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KitKat5 09-12-2010 12:39 PM

** Kat & Pauls Wishes Wedding 3.8.11 WG/AG/DP @ UK Lochside **
Hello all :wave2:...I thought it might be about time to make a start on my own PJ before its too late! :worried:

I've spent so long reading everyone elses that time has gotten away from me and now we've got less than 6 months until we start our happily ever after! :)

So, first of all, here's a little background...

I'm Kat, 26, and work in customer service. DF is Paul, 25, and he works in motor insurance.

This is us! (YAY I finally figured out how to post pics! There's no stopping me now!! :woohoo:)

Side note - DF doesn't normally have such short hair but he decided to cut it all off...I'm not a huge fan but don't tell him that! haha! :rotfl:

We met 7 1/2 years ago at a local night club called Jumpin Jaks. I was 19 and DF was 18. It was a busy Saturday night in April (26th to be precise) and I was dancing away with my friends and having a great time :dance3: DF was heading to the bar and he put his hands on me as he squeezed past, surprised, I stepped back, right onto his foot in my 4 inch heels! (ouch) I felt bad and apologised :flower3: and he continued on his way to the bar. I told my friends then and there that he was 'the one' :lovestruc and I guess I was right! :goodvibes I kept my eyes on him throughout the night (and he kept his on me or so he says!) We swapped numbers and I saw him almost every weekend after that. 5 months later he finally worked up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. I remember him giving me a long speech and telling me that he might not be the best boyfriend but to bear with him (just for the record I think he's the greatest!!) We've been inseperable ever since! :hug:

The proposal...

In Sept 2007 DF, myself and my family (mum, dad, sister, brother in law, baby niece, aunt and uncle) went to Florida. We were staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort for a few days before heading to the coast and that morning we went to Typhoon Lagoon. We had a geat day and DF spent the whole time trying to convince me to go to MK that evening to see Wishes. I'm not a huge fan of fireworks (too loud for my liking!!) but DF was adamant he wanted to go. I moaned about it all day to my mum and sister but with a little, ok, A LOT of persuasion from my mum, sister and DF I eventually agreed to go.

We got dropped off at MK in the early afternoon (DF and I were both too young to drive a hire car at the time so we were chauffeured around everywhere by my fabulous parents! :thumbsup2) We did a few of the rides and had some dinner. We did a spot of shopping in the Christmas shop (where I purchased an excellent Mickey Mouse wreath with bells) and then found a place to sit and watch the parade. When that was over we headed to the front of Cinderellas Castle to watch Wishes and it was soooo busy!! First of all we were just standing in the middle of a huge crowd but then I spotted a little hideaway just big enough for two, so, I took DF's hand and led him over. There wasnt a huge amount of room so DF stood behind me with his arms around my waist. The fireworks were amazing (as always but still too loud!) and as it was nearing the end DF whispered 'Can you hear me?' I said 'Yes' and then he said the 4 little words every girl wants to hear...'Will you marry me?' Now, at this moment you'd of thought I'd of burst into tears, threw my arms around him and said yes Yes YES!! But unfortunately for DF I said 'Dont joke!!' (and then went back to watching the fireworks! :rotfl:) You see, my unfortunate response was because, by this point in our relationship we'd been together 4 years and were in the process of buying our first home together. I knew DF was 'the one' from the moment I first met him and had been desperate to marry him ever since but he was adamant he had to get all his ducks in a row. Which meant moving in together BEFORE we got engaged and that wasnt due to happen for another 6 months so I thought he was just messing around. Of course, when the most beautiful, sparkly ring appeared over my shoulder I soon realised he wasnt joking! Of course then I said yes! ::yes:: Unfortunatley the ring was too small (he severely underestimated the size of my sausage fingers!!) so I couldnt put the ring on but I wouldnt put the box down and my face hurt so much from all the smiling :goodvibes I didnt cry (much to DFs disappointment) but I threw my arms around him and couldn't stop kissing him!! I was the happiest girl in the world right then!

Here's a picture of my ring...I don't seem to have a close up one of me wearing it (I dont think I took one as I insisted on showing it to everyone in person! haha!) so I downloaded this from the website!

