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Goldeelox9 01-22-2011 01:38 AM

2 weeks of Disney Fun! POFQ, BLT & DCL
My Past Trip Reports

My DCL Wedding Trip Report & AKL Honeymoon TR

Vanessa's Wedding Weekend Trip Report 12/12~12/14!

February 2007 - Pop Century, Pete's first Visit.

November 2009 - All Star Movies, Treehouse Villas & Disney Wonder - 1st Anniversary.

Cast of Characters

Me - Lisa
DH - Pete
Lots of friends, I will be having lunch with 20 of my closest friends on day 4!

Cruise Cast
DS - Laura
DBIL - Brandon
DNiece - Alyssa - almost 3 (this was her Birthday Cruise)
DNephew - Austin - 4 months

It has been a little over a year since I was in WDW and I was dying to get back. A few weeks before our trip Pete and I were talking and we realized he was off work from December 31st to January 17th. We decided to start vacation early. We thought about driving to WDW, stopping in the Carolina's to visit some friends and getting to DIsney on our original check in date of January 5th. BUT a one way car rental was over a $1,000 so nope not happening. Then I switched our flight so we flew out of BWI on January 3rd. I made us a two night reservation at Port Orleans French quarter. I was excited to stay here! So two extra Disney Days! YAY! I was so excited.

January 1, 2011

I finally finished our Disney Tie Dye shirts. I had to make 9 of them. They took forever. I am so happy how awesome they turned out.

January 2, 2011

I finally finished packing. My dad bought me a luggage scale so I weighed my luggaged and them rearranged a few bags and was all set. I took my shower and headed to bed. My sister was picking me up at 5am!!!

January 3, 2011

5AM! We are awake, dressed and ready to head to the airport. Our flight was at 7am. The Airport was horrible! We waited in the check in line almost and hour, then atleast 30 minutes to get through security. It was NUTS! But we made it to the gate and boarded within 10 minutes. We got to sit in the very first set of seat. How awesome, we were first one and first off!

The flight was uneventful, I listened to my iPod until the darn earbuds were killing my ears! I hate them. They arn't even the cheap-o ones that come with the iPod, but $120 Bose ones! I wish I could find my on the ear headphones.

SO we got off the plane and Pete got a much needed cofee. I got out our documents and we made the long treck to the Magical Express.

Once on board we were onour way. I sat in the front seat next to a stranger. I love the front seat on the bus cause I need to get this picture:

We made a stop at Old Key West and then Saratoga Springs before we got to Post Orleans French Quarter. We pulled up around 10:30am. Check in was easy and we were putin Building 5, right next to Jenna! YAY! But our room was not ready. Boo! We needed to leave our carry on bag with the luggage department. This was tricky since we had two book bags, mine was 100% full or our electronics. Laptop, 2 Camera's 2 Lens, external flash, 5 chargers, power strip, etc. Petes had a bunch of other things that didn't quite fit anywhere else. I rearanged and got everything in to my bag or pockets. In Pete's bag (that we were taking to the parks with us) was the camera, the tripod, the travel folio, ponchos, advil and the speardsheet! I had a sneaky suspision this would happen since I knew we were checking in so early so I brought some zip ties to secure out bag. I got it all "locked up"!

I got in the guest services line while Pete went to check our luggage in. He came back and I was in the same spot, he went to the gift shop and came back and I was in the same spot, he went back to the gift shop. FINALLY after 35 minutes, I kid you not, I got to the desk. There was only 2 people in front of me but the CM was SLOW! I needed to upgrade our 10 day tickets (no expiration) to Park Hoppers. Well she couldn't do it here. What the Heck? So I got a print out of our dining just because I had stood in line so long and wanted to do something. LOL

Finally we headed to the MK bus. I was texting Jenna and Lisa M. to find out where my ladies were. We were at the Magic Kingdom in no time.

I was excited to see the Christmas decorations still up.

I sent Jenna a text and she said she was near the Castle making her way to her lunch reservations. I guess it was about 12:20pm. We headed down Main Street.

My future Dream Job is selling Balloons on Main Street.

