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mousehouselover 05-08-2010 07:54 PM

My Mother's Day surprise scavenger hunt!! The gift revealed! Pg 5
Hi everyone; I'm Noni, a huge Disney fan. My DH brought me to WDW for Mother's Day and he put together a little surprise for me. I'm on a scavenger hunt all over the park. I got my first clue from a CM in the Main St art shop. It was an envelope with a clue on it.

The clue: this place is enchanted and full of wonderment. It recently fell under new management. Everything moves and everything sings and everyone sits in a great big ring.

Off I went......

mousehouselover 05-08-2010 08:03 PM

My first clue led me to the Tiki Room. The CM gave me a lei and made me do the hula before I got the next clue. They even called me by name and I'm not wearing a anything with my name on it.

The clue: in one of the three mountians the next clue you will find; to make it a bit easier, in this mountian a diamond you might find.

I'm off to.......

mousehouselover 05-08-2010 08:11 PM

BTMRR! The CM couldn't have been nicer! She asked if I was having a great time before giving me the clue. I'm so thrilled and excited!! I'm sending posts between clues.

The next clue is: This ride is annoying, the kids have been here for years. The water can be blue as sapphires but the place can still bring you to tears.

I'm off again, almost running through the park in my pink and purple Mickey sundress; heading to.....

OhMari 05-08-2010 08:47 PM

How fun.
Hope you are heading to "It's a Small World"

disneydreamer98 05-08-2010 08:52 PM

What an awesome husband you have! HOW FUN! :woohoo:

mousehouselover 05-08-2010 09:21 PM

I was trying to leave updates between clues but my fingers and phone couldn't keep up. My battery is almost dead from the posts and pictures. I'm finished gathering clues but haven't opened the envelopes yet. I need to charge my phone or get my laptop before I can continue. I promise I'll finish the story over the weekend.

mousehouselover 05-09-2010 08:22 AM

Good morning DISboards! Now that I have my laptop, I can finish my story. I've decided to go back to the beginning so y'all get the full story.

Back in March, DH told me he had figured out my Mother's Day celebration. I saw the ADR confirmation on the calendar and didn't think much of it. We moved to the Orlando area 6 mos ago and once a month or so make reservations to dine in the parks or resorts. Two weeks ago DH said we were going to spend the afternoon in MK as part of the festivities. (I :lovestruc:love::lovestruc:love: having an AP!!) I'm going along with everything and have no idea there is something afoot.

I got up on Sat morning and went off to WDW to support the DIS Muddy Buddy teams. I got to see Chris and Jason come through the mud pit and finish line. Great Job you guys! I found OKWlover and A.Mickey and a few other DISsers whose screen names I don't know.

The cheering squad:

Chris and Jason:

I couldn't be there too long because I knew we were headed back to MK after lunch and we still had some errands to run. I went home and DH went out shopping. I still have no idea what's going on and no one would tell me where we were going to have dinner. I thought we're going to CG just because DH said it was going to be special and that I'd love it.

monymony3471 05-09-2010 10:28 AM

This is a great adventure! Thanks for posting the link over there, and I'm here for the whole story, you have an amazing husband to do that for you.


katiebelle21 05-09-2010 11:00 AM

How exciting! I can't wait to see where your hunt lead you!

tinytreasures 05-09-2010 11:59 AM

can't wait to read more

mousehouselover 05-09-2010 03:03 PM

Thanks for checking out my story and continuing to follow along. My Husband is amazing and has made some one of a kind memories for me during our trips to WDW. He know how much I love being there and tries to plan for something special on occasion. This one is going to be hard to top.

Now, no one asked me if there was anything I wanted to do for my Mother's celebration. DH said he wanted to get to the parks sometime after 2 PM so we wouldn't be there all day and in the heat. I love being in the parks so I like to get there as early as possible but any efforts I made to get my family out the door earlier were futile. I also wanted to go over to the outlet stores as there are a few stores I'd like to go to and my supply of trading pins has been nearly used up. Not being able to get my family going is not exactly unusual so I'm still in the dark about the adventure that was planned for me. Unfortunately, I'm also getting frustrated with them as well.

