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LaurLaur04 09-26-2010 10:37 PM

Flabby, fat and lazy, you walked in and OOPSY DAISY! A September Trip Report!
Hello everyone! I am back from a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S trip to heaven...err I mean Walt Disney World! This was by far the BEST trip I have ever been on. So here are the facts:

Who? Me (mommy), Madison (DD who turned 3 on our trip), My mom (granny), and My dad (Granddaddy)

Where? Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

When? Sept 17-25

Why? to celebrate Madison's 3rd birthday!

So, without further ado, lets get this thing STARTED!

DAY 1- Departure day!

So we got up at about 3am on Friday, September 17th. Its about a 9 hour drive from NC to WDW. This is without stops. For my always needing to pee family it took us about 11 (lol) DD and I took off the last Mickey on our countdown calendar! She proceeded to say (in that sweet little innocent voice with the lisp) Mommy its the green one, we are going to Disney World!

We loaded up, and jumped into the SUV! Madison was crazy excited. We popped in Mickey's Mouse Clubhouse in Wonderland DVD and hit the road! Even though it was 4 am and she didn't go to bed until 10 Madison was WIDE awake with excitement!

Uploaded with

About 5am Madison alerted us that she needed to "pee pee". I told her that we were in the middle of nowhere and she had a pull-up on so just this once it was ok for her to peepee in it because there was no bathroom. She refused. So my dad told her that he would pull over and let her pee on the ground if she wanted to, since she was so against using her pull-up. She said that was fine. Well, we pull over and there is NO ONE around. Perfect timing. I explain to her that I will pull her pullup down and she can squat and pee on the dirt. Her response? "NO! I need a POTTY!" Well that was a no go. So we get back into the car. After about 30 minutes of her holding it and whining I finally coax her into using her pull-up. Please don't think I am a horrible parent. There really was nowhere to stop for her because it was still early and the places we did go by were closed.

After that, the ride was uneventful. Stopping to use the restroom every hour it seemed. Had a wonderful breakfast at IHOP. By about 3:30pm we arrived at the beautiful Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort!!

Stay tuned for what happens next! What section did we get? Was it a horrible walk to OPR or did we get lucky? How was the room?!

DisneyDreamerMN 09-26-2010 11:14 PM

Great start! I am in. You are not a horrible mother, it is completely understandable.

farrismom 09-26-2010 11:22 PM

can't wait to hear more...

leshunlenese 09-26-2010 11:47 PM

im in. i like to hear how other single moms do there trips to maybe learn a little something:)

LaurLaur04 09-27-2010 02:29 PM

Hello there guys! Its quite the yucky rainy day outside what better time for a new installment before I head back to work tomorrow?! So here we gooooo!

So I left off when we checked in to Caribbean Beach.
By laurlaur04 at 2010-09-27
I did online check in so it was an absolute breeze. Glad I did it too, because being it was a little after 3 it was packed in there! My CM had such a thick accent I did have a little trouble understanding her, but she was very sweet! I grabbed my folder and Madison's birthday button and headed back out to the car! We drive around until we find Aruba...building 55. Yes across the lake from OPR! It was a horrid walk. So we only walked it twice before deciding to start either driving over there or using the internal shuttle. Room was absolutely gorgeous though!
By laurlaur04 at 2010-09-27
Well, it was here that disaster first struck. As we are standing with hands full of suitcases and bags, I reach in the folder for the KTTW cards. What? Where are they?! I swear they were here a second ago!!! Yes, my friends, they were MISSING! My parents dropped their stuff and walked back the way we came. Thank you Lord, they found them! Right in the middle of the road! lol Apparently I was holding the folder upside down because I had so many bags and stuff in my hands, and they fell out! But they were safe and sound! Crisis averted!
We went into the room and yes it was awesome! Especially the TV. Don't have a flat screen at home so it was nice! We straightened up our belongings and quickly got bored. We are one of those families who "lives" out of the suitcase, we don't bother putting anything into drawers lol I decided HEY! Lets go to MK!
So we began the trek to OPR. I just wanted to see it first hand and check out the gift shop for a moment first.
We headed there, and I looked for a few minutes while everyone had a potty break. Then off to the bus stop! We waited FOREVER for an MK bus. All of the other buses had about 2-3 come by and still no MK bus. The family beside me actually got on the phone with a CM and complained. She stayed on the line with her until finally a bus came! MK HERE WE COME!