DF thought that now he had proposed he'd get a bit of a break before I'd want to start planning and set a date...well, he thought wrong!! :)

We're planning our Wishes wedding for 8th March 2011...I'm super excited...and with less than 6 months until our magical day I really need to get a move on with the planning!! :)

KitKat5 09-13-2010 02:05 PM

So poor old Paul thought he'd have plenty of time before I'd want to really get down to planning but just a few days after the proposal we were at Francks getting more info about having a DFTW :) I even took him for a sneek peek around the WP. It's beautiful without a doubt but I knew straight away that it wasn't right for us, and DF agreed.

We knew we wouldnt be having a big wedding, not like we would if we'd got married back here in the UK (there's just no way ALL our friends and family would be able to fly to Florida) so we decided to go for somewhere a bit smaller and that's why we chose the wedding gazebo at the YC! It's beautiful and takes advantage of the fabulous Florida weather too and coming from the UK, we need some of that gloriously warm, sunny weather!!

Unlucky for me though DF had a few stipulations and he would not agree to have a Disney wedding until we had spoken to everyone at home to make sure the really important people could make it. And worse still he said we'd have a lot of saving to do so we couldn't get married until 2011!!! :eek: And that seemed like forever away!! :guilty:

Fast forward 3 years and a few days and here we are...with just under 6 months to go to our special day! I still get all giddy with excitement when I realise that in just 176 days and 55 minutes I will be Mrs Greenaway!! :goodvibes

Earlier this year DF and I flew to Florida with my parents to buy my wedding dress and to meet with Michelle from DFTW at Francks to decide what venues we wanted to use! :yay:

This is a picture of me, DF, my mum and dad whilst in Florida

We almost didn't make it to Florida though. We were just a few weeks from flying when the airports closed down due to volcanic ash in the air space. We started off thinking 'we've got loads of time for it to clear, it'll be fine!' But as it got closer to our flight date we started to worry. On the Sunday before we were due to fly I went shopping with my mum and dad as DF was away on a boys boat trip and we had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we weren't going. We were so sad! :sad1: On the Tuesday at work I told my boss I'd probably be in on the Thursday (flight day) but I had booked the Wednesday off as were we doing twilight check in and staying at the Hilton and decided to still have that day off, just incase! On Tuesday night DF and I were sitting at home, he was on the internet and I was watching tv and without looking at me he said 'they're opening uk airspace tomorrow' It was all over the news so I called my dad. No one wanted to get their hopes up so he just said 'we'll just see what they say tomorrow'. Soooo...just incase I wrote a list of what I needed to pack as I'd be doing it very last minute! DF was working the next day so off he went in the morning and I waited for 'the call' from my dad. We got so lucky as we had one of the first flights out of the UK! I think it made us enjoy the trip even more because we were so close to not going!!

Here's a picture of us celebrating at the Hilton on the Wednesday night!! All checked in and ready to go! :goodvibes

Meeting with Michelle was great...she was so nice and had loads of ideas!
We'd already decided we wanted to get married at the wedding gazebo at the YC and until late 2009 we wanted to have our reception at AG, but imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when I read on the DFTW website that it was only avaliable as a reception location until Sept 2010! :sad1: I was totally thrown...I'd set my heart on it and now I had to pick somewhere else! I spent hours going through all the wedding blogs and reading up on possible locations but I still couldnt narrow it down. Nowhere else felt right. But when we met with Michelle she made my day when she suggested it as a reception location!!:woohoo: I seriously thought, 'OMG, can I be this lucky?!' She explained that they were still going to be using it as a reception location and it was literally like music to my ears! :goodvibes We'd never even actually seen inside AG before so Michelle took us over and from the minute we walked inside we were sold! For those of you that haven't seen AG before, here are some (not so great) pictures!!

This is the dance floor

This is where we will have our pre reception

And this is where our roman table will go (but it's going across the picture not top to bottom if that makes sense?!)

I dont think the pictures really do it justice but it's a beautiful room and we are so excited we get to use it!! :goodvibes

Here's a copy of the floor plan. It gives you a much clearer view of the room and you can see how we will be using it!

It did, however, cause us to completely change the theme of our wedding! I'd wanted a real fairytale theme for the wedding, candalarbras with flowing pink and purple flowers, crystals and candles but after seeing those amazing fish lights hanging from the ceiling (and some under the sea themed centre pieces at Francks!) we decided to change the theme to Under the Sea. That meant changing colours (now blue and green) and everything else too! Nothing like shaking things up a bit though eh?! :)

Next time...dress shopping!!

