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corinnak 01-16-2010 02:34 PM

QOTD Archive for monthly WISH Away the Pounds thread (The Biggest Loser Challenges)
This is a record of the Questions of the Day from the 2010 Biggest Loser Challenges It will assist coaches in not duplicating questions and members who may have missed a few questions!

The current Month's questions will be in this first window and be archived below at the conclusion of each month.

Fall Challenge,

11/1 Monday QOTD: What is your favorite holiday? What is your favorite food during that holiday? Any plans to change menu or recipes for that holiday in the future to make it healthier?

11/2 Tuesday QOTD:What's your favorite tv show?

11/3 Wednesday QOTD:If Disney were going to close its doors, what would be the last attraction you would want to visit/ride and what would be your last meal at Disney?

11/4 Thursday QOTD: What is your favorite cookbook/ cooking magazine?

11/5 Friday QOTD: Think about where you were at the start of your journey and where you are now. List at least one positive thing that you have accomplished. This can be about anything--really think about how your life has changed. I know everyone has at least one thing, because I can think of at least one thing for everyone!

11/6 Saturday QOTD: How did you find the DIS and other than the BL thread, where else do you "hang out" on the dis? Are you members of any other internet boards too? Have you ever done a trip report and if you have you could share the link.

11/7 Sunday QOTD: Question of the Day: If there could be a 5th Disney World Park what theme would you like to see? Would it be a fully extreme park or a combination like the other parks are now?

11/8 Monday QOTD: What is your favorite way to get yourself back on track?

11/9 Tuesday QOTD: Name your 5 favorite condiments. Condiments are fun and add a lot of flavor without many calories (well maybe mayo and stuff can be overdone). Can be coffee syrups, jellies, barbecue sauce etc. Spices don't count as they are totally safe.

11/10 Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite Disney-inspired quote?

11/11 Thursday QOTD: Share your favorite lines from a song that speak TO you or ABOUT you.

11/12 Friday QOTD: If you were presented with a blank check, that had to be used on you or your household, no holds barred, what would you do with it?

11/13 Saturday QOTD: Is there something in your past that affected your weight/health NOW that you would like to do-over?

11/14 Sunday QOTD: What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Do you have any special traditions?

11/15 Monday QOTD: Mondays are hard! What is one thing you have to look forward to this week?

11/16 Tuesday QOTD: What do you do for an instant mood enhancer, that's not food/exercise related, when you've got the blahs?

11/17 Wednesday QOTD: Think back through your weight loss journey, what have you learned about yourself along the way?

11/18 Thursday QOTD: What are you going to eat today?

11/19 Friday QOTD: With the busy holiday season upon us, what is one of the easiest things you can do to help you stay on track with the healthy lifestyle?

11/20 Saturday QOTD: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food or foods? Or if you don't celebrate t-day, your favorite holiday food from any holiday?

Mini Challenges:

11/19 Friday Mini-Challenge: Drink 8 8 oz. glasses (or more) of water today. As always, 1 8 oz. of coffee or tea counts.

11/20 Saturday and Sunday 11/21 Mini-Challenge: Spend 10 minutes planning out what you will be eating on Thanksgiving. If you aren't entirely sure what the options are that day, try to find out, but only spend 10 minutes doing so. Then, when you have finished, or sometime later in the weekend, take 10 minutes to do something other than eating just for yourself. Holidays can be stressful, and it's important that we take care of ourselves at this busy time of the year.

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:34 PM

Biggest Loser 9 Spring Challenge

January QOTD

Pre-challenge QOTD: I thought I would do a warm up QOTD (Question of the Day) for the next couple of days while we wait for our challenge to officially start. As you chime in on our new thread -- so we know we didn't lose you -- please introduce yourself.

1/1 Sunday QOTD: Here is our QOTD (Question of the Day): Do you have a goal for this challenge?
1/1 Sunday Bonus QOTD: And a bonus QOTD do you want to have a group goal for this challenge?

1/2 Monday QOTD: Yesterday we talked about our goals for this challenge, today's QOTD is do you have a plan in place to help you reach your goals for the challenge?

1/3 Sunday QOTD: If you were at Disneyworld or Disneyland right now what would you be doing?

