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minnie4me 07-21-2010 05:37 PM

ever stay at the Omni in San Diego
We live pretty close to Pittsburgh PA, but when we want to spend the night in the city we stay at the Omni. It is in a historic building and just beautiful, very reasonably priced for downtown.
So I am thinking the Omni for our SD trip next summer. DS (wil be 8 at travel time) wants to see the Padres play, go to Legoland and the zoo. Also want to hit the beach (for at least an afternoon.) Grandma might be coming too. So looking for a family friendly place to stay. I see they have a pool but am wondering if it is warm enough to swim or go in the ocean in June? We are used to Florida or the Caribbean and the 90+ degree weather.
I am assuming we would have to rent a car...or does the trolley line (I am assuming bus line)get you to and from the airport and these various places?
I need a San Diego for dummies lesson !!;)

mickey mel 07-22-2010 06:02 PM

Yes, I have stayed at the Omni and it's a wonderful hotel. It's sort of attached to the stadium, so that's very handy for baseball fans. It's in a great area with tons of great restaurants in walking distance.

As far as the beach, yes the weather will be nice in June (really in San Diego the weather is almost always nice). The water in California is no where near the temp of the ocean in Florida or the Caribbean, but depending on how hot it's been, you can expect it to be probably in the range of 65-70.

Legoland is a bit of a drive from downtown S.D. about 20-30 min, so I would definitely recommend a car.

minnie4me 07-22-2010 08:39 PM

Thanks for the info...
The water is that cold ? Yikes:scared1:, the pool at home today was 84 and I thought it was cold. Maybe we could walk the beach ;)

erinbharris 07-26-2010 02:29 PM

We're staying there this coming Friday so I will let you know!

Zerosinthecloset 07-27-2010 04:27 PM

The San Diego Omni is a fantastic hotel. Be sure to sign up for their Select Guest program and call and tie your SG number to your reservation. The restaurant in the hotel is a McCormick and Schmicks, but there are a ton of restaurants in the Gaslamp district. The 992 bus from the airport stops at a trolley stop downtown that's about 2 or three stops to the Gaslamp stop, where the Omni is located. It's easy enough to get to the zoo via public transportatiion, but I'm not sure about Legoland. Keep in mind the parking fee at the hotel if you rent a car. A day pass for buses/trolleys is $5/day, $9/2day, and so on.

kim3339 07-30-2010 08:29 PM

Just a tip on the weather in June. They have "June Gloom" about 90% on the month. It's basically fog along the ocean and downtown, it burns off between 12-2 and then rolls back in around 4-5. Something to think about. It's not that cold though. Also, they have the big Rock n Roll Marathon the 1st weekend in June, so hotel prices will be higher than normal and there will be an additional 20+,000 people in SD.

mrswh 07-30-2010 10:11 PM

Another thumbs up for the Omni! Great hotel. It's not going to be historic like the one you refer to in Pittsburgh, though. Very modern, clean and beautiful though. We usually book a regular room and request an upgrade at check-in to a bay view room (which they usually are able to do with no extra charge). So pretty to watch the boats.

As a PP suggested, sign up for Select Guest if you are not already a member - you will get free beverages each morning (delivered to your door). Make sure you tell them you have a kid with you and he will get a backpack full of fun little toys at check-in, as well as milk & cookies for an evening snack!

As already mentioned, the hotel is soooo convenient for a baseball game. McCormick & Schmick's is very kid-friendly and has a nice breakfast buffet. (Try to get the package that includes breakfast and valet, it's a good deal!)

If you plan to go to the beach, I'd recommend heading over the bridge to Coronado "Island." (It's really more of a peninsula.) :) Very convenient (about 10 minutes from the hotel) and the best beach in the San Diego area. Stop by the Hotel Del, it is beautiful and historic and has plenty of cute places to eat and shop. Moo Time has fantastic ice cream. Coronado beach is gorgeous. On the other end of the island is the ferry dock, some more restaurants, bike/surrey rentals, etc. Just a super cute, family friendly little place to go.

I'd get a car - even though the Omni is in a great location with lots to do within walking distance, it will be so much easier getting wherever you want to go, especially with the beach, zoo, Legoland, etc. in your plans.

I agree with the others that June is not always the best month weather wise - but whenever you go, bring light jackets for the evening and don't expect to go swimming in the ocean unless you are very brave. :)

Whatever you do - have fun! :)

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