I've mentioned DH several times so I suppose I should introduce him. DH is a pretty casual laid back guy. He very rarely hurries about anything because he's working out all the details and contingencies. He adores me and our children. When we started dating, he knew I was a package deal; three kids and two cats included. He has a razor wit and is quite sarcastic. Storytelling and creativity are two of his other gifts. We've been mariied for a little more than 10 years now. We've had our share of ups and downs and spent several years doing little more than surviving. Now that we are in a much better postion, he has tried to make up for all the years that he wasn't able to do anything for me. We are commited parents and the kids have always come first. We would forgo things for ourselves so the could be taken care of. He has worked hard to make sure that my dreams are coming true. First he surprised me with a do over honeymoon, then we bought DVC (SSR) when we brought our kids back for their first real vacation in almost 10 yrs. I got my first AP in Dec 2008 when we made an impromptu trip to the World for his birthday weekend. Our travel plans had included a trip with the kids (to use or DVC for the first time) and a week with friends for our 10th anniversary. Our APs let us add an extra week in Feb for our version of spring break plus additional visits for both of our birthdays. We lived 1000 miles away but APs were the the most cost effective ticket option. We have filled our home with Disney decor, much of which was purchased while we were on vacation. Our move to FL was his idea at first. I wasn't resistant to it as I have dreamt of living down here and would love to work at WDW some day. Here we are at the beginning of our park adventure:

This was my kid's idea. They wanted a couple of pictures of us for their cell phone and wouldn't Mom like to have some to commerate her day? (Wink, wink ;) ) You may have picked up on the fact that my kids are in on the little secret. The whole bunch of them were co-conspiriters and even roped our neighbors into helping plan this. I will find out much later exactly how involeve they were. But for now here they are:
Lissa is the oldest. She claims to be a tomboy but has diva qualities. Her sense of fashion is creative and ecclectic. This is my most challenging child but she is also very loving and kind.
Kara is my middle child. Her happy, easy going personality and quick laughter has earned her the nickname 'Giggles.' Being the middle child and the younger daughter; she has to put up with hand-me-downs and not being the first to do things. We've scheduled our last two WDW vacations for her birthday to help combat middle child syndrome and make sure she has wonderful birthday memories. Our adventures in birthday cake have been documented over on the cake thread, I think on the first page.
Bringing up the rear is my boy, Patrick. He has recently entered the transition from kid to teenager and his status as both the only boy and the baby has made him the target of his sister's teasing. Like his sisters, he is a great kids and lots of fun to be around, most days..... He gets back at them by monopolizing hte TV for his video games and picking on Lissa's boyfriend, usually while said boy is not around so Lissa gets irritated.

Now that the rest of the cast has been introduced, it's tiime to get back to the story.

mousehouselover 05-09-2010 06:29 PM

I ended the last portion of the story saying I was getting frustrated with my family. Well, it only got worse. My t-shirt and shorts DH announced he was shaving and putting on a collared shirt; he chanced into khaki shorts as well. He NEVER, EVER dresses like this to go to the parks. My girls put on dressy clothes and DS got upset that he could only find his Chef Mickey shirt to wear. He cracked me up as he stormed through the house. He said, "I don't wat to go to the park looking like a tourist. I live here and don't want to look like I'm on vacation." My family prefers comfort over looks most days so all of this is setting off alarm bells in my head. I asked again where we were going for dinner because I didn't want to wear anything inappropriate. Instead of telling me, DD1 picks up my Passporter, flips through it and says, "Your sundress is fine Mom." DH keeps tellng me I'll be fine and there are reference to the 'big thing' they have planned for me. Remember, I said I thought we were going to CG for dinner? I know their drees code says no tank tops and I was worried about having such tiny straps on my sundress. I was also afraid I'd be a bit overexposed for a signature restaurant. We went two years ago and I felt really under dressed. I finally decided to put a shrug and my make up bag in my park bag for the day so I could make myself more presentable for dinner if my suspicions proved to be correct.

Now, I'm a type A person and have a lot of trouble not being in control. It scares me not knowing what's going on. Having people fuss over me makes me uncomfortable. DH knows how much I detest having people sing to me for my birthday and make a big fuss over me for the holidays. This is mostly because of bad memories thanks to certian members of my rather large family. I also spend a lot of time at work while DH is with the kids. They get to do all kinds of things together and I feel left out. They have inside jokes, some of which have never been explained to me. The kids also side with DH for almost everything. When it felt like they were ganging up on me; I lost my temper. DD1's BF was here and I'm loosing it with my family. I was almost afraid he'd think I went psycho but I was really, really angry. Little did I know, he was in on the whole thing........ I even broke down in tears at one point. DH got me to laugh and successfully averted anyfurther meltdown or me threatening to refuse to go. I HATE, HATE, HATE not being in control hand having others decide my fate for me. I had to try to make the best of it and hope I wasn't going to be embarassed.

I got in the car and we left. While we were in the car, I dedided to update my Facebook status to reflect this adventure my family was taking me on. This is what I posted: Off to WDW for my Mother's Day surprise from my family. They won't tell me what they planned but are assuring me that I'll like it. I don't know if I believe them. Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust worked for Wendy Darling; hopefully it will work for me too. On the way, we engaged in family chatter and I tried to get some more info out of them. I may as well asked a wall. The shut me down.

