always wanted to stay at OKW and never done the DDP or DxDP. I'm enjoying and looking forward to what's next!
Your DD looks very sweet, especially after the long flight over the day before!

dixonsontour 01-30-2011 09:50 AM

Day 2 - Pecos Bill for Lunch, and Whispering Canyon for Dinner
We started the day with breakfast in the room. We had been to walmart and stocked up on breakfast food and water. I much preferred this to having to go to the food court.

We were in a studio and had a fridge, toaster and microwave so ideal to make breakfast.

We did ropedrop at MK and were ready for an early lunch. We got to pecos bill as it opened, nice and quiet and the toppings bar was super fresh and untouched.
We had eaten there before and it didnt disappoint. We shared 2 CS meals between us we both got the 1/3 angus bacon cheeseburger and fries, large coke and 2 chocolate cakes. We love the toppings bar here. Food was fresh and tasty and large portions. Im not keen on the pre packaged chocolate cake so DD ate mine.

Sorry no pictures, I promise we do get better!

DD used the first of our snack credits on an itzakadoozie ice lolly - first time having one bit like a UK calipo. DD enjoyed it in the heat.

We swam again and refilled our mugs at the turtle shack pool.

Dinner was at Whispering canyon at Wilderness lodge. A must revist from last trip.

We all enjoyed it again food was good and we like the atmosphere. We sat overlooking the lobby this time next to a friendly family with alot of allegies. It was good to see how well they were catered to by the server and the chef who came to see them.

DD had the kids skillet chicken leg with fries and a choc chip cookie. I had the skillet with strawberry milkshake and fruit for dessert. DH had the skillet of course with coke and the smores cheesecake.

Cost 3 TS credits plus tip.

The milkshake was excellent had two, refills are included as your drink on DDP.

We enjoyed everything we got salad, cornbread, coleslaw, chicken, mashed potates, ribs, pulled pork , brisket and beans. Alot of food for 1 TS we ate far too much.
Server was happy to box our desserts to go same as last time.

We ate the desserts for breakfast the next day. Fruit was really juicy and fresh. DH said cheese cake was ok I had a bite it was ok but im not a huge cheesecake fan.

dixonsontour 01-30-2011 10:00 AM

Day 3 - Restaurantosaurus for lunch, and WPE for Dinner
We had breakfat in the room (dessert from WCC!) and made AK ropedrop.

After the safari and walking trail we were ready for a snack.

We got 2 cakes and a cappuchino from the bakery in Africa and ate them at the outdoor seating outside Tusker house.

Great use of 3 snack credits.

The chocolate muffin had frosting and coconut on top and a chocolate elephant lolly on top which DD ate immediately. The paw print brownie was excellent – really dense and thick. Out of the two I’d pick the brownie. The coffee was a cappuchino , nice and fluffy says DH.

For lunch we tried restaurantasaurus for the first time.

Sorry no food pics just a picture of the menu.

DH had 1/3 burger fries and soda. I had shrimp po boy, fries and soda, DD hot dog, fries and soda. DD’s came in a green bucket (pail) with a blue spade. Her dessert was a pre packaged cookie. The only option for DH and I was a cheececake in a plastic glass. I tried to get a cookie instead but was told no by the cm.

We sat outside under cover but there was indoor seating as well. It was self serve soda so you could get refills if you needed to.

Food was hot and tasty and large potions. I ate my shrimp and left the roll and was still full. The roll was white bread not like the hamburger buns. DD enjoyed her meal and the novelty of the bucket and spade.

Used 3 cs credits

Plan had been our usual pm break at the pool then an ADR at Hacienda de san angel. Well that got cancelled as we all were wanting to stay and watch the parade.

It was hot so we later used 1 snack credit for a frozen coke at Drinkwallah near the flights of wonder show. They did 3 or 4 flavours of frozen drink – the frozen coke was great in the heat.

After AK closing we went to DTD and ate at WPE at marketplace. We had eaten there several times last trip and really enjoyed the food.

DH had the meatloaf, soda and crme brulee

I had pasta penne alfredo, soda and crme brulee

DD had cheese pizza and a cookie

Cost 3 cs credits

My pasta was ok but only just warm, I prefer my food hotter. DH said the meatloaf was ok but the red wine sauce was very rich he had heartburn later. DD’s pizza was justpizza dough and cheese no tomato. She did eat it. Overall not our best meal at WPE. We were all tired after a long day and just wanted to eat and go to bed. We did go back later and have a better meal.

dixonsontour 01-30-2011 01:33 PM

Day 4 - Sci Fi for Lunch, Coral Reef for Dinner
After breakfast in the room we made ropedrop at HS.

After an hour we were ready for a snack and went to starring rolls. We had eaten there before and knew the cakes were great.

We got a drink and shared an m & m brownie for a snack credit each. I’d intended to get a cupcake but it was hot and I wasn’t in the mood. Shame we never made it back for one.
Brownie was rich and chocolately.

Lunch was at Sci fi. We chose to pay oop for this rather than use a TS credit each. We had eaten there last trip and enjoyed it.
Our adr was 12.15pm and we waited 10 mins or so. It was busy and they were turning walk ups away. They were being very strict – one lady was insisiting she had an adr they had no record of her, she didn’t have a the reservation number and they sent her away.