1/4 Monday QOTD: Do you have other goals in your life that are not health related? If so, do they help your efforts or hinder them?

1/5 Tuesday QOTD: So in honor of the new season starting today's QOTD (Question of the Day is: Do you plan on watching Biggest Loser this season? Have you watched it before and do you like it or not?

1/6 Wednesday QOTD: QOTD: is what is your first smaller goal that you want to reach in this challenge?

1/7 Thursday QOTD: what is one thing that you have learned from the first week of the challenge that you can use next week to help you?

1/8 Friday QOTD: I treat myself every day with something that I totally love, but in a small portion! Do you treat yourself, especially if you've been extra good during the day, with something you totally love? What is your treat?

1/9 Saturday QOTD: What are you going to do this weekend to stay OP? Do you give yourself the weekend off from exercise and watching what you eat?

1/10 Sunday QOTD: When was your last trip to Disney or when will you first/next trip be? Did you try to eat healthy while there or just go with the flow?

1/11 Monday QOTD: QOTD: Do you plan out a menu for the week over the weekend?

1/12 Tuesday QOTD: What is your favorite day of the week? And why?

1/13 Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite healthy snack?

1/14 Thursday QOTD: While we work on getting healthy it is important to think positively and be proud of any achievements that we make, no matter how big or small? SO, What is your favorite thing about yourself? This could be a body part that looks good or something that just makes you feel good.

1/15 Friday QOTD: Looking back on the first two (ish) weeks of the year, how do you feel about your progress oh your resolution to lose weight? Is it going how you anticipated? Are you as motivated as you were on January 1?

1/16 Saturday QOTD: What defines you as a person? If you were to lose all the weight tomorow, what would still be the same about you? What would be different?

1/17 Sunday QOTD: What is one good thing you can do for yourself this weekend?

1/18 Monday QOTD: What is your favorite leisure activity?

1/19 Tuesday QOTD: What are the obstacles you encounter on your journey of personal change?

1/20 Wednesday: Now that you have identified your obstacles, how can you overcome them to reach your goals?

1/21 Thursday QOTD: What's one healthy swap you can make in your eating?

1/22 Friday QOTD: What is a fitness goal you have for 2010?

1/23 Saturday QOTD: If you could take a 'fitness' vacation (money no object), where would you go and why?

1/24 Sunday QOTD: If you could posses one 'power', what would it be and why?

1/25 Monday QOTD: Who inspires/motivates you on your health/fitness/weight loss journey?

1/26 Tuesday QOTD:What is your favorite Disney Resort?

1/27 Wednesday QOTD: How do you reward yourself along your health/fitness/weight loss journey?

1/28 Thursday QOTD: If you could create/invent a ride or attraction at DW or DL, what would it be and why?

1/29 Friday QOTD: What kind of changes have you made to your life/schedule to be sure that you can stick to your plan (diet plan/exercise plan, etc)?

1/30 Saturday QOTD: I have a question for everyone: What do you think your ideal size would be?

1/31 Sunday QOTD: What are you most afraid of in regards to this weight loss journey?

February QOTD:

2/1 Monday QOTD: What is one of your "can't-live-without" healthy foods (or recipe)?

2/2 Tuesday QOTD:Is there a particular season of the year when you find it easier to keep up a healthy lifestyle (eating, exercise)?

2/3Wednesday QOTD: What is/was the WORST thing (in your opinion) about being overweight/out of shape/unhealthy?

2/4 Thursday QOTD: If you could spend just one day at WDW, how would you spend it??

2/5 Friday QOTD - Now that we have been doing this challenge for a little over a month now. What is working for you, what is not working for you. Do you feel you are on track and if not what can you do to get yourself back on track?

2/6 Saturday QOTD: What is something you have learned from reading a book, watching a tv show, heard from someone, etc. that really clicked and helped you in your weight loss journey?

2/7 Sunday QOTD: Today is Superbowl Sunday - What is your plan to succeed today?

2/8 Monday QOTD: What are the tools that you use most in your weight loss journey?

2/9 Tuesday QOTD: Do you have a reward for reaching goal? Or mini-goals?

2/10 Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite Season and why?

