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eandesmom 08-27-2010 12:27 PM

Dr. Jones and the Spitting Camel - Link to Alaska Cruise TR 9/18
Welcome Readers!

I’d like to invite you to join me in a tale of adventure. A two week extravaganza that included 3 resorts, a Grand Gathering, meetings with old friends, health scares, airline drama, thievery, a trip to the dark side to see a boy wizard, far (far) too much food and drink, and some serious DOH moments. It was also a trip of firsts. Of never dones. Of never seens, never beens. A trip of misses. Missed meals, sights and sleep. A trip of things we wished we could have done, or done better but also things we did do that surprised and delighted even the most jaded of us.

It was sprinkled with some over the top magic that touched even the “too cool for school’, “been there done that” teens. At times. It was a trip of togetherness and separation. Of freedom and flexibility and the occasional frustration that comes with trying to give the first two “F’s”. It had romance, rain and very few rules. It was an amazing journey and I hope you’ll join me to hear our tale.

But first, of course, we must introduce ourselves and tell how this adventure came to be. This tale of adventure was born about a year ago, after a health scare with my BIL and it struck us that life really was too short to hold off on things. We’d missed out on a “big trip” in the summer of 2009, letting the soccer gods dictate our schedule and had vowed not to let that happen again. WDW was not really in the plan. We’d been to the world in Feb of 09, using up our normal summer big trip in the middle of winter instead to better work with school (which you can read about here and chuckle at the challenge with teens on west coast time…How EMH Saved our Trip) and my DH Jeff was thinking 2011 would be soon enough for him. I of course had a different idea. And with his oldest facing his senior year in college, his mom REALLY wanting a family trip with she and her DH, this trip, which seemed to have something for all, was born. If you weren’t along for that journey, one of the longest (time span anyways) PTR’s ever, 11 months I think in the making, you can read about it here, Life’s too short to never sleep in a treehouse. For those of you that put up with all my changes and drama, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It would not have been half the trip it was without all your input and support and wise advice!

It was originally intended to be a group of nine, which included my immediate family who you will meet shortly. We include: myself aka Cynthia, DH Jeff, DSS Taylor- 17, DSD Kendall – 14, DS Evan -11 and DS Eric 9. Also in the original plan was my MIL Sandie, her DH Paul and my BIL Doug. Sadly, due to work reasons, my BIL who was the catalyst for the trip, had to bow out. We missed having him there tremendously.

We have a mixed history with trips to the world. I’ve been the most, logging in 5 trips now. 1992, 1998, 2004, 2008 and 2010. DH Jeff and the 2 younger kids are at 3 each, the older two at 2. My MIL had NEVER been so she gets newbie status and her DH Paul had been, but not for some time and I’m not sure how often. Still, I certainly qualify as the fanatic of the household though I’ve a sneaking suspicion that my DH has been converted, somehow for an “every three years” expressed viewpoint he’s managed to log in 3 trips in 18 months, 2 to WDW and one to DCA. Go figure. The E’s (as we call them) are pretty big fans and the teens well, are teens. I’m not sure they are a fan of anything except sleep these days. I wouldn’t say they are anti Disney, not by a long stretch and I would say that both Jeff and I (and Sandie and Paul for that matter) all feel it wouldn’t have mattered where we went or if we stayed home, their lack of enthusiasm would have been the same. Normal teen crud. Jeff and I agree we were both as bad. Not that they were awful, they weren’t and there were, as I mentioned, there were some magical moments. But…it is what it is. Or was what it was. Just setting the stage.

First at bat. Moi.

I work full time in marketing and sales for a company that’s kind of like CSI meets Mythbusters. I love my job. I also love the DIS’ers that saw me through my job search and the ups and downs that go with it as I made a big industry change last year. I have recently lessened my involvement at the kids schools given my increased workload but try to do what I can. Hard when you have 4 schools for 4 kids. More on that later. Other than that I love to read, dabble in graphic design, cook, camp and hike and plan everything to death. There is another word for that that Jeff uses.

My favorite character is Belle. By a landslide. Even down to my favorite color, yellow.

I don’t have many pictures of me, I’m always the one taking them! And somehow, whomever is taking them often catches me in weird facial expressions.

Pretty huh.

Next up, DH Jeff.

