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tinkertaylor05 06-16-2010 05:14 AM

Three Generations Hit 'The New Generation' Trip Report COMPLETE

The cast Me (29) never understood grown up's liking Disney, Mum (62) thought Disney was lovely for kids and DD (5) absolutely loves Princesses and Villains strangely enough.

I can't quite remember how this trip came about, except I wanted to do something special for dd, it's been a rough year for personal reasons and she has been a trooper :hug:

I always thought Disney was well out of my reach, I wasn't that keen on the idea and it cost lol Mum had seen the adverts for the New Generation on tv and spotted the 40% off all I can remember is her telling me she'd done a search on the Disney website and the price was ALOT less than we thought. So the seed was planted hmmmmmm maybe this can be done and the search began, after much pricing up we decided on S Lodge and eventually booked through a travel agent. That night mum and I were looking at Expedia again :rolleyes1 and couldn't believe it when we saw that Hotel New York was only a little more than SL, I called the agent up in the morning and asked if we could change, they quickly got back to me saying it was done and even cheaper than I thought they only charged an extra 50 :cool1:

The plan was to keep it a surprise we had something like 12 weeks to go .... this lasted 3 whole days :laughing: I broke the news to dd, I don't think she really believed me and 12 weeks is forever when you're 5!!!

I stumbled across the disboards and all you helpful people, which believe me was an absolute blessing, I found the Disney brochures really hard work to make head nor tail of.

Mum was so excited and something was happening to me ..... Disney magic was starting to grow :wizard: I bought dd a lanyard from the Disney Store and ordered a stack of pins on ebay .... each Wednesday morning before she woke I would plant a pin somewhere she would find it and told her Tinkerbell has left her a pin so she knows it's 12/11/10/9 (you get the idea) weeks until we go to Disney. The buying began I picked up a few new dresses to add to the existing collection and dd asked family not to buy her easter eggs and instead give her couple of pounds to save. DD was brilliant, she has a really wise mind for a 5 year old, I told her we were saving all our pennies for Paris and that was it she didn't once ask for anything not a toy or treat bless her.

After researching it I decided to go for the Shareholder's Club and went through the process, it was all really easy and I started using the card in Disney Store here :thumbsup2 Before we left I bought dd a pink sparkly princess case, daisy duck aluminium water bottle, tinkerbell fan, some bits of clothes, towel all from Disney, M & S had some cute Minnie tops so they were added to the collection as I figured it would be cheaper here. Everytime I saw mum she seemed to have bought something for the trip even if it was just sachets of Calpol!!!

The weeks eventually rolled on the disboards and the Brit Guide became my bedtime reading, we had several copies of the brochure as the one was looking a little well read lol, dd had already memorised the parade order and small world from youtube videos and somehow it all came together .... I started to believe this was meant to be :cloud9:

Mum to Belle 06-16-2010 06:42 PM

You sound like you've been bitten by the bug!! :tinker: We also got the Tinkerbell fan from the Disney Store before our trip! :goodvibes

loladelorean 06-26-2010 09:35 AM

This is a lovely pre trip report, what a lovely idea hiding pins for your daughter to find :) glad to hear you have fallen in love with Disney, hope your trip was magical and can't wait to read all about it.

Nubbedy 06-26-2010 05:07 PM

What a fabulous idea for counting down the weeks! :goodvibes Think Tinkerbell may have to do something similar in our house. ;)

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 03:02 PM

Day 1
Very belated I am at last going to do the trippie! So here goes .....

The big day was finally here June 9th, we'd synchronised watches the night before and after some last minute packing got to bed 'early' which actually ended up being late at 11:30pm .... then you guessed it I was so excited I couldn't sleep 1:30am passed by then the next thing I knew it was 3:15am time to get up for our 6:40am flights :scared1:

Taxi to the airport turned up on time and we were off ... yay!

We flew with Air France from Manchester, not a problem and a good opportunity to brush up on my Bonjour's. At the airport we had transfer vouchers for the VEA so headed straight there. There was a coach full waiting to leave, I exchanged our voucher and experienced our first queue 'french style' lol We only had to wait 10 mins or so for another coach, can't remember how long it took but the journey was no more than 40 mins and I loved the chance to have a nosey at all the other hotels before finally getting to the New York.

Only a few other families were staying here, all of which beat us to check in but we didn't mind we were far too busy taking it all in. Mum headed off to find the toilet's so I parked the cases outside the boutique with dd to wait ....... Lo and behold I looked to my right and there was Minnie with Pluto just walking out to do the 11:30am meet and greet, that was it dd took no coaxing she was off :laughing: i did a quick dash into the shop to pick up an autograph book and much to my annoyance forgot to use my shareholder card (I know it's only pennies saving on the book but I had soooo looked forward to flashing it at DLP lol).