2/11 Thursday QOTD: I like food makeover's when you find a way to eat a favorite food, but you make it a lot healthier. What is a makeover to a food recipe that you enjoyed?

2/12 Friday QOTD: What do you still find to be a challenge in your weight loss journey and what is one step you can take to overcome it?

2/13 Saturday QOTD: What are some successes you have had that do not include the number on the scale?

2/14 Sunday QOTD: Share a quote, saying or idea that keeps you motivated.

2/15 Monday QOTD:On Valentine's Day it is easy to do nice things for those you love, but...what is one nice thing you can do for yourself today?

2/16 Tuesday QOTD: Breakfast is such an important way to start the day but many of us struggle with this first step of the day. What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

2/17 Wednesday QOTD: Let's talk about scales! Do you weigh yourself everyday? Do you only weigh once or twice a week? What time of the day do you weigh yourself? Do you feel your scale is really accurate and want to recommend it to others? Share your advice when it comes to the scale.

2/18 Thursday QOTD: What did you try new for exercising and what did you think about it? If you did not try something new, what is a new exercise that you would like to try?

2/19 Friday QOTD: Is there a healthy food swap you tried to make that surprised you with how well it worked? Is there one that just didn't work at all for you?

2/20 Saturday QOTD: What is your favorite Olympic sport? Is there an Olympian who has inspired you past or present? (And no, I don't mean Zeus or Poseidon!)

2/21 Sunday QOTD: What will you do today to ensure you will feel less stressed about the coming week?

2/22 Monday QOTD: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off to Lose Weight We Go! (recycling from the last BL Challenge -- it's good for the environment!) If you were one of the seven dwarfs, which one would you be today -- Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful or Dopey?

2/23 Tuesday QOTD: Where on your body do you first see weight loss? Is there a part you are just waiting to see (or have just seen) emerge?

2/24 Wednesday QOTD: What Disney Resort Hotel best expresses your personality, and why?

2/25 Thursday QOTD: Bippity Boppity Boo! Your Fairy Godmother has just switched your body with your BFF, ala Freaky Friday. What advice does the person in charge of your body need to hear today?

2/26 Friday QOTD: We are all on the same journey to good health and weight loss. When did the journey start for you? Was weight something you always struggled with or has it crept up on you over the years?

2/27 Saturday QOTD: Since we're all disney fans, when did your love for all things disney begin? Did you get the disney magic from the first time you entered a disney park, or was it a love that gradually built up?

2/28 Sunday QOTD: What is your favorite thing to do at one of the disney parks, be it a ride, show, restaurant, etc? Of course you can have multiple answers.

March QOTD:

3/1 Monday QOTD: How are you feeling about your progress? Not just the number on the scale, but the other healthy changes you've made. Are you still as motivated as you were a month or two months ago? As we continue into a new season, what can you do to keep motivated?

3/2 Tuesday QOTD: List 5 good things in your life that you are grateful for.

3/3 Wednesday QOTD: We all know that diet and activity contribute to our success at weight loss. Do you find diet or exercise to be more of a challenge for you? What can you do to overcome these challenges?

3/6 Saturday QOTD: Let's say you went to Disney and ate everything in site even though you have been enjoying a healthy lifestyle for months (), how do you get back on the wagon when you get back? Do you weigh in right away or try to lose some of the weight gain before checking in with the you struggle getting back on track?

3/7 Sunday QOTD: Now that there have been another 4 weeks added to the Challenge, are you planning on changing your challenge goal with LuvBaloo? or are you just going to think of it as a bonus 4 weeks to get to your original goal?

3/8 Monday QOTD: What is one thing you do for yourself when you want to feel better physically that does not involve weight loss/exercise?

3/9 Tuesday QOTD: Name some differences in your life pre BL Challenge and current.

3/10 Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite that makes you smile or laugh or doesn't's just got to be a fave!

3/12 Friday QOTD: What are some of your favorite portable snacks and/or meals? Do you have any "brown bag" success stories to share?

3/13 Saturday QOTD: Who is your favorite Disney Sidekick, Supporting or Incidental Character? AND Where/from whom do you get support on your own weight loss journey?

3/14 Sunday QOTD: Why is losing weight important to you? Do you have any methods for keeping these reasons in the forefront?

