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everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:50 PM

everydaymathchick's DISigns*Heading to WDW!!*Will fill requests around 12/1*
:goodvibesHello Creative DISigns board!:goodvibes
Long story short - all my DISigns (all 120 of them as of September 25, 2010) are posted on this FIRST page of this thread as well as in my Photobucket under "All DISigns". I have worked very hard to name these DISigns specifically, so it would be super easy for you to make a request. Please use these names (above DISigns) to make your request, so that I will be able to fill it. Lately I've had to ask for more details, and that just delays your pixie dust. :rotfl: More FAQ are listed below for those of you who like a few more details.

Let's enjoy some FAQ together! :laughing:

Q: Where are my DISigns?
A: The next few posts of this thread have them sorted into categories (like Name Fills and such)
A: Most easily - My Photobucket (link in siggy) in the "DISigns for DISers" album then in the album "All DISigns".

Q: What if I see something in Photobucket but not here, and I want it?
A: Sure, just ask!A while back my computer was dropped, so I had to recreate all my work. I just haven't gotten around to re-creating them yet, so just ask. :rotfl:

Q: I love that Castle Design with all the mouse ears and names! Can I get it?
A: The one exception to re-creation is the castle design. Because I lost my templates for various group sizes, that design is too time-consuming and joy-reducing for me to continue. Sorry.

Q: Enough set up! How do I make a request?
1. Look through my thread or Photobucket and decide which design(s) you want. (I have many blanks there - feel free to personalize on your own if you wish, but if you want it personalized, request it from me please.)
2. Obviously the names you see here are generic. :) Check the link in my signature to my Photobucket. Click on the album "DISigns for DISers." There you will find all my designs by character and alphabetized by name personalization. I have done a TON of names. Please look there first!
3. Request your DISign HERE in this thread. I DO NOT take PM requests.
4. Request your DISign by the name it has listed above it in this thread or the title in Photobucket.
5. Be specific with your request: (a) Title of DISign, (b) Name(s) you want on each DISign (if personalized), (c) Any color changes you want (to name, background, etc), (d) Any font changes you want

Q: I love your style, but I don't see the character I'm looking for. Can I have a new DISign made by you?
A: By all means, yes! If you want a NEW DISign from me , I will take a request to make something new. Feel free to ask! Just keep in mind the above ways to request a DISign. Be specific, or I won't be able to complete your request.

Q: I made my request, when will it be filled?
A: I teach high school math :teacher:, and this is a hobby for my spare time. I left last Spring when this stopped being fun. Your request will be filled within two weeks in the order it was requested. I usually fill requests over the weekend and catch up all at once.

Q: But I'm going to WDW in 3 days, and I LOVE your DISigns and want to stay up all night making shirts! If I request in your thread, there are a ton of people in front of me! Can't I PM you special, last minute requests?
A: Sorry, the short answer is no. :confused3 If you PM me a request, I will ask you to come re-post your request here in this thread. Others plan well in advance to get their DISigns requested, completed, printed, and on their many projects. I know some of us find the DISigns board very late in our planning, but I can't let you line jump. Feel free to request, and tell me it's last minute and when you need it by. I'll see it and hopefully catch up to where you're at in time for you to get it. :hug: I'll make every effort I can to do so without driving myself crazy. ;)

Q: Finally - where do I find my completed request?
A: In this thread. I'm going to post images as thumbnails. Be sure to click on the image until it is as large as it will get (should say 100% in Photobucket) before you save the image. That should take you 2 clicks: once here and once more on the image in Photobucket. You can also find them in the Photobucket album with the name of the character.

Hope you enjoy my DISigns! Feel free to request away!
Oh yeah... Like many others have requested (due to bandwidth issues) please DO NOT QUOTE my DISigns. Use the title, the post number and description, etc to request... just don't quote. :)

Special thanks to Michelle, rumblytumbly, and Lemming_of_the_BDA for the use of their artwork as a base for my first DISigns! You rock!