We couldn't have wished for a better start to the trip, whilst everyone else was hustling to check in dd had Minnie and Pluto all to herself, I could've cried it was perfect, dd was just in awe.

Check in was a breeze the staff on the desk were great chatting with dd, we put the cases at the luggage drop and headed out for our first look at DLP!

Walking through the Village that first time was magical, dd didn't know where to look, we didn't hang around too much we were so excited to see the park. We headed through the bag search, which was a pain for them today as I had crammed so much stuff in my back pack ready from the plane for all weathers.

After I figured out which way to put the tickets through we got past the turnstiles, this is really straightforward but I was really tired ... duh!

Our first impression of the park was that we loved it, granted we have nothing to compare it to. Main street was bustling with people, the atmosphere felt great. We decided to just do a quick walk about to get our barings and dd couldn't wait to get down towards the castle.

After standing and gawping at the castle we walked across the bridge and through into Fantasyland where the Carousel greets you, who doesn't love a Carousel the music, the colours, it's all just so magical .... especially with Mary Poppins and Bert in front of it .....

kizzabel 11-24-2010 03:23 PM

great start, im anxiously waiting for the next bit :surfweb:
i see the bug has well and truly bitten!!! yaaaay for the feb trip! where are you staying next time?

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by kizzabel (Post 39051642)
great start, im anxiously waiting for the next bit :surfweb:
i see the bug has well and truly bitten!!! yaaaay for the feb trip! where are you staying next time?

Ohhhhh yeah it has bitten me good! We're in HNY again and planning for more later next year too ..... seriously if Disney can get me they can get anyone :rotfl:

Mum to Belle 11-24-2010 03:52 PM

What a fantastic start to your trip!! :goodvibes

Your DD is beautiful!

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 04:08 PM

Day 1 cont ......
Mary Poppins and Bert were lovely, Bert was charming (if not a bit oranged for my taste lol) but it was good to see something at DLP for mummy too ;)

This meet was our first 'scrum' but in truth it wasn't as bad as I thought, yes some silly moo was there smoking all over everyone's kids, dd just seemed to know what to do though and waited her turn without letting people shove her out of the way.

Off we went exploring Fantasyland, a go on the Carousel, a quick spin on the Tea Cups .... somehow we picked one of the super fast ones and by this point I was thriving on lack of sleep, adrenalin and coffee ...wheeeee!

We explored Alice's Curious Labyrinth which dd loved, I could've done without it after the tea cups in truth ..... lot's of fab photo ops in here too ....

then a bit of a wait to take one in the chair :rolleyes1

DD totally loved the labyrinth and wanted to go in every day, I thought once was enough and was glad when it was closed!

We were all starting to get hungry now so agreed to wander back towards Main Street, on the way we stumbled across Peter Pan and Wendy ... we survived scrum number two ... phew!

Note the pee'd off looking Spanish people in the background lol Despite all their attempts to push, shove and take dd's turn away Peter and Wendy were super, they gave dd their undivided attention :lovestruc

We headed down Main Street and went to Casey's, we just shared some fries and a hotdog. The food was ok, usual fast food kinda deal, we were so hungry I can't give a true reflection of the food. We heard the music for the showtime spectacular so wandered out into the crowd, as we were unprepared for this I had to haul dd up on my shoulders to see .... ughhhh but it was worth it she danced and skipped all the way back through Main Street. It started to rain so a mass evacuation started, luckily I'd crammed pac-a-mac's into my very own Mary Poppin's style back pack. We did a little window shopping and headed back to HNY.

By the time we reached the hotel it was pouring down, our room was ready when we got there and the cases were waiting for us. We requested a kettle and cups from the desk and these were with us in 5 mins, great service :thumbsup2

Don't really remember the time I just remember we were all pooped so after unpacking crashed out on the beds.

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 04:31 PM

Day 1 cont ......
Sorry this is sooooo lengthy it was just so good!

I'd made reservations for Cafe Mickey at 6:30pm, after our nap we slept longer than planned and had a rush to get ready. Now the rain had really got going ... eeeeeek ..... we made a dash for it brolleys at the ready.

When we arrived at Cafe Mickey just about on time we were seated upstairs, on the way up a little mother / daugheter squabbling ensued lol Mum told me off for being late (of course it was my fault) and now we were getting shoved in rubbish seats upstairs ..... well as soon as we reached the top step she retreated as Chip jumped out to meet us with the menu's :laughing: (love you really mum)

We were given a seat by the window in the corner upstairs by our host Chip .....

Upstairs seemed pretty quiet at this point but soon started to fill up, within the first ten minutes we met Chip n Dale .....