LuvLuvLuv 09-13-2010 02:09 PM

welcome!! we're a wedding gazebo couple too!! we love the yacht club sooo much!! can't wait to hear more details :wizard:

KitKat5 09-14-2010 01:03 PM

Thank you!! :)

I don't often see other wedding gazebo couples...everyone always picks the WP!

2nd Time Bride 09-14-2010 01:46 PM

Congrats and welcome! I started my PJ late as well but I think it's great to get the less used locations out there no matter where you are in the planning process.

Do you have your dress yet? Sorry if I am jumping ahead! :)

KitKat5 09-14-2010 01:56 PM

Wedding Dress Shopping!!
So, while we were in Florida in April this year I made a trip to Davids Bridal with my mum to find THE dress!! :goodvibes

Believe it or not it actually works out better/cheaper for us to have a 2 week holiday and buy my dress in Florida than it does to buy it at home! Lets not beat around the bush, I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'skinny' girl and dresses at home come in one standard size, tiny, I'd just never of been able to try anything on properly, buying a dress at Davids means I can try on my actual size and really see how the dress will look.

My mum & dad bought my sisters wedding dress at Davids Bridal when we were in America a few years earlier (when DF and I actually got engaged) and ever since we had planned on going back there to get mine. Originally we were going to go to Minnesota as my mum travels there for work but in the end we decided to go to Florida as then we could meet with Disney at the same time!! :) And get a holiday too of course!!

So early that morning off we went to our appointment with Alix. She was so nice and helpful. I showed her the dress I wanted (or at least thought I wanted) it was a beautiful strapless dress with a dropped waist. Not too much sparkle but beautiful none the less. Alix humoured me and let me try it on looked so awful on me!! Luckily for me though Alix was amazing and straight away had me trying on strapless dresses with a pick up skirt. The first couple were lovely, but mum hadn't cried so I knew they werent quite right!! When I tried on the next dress (which ended up being the one, I just didnt realise it at the time!) my mum got all teary and started taking pictures...before I knew what had happened I had a veil on (which I wasn't planning on!) and I had jewellery and shoes too! I looked down and thought 'this is way too sparkly!' but everyone disagreed, even just random shoppers! I insisted on trying on some others just incase. But with each dress I tried on the dress I thought was way too sparkly just kept coming back to me. After trying on 3 other dresses I went back and tried it on again but this time I looked in the mirror, wasnt half as sparkly as I thought it was (when I looked down sparkle was all I could see but when you look in the mirror there's not that much at all) We all agreed that this was 'my princess dress' and totally perfect for a DFTW and dad was called in to see it (dad paid so he had to get the final say!) He got teary too so I knew it was a winner! :thumbsup2

Davids Bridal is so amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only are the assistants super friendly and helpful but you can get everything there! Just a few hours after we first went in, out we came having bought the dress, jewellery, veil, tiara and underwear. We had to leave the dress there for some alterations (it was slightly too small so I had a corset back put in and had it taken up too) and we collected it just a few days before we had to fly home. They did a great job and packed it all away into the smallest box! I've no idea how they did it and I'm quite worried about how on earth we are going to get it back in the box when we fly back over for the wedding!! :eek:

KitKat5 09-14-2010 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by 2nd Time Bride (Post 38217783)
Congrats and welcome! I started my PJ late as well but I think it's great to get the less used locations out there no matter where you are in the planning process.

Do you have your dress yet? Sorry if I am jumping ahead! :)

Thank you!! I totally agree with you!! I just actually posted about my dress...I wanted to post some pics but for some reason I cant :sad1: so hopefully when I get the problem fixed (whatever the problem may be) I'll get some pics posted for everyone!!

KitKat5 09-15-2010 01:47 PM

Save the Dates & Invitations
So when we got back to the UK in May everything moved along quite quickly! We got our LOA from Michelle pretty quickly and we sent it back just as fast!! And when the date was all confirmed it meant we could finally move on to the fun the dates, invites, favours etc :goodvibes

We actually sent out save the date DVD's to everyone in November 2009. DF loves making videos and normally makes a few throughout the year so it seemed like the obvious thing to do! It was more a 'Save the Year' invite as we couldnt actually confirm the date or even the month until we could call Disney and book! We had great fun making the DVD together and included lots of info for all of our guests. The DVD included pictures of me and Paul during our holiday when we got engaged, pictures of the wedding gazebo because we knew we would be getting married there (I'd sooner change the date than the location!!) a few pictures of the BCV as my mum and dad are DVC members and had offered to put everyone up there for 2 nights over the wedding and we also included details, pictures and prices for other hotels in Florida that our guests may be interested in staying in for the rest of their holidays! Everyone loved their DVDS and we were so excited as it was the first real wedding thing we'd been able to do! :thumbsup2

