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cbg1027 01-28-2011 07:42 AM

The Drinker and Dessert Fiend are Back - Completed 6/26!
I just posted a last review on another dining that means it's time to start a new one! Lucky me, I usually go to Disney often enough to be able to do that. :woohoo:

For the last two years, I have gone with my friend Mark to Disney World in mid-December. He's the drinker and I'm the dessert fiend. Although for this trip, I joined him more often in imbibing boozey beverages. :thumbsup2

Here we are doing what we do best: eating!
OK so we're drinking and waiting for food to come, but close enough.

I will be giving the restaurants an overall letter grade at the end of each reviews. A, B, C, D or F (pluses and minuses possible).

The reviews will include:

Artist Point
Intermission Food Court Breakfast at ASMu
La Cava del Tequila
Karamell Kuche
'Ohana Dinner
Intermission Food Court Breakfast
Bistro de Paris Dinner
AKL Room Service Breakfast
Yak & Yeti Lunch
California Grill Dinner
Crystal Palace Breakfast - sorry, skipping this one since my camera battery died and I didn't get any photos. I've reviewed it before if you really want to see the food. It was delicious as always!:thumbsup2
Todd English's bluezoo Dinner
Sanaa Lunch
Jiko Dinner
Boma Breakfast
Turf Club Dinner

As my kittehs would say...the noms begin soon!

auntfrannie 01-28-2011 10:57 AM

Can't wait! You have some restaurants on your list that I don't see reviewed too often.

MickeyNicki 01-28-2011 01:59 PM

Count me in Abby!

chocolateMinnie 01-28-2011 02:04 PM

subscribing as always

dizneeat 01-28-2011 03:49 PM

I am here too! :goodvibes

So glad there is another one of your great reviews in the works! :cloud9:

jess20k 01-28-2011 05:02 PM

I can't wait!! I love your reviews!! :goodvibes

Tinker12 01-28-2011 07:30 PM

I'm looking forward to your reviews!


TanzUnited99 01-29-2011 09:13 PM

Have enjoyed reading your other dining reviews and am glad have found your new one just as you are about to start!

Looking forward to reading more :yay:

cbg1027 02-02-2011 11:22 PM

Thanks for joining in everyone! I'm going to post the first review now!

cbg1027 02-03-2011 02:04 AM

Arrival Day Dinner at Artist Point
I live four hours north of Disney, so I drove down on Saturday December 11th and met Mark at our resort. He had to fly in from Missouri, so he took the ME.

After we settled in to our room, we took the bus over to the MK because I had to buy a new TIW card before we went to a TS restaurant! I used guest services at MK and then with my crisp new 20% discount card in hand, we hopped the boat over to WL. This was the only deluxe resort I have never set foot in, so I was extra excited for the evening because I would finally know first hand what all the deluxe resorts are like.

The WL as seen from the back (lake) side:

We were still quite early for our 5:45pm ADR ar Artist Point so we took the opportunity to explore WL a bit. Around 5:15 I noticed they had begun seating people for Artist Point so we went ahead and checked in. They seated us immediately even though the serving time is officially listed as 5:30.

I tried to a photo of the inside of the restaurant but it didn't come out so well:

But you get the idea. AP has a nice rustic elegance to it. The feel I get from it is 'romantic candle-lit dinner in the woods". But with climate control. ;)

Our server Kristen greeted us as soon as we sat down. As we were her first and only table for a good half our meal, we had fantastic service from her since she was free to focus most of her attention on us. She was eager to help with suggestions and was good at anticipating our needs. I would highly suggest asking for her if you go to AP.

Neither I nor Mark had ever been to AP before so we took a long time to decide what to order. Mark, being the drinker in our report, had to start with a glass of wine.

The receipt listed this as 'K Smith Merlot'....but I cannot find anything similar to that name on the current wine list. So I'm sorry, I'm not sure what it is, but Mark liked it. (What a surprise!:rolleyes:)

After we placed our orders, Kristen brought us out Artist Point's Bread and Butter with Black Sea Salt:

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think this was a sourdough. While decent, it wasn't as good as the sourdough at California Grill.

I chose to get an appetizer and went with the Roasted Baby Beets with Fine Herbs Goat Cheese, Blood Orange Vinaigrette and Petit Greens:

This dish was very good. There were red and yellow roasted beets on top of yummy soft goat cheese mixed with herbs. I loved getting a bit of beet and cheese and then dragging it in the vinaigrette. There was also some very unusual salt on the dish. The crystals were large and transparent metallic silver in color. It had a mineral-like taste that went well with the earthy beets. I loved the crouton on top - delicious dipped in some of the goat cheese.