Jeff is an Aerospace Engineer who lives for planes. He plans to build one in the garage, specifically a seaplane. Again, my thanks to the disers who bear with me as I alternatively grumble and laugh and rejoice with him during the process. I was blessed to find Jeff 7 years ago as a single mom and we’ve been doing the Brady Bunch thing with surprising success for over 5 years now.

He can’t decide between Scrooge and Grumpy but in reality, his favorite pin is his Mickey Aviator wings. His bark is worse than his bite, the grumpy is ALL show. He’s got a VERY silly side.

Taylor, 17.

Taylor is Jeff’s oldest and our budding rock star. He is all teenage boy right now. Knows everything, we know nothing but is very quiet, more often than not we just don’t know what’s going on up there. Jeff does a great impression of Taylor happy, excited, sad or mad. It’s the same face. He is a great kid who plays a mean mean guitar and we have some really wonderful music conversations but he is a bit at that lost stage right now. He slept a lot on the trip. He did running start last year for most of his classes, with one at the HS, this year it’s flipped with most at the HS and one at running start. Taylor had some good grandparent time with Sandie and Paul on this trip, for which we are grateful. He might not have appreciated it quite as much as Sandie did but I know it meant a lot to her. The jury is out for us on the whole running start thing. Beyond the guitar he loves to skateboard and snowboard and started his first job this year. He’ll have his own car this fall which scares us to death. He makes some interesting fashion choices.

Favorite character is…Taylor. LOL

Kendall, 14.

Kendall is the lone girl in the bunch and she has turned into 100% teenage girl over the past year, complete with sulking, hair flipping to the point of insanity, short shorts and too much makeup. Ok it’s not really too much makeup but I did find it amusing that it was on her 100% of the time with her eyes fully done even right before heading to a water park or the pool. She is the jock of the bunch, playing select soccer and volleyball. Recently she was faced with a hard decision, soccer or VB for HS. Soccer won and she is in the midst of tryouts as we speak. She was quite a bit more engaged than Taylor this trip, but very concerned about what to wear. I am blessed to have a close relationship with both of my stepchildren, but with Kendall in particular. We had a lot of fun sneaking off and doing girl things here and there and I know Sandie loved having some Kendall time as well.

In the past, Tink has been her gal, which suits her to a t. She didn’t seem as engaged with Tink as in the past but did seem to have a new fondness for Mickey. And Prince Charming. She likes to take self portraits with the camera which can lead to some interesting results.

Evan, 11.

Evan is all boy, all energy, class clown and all backtalk/pushback. He keeps me on my toes. Probably, no definitely, the strongest personality in the bunch. He’s going into 6th grade and is at the age where hugs aren’t cool and screams “don’t take my picture” but still lights up when he sees his favorite character. Evan is a black belt in TaeKwonDo and between his class schedule, studying to become a 2nd degree and his work on the competition team, I drive him around, a LOT. He might be cool, and is certainly into the clothes but I’ll tell you, when he’s sick he still wants to snuggle and have his hair played with by his mama. Much as I hate them getting sick, I don’t mind that part at all!

Favorite character. Goofy. He really should be an actor, he’d be amazing.

Eric, 9

Eric is our scholar. He’s in the highly capable program and is what moves us into the 4 school category as he is in a self contained program that’s at a different school in our district. The older kids are in a different district but even if they weren’t, at their ages, we’d be at 4 schools. He loves cub scouts, his stuffed bears and dogs and Harry Potter. He burns if you look at him and so this trip, in August, was a concern on that front. He is one white boy! Eric lives in his own world most of the time. It’s a lovely place if you are in there but can frustrate the rest of us at times. He is all sweetness and love. Unless things don’t go his way, Eric’s world is a very black and white place. Eric, oddly enough, is our thrill junkie. He has decided, as of this trip, he wants to be an Imagineer when he grows up. I wouldn’t put it past him.

Favorite Character, Pluto.


My beloved Mother in Law. This was Sandie’s first trip to the world and what she saw of it, she seemed to embrace and enjoy. Sandie and Paul had their share of stress leading up to the trip but really seemed to let it all go and just enjoy the moment. Once they arrived. Sandie is a retired head hunter who works part time in a florists shop, loves to entertain, is very involved in her local arts and church community and is quite the fashion maven. She also takes the longest to get ready. Followed by Kendall. While Sandie really wanted to spend time with all of us, she especially wanted to spend time with Kendall on the trip and I’m happy to say I think she came away feeling really good about their interaction.

