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disneyscrappinjan 06-06-2010 10:57 PM

What? Last minute planning!!! 4 to 6 overnight!!!
I sure hope this one goes better than last years, but here is my 2nd attempt at a PTR. I will give you the cast 1st then some background and alot of catching up since our trip is in just 13 days. WOW!
1st off me. My name is Jan and I am probably one of the most Disney finatic people you would ever meet. I wear something Disney everyday, it might be shirt, shorts, dress, watch, earrings, shoes, you name it, I have it. :rotfl: I am a full time SAHM, with the addition to a PT job to fund my Disney trips, as you will hear about later, A collector of anything Disney, An avid scrapbooker, (mostly Disney but I do alot of work for other people to make extra money also.) Me and my DH love to travel and of course Disney is our #1 destination. I am also a mother of 3, Santana, Gus and Mattie, you will meet them in a few. I was lucky enough to make 4 trips to the World last year and have already went once this year with other trips planned for June, Oct, Nov and Dec.:banana::banana::banana:
As you can tell I am usually the photographer so there are no pics of me alone... this one was taken at our Disney Photo Shoot in Dec. 2009
And this one was on our family vacation in June of 2009
Next up is my DH and lover of Disney also. James is an overnight driver with a local company and will be able to retire in 2 years....hopefully to the Orlando area. :banana: He likes to hunt, fish and spend time with the family along with helping plan our trips to the World. He is also an aurthor, with one published book under his belt and working on another.
Next is our oldest daughter, Santana-21 and very much a Disney Addict like her mother. She is a fulltime student, studying to be an elementary education teacher and also holds 2 part time jobs to fund her trips to Disney. She also loves to scrapbook, travel, and collect frogs. Stitch is her favorite character and Tianna is her favorite princess. She has a miniature chihuahua and named her Princess Tianna. ;)
Next is Gus, he is 13 and believe it or not LOVES Disney. He did not want to go last year, but one time and he was hooked. He was a very athletic kid, loving to play football, baseball and basketball. He had a spinal injury in his first year of football and now wears a body brace, trying to hold off surgery until he is at least 16. There is no specialist that will operate on this severe of an injury in fear of parallysis. But the Dr did give him a release to ride the rides at DW if he wears his brace. :cool1:
Next we have Mattie she is also 13 and loves Disney. She is a cheerleader and also plays saxophone in the band. She has been going to Disney all her life and loves pin collecting.
Last but not least is my niece that we are taking with us on this trip and this will also be her 1st trip to WDW. Brooke is 16, a cheerleader and softball player, so needless to say we spend our time at the ballparks if we are not at Disney World.
We will be leaving 3 family members behind this time, Sophie, Zoey and Disney, that is our other children. All pomeranians, one male and two female.
That is the characters, I will do another post for the when and wheres....

vamassey1 06-07-2010 01:24 PM

I'm in Jan! Your family is beautiful!

disneyscrappinjan 06-07-2010 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by vamassey1 (Post 36913490)
I'm in Jan! Your family is beautiful!

Thank you Vanessa, they can be a handful. :lmao:

disneyscrappinjan 06-07-2010 05:39 PM

Our trip was definitely on in January with the whole week being at Old Key West and only Me, DH, DD and DS going. Using the dining plan, I had all ADR made and now we were working on spending money. I was also watching for flights to be really cheap and felt like this was going to be a stress free trip. :banana: WELL…..what a shock the last week of April when we find out Mattie’s cheerleader camp had changed and she would be able to go. Ok, that makes the need for a bigger room, adding one more to ADR’s, another flight and worst of all now we have an odd number for the rides. My brain went into overtime and I remembered last year we made it possible in December for my two younger nephews to make their first trip to Disney World. This year I said let’s make it possible for another one of my nieces to make her first trip after all she is 16 and will fit in great. Knowing I would have the financial burden considering her 19yr old brother had a brain aneurysm in January and was in the hospital for a whole month and after 4 brain surgeries there was no way her parents would be able to afford this trip..So without further ado we mention it to her mother and she said sure, and we will do what we can to help. :confused: I called DVC, on such a short notice I was really nervous about how, where and if we could get a room. No 2 BR were available for the week so I opted for 2 studios with linking ressies so at least we would all be in the same building. My daughter is 21 so all the girls will have their own studio and Me, DH and DS will stay in the other, so SSR here we come. The last 2 nights we will be moving to POP Century to save on points, so that makes a full 7 nights and I was happy. :lovestruc Now there is no flights, we are driving this time. We are renting a minivan so we will all be together, flight prices just would not fit our needs this trip. :mad: It will be about an 11 hour trip, but after all it is Disney....who cares....:rotfl: We will be leaving on June 19, picking up my niece after about 3 hours. While there, we will have dinner with my sister and her family, trying to wear the kids down. :rotfl2: We hope to leave around 10pm. Hopefully we will arrive at Saratoga Springs by 7am on Sunday morning if all goes well. We did have to drop the dining plan and go with the QS plan in order to keep 4 teenagers happy and fed. I could not stand the thought of DW without at least one full meal……We are keeping O’hana…this will be OOP but it shouldn’t be too bad considering I picked up a PT job to help out with the additional expenses. :scared1: I do what I have to in order to go to DW. I will post some pics tonight of what we have together. My binder, charts, menus, and clothing. :cloud9: I will leave off with a couple photos of our trip last year....

vamassey1 06-08-2010 02:52 PM

You're such a wonderful aunt. I love taking someone to Disney for the first time. Driving won't be so bad. We drive it most of the time. It takes us about 10 1/2 hours without stops.

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