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coneygoil 04-11-2010 03:05 PM

Zorro Always Gets The Ladies! (10-2-09 MNSSHP)
This was my family's first Not So Scary Halloween Party. We went last year on October 2nd. It was some of the most FUN I have ever had at WDW! And that's saying a lot!

Cast of Characters

From left to right:
Mom, 51 - Zorro's personal photographer
Alicia, 25 - pirate wench and my best friend
Dad, 51 - the one and only ZORRO!
Me, 27 - a newsboy from Disney's Newsies (the best movie ever!)
Sandy, 40ish - Zorro's maid and Alicia's mom

This was truly a magical day. In the beginning it was only suppose to be me, Alicia, and my cousin go to the party, but my cousin couldn't come to WDW so my Dad was going with us instead. During the whole trip, we befriended a ton of cast members. There was this one CM that found out my mom wasn't going to the MNSSHP. She said, "No, that won't work at all. Wait here" and came back about 10 minutes later with two extra tickets to the party for free!!! Thanks to that most awesome CM, my mom and Alicia's mom got to go with us!

We took some pics at Pop Century in our costumes.


Zorro always gets the ladies!

After that, we were on our way to MK.

We met a CM from Mississippi. WOOT! She was so excited to see a fellow Mississippian, she gave me a big bear hug :)

We arrived about 15 minutes before the party started. Lots of people were tredging out of MK. We didn't know what to first! I spotted a long line for the photopass in front of the castle. It didn't take too long to get up there. Thankfully we did the photopass, because it was our only group pic from the party.

After that, we trekked over to Adventurland.

coneygoil 04-12-2010 08:12 PM

We left off in Adventurland...

We came across a character line, not knowing who it was. All the sudden, everyone in line left at the same time! I asked the CM if the character was still coming out and she said yes. So, we were like the first in line for Genie!

The trick or treating was kind of disappointing. I was hoping it'd be special candy, but it was normal stuff. Oh well. Some of it was nasty too, like all melted. One piece made my hand sticky. Yuke!

We kept running into the Tooth Fairy and his wife, the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Alicia saw some gold and couldn't help her pirate instincts. She had to have it!

One of the many Captain Hooks with my dad.

This Jack Sparrow was dead on! He looked, acted, and sounded like him. His wife was dressed as Scarlett and their baby daughter had a jumper on that said, "I Love Captain Jack". It was adorable!

These two lady CMs got a kick out of my Dad. He stayed in character as Zorro the entire night, so every time he'd pass a lady CM he'd go kiss their hand and say, "Good evening, seniorita." These two CMs loved the whole "show" my dad put on for them. They even asked me to dance for them!

We marched on to Thunder Mountain Railroad. That was one of two rides we rode the whole night. There was too much to do! We were all hungry, so we headed to Pecos Bill's. That use to be one of my favorite places to eat, but they changed the menu :( But they still have mushrooms and onions...yummy! All five of us ordered the night's special: Country Fried Chicken with white gravy, green beans, and mashed potatoes. SO GOOD! It took forever to get our food though. It made me real anxious, because we didn't have a lot of time to spare.

In the line next to us we met young Indiana Jones and his friend, The Professional Moocher!

I wish I would of had more time to enjoy my food, but being anxious, I scarfed it down. Everyone else took their I heard some commotion outside and knew it had to be the parade! I ran out, but didn't have a good view. You know how Pecos Bill's has the stone wall and fence through most of the restaurant's side? Well, I decided to be dangerous and climb on the fence! That was a perfect view! Then this guy came and climbed the fence next to me. I thought for sure we were going to be told to get down, but when a CM walked by, she said "Be careful, guys." I said, "No problem!" There was no one in front of me (and just the one guy beside me), so I had an awesome view!

The parade started. I tried to take pictures, but they were coming out blurry and dark, even on night settings :( So, I took video and that came out great! There was the right amount of light for the video to not be dark or blurry. I must say that was the BEST parade I have ever seen (beside Main Street Electric Light Parade)!!! It was packed with so much fun and the dancing was awesome! I really liked the Haunted Mansion dancers. They're style was so disjointed, it really made for a unique way of dancing.

My favorite part was when Barbossa came by. pirate: You have to know that Barbossa has been my main man for years now. Captain Jack who? Anyways, he was on the other side of the street, so I kept yelling his name and he came walking right to me! He shook my hand and said, "Hi darlin'." AHHHHHH!!! :cloud9: He even sounded like Barbossa!

One by one, my crew joined me outside. I was still hanging onto the fence trying to get video. All the dancers that came by did the "3-D" thing to my camera. It was so funny. The parade ended and we were off to Fantasyland. My dad got separated from us along the way, so we had to stop while Mom backtracked to find him. We never got away from the last float with Goofy. We just kept catching up with

We passed by the Haunted Mansion and Sandy said she wanted to ride it, but when we walked up it was closed to technical difficulties! That didn't bother me since I wasn't going to ride it. The Haunted Mansion freaks me out! ToT really freaked me out to the point where I didn't ride it for 10 years. It's not the ride itself, but my weirdo phobia of antiques.

redlight 04-12-2010 10:02 PM

I'm in!

cmp1111 04-12-2010 10:49 PM

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :goodvibes

coneygoil 04-21-2010 10:18 PM

We left off with the Boo To You parade being over and my clan wanting to ride the Haunted Mansion but it was closed for technical difficulties.

I wanted to check out the dance party in Fantasyland, so we found that. Donald and Daisy were out dancing.

