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sk8jdgca 09-08-2010 09:02 PM

QSDP and more!!
Just got back from 9 days at Disney. We had the QSDP for 6 days and had a car. :banana::banana::worship::banana: (sorry my son had to add some smileys)

We ate at Sweet Tomatoes (2 times)
Jiko- special night dinner
The Plaza
Capitan Jacks
Columbia house
Earl of Sandwich
Wolf gang Puck express
Cosmic rays
some place in HS near Starwars
Yak and Yeti
British Fish and Chip
France bakery

I really found the QSDP to work for us. My kids do not like to waste time eating so it was good to get in and out. My daughter only had 3 hamburgers, My son one hotdog and once my daughter had chicken fingers. The rest was very varied. I'll try to start tomorrow night. I have some food pictures but not alot. I found the other QSDP report to help so hoepfully this will help someone else

SlightlyGoofy 09-09-2010 10:08 AM

Hopping onboard
I am hopping aboard for the ride and am looking forward to your report. :goodvibes

Slightly Goofy

disneyfav4ever 09-09-2010 12:26 PM

I like reading "varied" CS reviews that include more then a lot of hamburgers, so I'm really looking foward to your reviews. The "somplace near Star Tours" made me LOL.

thebeesknees 09-09-2010 02:08 PM

I'm subbing for this one - we upgraded free dining to the regular DP for this fall, but DH is thinking about downgrading to QSDP to save some money, so I'm trying to get all the info I can on where to eat and where to avoid.

JOLLYHOLLY 09-09-2010 03:17 PM

Joining in! We leave in a couple of weeks. Originally we upgraded to Regular Dining but at last minute we had a few people join our group. There was no way to get new reservations that quick. I am now looking forward to QSDP! Less stressful.

Looking forward to your report!:cheer2:

MickeyMomOfThree 09-09-2010 03:28 PM

Can't wait!!! We have QSDP for the first time in November. The kids asked last trip if we could not do the DDP again, too much time away for their liking. DH was game as he hated all the tips. So, we went with QSDP and then got it free. Can't wait to hear your reviews.

tinker&belle 09-09-2010 03:37 PM

Very interested to read your report, will be going with two little ones in late 2011 or 2012 and interested in QSDP option, especially interested in different options for children.

sk8jdgca 09-10-2010 07:03 PM

Our first night at Disney was at POP and we weren't on the dining plan yet. On the way from the airport, we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes. Kids were 12 and under and only cost 4.99, adults 8.99 drinks were 2.49. I had a coupon for a free adult when you buy one adult and 2 drinks. Now I later figured out it wold have been cheaper to just get the 2 kids meals and water only but live and learn.

Sweet tomatoes is great-sorry no pictures as I didn't bring the camera in. But this place is amazing. We each loaded up 2 plates of salads (my kids love salads) then we were off to the soup area. We found Canadian Chedder Cheese Soup-funny thing is we are Canadian and the only place we ever have cheddar cheese soup is in the States :confused3

The bread here is amazing especially with the sweet whipped butter. It is a rich multigrain bread and a sour dough one. We tried some pieces of Pizza, mac and cheese and garlic bread. For dessert I grabbed a carmel apple loaf from the bread section-topped with ice cream and carmel topping-yumm!!

After swimming in all the POP pools were headed to Downtown Disney where it immediately started to downpour and never let up. It was our only day of rain so I can't complain (we were there Aug 28-Sept 5)

After shopping, we stopped at earl of Sandwich and paid Oop. We got one club and one original. The plan was for me to have 1/2 the origianl, my son half the club and my growing an inch a day 11 year old to eat half of each of ours. My son who normally doesn't eat alot, decided he was hungry and there was almost a war over the last bits of sandwiches. I told them we'd get something special later. We went to Giralldies for our little free treats and then I took them to Goofy's candy factory where they have never been before. The each made the marshmellow treat. In the end they didn't eat very much of them and I ended up throwing most of them away but they had fun picking their toppings

sk8jdgca 09-10-2010 07:33 PM

Day 2
We checked in at 7:30 to AKL Kidani and then set off for MK with our 30 CS and 30 Snacks.
We tried to get a cinnemon bun at the Main Street bakery but the line was too long for
two kids who wanted to do space mountain. I told them we would find a snack after
but we had so much fun on rides, we didn't have a snack until 10:30.
Stopped for a pineapple dole whip float-Love them however, we always pick the
longest slowest line and today wasn't any different.