We didn't worry with sending our own save the dates to everyone as we loved the one's Disney were already sending. We did however, make the invites...and oh was so much fun! :goodvibes

We'd really wanted a fairytale theme for the wedding and although after booking Ariels we decided to change it to an under the sea theme we decided to keep the invites fairytale, so we made pink scrolls and typed all the wedding detalils on them in silver fairytale writing. They looked so beautiful, if I do say so myself!! ;) We even made boxes out of a pink shiny card and put white shredded tissue paper in them for the invites to sit on. We tied the scrolls up with 2 types of ribbon (a wide white ribbon with silver detailing and then a thin pink ribbon) And to top it all off we put a pretty pink ribbon and bow on the box. We had to hand deliver them to everyone as they were too fragile to go in the post! Luckily most people live local to us so that wasn't a problem (we do however still have 2 sitting upstairs that we need to deliver - make that 1! Just as I'm typing this DF is off out to deliver one to his BM!) :thumbsup2

This is our invite and the box we made for it to go in

And this is the invite close up!

We've had a great reaction to the invites too :)...we've put so much thought and effort into making the save the date DVDS and invites it's really given people an idea of what to expect from our wedding, well at least I hope it has!! :worried:

Next time...our planning sessions!!

KitKat5 09-16-2010 03:01 PM

Planning Sessions!
I dont think I've said this before but our wedding planner is Carol Mikles. She's been great so far but if I send an email it's generally her assistant Jessie that gets back to me (I've seen some other brides on here say the same thing so I'm glad it's not just me! I was getting worried!! :worried:) I have to say though, I don't really mind who gets back to me just as long as someone does!! :) Carol's been out of the office a lot lately (I guess these last few months are a busy time for weddings - they are in the UK!) But anyway...lets get back on track!

We had our first telephone PS with Carol on August 18th. We arranged it for 7pm our time (2pm Florida time) so we had time to get back from work and have dinner etc before she called. I was on facebook updating my status every few minutes with a countdown - I'm sorry but I was just so excited!! :yay: At 6:55pm I had my notebook and pen at the ready and was staring intently at the phone willing it to ring! Carol called right on time and (maybe it's just the accent) but she sounded so happy and excited to speak to us! She was also very surprised to hear that DF would be joining in on the call too (I have to say I found that a bit odd...don't all grooms attend the PS?! He doesn't have very many opinions as to what he wants for the wedding, he's just trying to keep the cost down!! haha :rotfl:) Our budget is around 15,000 (that's about $23,500 depending on the exchange rate! I'm silently praying it'll go up by the time we have to pay Disney!!)

But anyway I keep getting off track!! :offtopic:

The PS! As I said, she called bang on time and we got straight down to it. I already knew that this PS would be about the basics (photography/ceremony times, dj, what we are supplying, what Disney will supply and when and how to deliver our items to Francks, ceremony music etc) I'm a pretty organised person and for all of these (what I'd call) basics, I knew exactly what I wanted! Carol let us know we'd have to confirm final numbers, at the latest, 3 days before the wedding. Our numbers keep changing due to various things! (Couples breaking up, people not being able to get time off work/school etc.) Currently we have 22 people (that's including me and DF) and 4 of them are children under 5. There's a possibility of the numbers going up to 24 if 2 of our friends that recently got married in Gran Canaria find they can afford to come to Florida. There's also a chance the numbers could drop as 3 of our friends all work together and might not all be able to all have the time off. (One is our photographer and another is the BM and they have both already had the time off confirmed!) If that happens it means one of DF's friends and his girlfriend wont be coming! But fingers crossed it'll all work out ok!!