After I finished the beets, Kristen arrived with our entrees.

Mark went for the Char-Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Idaho Potato-Gruyere Bar, Seasonal Roots, and a Pinot Noir Reduction:

I thought this was a very good, but not great steak. It was tender and cooked to a perfect medium like Mark ordered it. But I've had better steaks at Flying Fish, Citricos, and California Grill. The Pinot Noir reduction was a particularly tasty sauce for the meat - sweet and earthy. The root veggies were good, but nothing to write home about. I didn't really care for the potato dish - it was like a gratin, but the potatoes weren't cut thinly enough. Overall an OK dish, but nothing I would really recommend ordering. Mark seemed more impressed by it than I did, but he really only judges by the meat!

After much deliberation where I strongly considered the Cedar Plank Salmon, I finally chose the Char-Grilled Buffalo Striploin Steak with Black Diamond Mac n Cheese, Cider-Glazed Brussel Sprouts, and Syrah Gastrique.
(Sorry, food porn sin committed - I took a bite before I took the picture!)

Unfortunately, I made a poor decision on this one. The buffalo had a great flavor, but it was tough, I think, because it's buffalo. They are very lean and don't have the fat content that beef does, so the meat doesn't work well as a steak. I didn't think about this fact when I considered picking this as my entree. It was cooked very nicely to the medium rare I ordered and the Syrah Gastrique was great with the meat, but it was just too tough of a meat to enjoy as a steak. I think I'll keep my buffalo meat in burgers from now on.
The other disappointment was the Mac n Cheese. The cheese sauce was very thin and watery and lacked much of a flavor. It was also just lukewarm in temperature. I ate a few bites and then ignored it.
The brussel sprouts in the cider-glaze were quite good, but there only about four pieces of them on the plate.
Overall, this was a disappointing dish.

We talked a bit with the table next to us through the night. One person had ordered the Cedar Plank Salmon and it looked and smelled fantastic. She told us it was excellent so I really wished I had gone with the salmon. :headache:

I decided I wasn't done with AP yet and tried a dessert. Mark went for another glass of the same 'K Smith' Merlot as his finisher.

While I was deciding on my dessert, Kristen brought us a little surprise:

Little glasses of 'Magicale Brachetto' (aka Rosa Regale) with a raspberry, a red sparkling wine from Italy. It is very sweet, but delicious if you like a sweet dessert wine. Mark tasted it and let me drink the rest of his since he doesn't like sweet wines. The wine went very well with the dessert I ended up with.

I had a cappuccino (in the photo with the wine) along with my dessert that was very tasty. I needed some caffeine for MK evening EMH that night!

As I'm not that big on fruit based desserts (and three of the four desserts on the menu at AP were), there was no contest on what I wanted: Valrhona Chocolate Terrine with Amarena Cherries and Salted Hazelnut Brittle:

AP got back in to my good graces with this. It was sooo rich - just the the way I like my chocolate, coffee, and men. :rotfl2: The terrine was so thick and fudgy with a strong, deep chocolate flavor. I loved it! The cherries were delcious with a bite of the chocolate - really tart and sharp. I liked the salted hazelnut brittle with some of the chocolate as well. It made another flavor contrast option in eating the dessert - salty and nutty with the chocolate.

Overall AP was good, but not great. There were some very good ups in the appetizer, dessert, and service, but the entrees lacked a bit to me. While it's not at the top of my list to recommend to anyone, I would return and give them another chance to really shine.

Grade: B-

dizneeat 02-03-2011 05:52 AM

:woohoo: an update!

Sorry about you main course. I think we haven't tried buffalo yet, or maybe Tom has and I can't remember.
Your appetizer looked very good - and your description made my mouth water! :lmao:
Hmmm, and that dessert looked terribly yummy! Might be because I had the same last time we went! :rotfl2:

TanzUnited99 02-03-2011 11:02 AM

Thanks for the review of AP - it's a shame you didn't enjoy your main course as much as you thought you would but that dessert looks divine!

We will be eating at AP and will definitely be ordering the Cedar Plank Salmon :thumbsup2

MickeyNicki 02-03-2011 11:53 AM

Such a shame about AP...I was going to book it for this month but decided to hold off until it is better at that time!

serendipity 02-03-2011 05:02 PM

Count me in :thumbsup2

saralexander97 02-03-2011 09:15 PM

Subscribing, Im totally in. Cant wait to see and read about all our your tantalizing meals at THE WORLD. :banana:

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