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neener3 07-27-2010 02:34 PM

P&J's Escape Wedding PJ! Feb 15, 2011(SBP, UK Lower) A year gone by...

I'm late to the game in getting this PJ started. I've tried a few times and when inputting pictures it never worked, so I've given up twice already. But I've gained SO much from reading everyone's PJ's and TR's and wanted to take part! So bear with me with the pictures and my overuse of exclamation marks; you've been forewarned!

The basics: I'm Jennine, and he's Philip.

We met in high school and came to be pretty good friends in the halls and over the good ole' ICQ (remember the days?? He even made an ICQ reference in my yearbook...LOL).

He was a terrific friend, and I've always said that boys and girls can't be just friends! On our first date, we went skating, and it all progressed from there. He makes me feel like a princess - on our first anniversary he rented out an entire skating rink just for us - a homage to our first date!

We've been together for seven and a half years :goodvibes . I know, it sounds like he waited forever to propose, but we were only 18 when we started dating - there was school and jobs to get on the go! Mind you, I'm still working on the job part - I'm a French Substitute teacher and waiting for this year's job posting to come out in the hopes that I can get something this year.

Oddly enough, Disney wasn't my first choice. I was all set to head to Vegas and get 'er done! Philip really wanted his family there though, and that didn't fit my Vegas idea. We go to Disney every two years with his family, so when I stumbled upon DFTW, I KNEW it was us. I tell everyone that the fairy tale wedding is my "compromise." Heh! :rotfl2:

We're getting married on February 15, 2011 at Sea Breeze Point, with a lunch reception at The Attic. I'm hoping for a Dessert Party, and Philip is waiting for money to grow on trees before he agrees to it. We have 22 on our guest list right now, and many family members telling us what they really think about us leaving them off of our list. :rolleyes1

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's PJ's and TR's, like I said before, so a big thank you to everyone! It really helped when I couldn't do anything but wait...and wait...and wait. I'm SURE you'll see inspiration from all of you in my posts ;)

(and if anyone can help with the pictures...I'd love to show my dress! And us! I've put my pics on photobucket and used the little mountain icon, and they always come up with a little box and a broken icon in them. Grrr. I'd ask DF, since he's a programmer and actually KNOWS stuff, but I don't want him coming back to this page!)

jtanddolly 07-29-2010 09:30 AM

You can not post pictures directly to a post. Here is what you can do to show off your wonderful wedding ideas and purchases:

Get a free photobucket account at
Then upload your pictures to there.
Once they are uploaded click on the "share" button just above the picture.
Then click on the "get link code" button.
Finally, click once on the IMG code to highlight it then right click to copy and paste it into this thread.
Then your pictures will show up when you want to post them.

madamemim1975 07-29-2010 09:47 AM

Can't wait to hear all of your wedding plans! We are up in the air about a dessert party too. We are doing a morning wedding so not sure if that would be too long of a day for everyone :confused3

helloirishkitty 07-29-2010 10:40 AM

oh ICQ, that brings back memories... :rotfl:

I can't wait to hear about your plans! We will be in WDW at the same time as well, my wedding is February 12th.

pixiegirl 07-29-2010 10:38 PM

Congrats!! Can't wait to read all of your plans!!!

neener3 08-06-2010 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by jtanddolly (Post 37589323)
You can not post pictures directly to a post. Here is what you can do to show off your wonderful wedding ideas and purchases:

Get a free photobucket account at
Then upload your pictures to there.
Once they are uploaded click on the "share" button just above the picture.
Then click on the "get link code" button.
Finally, click once on the IMG code to highlight it then right click to copy and paste it into this thread.
Then your pictures will show up when you want to post them.

Thanks! I think I've got it now! We'll see anyway...;)

neener3 08-06-2010 10:04 AM

Moving along...

I think I've got the pictures sorted out!

Here were are our last trip with the fam :goodvibes

This is what we used for our Save the Dates. We wanted something simple and easy...we had Philip's mom take our pictures down the Village near where he grew up, stripped them like an old fashioned photo booth strip, then threw a magnet on the back. We just wanted to get the word out there to people. We actually originally TRIED to just go to a photo booth...DISASTER! But the result was a hilarious keepsake just for us. Man those photo booths are small!

Annnddd the dress! Obviously that's not me lol. I haven't been photographed in the dress. I know it's a weird thing, I just don't want to be until the wedding day. Mind you, I've shown the dress to just about everyone (no boys!). The dress "story" - my BF and I went out just to "take a look", two weeks after DF proposed! Take a look my butt...of course I had to try on! We went to one store and I hated everything. Moved on to the next...we walked in, and there was a girl with this dress on. My BF looked at me, pointed at her, and said "That girl needs to take that dress OFF, and you need to put that dress ON!" :rolleyes1
I told her she could arrange that :rotfl2:

I put it on and cried, and she cried, and that was it. Didn't mean to find the dress that quickly! I held off ordering it for a few months because I didn't want to make a rash decision. We went to all of the Bridal Shows in town and a few other stores, just looking. I didn't even want to try anything else on, so I went back and the dress was gone! :headache:

After my panic attack the woman told me they could still order it in, thank goodness. Word of advice - save your heart attack and order the dress when you find it!

So there we go!

neener3 08-06-2010 10:05 AM

Ooops...they're huge. I promise my next ones won't be, I figured out how to post the thumbnails...

tinkerbell 766 08-06-2010 03:06 PM

Beautiful dress!!!!

neener3 08-31-2010 04:12 PM

I was really surprised when DF agreed to pink for the wedding. PINK! :lovestruc He claims that it's "very me". Alrighty then!