We were almost to the end of Main Street near the partners statue. I looked acrossed the street and spotted Jenna's famous Mickey Ears. She has more then anyone I know. I darted acrossed the Street, right in front of the Move it Shake it show. Pet ewas trapped on the other side. We stood and talked a few minutes and watched a bit of the show.

As soon as Pete could cross the street he scooped Baby Riley up. He got to hold Riley before me!

We said goodbye and parted ways for lunch. Pete and I headed over the bridge to Liberty Square. We had reservations at the Liberty Tree Tavern.

We checked in early since it was 1:00pm and our reservation wasnt until 2pm. I knew it, but played dumb. I had not had breakfast and was famished. Lunch was really good. I do not like dinner her, but had heard lots about the fried cheese here so I wanted to try it for lunch. Pete had never been to LLT and you all know I love doing new stuff each trip.

Now for some Food Porn.

We had the fried cheese as an appitizer. I loved the little ones. Next time I will request all little ones since the other ones were just normal Cheese sticks.

We both got burgers, but decided we should have shared. We couldn't finish them.

During this part of the trip we had no dining plan. It was all out of pocket.

For desert we shared the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. It was yummy.

After lunch I was soo tired. We had been up since 5am and it was now 2:15ish. We found seats for the 3pm parade and parked it.

I am so glad my boy has long arms, it is so hard to take self portraits with a DSLR.

We were surprised with a performance by the Main Street Philharmonic.

The parade started not much longer. Now let me take this time to complain about rude people in Disney World. We got seats on the wall EARLY. No one was sitting yet. I set up the tripod in front of me. Not to use, but to deter people from sitting in front of me. I wanted pictures. We were sitting not too close to each other, a few inches inbetween. A loud family sat next to Pete and the older lady next to him kept getting closer and closer. finally he was all up on me. Move over Dude!! He mumbled about the lady and blah blah blah. She was totally all up on him! FInally he couldn't take it and stood up. HAHAHA! The Parade Started and I started taking pictures. The daughter asked Pete to sit down since her Mom couldn't see. He was directly in front of the Mom. The Mom spoke no english. So Pete told her no, there was no room. The lady said something to the mom who finally moved her butt over. She was still REALLy close to Pete. I would have been a witch about it, but he is the nice one. LOL

I think the Genie looks like my ex boyfriend and he creeps me out now. LOL Great something else the Ex has ruined for me. LOL

Goldeelox9 01-22-2011 01:39 AM

I think the Genie looks like my ex boyfriend and he creeps me out now. LOL Great something else the Ex has ruined for me. LOL

The parade was great. Pete has never watched the afternoon parade. We decided this was going to be a slow day since tomorrow was our full Magic Kingdom Day. We were tired!

We headed to Pirates of the Caribbean after the parade.

The line was like 20 minutes. We went to the shorter left side of the line and got on the boat. Now why do people think they need to take pictures in this ride with the flash. I mean they ruin the experience for the rest of us and I know they are not getting good pictures.

After the ride I headed to the rest room and Pete explored the shop. He LOVES gift shops and I hate them! He found a Skull gear shift and bought it. The bathroom was closed so I help it and got in line to meet Pirate Goofy!

Afterwards we were going to ride the jungle cruise but not with an hour wait! So I headed to the next bathroom and Pete checked out a gift shop cart. Afterwards we decided we needed a Dole Whip!

So good. We sat in the empty smoking area near the tree house and enjoyed a late afternoon snack.

We wondeered around awhile and then ended up in line to see the little mermaid with legs! That's a first for me. The line was long, but I stuck it out. Lisa M. texted me to let me know she was in the Magic Kingdom.

Afterwards is was about 6:00pm and there was supposed to be the last Castle lighting tonight. We headed to the castle area, but then changedout minds and went to the benched in Liberty Square to people watch. I was tired (why did I do a park my first day?? oh yeah the Castle lighting and the Osbourn lights) so we talked to a CM who told us no Castle lighting. I saved a bench and a half and texted Lisa & Jenna to let them know I had seats for us. I also called my Dad and chatted. I know I am weird, but I need to talk to my family daily, even on vacation.