Minnie .....

and Mickey.

Our cm brought our drinks promptly and we didn't have to wait long for our starter. I'm veggie and decided to eat of the set menu, mum did too and dd from the kid's. We had a couple of cocktails too .... Rose Moon I think ... yummy!

Mum and I both had the mushrooms, they are very salty which we both like so was perfect for us. We met Friar Tuck and Prince John, who was extremely bossy lol

Our cm (Akim) was amazing I cannot praise him enough, around 7:10pm the music started for the Freedom song, he dashed over and swept dd away to dance on the counter ....

I think dd thought she was in HSM or something lol I had the Genie's pasta which was nice and mum had the Pluto's Steak which she enjoyed also, we followed with the Woody's dessert which was a brownie ... this theme continues I just lurvee brownies and cannot wait to go back to DLP to get my fix!!! The bill came to 74E54 with the 15% shareholder discount. Money well spent.

We met Goofy and Tigger as well. The CM made our night he was attentive, brought characters over to our table several times really hope he is still there when we return.

Full, tired and very very happy we made our way back through the puddles, the village was quiet probably due to the rain and being midweek. This gave us chance to have a good wander though. We crawled into bed back at HNY buzzing after an amazing 1st day.

Disneyfanswicklow 11-24-2010 05:26 PM

Fantastic trip report - can't wait to read more! Love the photos of the HNY - we are heading there in February 2011 too! soooo can't wait! :banana::banana::banana:

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Mum to Belle (Post 39051921)
What a fantastic start to your trip!! :goodvibes

Your DD is beautiful!

Thank you ... bare with me it's going to be a big one :goodvibes

tinkertaylor05 11-24-2010 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by Disneyfanswicklow (Post 39052720)
Fantastic trip report - can't wait to read more! Love the photos of the HNY - we are heading there in February 2011 too! soooo can't wait! :banana::banana::banana:

Thanks I am getting totally excited about Feb too :banana:

tinkertaylor05 01-23-2011 04:23 PM

Day 2
I am determined to do a full trip report before our next one lol So here we go ....

We woke up after a heavy nights sleep, today was our first breakfast at HNY we could've chose to go in either dining room but went in the Parkside. Found breakfast great we had an 8am slot but turned up early without issue. Dd didn't really eat she was just itching to get going. Today she decided she was going to be Fairy Rosetta, we bumped into Minnie on our way out ... I think she pulls it off with trainers lol

We headed off for EMH and went straight to Discoveryland and walked on Buzz, we did a couple of rounds whilst there was nobody about and headed to Orbitron it was raining so soggy bottoms all round! Mum and dd went for a look at Constellations and I headed to Space Mountain :woohoo: Got to sit next to somebody English so we had a rather civil chat as we spun around lol

Next we walked over to Fantasyland we did the Carousel and went to explore the Castle before the crowds hit. I have to say it is beautiful :love:

I'd read on here about the queues for meet n greets so decided to head to wait for Tiana at 10:45am, we were 2nd in the queue they'd not even roped off yet. We got chatting to some nice English folk who had the same idea and all shared brollies. The All Star Express went by so that took dd's mind off the wait for a while. Around 11am they roped off and there was a pretty big queue formed behind us now. Tiana and Naveen came out just a few mins late and were divine with everyone giving them plenty of chat.

We decided it was time to pay our first visit to Salon Mickey and catch a break from the rain. It was fairly quiet and we bagged the couches ....

After exiting Salon Mickey we took a stroll through Discovery Arcade and found a very young Bert rather bored and very playful ...

We made full use of both Arcades on our trip we found them welcome respite from the throngs on Main Street and great for bumping into people ;)

We went for an explore, watched the little Sleeping Beauty show outside Auberge which dd loved. We managed to time it just so as we walked past they opened up the Snow White ride there was a small queue which gave us chance to take in the art work. It had eased up on the rain when we got off the ride so this was our first chance to venture further afield, we went to Adventureland, crossing the bridge we looked right and saw Ariel dd was in serious princess heaven.

There was no playing at Pirate's Beach everything was too soggy but we had a good look about. Through Adventureland Jasmine had just appeared ... we were on a roll.

We took a ride on The Mark Twain, I really enjoyed this and think it's such a good way to show off that Disney detail. Now pretty tired the rain was starting to pick up again which was our cue to head back to HNY for an afternoon nap, we'd still not got over the no sleep from the night before we left.

Mum to Belle 01-23-2011 04:51 PM

WOW! What a princess-tastic day!!!!!! princess:

Just re-read day 1 and you are having some amazing characters meets, lucky, lucky, lucky!!! :goodvibes

p.s. I love the Rosetta dress :love:

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