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:51 PM

Mouse Ears Paintings

Alice Painting Ears

Dark Ariel Painting Ears

Light Ariel Painting Ears

Bambi Painting Ears

Belle Painting Ears

Chip & Dale Painting Ears

Cinderella Painting Ears

Fab 5 Painting Ears

Lady & the Tramps Painting Ears

Maleficent Painting Ears

Mickey & Pals Pirates Painting Ears

Mickey & Pals Pirates Jail Painting Ears

Pooh & Gang Painting Ears

Princesses Painting Ears

Sleeping Beauty Painting Ears

Snow White Painting Ears

Stitch Painting Ears

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:51 PM

Other Mouse Ears

Do You Dis Ears (Old Version)

New and Improved Do You Dis Ears
(can remove if you like - just let me know)

Fawn Ears

Iridessa Ears

Mickey Red Bow Tie Ears

Mickey Top Hat Ears

Minnie Christmas Bow Ears

Minnie Pink Bow Ears

Minnie Red Bow Ears

PotC Ears (a lot of ppl like to personalize this with "We ARRRRR celebrating a birthday!")

Rosetta Ears

Silvermist Ears

Black Tiara Ears (DISign by Michelle, text and effect by me, personalized with permission)

Pink Tiara Ears

Lime Tiara Ears

Tinkerbell Ears

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:52 PM

Oval Paintings

Some people requested that I change these so they weren't soooo "Disney" :lmao:, so here they are out of the Mouse Ears. :wizard:

Alice Painting Oval

Ariel Dark Painting Oval

Ariel Light Painting Oval

Belle Painting Oval

Chip and Dale Painting Oval

Cinderella Painting Oval

Fab 5 Painting Oval

Lady & the Tramp Painting Oval

Mickey & Pals Pirates Painting Oval

Mickey & Pals Pirates Jail Painting Oval

Pooh & Gang Painting Oval

Princesses Painting Oval

Sleeping Beauty Painting Oval

Snow White Painting Oval

Stitch Painting Oval

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:53 PM

Characters by Names
These are so easy for me to do. Again, if you don't see who you want, feel free to request a different character. :goodvibes Also, I can add or remove a border from each of these.

Aladdin by Name

Ariel by Name

Belle by Name

Bullseye by Name

Buzz and Woody by Name

Cinderella by Name

Giselle and Chip by Name

Jiminy Cricket by Name

Marie by Name

Classic Mickey by Name

Minnie by Name

Minnie Sitting by Name

Pluto by Name

Sleeping Beauty by Name

Snow White by Name

Tinkerbell by Name

WallE by Name (can remove border)

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:54 PM

Characters on Names
Like the "Characters by Names", if you don't see a character, just ask, and I can create a new design. These, however, are a little harder to do as I have to find the character sitting down or walking to do this. :cutie: Make sure you are specific that these are "ON" not "BY" the name.

Alice Sitting on Name

Ariel Sitting on Name

Donald Sitting on Name

Donald Walking on Name

Eeyore Laying on Name

Giselle Sitting on Name

Jasmine Sitting on Name

Lilo & Stitch Sitting on Name

Mulan Sitting on Name (can add Mushu to DISign as well)

Pocahontas Kneeling on Name

Pooh & Gang Hanging From Name

Snow White Sitting on Name

Stitch Sitting on Name

Tigger Laying on Name (with Butterfly)

Tigger Laying on Name (withOUT Butterfly)

Tigger Laying on Name (with Tambourine)

Tinkerbell Sitting on Name

Tinkerbell Sitting on Name (Black Background)

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:54 PM

Characters with Name (in other ways)

These didn't quite fit into my other categories. :rotfl2:

Beauty & the Beast with Couple's Name (can be just one name if you like)

Cinderella & Prince Charming with Couple's Name (can be just one name if you like)

Fairies on Toadstool with Name on Top

Lightning McQueen with Name on Top

Mary Poppins

Snow White with Name on Top

Tinkerbell with Name on Top

Tinkerbell Kneeling Over Name
(can change to white or black background; can remove border - so be specific if you want changes, otherwise will be as shown)

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:55 PM

Name Fills
I can fill a name with just about anything. If you don't see your character, just ask. Also, I can add text above, below, or across these if you like, and it's really pretty, so just ask.