DD had a tinkerbell drink. Fruit punch with a light up tinkerbell clip. She wasn’t keen on the punch but loved the cup and uses it daily at home. These are not included on ddp so it was a good chance to get her one as we were paying for this meal, also it worked well in the dark restaurant. DD shared my meal.

I had the burger and coke. Burger was good, on a white bun. Came with lots of fries.

DH ignored my advice to get the burger and got the chicken bruschetta and a flavoured coke. This was only ok, DH should have listened to me. He was impressed with the server though he got cherry coke first and she offered him any flavour refill so he had vanilla.

DD loved eating here again. She was 3 last trip and the only places she asked to eat again this trip were coral reef and sci fi. She watched the clips, not at all scary for her and enjoyed pretending to drive the car.

Cost about $40

After a swim we went to epcot for dinner. Going into Epcot was so different from the saturday night, it was really quiet.

DD had wanted to eat at coral reef again. I was hesitant as the food and service had been so so last trip. We got there early for our 6pm Adr and asked to sit tankside, stressing we were happy to wait. They noted it but said it wasn’t guaranteed. Waiting area wasn’t busy at all.

We waited maybe 10 mins then were led to a table far back – I explained DD really wanted to sit tankside and could see 2 or 3 tables tankside the right size for us waiting to be cleared. We were led back to the waiting room and waited another 10 mins or so then were seated tankside.

DD loved sitting by the tank again, finding the fish from the pictures on the menu and waving at the divers.

The food was better than last time.

I had the mahi mahi with rice, a strawberry smoothie as my ddp drink and the chocolate wave. The mahi mahi was excellent. I barely tasted the chocolate wave so can’t really comment – it didn’t wow me.

DH had the steak with fries, coke and chocolate wave. The steak was cooked medium as requested and was a decent enough cut. DH asked for fries as last time the steak just came with two tiny potatoes.

DD’s pizza was the smallest pizza she had all trip – she is 4 and she said how small it was. It was smaller than the black cup that holds the carrot sticks – it would have fitted on the mickey ear on the plate. She had the pizza in December and it was alot bigger on a sort of pita base. She did eat it all and seemed to enjoy it. For dessert she had the make your own ice cream sundae. With the pizza she had celery and carrot sticks. I asked if she could get the soup and was told no just the carrots although she had got the soup/pizza/ice cream last trip no problem.

And that brings me on to the reason we wont ever eat in coral reef again – we had the rudest server we have ever come across. I don’t know what his problem with us was but he had a HUGE problem with us. I did witness him being civil to a guaranteed tip table (6 plus) so I know it wasn’t just a bad night full stop. Was it because we asked to sit in his tankside section (he was not overworked), was it because we were on DDP, English???

I wont dwell on what he did or didn’t do but his attitude was so bad DH went to speak to the manager – the first time he has ever done that ever in his life. We’re English we don’t complain! The manager did not charge us the TS credits for the meal. I think his behaviour had been witnessed as at one point another server came over and was really friendly with us – saying the divers will be in the tank in a minute etc.

So good food, nice venue – my DD loves the tank – worst service in the world ever.

dixonsontour 01-30-2011 01:47 PM

Day 5 - CHH for Lunch, 1900 Park Fayre for Dinner
Breakfast in the room again for us.

DD went to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique in MK then for lunch we all ate at Columbia Harbour House. I’d eaten there last trip it was dh’s first time.

We got there not long after it opened and it was nice and quiet. The cm were very friendly explaining the food was cooked to order and asking where people were from whilst we waited.

We sat upstairs near a window, only a few tables were occupied.

I had the fried shrimp, fries, coleslaw, coke and apple crisp.

DH had chicken nuggets, fries, coke and apple crisp.

DD shared with us. Cost 2 cs credits.

Food was excellent and large portion. Very hot and fresh. The apple crisp is nice but would be nicer with ice cream.

Snack . It was another hot day and we had ice cream from the main street ice cream parlour as a snack. It melted so fast no chance for photos. Used 3 snack credits. I had a coke float. DD a kids mickey ice cream – one scoop on a cone with chocolate ‘ears’. DH had 2 scoops in a cup.

After a swim break back at the hotel we drove to the Grand Floridian.

We had a 5pm ADR at Park fare. This was DH’s must re do from last trip. I’d picked the early adr as we wanted to be back at MK in plenty of time for 8pm parade and wishes.
We were seated promptly and opted out of the picture. It is just by the mural of a castle and there was no chance we would buy it.

I don’t seem to have taken pictures of the food except dessert.

DD likes the children's height buffet – mash potatoes, pizza, mac & cheese, sweetcorn. DH and I had prime rib, mash, and green beans.

DH particularly likes all the mini desserts to try. DD had ice cream and loves it with sweets on.

It is loud but fun. My DD is wary of the stepsister/stepmother, but loves seeing the prince and Cinderella dancing. I think they danced twice whilst we were there.

Buffet was hot, fresh and clean. We’ve enjoyed park fare twice now and will try a different meal next time. IMO it's a good character meal for older children – the stepsisters are really funny with older kids who are playing along.

After eating we sat in the lobby which is beautiful. A pianist was playing and DD danced. We then got the boat over to MK.

A nice evening

Used 3 TS plus tip

212456 01-30-2011 06:50 PM

Loving your reviews so far! :goodvibes

Linda67 01-31-2011 03:35 AM

Thanks for taking the time to post these wonderful reviews :goodvibes

Your photos are excellent and DD looks adorable in her various dresses

Looking forward to reading more popcorn::

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