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erin.w 03-04-2010 08:32 PM

Erin + Rick's Wishes TR 4/4/11 UPDATE 1/17 : Our features!
I have decided to create a planning journal to keep a memento of planning and as a way to keep all my ideas in the same spot. I have enjoyed reading others journals and thought someone may enjoy reading mine as well!

Background: Rick and I met almost nine years ago when I had just graduated high school and was starting college. I had just moved into a new town with my mom and sister. Rick and I met through a love of Volkswagens and the rest is history! We have been a couple for just about 8 years. Since we have been together I made my way through undergraduate and graduate school, and have an “adult” job. Rick is 5 years older than I, so he already has the steady job, and luckily was able to help me out at times financially while I was in school.

Our Disney History: Somewhere in the middle of my college career Rick thought we should take a trip to Disney during my break. I hadn’t been to Disney since a one day visit during a band trip to Florida. And before that, only once when I was 3!

One way or another we decided to stay at Pop, and had a great time despite having no dining reservations (gasp!). Fast-forward to our next trip the following year where we decided to “splurge” and book AKL. Not long before our trip, Disney called telling us they had to move our reservation because of construction. They told us we would be moved to SSR in a studio. Not really knowing what that meant, we heartily agreed. Rushing to the computer to find out where we would be staying! Disney called not more than 15 minutes later with “bad news,” the news was that all the studios were booked and we were upgraded to a one-bedroom villa! Needless to say, during that visit we took the DVC tour, and were members less than 6 months later (I guess they made out on the “upgrade.”)

Up next: the proposal

I will try to include as many photos as possible, because I think that makes things more exciting!

erin.w 03-04-2010 09:08 PM

November 2009 Trip
Our last visit to the world was November of 2009. The trip was planned to celebrate Rick's birthday and our first visit to the Food and Wine Festival. Here we are at the beginning of the trip (when the park was decorated for Halloween):

The day Rick had planned to proposed we were leaving MK for our afternoon nap and a photopass photographer was standing near Crystal Palace. I asked him if he would take our photo and he was being silly and went to hand Rick the camera as if he should take a photo of the guy and I. I know weird. So then the photographer says to me, "go stand with your husband," me, "he's not my husband." him, "stand with your fiance," me, "he's not my fiance." him, "stand with your boyfriend." That I could do!

Well that wasn't all he had in store. He decided to pose us, and says "ok stand next to her," "now give her a kiss," "now get down on one knee and propose." And we laughed and went on with our day. Not knowing that we would be back in the park a few hours later and he would actually propose! Rick had planned on proposing that night and says he wishes he had the ring with him earlier in the day because he would have done it right then! And we would have had it captured on film!

Here is a photo of us at the resort after a nap and showering for the evening. (Little did I know this would essentially be an engagement photo!)

The proposal is coming up next, promise!

erin.w 03-04-2010 09:25 PM

Magic Kingdom
As we arrive at the turnstiles, we always "race" to see who can get into the park first, or who picks the slowest line! Needless to say, you can see who won here (notice the confused lady stopping Rick from winning the race):

After celebrating my victory we moved onward with our evening. The point for tonight was to go on as many rides as possible during EMH. And to get a picture of the castle in orange!

After the fireworks and the park began to clear I was ready to begin the mission, but apparently Rick had other plans. As he wandered aimlessly, I began to get frustrated that we weren't doing anything. As we walked behind the castle, I made sure to point out, "that's the fountain where a lot of people get engaged." I guess that was all that was needed. Not more than a few minuted later Rick had me walking back by the fountain, and said "I have this for you," and I wish I had a photo of the look on my face but I'm sure it looked something like this :eek: words were exchanged, you know the usual "will you marry me." And it was official! I grabbed some random stranger walking by to take a picture for us.

The fountain:

The ring:

Our first approval:

Needless to say, I was on cloud nine after calling my mom and sister, and didn't care if we rode a single ride that night! :cheer2:

padisneyfour 03-04-2010 10:32 PM

just wanted to say congrats and welcome:goodvibes

BecBennett 03-04-2010 10:42 PM

That is a pretty ring :cloud9:

I didn't get the usual "Will you marry me?" :laughing: DF went to hand me the ring and pulled it away saying "You didn't say yes yet!" and I grabbed it off him and said "That's because you didn't ask me anything!!" :rotfl:

We'll be in March 2011, so not that far apart :goodvibes

pink_tink8i8 03-04-2010 10:55 PM

congrats and welcome :goodvibes

erin.w 03-05-2010 10:03 AM

Thanks guys! My "disfear" is that I post a journal and no one responds! hehe I hope to get a better picture of my ring, to show all the detail!

Thanks again!

