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rentayenta 04-12-2010 06:52 PM

Disneyland is a work of love: June 2010 PTR 6/2 p.61 updated itinerary
Disneyland IS a work of love!

Hey there, hi there, ho there…………….you really are as :welcome: as can be. :teeth: I have been tossing the idea of a pre-trippie that will cocoon into a full trip report and finally decided to take the plunge. We have been going to Disneyland since the kids were wee infants (longer for DH and me).

Last October we took a VERY spur of the moment trip to Disneyland/DCA. DH suggested we add Disneyland on to the tail end of a trip we took to AZ to visit friends. Who in their right Disney lovin’ mind would say no to that? Not I! We own DVC at SSR in WDW :cloud9: and DH literally mentioned this like 3 weeks before heading to AZ so of course there wasn’t availability at the GCV so we stayed at the Anaheim Hilton Garden Inn. :scared: Never again. Having said that we bought 3 days park hoppers and upgraded one magical evening post fireworks. pixiedust: It was one of those magical moments when all is right with the world: warm fall breeze, amazing fireworks, and bam- DH agrees to APs. :woohoo: Here are some pics from that trip:

DH and me on ART:

Kids on ART:

All dressed for Fall:

The girls. Notice Chloe’s Yeti from EE at WDW:

The five of us. ::yes:: My son had looong hair:

Best layover ever!

DH and me on my very favorite attraction, IASW:


Never too old for Dumbo:

My hearts:


I could go on and on with the photos. Really.

The cast includes myself, DH, DD (13), DD (11), DS (8), and DD (13)'s BFF, along with 2 sets of friends and their children- so at times there will be 15 of us. We are caravanning with one set of friends and the other are our AZ friends who will meet us there.

The plan for our family: GCV 2 bedroom from June 13-June 18, 2010. :lovestruc

Next up: the tentative itineray and how in the heck can I plan without posted hours??? :surfweb: :laughing:

rentayenta 04-12-2010 07:02 PM

Saved for ToC. :goodvibes

1. Tentative itinerary and dining.

2. New updated itineray.

3. Budgeting.

4. Updated itinerary.

5. To drive is to eat.

6. List of firsts.

7. Updated itinerary.

8. Updated itinerary.

kaoden39 04-12-2010 07:24 PM

I am here!!

pierresgirl 04-12-2010 07:26 PM

J-j-j-j-jenny!!!! sunglikechiapet

rentayenta 04-12-2010 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by kaoden39 (Post 36229425)
I am here!!

:woohoo: Yay! I was hoping I wouldn't be alone. ;) :thanks: and :welcome:

rentayenta 04-12-2010 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by pierresgirl (Post 36229459)
J-j-j-j-jenny!!!! sunglikechiapet

:faint: Hey girl!!!! :goodvibes Good to see you!!! :hug:

Another cruise Leyla? :woohoo:

pierresgirl 04-12-2010 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by rentayenta (Post 36229476)
:faint: Hey girl!!!! :goodvibes Good to see you!!! :hug:

Another cruise Leyla? :woohoo:

hizzle to the yeah! :cool1:

glennbo123 04-12-2010 07:48 PM

I'm signing on!

I'm new to the Disneyland threads, where's the registration desk for this place?

TrayRene 04-12-2010 08:05 PM

Hi! I came over from Jordan's trip report. Can't wait to read a Disneyland trip report! Great photos!

jordanyosh 04-12-2010 10:14 PM

okay here now!!!!

rentayenta 04-12-2010 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by pierresgirl (Post 36229571)
hizzle to the yeah! :cool1:

:lmao: Fa sho! Tell me about it! One of these days we'll take the cruise plunge.


Originally Posted by glennbo123 (Post 36229740)
I'm signing on!

I'm new to the Disneyland threads, where's the registration desk for this place?

:goodvibes Yay Glenn! There is not nearly the planning for Disneyland like there is WDW but hopefully enough to keep reading. The registration desk is by the real Tiki Room. ;)


Originally Posted by TrayRene (Post 36230026)
Hi! I came over from Jordan's trip report. Can't wait to read a Disneyland trip report! Great photos!

:welcome: Thanks!


Originally Posted by jordanyosh (Post 36232064)
okay here now!!!!

:hug: My BFAM! You like me, you really like me. I haven't got to the itinerary but I am wondering which day is best for you between Wed/Thurs/Friday morning to meet and will you have access into the parks?

jordanyosh 04-12-2010 10:38 PM

Friday...and I think I can get access to the park...

rentayenta 04-12-2010 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by jordanyosh (Post 36232424)
Friday...and I think I can get access to the park...

Cool. We are leaving by like 4 that day unless I can finagle another night but the GCV are 80 points for a 2 bedroom :faint: on the weekends and I am NOT spending that. Michael (DH for those who don't know) doesn't want to move all of our stuff after packing it all up for an addditional night but I haven't given up hope. There should be Magic Morning that day which means the park will open at 8 am. :woohoo: I am super excited to finally be meeting you- so is Jenna.

And if you cannot get access, we could chill in DTD for lunch or something. :)

rentayenta 04-12-2010 11:20 PM

On the road again from Utah to Anaheim
On the road again........................

We have always driven/drove to Disneyland. Always. Always. I hate to fly. Hate it. With 6 of us this trip and wanting to have our vehicle (Ford Expedition) driving is a must. I love the whole process; the snacks, movies, Disney music, and In n Out once we hit Vegas. Plus our friends are driving to Utah from PA for 2days before heading to Anaheim. :grouphug: Belive it or not we met our friends right here on the DIS. Well I really met Jenna on Mouseplanet but we decided to meet meet after posting lots here in the WDW section. And imagine this will be our 3rd Disney vacation together and the 2nd time they've come to Utah to visit. Funnest people ever!

Currently we have reservations for 3 different places for 6/12 depending on what we ultimately decide. Originally we were planning on driving from Utah to Mesquite, Nevada on 6/12, staying the night, and hitting the road crack-**** early the morning of 6/13 and heading to Disneyland plannign to be to the parks by 3 pm. Through days of endless searching, I have come to realize that June 13-18 will be uber busy. Between WoC, grad nights, and no AP block out dates 6/14 and 6/15, we are going to need those extra 8 hours on 6/13 for park fun.

For 6/12 I have rooms booked at the Casablanca resort in Mesquite. Mesquite is like a teeny tiny intsy wintsy Vegas but 100x easier to navigate especially for one night. The Casablanca has a great pool and the rooms are only $99 for a Saturday night. :thumbsup2 Mesquite is about 45 minutes from Vegas. I am keeping this reservation until the 48* in case we decide not to drive straight through from Utah. Utah to Anaheim usually takes us about 11 hours. That's only 5 Disney movies away if one is Mary Poppins. :laughing:

But for now, the plan is to drive straight through leaving SLC at 7 am and arriving in Anaheim at 7 pm. I am giving an extra hour because we have such a large party.

I have reservations for 6/12 in Anaheim at both the HoJo and the PPH. The PPH is only $50 more per night so I am hoping a better HoJo rate comes out. Right now I am using the 20% off AP rate. I have been dying to try the HoJo's new pool area since they started construction a few years ago. The pics look fabulous and since our Deluxe APs are blocked all Saturdays in June- a good pool is paramount. The plan is to drop the kids and men at whatever hotel (after stuffing ourselves with In n Out) and then Jenna and I will head to the grocery store to stock up for the week at the GCVs. for the HoJo for the PPH

More to come..............................

kaoden39 04-12-2010 11:58 PM

Everything looks good. I think at only $50 more a night I might be tempted to stay at PHP, it isn't as far to move.

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