We had reservations at the Plaza for lunch. A first time for us. I wouldn't want
to waste a table service credit here but it is a cheap Table service
if paying OOP. My son had the kids grilled cheese sandwich with the best
tomato soup ever. It was amazing, we all tried it and he didn't want to
share- the kids kept asking all week
if we could go back for the soup. My son got a sprite, he's rather drink
water so he gave it to his sister :hug:
DD was going to have the meatloaf which was the special-when the waitress said
how much it was, she changed her mind to a cheeseburger (I asked her after, she said she
thought at 16.99 it was too much) The cheese burger looked really good.
I ordered the tuna on a croissant-it was good lots of white tuna-not the cheap light kind.
On our break we got our refillable mugs- Great deal and we used them a lot.
You could fill them in the store in Kidani but better was hot chocolate at Mara at Jambo house

For dinner we used our first counter service, We went to Capitain cooks, we were heading
back to MK for EMH and got off at Poly.
I had the pork sandwich it was nice with a sweet coleslaw on the sandwich- I had the chips with it which my son stole.
DS had the kids Grilled cheese again with carrots and a cookie
DD had the hawaiian Flatbread which she loved. The two of us got dole whips for
dessert (I shared mine with my son)

On the way out of MK we stopped at the Bakery and got a cinnimon bun, a crumb cake
for breakfast the next morning using snack credits

sk8jdgca 09-10-2010 08:38 PM

By the way -I am a terrible typer-not spelling-I blame it all on Typing-I used to get 100% in spelling

sk8jdgca 09-11-2010 12:24 PM

EEEK I've scared everyone off. Thanks to those who started out with me but it lookslike you may have all left

Anyway-not one to be scared off- here is day 3

This day's plan was to do Epcot, then blizzard Beach then back to epcot. However the previous night we were getting on the astrorbitors and looked over at the people exiting the elevator, and we spotted a girl and her mom from our home town. Actually the girl is in a triple trheat program with my kids- small world. We made plans to meet, eat dinner and do mini golf the next night. (which is now day 3)

I woke up early in the morning and decided to head to Mara to pick up some breakfast and get milk. (we had brought a bunch of those cool little boxes of Cereal to eat for breakfast- you know the kind you only get on vacation)

I caught the bus to jambo and found mara-(bit complicated, you have to go outside to get there)
I used a couple snack credits and bought some big chocolate chip muffins. Milk was cheaper to buy at the store so I picked up a litre of milk which lasted perfectly. This is when I found the Hot chocolate for the mugs!!

When I got back to the room the kids were awake and dressed (yes Disney magic works!!) They had some snacks and off we went for the day

For Lunch we ate a Sunshine in the land. I never eat a reuben but for some reason I ordered one. It was so good, rich bread, thousand Island dressing and lots of craut. It came with a potato salad which I didn't like-very vinegary not creamy but my daughter liked it
The kids split the chicken. DS at the rice and DD the mashed. They enjoyed it. We got 2 key lime pies to go with them and they were amazing one of the best desserts we got.

We were back at the resort for dinner and ate a MARAs
Bit of an issue there. My daughter wanted macaroni and cheese-however this is just a kids meal. I asked if she could just have more to make it adult size-no it is just an adult side-Ok, then could she get chicken nuggets with macaroni as her side- no it only comes with fries. I was really anoying actually. In the end, my son ordered the macaroni and she got the adults nuggets and fries (which were kind of good). Son didn't like to the mac and cheese anyways ( the texture wasn't right :confused3) so she ate his. She picked the zebra domes for dessert and he took grapes. I just ate his grapes and they split the zebra domes. They let you get any non alcoholic drink with the adult meal so she picked a Fusz which i never let them get as the cost too much. We had our mugs with us, so my son picked a choc milk for his drink.

Marblies 09-11-2010 12:39 PM

popcorn:: Still with you.

athenna 09-11-2010 01:35 PM

I'm here, too:goodvibes

jerseygirl81 09-11-2010 01:51 PM

I'm following along, with your QSDP review. We did this dining plan in Dec. and found some good places to eat and only went to two of the counter services you went to. I thought we would miss the sitdown rest but we did'nt it was nice not having to plan things around our reservations and it was less time consuming. We also rented a car and find it much easier to get around to the different counter service instead of mostly eating at our resort or the parks. We may have to try the plaza one I have heard good things about it. Linda :)

Denamac 09-11-2010 05:33 PM

I'm here too! Don't have followers!! LOL

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