We arrived at MK, entered the pard and walked down Main Street. DH offered to get us a snack to help us last until dinnertime. Our ADR wasn't until 9:30 and it was barely 3pm. After our photo stop and a brief trip to the Tink store, we were off for a nice cool treat. I love Dole Whip floats.

Everyone got a treat and had to eat quickly because it was nearly 90 and the soft ice cream was melting. I was too busy trying to manage my own treat and keep DS from wearing his to get any pictures. DS wound up with melting ice cream running down his arm and dripping on his shoes. I don't know who teaches the CMs to make the treats at the Dole Whip stand but it would help tremendously if they didn't put a huge empty area in the middle of the cups and floats. I know it makes it look like there's more ice cream when it's filled to the edge of the container, but there's no where for the melting ice cream to go, except over the side and onto your hands.

We wandered through Adventureland, took the bridge over to Frontierland and crossed to Liberty Square while eating. The HM was our next stop and we got in line. The que moved quickly and soon we were in the pre-show area. I know the entire script by heart and always recite it while we go through the attraction. We got to the mirrors at the end and noticed DS was lounging aagainst the back of the Doom Buggy with his sunglasses on. We joked that it looked like he was asleep. When we got to the end and started to get off, DS didn't move. We hollered, "Boy, time to get off the ride." He started, recovered himself and appologized. More good natured teasing ensued. How can you sleep on a ride at WDW??!?!?!

disneydreamer98 05-09-2010 06:45 PM

Can't wait to read more, but what a perfect way to start your day at the MK off! I can't wait.....46 more days til I can have a Dole Whip Float!!!! :cool1:

mousehouselover 05-09-2010 07:55 PM

I got turned onto the Dole Whips thanks to the boards and finally tried one at the Indy area DIS meet hosted by ADR two years ago. MenshaCorp rented the machine and ordered the mix from Hawai'i so we could have Dole Whips in honor of 'Bawb' at the meet. They did a phone link to the DISsers that were actually in MK at the official Dole Whip for 'Bawb' gathering. Now I have to have a float every couple of months. My Facebook picture was me on Main Street in front of the castle with a float.

After waking DS and leaving HM, we had to decide what to try next. IaSW was vetoed vehemently by DS who thinks the ride is torture. We have been known to go on it and start clucking like chickens to the tune of the song as we flaot along. We decided that PotC sounded apealing as started walking through Frontierland again. We wound up arriving just in time to see the new show/ street party. I saw a blog on it once and can't find it now. It starts out with one or two people and more charaters and people join in until the whole cast is involved. We got the opportunity to see some rare characters and enjoyed the show. I took a few pictures:

At the end of the performance, they pull the audience in and have them dance along. It felt like a street party and everyone was having a good time. My DD1 got pulled into dancing the Electric Slide.

Once it was over, we picked up BTMMRR fastpasses and made our way to PotC. Lines were fairly short at many of the attractions so we didn't feel like we were wasting time in lines. I remember going on PotC in DL with my mom and grandparents when I was about 4. It's really neat to take my kids on the same rides I remember from my own childhood. It just seemed fitting to do it while celebrating Mother's Day. There's no way to leave the ride without going through the store so I decided to snap a picture:
I love my new phone with a camera and integrated Facebook. I was posting pictures and updates as we went along yesterday so I had a running record of our adventures and my friends could follow along.

BTMMRR was our next stop and the coaster enthuiasists get their fix. We whoopped and cheered and held our hands up through the whole ride. DH started hollering about the 'naked' man in the bathtub. (He's in his long red underwear......) Always the clown that one.......

We decided to head over to Tomorrowland and take in another coaster. When we got there, we were rather disappointed as they closed the ride for technical difficulties.

We picked up FP in case it opened up later so we didn't have to ride stand by. DH let the kids go off then and they took off at a dead run. I belatedly remembered that I had their tickets so they couldn't get any other FP for the day. DH tried calling and texting htem but there was no answer. DH and I decided to wind down a bit and cool off in the Carousel of Progress. I know parts of it are dated and the song is a bit corny but I have always liked the ride. I also have a Sherman Brothers CD (They are the composers for a lot of great Disney music, including several songs from the attractions.) and at the end of the CoP song is a little segment that has Walt singing along with them. When the sond ends, Walt says "That's just the right spirit." This is another attraction that I sing along to when we go through.

added during editWe can't seem to pass the grainte ball without touching and playing with it. One of these days, I'll have to look up the story or meaning behind it. There's just something about being able to roll it around when it should be physically impossible. I'm sure if I look I have pictures of the kids doing this when they were little.

DH pointed out the brass castle and the kids held the ball still long enough for me to take a picture: end addition to story

JanetMom 05-09-2010 08:45 PM

Signing up and curious about where you will go to dinner.:)

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