I always volunteer to save seats and then I stress out about it. It is horrible. I set up the tripod again to reserve the area in front of me. Jenna was waiting for the Castle lighting and texted me to let me know. I stressed out until I saw them coming my way. I hate telling people they can't have my seats. When Jenna and crew got there I finally got my hands on Riley!!!! I have been waiting for this for over a year! Jenna and I went to WDW in December 2009 the day after she found out Riley was on his way. Of course I spent the whole weekend calling him baby Minnie. I appoligized to him for it. :)

Love this baby!

The Parade started and I loved it! I need the soundtrack!

After the parade we all talked about it and decided to beat the crowd and head out before Wishes. We were all going to Hollywood Studios for the Last night of the Osbourne lights. Another first for us all. We took the monorail to the Poly and then a bus to Hollywood Studios.

Pete started his complaining about the cold. It was NOT cold! It was cool, but he was tired.

Doesn't Riley look sleepy?

This was taken from the monorail. It's a crappy picture and was gone by the next day!

The Tree at the Poly.

Pete trying to warm up.

It took us over an hour to get to Hollywood Studios. There was a car accident at the exit of the Magic Kingdom. It was LONG.

We finally got there and Jenna headed in and I went to change our tickets to Park Hoppers. It took 15 minutes or so, I told Jenna I would meet her at Pizza Planet.

It was extra Magic hours at DHS.

Jenna called and told me that all the food places were closed. It was like 9:30 and we all needed dinner. We headed to the lights watched it, took some pictures, got in line for a photopass picture and then decided enough. We headed out, back to the hotel.

Of course the bus stop was like number 14 all the way on the end. By now I knew I had a killer blister and I waddled to the bus stop. LOL We waited and waited and then missed a bus. We caught the next one and got seats. That is always a plus.

Once back at Port Orleans we went to the food court. I got fruit and Pete got a burger. Jenna and crew got a pizza. Once the food was ready we made our way to our room. It was on the 2nd floor although we requested 1st floor since Jenna's MIL had trouble with steps. Jenna requested a new room, but there were none. I opened out door at 11:30pm and the room STUNK. It smelled liek someone was sitting in there smoking. I was so angry. I called the front desk and complained. They wanted to move us, there was one empty room in the whole resort. It was in Buidling 1, on the corner. As far away from the buses as physically possible. I was tired and didn't want to move all of our luggage. They assured me we would get a deep cleaning including carpet shampoo the next day. I was too sleepy to complain.

We finally went to sleep at like 12:30 am after being awake for 20 hours!!!

What a great 1st day! I love Disney!

Goldeelox9 01-23-2011 01:35 PM

I posted all of day two and LOST it...lets try again!

loganpaulsmom 01-23-2011 01:44 PM

It looks like you guys had a great time.. can't wait to read more..

Goldeelox9 01-23-2011 01:51 PM

YAY I have a reader!!!!!

Goldeelox9 01-23-2011 01:58 PM

January 4, 2011 - Day Two
We had an early morning dining reservation at the Crystal Palace, but I was tooo tired and I turned off the alarm and rolled back over. I just could not get back up at 6:30am! I just couldn't.

I got up around 9am and Pete went to the food court to get us breakfast. I had a bagel (that he didn't toast?? :confused3) and he had something...Eggs and a biscuit maybe? We got showers and got dressed. Bobby called from next door and they were able to find them a ground floor room so they were moving. The room wasn't ready yet so I gave Bobby my room key so after their day at the park they could get their stuff out of our room, and since my tickets were not linked to the key it didn't really matter. They moved thier luggage into our room. Bobby also gave us our Alcohol for on the ship. I love the DCL lets you bring your own on! The housekeeper kept coming to see if we were gone yet. They wanted to get in our room to clean. We told Jenna and them goodbye and told them we would see them at lunch.

Pete and I made our way to the bus. There are two side by side bus stops at Port Orleans and the Magic Kingdom is the 2nd one. We were there about 10:30 or so.

It was close to 11:00am when we got to the Magic Kingdom. I was just as excited today as I was yesterday. I love the Magic Kingdom.

We walked around into the shops on the right hand side of Main Street. We spent a long time in the Art store. This is one of our favorite stores on Main Street. We picked out some Art, but didn't buy anything yet.

I did take a picture of the cute Toy Story figures.

