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figmentgirl 01-21-2010 11:59 AM

Have you gone to WDW during Mid-March?
My family will be there from the 13th to the 18th. What was the weather like during your trip? How often did it rain? Did you go swimming? How hot did it get? How cold?

I am aware I need to pack for all temps and weather conditions but I would love to hear what the weather was like when you went.

Thanks in advance:goodvibes

Lava124 01-21-2010 12:03 PM

We went last year Match 10th-16th.The weather was beautiful for the most part.It was in the mid to upper 70's for the highs and low to mid 60's for lows.We did not go swimming at all but we did see people at the pool all week.We also had no rain.This is one of our favorite times to go along with October.

IwannaseeMickey 01-21-2010 12:05 PM

So how were the crowds that week? Were the spring break crowds there yet?

Disneylvr 01-21-2010 12:13 PM

We were there mid-March last year. March 14-21 to be exact. The weather was GORGEOUS and we went swimming most days. I thought the pool (at CBR) was a little cool but it was still possible to swim. As for park crowds, yes it was very crowded. Our resort was also the hotel for high school/college baseball and lacrosse spring training. Even with the crowds we thought it was manageable with careful planning.

MelanieC 01-21-2010 12:43 PM

I was there 3/20-3/24 last year and it was really hot. The cheerleaders I was with did swim, the pool is heated. It was average busy, actually the same as the summer.

longtime member 01-21-2010 12:44 PM

We were there in March a few years ago.
The weather was absolutely beautiful !! Low-mid 70s in the day, wear a sweatshirt at night! It was kind of cool for me to go swimming, but the kids didn't seem to care!!

As far as the crowds go, it wasn't empty, but it wasn't nearly like summer crowds either. It was the first time we went during non-peak times, so we were very pleasantly surprised!!

figmentgirl 01-21-2010 01:18 PM


I'm expecting crowds, but this news about the beautiful weather has me smiling BIG:goodvibes

I'm headed out to run some errands but I'm going to be in the Poly in my head:love:

Thanks All!

skinsfan2878 01-21-2010 01:25 PM

We were there March 13-21 last year, and I thought it was great. I am used to going in the summer, so I thought the crowds were low and the weather was fantastic. I was able to walk right onto ToT and Space Mountain, and anyone who has been during summer can tell you is impossible. I loved it, and we have another trip planned for the same week.

g-dad66 01-21-2010 01:35 PM

We were there March 16-23, and I thought it was definitely more crowded than our August 1-6 trip.

The only wall-to-wall people day we had, however, was our Fantasmic-day at DSH. 80 minutes wait-time for RnR by 9:15 a.m. (not an EMH day either!), and it was difficult to walk through the park most of the day.

Agree with others about beautiful weather. We swam every day, and didn't have one drop of rain.

PoohsFan1 01-21-2010 03:09 PM

We were there last year from 3/16-3/25 and we thought it was great. The weather was awesome (no rain), during the day it got into the 80s and at night it was around 70s (we always kept a lightweight jacket wrapped around our waists just in case). There were definitely crowds, but if you knew how to manage them, they were not a bother. We never waited for a ride that was more than 30 mins wait, if there was one, then we would come back later to we used FPs all the time, I don't think there was a time where we didn't have a FP in hand. We enjoyed March last year so much, that we have another trip planned for this coming March. However we are going 1 week later therefore the crowds will probably be a lot worse, but I am not worried.

DisneyBamaFan 01-21-2010 03:15 PM

My B'day is 3/19, and my son's is 3/18, so we have tried it a few times. Great weather, but we have hit horrible crowds every time - horrible. The last time that we tried it (a few years ago), MK was scheduled to close at midnight, but the crowds were such that they decided to leave it open until 3AM. Yeah - shoulder to shoulder, forget the rides and enjoy the scenery kind of crowds... :lmao:

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