We decided to move all the times up so instead of having our pre reception at 3:30pm it's now going to start at 3pm. That means our reception will be from 4pm until 19:30pm and then 20:00pm until 21:30pm is our dessert party at Epcot. It all works out much better that way! Our ceremony wont be very long so there was no need to have 1 hour set aside for it when it'll probaby all be over with in about 15 minutes! (The best 15 minutes of my life though!!) :goodvibes We have also decided to have Minnie & Mickey make an appearance. ::MinnieMo::MickeyMo We have 4 small children coming to the wedding and my niece who will be 4 by then and one of the other little girls who will be 2 are both BIG Mickey fans. We've kept it a secret (except from my parents) so it's going to be a big surprise for everyone! They are even coming in their formalwear which I'm super excited about!! :thumbsup2

The planning session with Carol lasted about 40 minutes and she sent the BEO by the end of the week so it was a pretty quick turn around! The price came back at just over $14,000 - a lot more than what I expected but DF and I have agreed not to fret about it until we have the floral BEO, and then we can start to worry!! :worried: We are super lucky because my parents are paying for the open bar (originally we were going to have a cash bar) and they are also giving us 1000 which will go a long way! They are also thinking about hosting a character breakfast the day after the wedding and they have already decided to buy the kiddies outfits (the 3 little girls are all going to be dressed as Disney princesses princess: rather than in traditional bridesmaid dresses.) I'm really looking forward to going to DTD and telling them to pick what they want. I'm sure they are going to be really excited about it!! :hyper: The other little one is my nephew. He'll only be 18 months but we're going to get him a little suit.

Our floral planner is Warren. We had our PS with him on September 1st...same time...same patient waiting and silent willing of the phone to ring. :goodvibes This PS only lasted 20 minutes as I had no idea what I wanted :confused3 (poor guy) The only thing we really agreed on was Mickey crystals in my bouquet! haha :rotfl: He was really good about it though and gave us some ideas and said he'd email us some pictures either that evening or on the Friday. Well, I became so totally addicted to checking my email every 5 minutes and by Friday evening nothing had arrived! :eek: Needless to say I was a little disappointed! :sad1: So I checked my email again on Monday...and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday but still NOTHING! By this point I was super annoyed :mad: so I emailed Jen who had arranged the floral PS (I didn't have Warrens contact info) I didn't hear back from Jen either but I did however get 2 emails from Warren on the Monday evening. He apologised and said he'd sent the email on the Wednesday when we spoke but he thinks it must of bounced back due to too many photos being uploaded. He didn't send any pictures of centre pieces (which he said he would do) but he included ideas for my bouquet, bouts, aisle and wedding gazebo decor and also decoration for the tables at the DP. I also got links to look at upgrading the table linens and for chocolate favours. I have to say, the upgrade info for the linens was so overwhelming that we ended up deciding to stick with the basics (in white) and just have blue napkins! The 2nd email was for a Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party which I'd only decided I wanted a few days before our floral PS. This is instead of a hen night in Florida (I'm still having a hen night at home in the UK though!) :) I was so excited to get the emails I replied straight away to tell him what I loved/hated/changed my mind on and all the things I'd forgotten to tell him during our original phone call!! Things like wanting extra flowers to leave on the seat that would of been for DF's dad at the ceremony, he passed away suddenly in May (just a few weeks after booking their trip to Florida for the wedding) I also realised I hadn't actually told him we were going for a whole 'under the sea' theme (don't ask me how I forgot to tell him that!!) I haven't heard back from him yet but I did only reply to him on Monday and he only works Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I'm hoping to hear from him on Friday as I've asked if he can send some pictures of the centrepieces he suggested (high and low alternating centrepieces as we're having a roman table but I'd really like to see some pictures before I decide what I really want)

We have also decided to have silver chiavari chairs at the reception with organza bows, alternating in blue and green. I'm sure many other things will change over the next few weeks and months but hopefully not too much as I can't stand all the waiting around for the revised info!!

FutureMrs.B 09-17-2010 07:38 PM

Hi I'm just joining in. I'm enjoying all your planning. You're so detailed it seems like you have things under control. That's so great. I also really luved the idea of Save the date videos. That's so creative. I'm sure they were lovely. :) I understand what you mean about checking your email a million times. :rotfl: I hope everything works out and you hear back from them soon.

KitKat5 09-18-2010 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by FutureMrs.B (Post 38264059)
Hi I'm just joining in. I'm enjoying all your planning. You're so detailed it seems like you have things under control. That's so great. I also really luved the idea of Save the date videos. That's so creative. I'm sure they were lovely. :) I understand what you mean about checking your email a million times. :rotfl: I hope everything works out and you hear back from them soon.