I love this little street. I took Pete down here to hear the "Music Lessons". I love showing him things he has never seen (or heard) at Disney World.

The next store we went in was the glass blowing store. There wasn't a person there at this time, but I got a picture anyway.

We shopped a bit before we went to check in at the Plaza.

I love the Plaza. It is so quaint and cute. We got sat right next to Jenna and family.

Pete ordered a Milk Shake as his drink. I love that they use Chocolate Icecream for the shake instead of vanilla. It really does make a differance.

I got the Chicken Sandwich with Ham and Cheese on it and Pete got a Ruben.

Can you tell I forgot to take a picture before Pete started eating. LOL Oh and his bread was not burned, it was marble rye bread. Mine was very good (Jenna's sister got the same thing) and Pete said he enjoyed his too.

Jenna and crew was on the dining plan so they got dessert. We didn't start our dining plan until tomorrow and were SOOO stuffed that we didn't have dessert. Instead we got Riley!!!

Look at Pete...He is making fun of Riley's "serious face" LOL.

Pete always gets him first, but I got my turn and a kiss.

and a nose squeeze

LOL Silly Boy!

Riley wanted a group picture so of course we had to pose for one.

I know I said it before but I love this kid. I feel a special connection to him since I knew about him before almost anyone!

As we were leaving we saw these two.

I love them. Its so cute that Disney adds this little skit to your meal at the Plaza.

Goldeelox9 01-23-2011 02:00 PM

Day 2 - Continued
We got Jillian, Jenna's sister to take our picture with Pete's phone. He has a really cool app called "Simply Postcards" that lets you take any picture and turn it into a post card. So we wanted one in front of the castle to send to our parents.

The Move it Shake it Show was starting so we enjoyed it. I love the music.

We said bye to Jenna and headed up to the Castle area since the show was getting ready to start. We took some Statue pictures while we waited.

A nice lady offered to take our picture....CHEESE!

The show started...

I wish I had the zoom lens with me, I didn't want to drag it all over the park, actually I wish I had a 15mm-200mm lens!

When the show was over we saw this cutie. Pete named her Princess of the Trash. LOL

We wanted to see Repunzal, but the line was starting for the 3pm show and it was maybe 1:30pm. I didn't want to wait that long, so I snapped some candids. We started talking to a guy who was from a town like 5 minutes from us, he tried to sneak us in, but the other CM was she a stickler for the rules and veto'ed that!

She was really pretty. I always picture her as Mandy Moore since that is the voice I hear when she talks. This girl really looked like my mental picture.

We wandered around Tomorrowland next. It wasn't real sunny, but the tempature was perfect. Pete bought a pin and I got a water then we jumped on the People Mover. We stayed on twice since I love it so much. Doesn't it seem longer since the renovations.

Now it was time for my favorite Walt Disney Attraction EVER!

I wanted to ride Buzz Lightyear, but Pete said it wasn't worth 45 minutes in line. So we went to Monster's Inc. Instead.

I got yelled at for taking pictures as soon as I snapped this blurry one...LOL

Daisy14'sDH 01-23-2011 04:56 PM

Great TR so far!

Goldeelox9 01-24-2011 12:19 AM

Day Two Cont.
They used my joke in the Monster's Inc. Show. What do you call an Elephant in Glass Slippers? Cinderellaphant! LOL

We walked past the dessert party location and talked about how awesome the party was last year with all my friends. Here is a picture is refresh your memory.

The sun came out and it was getting a little warm out.

So all this dessert talk made us want a sweet treat so we stopped by the bakery. I got a Cupcake (for icing purposes only) and Pete got a Ice Cream Sandwich.

This turned out to be Cream Cheese icing and not buttercream. I should have asked. It was ok, but no Buttercream!

We ended up back in the glass store and there was a guy making a vase. It was so cool, I wanna learn how to do that!

We took pictures of overpriced nick nacks.

Then I found the perfect sun glasses. Pete said get them, but I saw the price tag....$35. I decided to pass. But he made me get them. I am so glad, I love them!!!

ahhh to be a Disney Bride again!!!

We listened to some street music (why are they still playing Christmas songs, sure my tree is still up, but the Holiday is OVER) before we went back to the Art store.