I was cutting a rug on the dance floor! My Mom got video of me trying to dance with Daisy, but all the kids sort of swarmed her. Lady Tremaine and the ugly step-sisters came to visit the party. They were so funny!

We started toward Tomorrowland next. "The Ugly Bug Ball" song was playing while we walked over there. I ADORE that song and started dancing and singing. People probably thought I was crazy :D I know Alicia thought I We spotted the Mad Tea Cups and HAD to ride it. The Tea Cups are always more fun at night for some reason. My mom actually rode it and she hasn't done that in many,many years. Alicia and I got so dizzy! We made that tea cup spin of the track! I fell over while we were still spinning then neither of us could get up for almost a whole minute.

The Hallowishes was about to start in 20 minutes, so we walked to Cosmic Ray's Stalight Cafe thinking we'd have a good view of the fireworks. Five minutes before the show was about to start a CM comes and says we won't be able to see any of the fireworks because of the overhang. So, we had to scramble to find a good view and ended up on one of those usually empty paths coming from the castle towards tomorrowland. It was a good spot, but a few trees were in the way of the castle. The fireworks were all right. I think Wishes is better, but hey, it's fun watching fireworks anytime!

We headed to the Tomorrowland dance party after that, but when we got there, the entire area was empty! We thought it had ended for the night, but a CM told us the party would be back in a few minutes. Alicia and her mom went in search of bottled water. Alicia had gotten a bad headache. Must of been the dizziness from the Tea Cups. We stopped off at one of the little shopping carts to look at pins and stayed there for like 20 minutes! The CM dude working it was so cool!

He "interviewed" my Zorro-dad. Here's a snippet of what they said:

CM: Zorro, what do you think of my humble store?
Zorro: It is very shiny! I see lots of gold here to give to my peasant peoples.
CM: Am I one of your peoples?
Zorro: Why, yes, you are! I protect my peoples from the evil bad guys like that one!
(A guy in a mafia suit walks up)

It was SO FUNNY! Then dance party started back up and the CM was teaching my Zorro-dad how to dance the Macarena. I so wish I had gotten video, but I was having too much fun dancing with them! Then I asked the CM if I could take him to the dance floor. He said he wish he could :dance3:

My gang was taking too long looking at pins, so I headed to the dance party by myself. Chip and Dale were working the crowd, but kids were swarming them so I didn't have a chance to dance with my favorite chipmucks.

This party was rocking! Goofy and Pluto came out and did a dance off. Goofy was an awesome dancer! I can't believe someone could be so flexible in one of those costumes, but this Goofy was doing "The Worm" and break dancing. Then we did YMCA for like 10 minutes. That's when I got tired and called it a night for dancing. We wanted to see the parade again, so we headed toward the castle and did that. I tried getting better pics of the parade, but still didn't get any real good ones!
The back of Barbossa! Wish it would of been his front :love:

The Villains Mix and Mingle was about to start a few minutes after the parade. I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the show. I thought it would be like the villains complaining to each other about the "good guys" always winning. So wrong! The show started. Maleficent appeared with all her dancing minions crawling around her and I knew this was going to be an awesome show! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised how sexy and scandalous the dancing was! I never thought I'd see that at WDW. The villains were bumping and grinding. Cruella and Jafar were really getting into it. The Queen of Hearts was the most fun to watch. She started doing the "walk like an egypian" moves. The song they sing is one of my favorites now! "Let out a scream! Yeah, it's halloween!"

Then the villains came down to take pictures! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY! We got in line for Frollo (from The Hunchback) first. He is my most favorite Disney villain. So angsty and emo and realistic. I told him to stop being mean to Quasimodo and he shooed me away! He prefered Alicia after that :P

The Queen of Hearts was next. My dad walked up and kissed her hand. She was all "giggly" acting.

After they took the picture, she wouldn't let my dad go! She kept pulling him back. So funny! Me and Alicia got up there. She sort glanced at us then shooed us away before we even took a pic! I was like, "But I'm Zorro's daughter!" She shrugged her shoulders, giving in.

While we were walking off, the Queen was brushing herself off like where we had touched her was dirty....LOL!

We had 30 minutes before closing time, so we walked back to the Haunted Mansion to see if it was open. No go. We headed to Adventureland to ride the Magic Carpets. I have never ridden that ride in the daytime. It's only fun at night to see all the pretty lights one. As we were going around, the camel spit at us! Me and Alicia's shirts got all wet because the camel is like right there by the carpets as you're going around. Alicia got wet a second time as we were descending! I found that quite amusing :rotfl:

While we were on the ride, this little boy had befriended my dad. He was in awe of him being Zorro!

Sadly, we headed to the front to leave :( The train station looked so pretty.

Here's some water art we saw on the concrete. This stuff is pretty darn cool.


Tinker Bell

That concludes our first MNSSHP. I had so much fun, but it will probably be a few years before going back :( My husband and I are going to start trying to having a baby next summer, and my goal is to take our baby to WDW for their first birthday. It was a tradition started by my parents. So, it may be 2 or more years before I'll attended the Halloween Party. Hopefully it'll still be as cool as this one was!

Thanks for reading!!!!

cmp1111 04-21-2010 10:44 PM

Wow, great night! That looked like a lot of fun. :goodvibes

coneygoil 04-22-2010 07:40 AM


Originally Posted by cmp1111 (Post 36360940)
Wow, great night! That looked like a lot of fun. :goodvibes

We had the best time! Thanks for reading :)

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