Ariel Name Fill

Camp Rock 2 Name Fill

Chip and Dale Name Fill

Crush Name Fill

Doc Hudson Name Fill

Donald Name Fill

Fab Five Name Fill

Fairies Name Fill

Fairies Around Toadstool Name Fill

Fillmore Name Fill

Giselle & Edward Name Fill

Goofy Name Fill (I'm not sold on the border color on this one. I can change it if you like! :))

Incedibles Name Fill

Lightning McQueen Name Fill

Mater Name Fill

Mickey Name Fill

Peter Pan Name Fill

Pooh & Gang Name Fill

PotC Name Fill

Sally Name Fill

Simba and Nala Name Fill

Snow White Name Fill

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:56 PM

Name Fills Continued

Tiana Name Fill

Tiana with Frog Name Fill

Tinkerbell Name Fill

Toy Story Name Fill

Toy Story Aliens Name Fill

Toy Story Woody Name Fill

Villains Name Fill

WallE Name Fill

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:57 PM

Attractions & iPhone Backgrounds
This is all I have so far for Disney Attractions, but I hope to do more eventually. Be sure to tell me name and date (I can take date off) for this one. :hippie:

I decided to try my hand at some iPhone Wallpapers. :goodvibes I really made them for my phone, but I thought I would share. I'm more than happy to personalize or make one of my other DISigns into an iPhone wallpaper or take your idea and turn it into one as well. :wizard:

Easiest way I found to use these on my iPhone.
1. Upload the free Photobucket App.
2. Find my DISigns there.
3. Find the image you want and open it.
4. Touch the screen once to remove the words around the image.
5. Hold your round bottom button and top power button to save the image on your screen.
6. Then choose you image as your wallpaper in the settings spot on your iPhone.


Castle/Happy Place

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 03:57 PM

Countdown Calendar
This is a 50 day countdown calendar I made for my neice and nephew. Because of the computer space that would be needed to save the 51 individual templates it took to make this calendar, I DO NOT personalize it or change character within numbers, but it's free to use.

Each picture should print about 4 inches by 4 inches allowing you to staple the pages to rip off one day at a time. I was careful to use "boy" and "girl" characters to appease both children, so hopefully this will work for a lot of people.

Countdown continues in next post.

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 05:12 PM

Countdown Calendar Continued
Countdown calendar continued... remember, I do NOT personalize these or change the characters within the numbers.

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 05:12 PM

This is the last page of the countdown calendar. Costumes begin below.

I made these when I wanted a couple for my sister and I to wear as "costumes" to a Halloween party. I like them best with a black background (as shown), but all come with a white background as well in these the princess album and the prince album

I can add names if desired, but most choose not to have these personalized. If requesting personalization title is "(Name of character) Princess (or Prince) Costume".

On a white background (just so you can see):

vs a black background:

tete01830 04-10-2010 05:41 PM

Welcome Back!
Could I please have the kneeling Tinkerbell with the name Jillian.
As is with the blue border and that font

TIA! :goodvibes

everydaymathchick 04-10-2010 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by tete01830 (Post 36201477)
Welcome Back!
Could I please have the kneeling Tinkerbell with the name Jillian.
As is with the blue border and that font

TIA! :goodvibes

Somehow I knew this Tinkerbell DISign would be the first I would fill. :) Here you go. :goodvibes

This is my first time using the thumbnail image... Click on the image here. (It will take you to Photobucket.) Then click on the image there to make it full size before you save. :)

By the way there are a TON of "Jillian" Tinkerbell designs in my Photobucket Tinkerbell album if you're interested. I just noticed when I uploaded this one.

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