We bought two prints for our guest room and a picture of a beach scene for my Dad's beach house. We are going to frame it and hang it next time we go down there.

I wanted one last look at Toon Town (Sniff Sniff) so we took the train that way, but in true Reese fashion stayed on an extra loop before getting off.

I am going to miss Toon Town, I am not crazy over the Circus area at all. I don't even like the real Circus!

Goldeelox9 01-24-2011 12:19 AM

More Day 2
Pooh and Tigger were out, we just waved as we walked by!

We walked hand in hand around Fantasyland talking about the new improvements coming and being there when it was empty for our wedding pictures. I set up this picture of Pete trying to pull the sword from the stone, I like it with the Castle in the background instead of the Carousel (feel free to borrow it).

How cool is it that the fireworks from the Castle show went off soon as I took the picture.

My Picture is not as awesome, we need a class on how to focus properly, I wish I could take my own pictures.

Since we missed Mickey's Philharmagic last year I made sure we saw it this time. We timed it perfectly, no line.

I took this picture for our own little Wolfgang!

I had idea for a Carousel picture. I set up the tripod and Pete ran to the bathroom. I got one picture before it started raining.

We took cover under the overhang near Pinochios. We got chairs and waited out the rain for about a half hour.

I love it!! I want to frame it for the guest room!

It was about 6:30pm and I wanted a good spot for the fireworks so I took a few pictures behind the Castle before walking around to the front side.

We still had almost an hour til Wishes, but I really wanted a good spot. I set up the tripod and stood cover to make sure it didn't get bumped. This is about where I set it up.

I took a few test shots while I waited.

Now I had Pete standing in front of me and a nice guy and his little girl to my left who were in position for the fireworks. Then a lady walks up tp me and hands me her Photopass card. LOL I told her I was not a Photopass Photographer. Since when do they wear Tie Dye. LOL

I was nervous about getting bumped. I had to hold my arms out to the side to make sure no one hit me. It was worth it though....

I will post a bunch of them in another post!

Goldeelox9 01-24-2011 12:56 AM

Day 2 ... Still more
January 4, 2011 - FIREWORKS & Hoop Dee Doo!

Yay Wishes, my favorite part of any Disney Vacation! Get ready for picture overload!

Goldeelox9 01-24-2011 12:57 AM

THE END OF DAY TWO --- Finally!
As soon as Wishes was over I handed Pete the Camera and we took off to the exit. I was closing the tripod up as we power-walked to the exit. Pete knew I had a special dinner planned, but he didn't know what or where. We got to the boat dock and he figured it out. We were about 15 people back in line so we really lucked out.

The boat came and we had a nice relaxing ride to Fort Wilderness.

Once we got there we checked in for the Hoop Dee Doo and had the pictures taken, I wish I could have justified $30 for it since it looked nice, but no way!

We waited maybe 25 minutes for the prior show to let out while I talked to my Dad. Then we got our seat. It was a great one right on the floor!

Pete was sooo impressed, he told me it was the most fun he has ever had at Disney. Everytime I looked at him he was smiling!

When the show was over Pete told me we NEED to bring his parents here next year! We walked out and they had a bus for us right there ready to go. We got back to Port Orleans around 12:30am. The room was perfect. It was clean and smelled fresh. I am so glad Disney came through. We got a drink and headed right to bed! Tomorrow we move to Bay Lake Towers!

visitingapril09 01-24-2011 01:43 AM

Subbing and I can't wait to read more! Great photos. Where were you situated to take those fireworks photos?

antnyh 01-24-2011 01:37 PM

Great TR! Lovin the pics. You should give lessons!

Goldeelox9 01-24-2011 01:52 PM

I was in the center of main street to take the pictures, half way between Casey's and the Partners Statue. You should have seen me blocking the tripod. LOL I flat out refused to let people squeeze between me and my husband. LOL

Thank you, I loved making the shirts. Gonna make a few for the next trip for my inlaws.

Thank you, I love taking pictures. Now I am on a quest to talk the husband into a new camera. It will be a hard "sell" since we just bought DVC...More on that later.

Let me start day 3, our move to BLT!

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