I don’t know that she has a favorite character but she certainly found some favorite rides!


Paul is Sandie’s DH and is a retired Episcopalian priest. I’m not sure I buy the retired part as he seems to work constantly and is in a jazz band on the side. He is a ton of fun and the kids just adore him. A bit hard of hearing which the kids seemed to forget constantly but he takes it all in stride with a smile. He was a trooper and a half on this trip..and paid for it later.

Paul doesn’t need a favorite character. He is one!

And the whole gang, plus Doug!

The Big Fat Plan for our trip went like this

8/10 Red Eye for the 6 of us to Orlando
8/11 Wilderness Lodge
8/14 Move to the Yacht Club, Sandie and Paul join us
8/19 Move to the Hard Rock Hotel, at Universal
8/21 Sandie and Paul head home
8/22 Jeff and Kendall head home
8/23 Cynthia, Taylor, Evan and Eric head home

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did!

eandesmom 08-27-2010 12:28 PM

Chapter Links

The backstory
How the big fat plan came to be

Day 1
Departure Day
The dreaded red eye

Day 2
Skillets, flying ketchup and pancakes as big as your head
Paging Mr. Morrow
What floor?

Don't lay down
Say no to Naan?

Day 3
Locked out and casting away
Falling cake
Ger, I think I love you!

Day 4
Lights, Motors, and...Rain????
Dashing drops, a party parade and a zen moment
Charming, just charming!
Shoot the Bear!

A WONDERful idea
(a non TR update)

Day 5
Hedging Bets
"Honey, I think we need to go to the hospital"
Jai Ho!
The long way home
Ole, ole, ole! It's a hanging man!

Day 6
The unintended consequences of a bagless morning

From the baguette of my dreams

Ditch em!

Day 7
The Drifters
Gin Rummy!
Lost on Safari

Day 8

A magical morning
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki room
Anchors Away! Aweigh
Boat Drinks

Day 9

Planet Stop
A medical emergency
Tea for Three
How are you getting home?
DIS Meet done right POST HOST Cynthia (non TR)

Day 10
A sigh and a bye
Bad Mama

Day 11
We're off to see a Wizard!
Whack a Mole
Holy Moley!
Where are my shorts?

Day 12
Not so twisted after all
Royal Pacific Airways...arriving in a family room near you soon

Day 13
Brooms and Butterbeer
When the Volcano Blows
Go big, or go home!

Day 14
Link to cruise PTR/TR You'll never get me on a cruise. Unless it's to ALASKA!
Pool hopping, Portofino style
Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Final thoughts

A resort and dining review
The BFP in review. How did we do?
Final thoughts

MRYPPNS 08-27-2010 12:54 PM

I LOVE all this shameless plugging that has been going on this week!!

Flossbolna 08-27-2010 12:56 PM

I am here!! Need to go back and read! ;)

Ok, I read the intro and loved it! What a lovely description of all the characters. And I am very intrigued about the hints.

englishrose47 08-27-2010 01:13 PM

I'm here !!1Now going back to read !!!

glennbo123 08-27-2010 01:26 PM

Woo hoo! :cool1: Found you!

englishrose47 08-27-2010 01:28 PM

All caught up Great intro!!!!

topdog 08-27-2010 01:38 PM

I am in. :surfweb:

nodnol 08-27-2010 02:00 PM

I'm here!

TarzansKat 08-27-2010 02:05 PM

I'm in! Love the title, the photo in your siggie, and can't wait to read more!! :goodvibes

manntra 08-27-2010 02:13 PM

I'm here!! Great title!!! Love it :thumbsup2 Great intro too! :goodvibes


Lady Lallie 08-27-2010 02:14 PM

Woo Hoo! The TR has started. I love love love the title and I really love the picture in your signature. :goodvibes

Millie12591 08-27-2010 02:49 PM

Yeeee Haw!

Cynthia's TR is finally here!!!

Great intro by the way.....I can't believe I found this and managed to get on the first page!!

DisMomAmy 08-27-2010 02:55 PM

Here!! :cool1:

FauntleroyFAN07 08-27-2010 02:56 PM

no time to read but had to make the first page.

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