So we're going with Pink, Black, and White.

The guys are wearing black suits with pink/white/black striped ties. I think the groomsmen are going to have pink pocket squares, but DF will have a pink flower instead.

My girls are wearing:

and back:

I swear, my BM was happy, we were just hungry!

And for the flowers for myself, I want something like this (which I stole from...somewhere! It might have been someone's report on the old Franck's)

My girls will carry white flowers (gerber daisies too I think), because if we try to go with the pink, we'll NEVER match the dress, but it'll look like we tried and failed. I keep saying to people "No, I want it to all GO, but if we try and match and don't succeed it'll look like we tried too hard and still failed." Nobody seems to understand what I mean :confused3

Oh well, I get my own vision!

We're not doing much of anything else for decor. SBP is SO beautiful on it's own, and we frankly don't have the budget! Hot pink aisle petals will be it I think.

Next on the to-do list: finalizing the ceremony for Rev. Jack Day and choosing a menu...eeks!

daisygirl902 08-31-2010 05:41 PM

Having fun reading along so far...I'm still really freaked out that there is another Halifax, Nova Scotia Bride on random.

That dress is A-MAAAZ-ZING!

FutureMrs.B 08-31-2010 07:55 PM

Hi. I'm joining in...hehe...i love the photbooth pics with save the date..too cute! and your dress is gorgeous! Looking forward to reading more.

neener3 09-07-2010 11:23 PM

Thanks for the nice words ladies! :cutie:

neener3 09-27-2010 06:28 PM

I've been a bad updater...there hasn't been too much going on, which is what I wanted with our wedding! :lmao:

Until I decided to change....a lot.

When we decided on our DFTW, our (okay MY) big wants were Sea Breeze Point, MK shoot, and a dessert party. DF wanted SBP as well (actually it was the only location he liked, so that worked well), he gave in on the MK shoot (after nearly passing out at the price), and told me I could have my dessert party if I got a job this year and paid for it myself (I'm a teacher). Hmph. :headache:

We went back and forth and back and forth on what to do for a "reception", for our Escape wedding. We first discussed just having a dinner at a restaurant and footing the bill. But then we got a little worried about a few big drinkers we have coming (out of 20, about 6 drink...but drink they will...), and when we brought it up to people a few insisted they would be paying their own bill...:confused: It just got to a point where I found The Attic, loved it, and knew we could pay for it and nobody would have a choice. DF HATED the idea of people paying for their own meals at our wedding.

So there we were.

But then I didn't get a job this year. I truly thought that I would, I speak French and thought it wouldn't be difficult considering the shortage of immersion teachers. Then there weren't as many jobs offered this year. :headache: There went my dessert party....

But then came free dining! And everyone booked and got free dining (except two, but that's a whole other can lead a herd to water but you can't make them drink...). So I began to think....well their food is free now ANYWAY. DF could see the wheels turning in my head and he didn't like it! :rotfl2:

With just over 4 months to go we cancelled The Attic today and booked a dessert party! We're keeping SBP, having an early dinner at a restaurant...somewhere...any suggestions? We need to move on that. And then having our dessert party. I'm soooooooo happy. Of course I came up with this brilliant plan on Friday night so I sat on pins and needles all weekend waiting to hear if there was availability!


neener3 10-23-2010 06:17 PM

Under 4 months!
The time is just FLYING. With under 4 months to go, I haven't been doing much updating. But truthfully, there's not much to do! Which is exactly what I wanted from the beginning. I have my phone floral meeting this week, and while I thought I had it all figured out, I'm kind of flipping and flopping. We'll see. I don't really think my flowers are THAT important anyway.

So things are moving along. Only 2 people have yet to book (seriously, what's taking them so long...FREE DINING, move on it!). We're all set to invade Pop Century from Feb 11-21. Some leave the 18th, some the 19th, and we check out of Pop and into AKL on the 19th. Thanks to everyone booking we got 2 free nights! :banana:

We had my bridal shower two weeks ago, so that's over and done with! There were people travelling so we wanted to have it before the snow and bad weather started. One of DF's great-aunts showed up (I guess DF's mom invited her?), and burst into tears because she wasn't invited to the wedding. :eek: Thankfully, I was in another room at the time and never even noticed. I never would have known about it if DF's stepmother hadn't told me - seriously, I needed to know? No thanks. I'm not sure why this great aunt came if she was upset - I didn't invite her and she had already picked a fight with me at another wedding during the summer about it! :mad: At this other wedding, she told me I was rude, and mean, and she was going to show up anyway. I tried to be polite at first and do the whole "well you got to have your wedding and do what you want, and we want a small wedding, we can only have 20 people", but it escalated to "YOU'RE NOT INVITED!!! You CAN'T COME!" in the middle of DF's cousin's wedding reception. Argh. So there was drama at my shower, but I didn't know about it until afterwards. I'm hoping we don't see her until after the wedding now. Beyond that, it was a great time!

Here I am with DF's niece - we love her and wish she could come to the wedding!

DF showed up at the end to thank everyone and help me load stuff into the car (who does he think he's kidding, we all know he came for cake!)

The cake!

With my MOH and bridesmaid - they're doing my "head tilt". In my bridesmaid's wedding pictures this summer (the one in green), my head is at least slightly tilted in EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. Either that, or I'm giving her sister a nasty look, because she basically ruined her wedding. Which is a whole other story...anyway, the head tilt picture.

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