I need to head to the grocery store before getting Madi from preschool, so I will leave off here! What did we do at MK? Did it rain? What did Madi say when she saw the castle? STAY TUNED! :)

LaurLaur04 10-06-2010 10:37 PM

Anyone out there? *crickets chirping*

Disneychix 10-07-2010 09:34 AM

How adorable is your DD!!
I swear my DS is a camel. We beg him to go potty and he'll tell us he already went, Um that was YESTERDAY! Stopping every hour would drive me batty.

CBR looks pretty in your pics. That's one resort I've never stayed at and never been to. Actually, that's the only resort I've never even visited.

eskgwin 10-07-2010 10:05 AM

I am new to the boards, but wanted to comment on how cute your DD is. She is just adorable. Great trip report so far. I can't wait to hear more.


mickeystoontown 10-07-2010 11:51 AM

Joining in on the fun. Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

lauren_elizabeth 10-07-2010 03:19 PM

Joining along on this trip report! When was your daughter's 3rd birthday? Jake turned 3 on September 23rd! :goodvibes

LaurLaur04 10-07-2010 08:44 PM

Yay! More people! lol Thanks for the compliments on my DD guys. She turned 3 on our first full day there, September 18th. Great place to celebrate a birthday! I have to do a project for my management class so thats why I haven't done an update, but I will soon! I also got my photopass CD so I can add those pics as well! I hope everyone is doing great! :goodvibes

mermaid764 10-07-2010 09:41 PM

I'm joining in too:thumbsup2

Your dd is adorable and your room at CBR looks amazing

Looking forward to more

LaurLaur04 10-08-2010 09:38 PM

Hello again guys! Been a long day at work, but DD is watching Toy Story so I need to pass the time since I have the movie pretty much memorized at this point! :lmao: So...where did we leave off? Time to go to MK!

We didn't take alot of pics this day, because we all looked a hot mess! After waiting FOREVER for a bus...we were finally on the way! Madison loved the of her favorite things to do! We got to MK, used our passes, and headed to get a stroller. I got a 7 day pass since thats how many days we would be there. $96! :scared1: Alot for a little stroller! But it was a life saver. Madison LOVED the stroller. She wouldn't walk anywhere:rotfl:

And so we enter Main Street....

Madison's reaction? MOMMY LOOK! ITS MY CASTLE! Priceless :cloud9:
We decide to do a "special" picture with granny

You can barely see the Tink in this one, she blended in with the cupcake on Madison's dress! We didn't take anymore pictures this evening, because again we were a hot mess! We headed over to Casey's Corner to grab a hotdog and drink. Madi and I got some fries, and my parents got hotdogs. No picture (bad DISer!) just regular hotdogs. But for some reason I absolutely LOVE WDW hotdogs! I think I ate 3 or 4 while we were there!:rotfl:
We decided to head to Fantasyland and do a couple rides for Madi. She was in a pretty yucky mood. Riding all day with only a little nap. We rode PP and she loved it! It was about a 20 minute wait. We did Philharmagic (no wait) and then Snow White (10 min wait) and the carousel.
It was getting late at this point, so we decided to head over to Main Street to see the Main Street Electrical Parade. We grabbed a spot, and my dad and I headed to the Bakery for a snack. I got an Ice cream sandwich. It was pretty good, but the cookies were a little hard. ALOT to eat! I ended up giving up and letting my mom and DD finish it off.
FINALLY the parade began. I LOVE THIS PARADE! The music just makes me want to dance. DD and I pull it up on D-Cot and listen to it all the time. One of the little bumble bees got stuck and a CM finally ran out and pushed it and it carried on. If you haven't seen this parade its a MUST! I wish it were longer though :snooty:

So, that concludes arrival day! Stay tuned for the most exciting day of all, MADISONS 3RD BIRTHDAY!! Filled with characters and fun! This update will come probably Monday as I have to work. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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