Hiya! Thank you so much! :) The DVDs were so great and if you've got the time I'd totally recommend doing it. It stands out and it's something people can keep too! I've been planning this wedding for 3 years so some parts I have totally under control! But now I've reached the time to start deciding on floral I'm totally lost! :confused3 Guess you can't have it together all the time eh?! I'm still waiting to hear back from Warren at the moment, but it has only been 1 week. Only problem is, the longer he takes to reply, the more things I change my mind on! oops!:rotfl:

BecBennett 09-18-2010 08:03 AM

Hi, joining in!

Our wedding is about a week before yours, so I'm looking forward to reading along.

We were engaged in October 2008, and I thought that was a long enough time to be engaged, I couldn't imagine adding an extra year to that!

I've enjoyed reading along so far. I agree with you about the prices of wedding dresses. I've often told people that it's cheaper to fly to the states and to get a dress there then to buy one here! I ordered mine from and saved over $1500 by doing it. :confused3

FutureMrs.B 09-18-2010 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by KitKat5 (Post 38267462)
Im still waiting to hear back from Warren at the moment, but it has only been 1 wk. Only problem is, the longer he takes to reply, the more things I change my mind on! oops!:rotfl:

:rotfl: I know what you mean. I've been waiting to just make it "official" and I swear I keep changing my mind about the date and locations. :rotfl: Usually stick with your first choice. I've noticed in other things that i end up going back to that one. :shamrock: I hope you hear from them soon. :shamrock:

KitKat5 09-19-2010 07:35 AM

I agree with you FutureMrs.B...first instincts are usually right! So I'm trying to stick to my guns and go with what I first wanted. There's a few things that I've thought about and come up with something better but for the majority of things, my first choice is the best! :)

So I'm still waiting to hear back about the floral. I didn't get any pictures of the centrepieces they recommended so I hope they send those soon! I just want to get the final budget sorted out!!

I've been buying little things here and there for the last few weeks and now everything is starting to arrive! :goodvibes the bed in my spare room is fast filling up with wedding and Disney memorabilia!

I purchased a honeymoon journal. I originally saw it at Confetti but when I went back to buy it they had gone into administration!! :eek: I was really disappointed and then I had a great idea :idea:...ebay!! You've got to love ebay eh?! I found it on there easy, same price but I was ok with that. So that's been delivered now. I've also ordered my guest book too. It's plain white and written on the bottom in silver it says 'and they lived happily ever after' so perfect!! That's the theme for our at home reception in May so I had to have it! I may add some coloured crystals to jazz it up a bit!? I also found a pen on ebay. It's super cute! It's a white ceramic Cinderellas carriage and the pen sits in the top. It was way too cute not to buy! :)

This is the pen...I love it!! :)

I've been looking at place cards/holders too but it's really hard to decide what I want! I've found some great shells where the cards sit on the top. But I'm holding back on buying them because I want to decide on the floral first. Although our theme is under the sea, the floral is currently sounding more fairytale and if thats the case I just dont think the shells will match!? Argh! I just cant wait to get it all sorted out!!

We've already got our favours, well half of them! When we were in Florida in April we made several trips to Michaels (best craft store ever?!) and got little white buckets in the sale. We are going to half fill them with sand and then put Mickey/Minnie ornaments in them. I liked the idea of putting Little Mermaid ornaments in them to match the whole under the sea theme but DF isnt loving it so Minnie and Mickey it is!! :)

We also recently found out that my fabulous parents had upgraded us to CL at AKL. We are super excited! :banana: They had originally booked us for 2 nights after the wedding using their DVC points but when they found out about CL they decided to upgrade us. We're also going on the sunset safari! Only 8 people get to do it each evening so we cant wait for that! After the safari we get dinner at Jiko after too! I went to Kenya a few years ago and did a safari there and it was amazing so I'm really looking forward to this and seeing how it compares to the real thing!! :goodvibes

Hope the foods better though...i could only eat breakfast in Kenya as the rest of the time the food was not good!! Or maybe I'm just really fussy?!

tinkerbell 766 09-19-2010 11:06 AM

Hi Kat and congratulations from another (VR) bride!!
My VR will be two months away when you get married!!
I am really enjoying hearing of your plans. We own DVC at ALV and BLT and we stayed on the club level at AKV a couple of years ago and also did the safari - you will adore it I'm sure!! For the VR we are staying at BLT. We are also using points to supply all of our guests (there will be 15 of us in total) with a DVC room for 4 nights - some at Kidani and some at BLT.
Good luck with the planning and looking forward to hearing more!!

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