TinkLoverSam 03-05-2010 07:04 PM

I had the same fear, then realized that just becasue I READ everyone's planning journal doesn't mean they know I do, so I'm trying to post more to encourage others to return the favour. (I also really want LurkyLoo to post on my PJ but that's mostly cause I'm insane :lmao:)

Pirate's Princess 03-05-2010 09:14 PM

Dont have disfear! Even when individuals don't post, it's really nice to have everything all laid and it's a great place to just jot down ideas (plus it's almost always accessible) And plus, people will post!

Great engagement story. That would have been hilarious if he was actually proposing during the photo staging! Great ring. Can't wait to read more.

DVC Bride 2011 03-15-2010 10:57 PM

Glad to see a fellow CTer also getting married next spring! I love your engagement story...that fountain is awesome. My mom, who has read these boards for years, always points out to me that it's a popular engagement spot.

Can't wait to see more of your plans!

erin.w 06-25-2010 10:18 PM

After much time has passed, I promised myself to get back to this, if only to keep my thoughts in order. Thanks for the well wishes!

Things are going to be in fast forward in the next post or so, as planning is in full swing!

Up next: Site visit trip for my birthday this past May 2010.

erin.w 06-25-2010 10:41 PM

Somehow while we were there on our trip in November, I found out DFTW was having an open house, so I went by myself. I think the whole engagement thing was too new for Rick, and myself, but I knew I could not miss the opportunity to check things out.

While at the open house I met Joe DeMatei, and we chatted a bit about the little details we had in mind. I am glad I went because when I got home I was able to check in with him through email and by a phone call in the beginning process of planning.

Through the many emails with Joe we decided on an April wedding in 2011.
We wanted to get married in Epcot, but were told we couldn't if we wanted to use an outside photographer. The one thing I didn't want to change was who I wanted to photograph the event, I had my heart set on the Roots.

Initially we wanted the ceremony at SBP, but when the date came to "pencil in" our location, we got the disappointing news that it was being held for a convention. Joe checked to see if this was their backup location or if they are definitely going to use it, and they will be so that changed our plans there. We considered the beach locations, but I thought it would cost too much in decorations to make it look like the vision in my head. We were pretty settled on the wedding gazebo as we didn't have many other options and liked the way it looked!

After feeling like we had changed our minds 1000 times I thought it would be important to check out the sites before making a final decision. (although we were pencilled in for WG, Summerhouse, Citricos, and French Upper)

This leads us to my birthday/site visit/engagement photo/flower and garden festival/family trip in May. :wizard:

erin.w 06-25-2010 10:59 PM

Family started asking about the wedding before we were going so I thought it would be helpful to send out STDs (I giggle everytime I see that abbreviation) :lmao:

I had worked in an invitation studio when I was in grad school, so I wanted some nicer wedding stationery (well as much as the budget would allow). Without further adieu this is what we came up with:

The company we ordered from:

This orange was a bit more "orange" than I had hoped for but I didn't want to have to change them as I wanted them to go out before we left for our trip!

I made these on vistaprint as I had a discount code for them (I backed them with the blue paper myself to give them a little more substance as they were a little flimsy).

Our thank you notes:
They really are white and not glossy, just a bad photo.

So with our save the dates in the mail directing our future guests to our wedding website for updated information we departed for Disney! :cheer2:

erin.w 06-25-2010 11:31 PM

Rick and I are DVC members and usually visit WDW two times a year, one short trip in the spring and a longer one in the fall. We wanted to save some points and booked a value studio at the AKL.

We were pleasantly surprised with our view, joking that we would probably get the "dumpster view."

Found this cute little guy waiting for us:

Here are a couple photos from the flower and garden festival:

Little family checking out the event:

Prior to departing for our trip we had to book our wedding reservations through DVC, but were only able to book the first part of our wedding/honeymoon trip. We knew we wanted to book concierge level (and saved the points to do so), I got up first thing the morning to book exactly 11 months out. We were lucky enough to get a studio concierge level for the first half. :woohoo:

A few days after the wedding, we decided that we would go on a short cruise, and booked a 3 day cruise on DCL. That way we would spend a couple days with the guests after the wedding, go on the cruise, then back to the resorts for the rest of our honeymoon (after all the guests went back home). I think this will work out nicely.

The day that we had the site visit planned with Joe I had to book the second half of the honeymoon. Here's mom and I waiting to call member services before meeting up with Joe.

And we got it! :banana::cool1: Whew, now that that was settled, it was time to meet Joe and check out the locations.

Ceremony location (wedding gazebo):

I hope the flowers match our colors next year. :laughing: I like that it looks nice without a lot of additions (budget saving).

Reception location (Citricos):

Dessert Party location (France upper):

Here are the flowers waiting in the room for me on my birthday from Rick.

Up next engagement photos!

erin.w 06-25-2010 11:37 PM

Have to say we loved loved loved Nathan and Jensey Root and can't wait to see them again on our wedding day! Here are some photos from our engagement session.

And our favorite:

They were awesome to work with, and the hour we spent wandering around the resort with them was a lot of fun!

Up next: Etsy finds and my addiction to all things Etsy :surfweb:

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