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live4christp1 11-29-2010 11:29 AM

Yellow Ribbon Pre-Mobilization briefing
What should I expect at this? (DH is ARNG)

The email from the Family Assistance Specialist says, "I will be there and look forward to meeting each of you and your families." Is this something the kids should attend?


jsmith 11-29-2010 03:43 PM

the Yellow Ribbon Program is specific to the National Guard-and you should recieve a schedule that specifies whether or not they are going to have youth and child activities or not-they do in the state my husband drills in-however they also have a seperate youth coordinatior who organizes those things-they also generally provide child care for younger kids since the effort is to not seperate families pre-deployment. As for what you can expect-there will very likely be sessions on Tri-Care-Prime, Remote and Standard and what to expect, USSERA, what to expect emotionally during deployment,where to find resouces in the community and services available thru the guard-ours never included much on what to get on Active duty installations-but there is only one in the state we drill in and its an AF base, and probably wills and such. The Actually legal stuff will not be done now but at the SRP ( soldier readiness processing) which takes place usually the the first three days on MOB orders at home station. You will not get much information on mailing packages, addresses and what not since they wont have that info til close to the end of the time at MOB station. This is just an informational session-and a chance-if the unit doesnt have one-to start forming an FRG ( family readiness group). FRG is all volunteers and is run at the company level-if you are not involved with yours now it sthe time to get involved.-the FRSA is a paid contractor or GS civilian who usually has a number of companies-or even a Brigade sized element that she is responsible for so she will not be available for every activity your unit has durning deployment.

live4christp1 11-30-2010 08:10 AM

Thanks! I asked and was told "child care would be provided but no scheduled/organized activities". So I am debating on whether to take them or not. On one hand if there are other kids there I think it would be good for them to connect with some kids facing this too, on the other hand, they are 7 & 13 - my 13 year old will definately think he is to old for "child care" lol. We are only about 15-20 minutes from our HQ so not a long drive. Have family close by that they could stay with while I attend this, DH has drill this weekend so I don't know what the plan is for that.

We haven't had anything on a family readiness group as of yet so maybe that will happen here.

Thanks again!

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