3/15 Monday QOTD: What (aside from eating!) do you to do deal with stress and/or over-scheduling?

3/16 Tuesday QOTD: What are some things you have enjoyed about the process of losing weight so far? Whether it be new favorite foods, attitudes, activities or something else, tell us what keeps you happy on your plan.

3/17 - Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite green food?

3/18 Thursday QOTD: How do you feel about the idea of power as it relates to your efforts to change your body?

3/19 Friday QOTD: When it comes to weight loss, what works best for you? Counting calories, low carb, weight watchers....Why do you think this works better than the others?

3/20 Saturday QOTD: Have you been able to go along this weight loss journey without spending much money or have you spent a lot? I'm not talking food here, just in terms of ww fees, videos, garmins, equipment, that type of thing.

3/21 Sunday QOTD: Not really weight loss related but, what are your favorite Disney restaurants and why? What's your favorite meal there?

3/22 Monday QOTD: Do you have what you would consider a "trouble spot"? Is there anything you are doing to spot reduce it even though we are often told that spot reduction doesn't really work? And if so, is it working?

3/23 Tuesday QOTD: So yesterday we talked about trouble spots, today I want you to tell me what you like best about your body. Why is this spot your favorite?

3/24 Wednesday QOTD: When it comes to exercise, which do you feel is more important, cardio or strength? And why?

3/25 Thursday QOTD: What have you done to get your family on board with your new healthy lifestyle? Are they excited to try new things with you or do they grumble about the changes?

3/26 Friday QOTD: How do you deal with treats? Do you have a splurge day, avoid them altogether, find healthy treats?

3/27 Saturday QOTD: What's your favorite exercise to do with others? Is there an exercise you get the whole family involved in?

3/28 Sunday QOTD: This question is 2 parts and you can answer one or both. What is your favorite healthy food at WDW or DL? What is your favorite healthy food when dining out?

3/29 Monday QOTD:What can you do to stay positive when you have a setback with your weight loss journey?

3/30 Tuesday QOTD: I know in the past few weeks we've talked about finding time to exercise and balancing everything we have going on. I saw a fun question in the last issue of Real Simple: What's the funniest, craziest or most embarrassing thing you've done to save time? And my own follow up, do you have any time-saving tips for the rest of us? How do you fit in preparing healthy meals, exercise, and "me" time?

3/31 Wednesday QOTD: Today's question was inspired by the Going Skiing blog, which talks about our "inner toddlers." You know the part of yourself that doesn't want to go to the gym, tantrums for candy, etc. What unhealthy things does your inner toddler want to do? How can you parent your inner toddler to choose healthy foods and exercise?

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:37 PM

April QOTD:

4/1 Thursday QOTD: People who are more active just in their daily lives can burn hundreds of more calories than their sedentary counterparts. What can you do to increase your non-exercise activity

4/2 Friday QOTD: With Easter and Passover upon us, what is your favorite holiday treat? This treat can be from any holiday not just Easter and Passover!

4/3 Saturday QOTD: Tell us about your first trip to Disney (WDW or DL or any other Disney parks). How did you find out about the trip, how did you feel at first glance of the castle or park icon, anything you want to share! If you haven't yet experienced Disney when are you hoping to go and what are you hoping to do while there.

4/4 Sunday QOTD: What is the first thing that you do at each park when you arrive?

4/5 Monday QOTD: Did you make any special changes for the Easter holiday that was healthy? Change a recipe or add something extra to make it less caloreis? Eat less? Buy less candy?

4/6 Tuesday QOTD: What reality show, besides BL, would you like to participate in and why?

4/7 Wednesday QOTD: I'm going to back to fun questions! What is you favorite game? It can be a video game, board game, card game, etc!

4/8 Thursday QOTD:Who is your all time favorite music group or singer?

4/8 Thursday BONUS Question: What are you reading now? Do you prefer to read a book or listen to an audiobook?

4/9 Friday QOTD: I think that most of us have a future event that adds to our drive to lose weight or just look better. What is the event that you are working towards?.

4/10 Saturday QOTD:What's your shoe of choice for Disney?

4/11 Sunday QOTD: What is your clothing of choice for the Disney parks. I'm thinking bottoms.

4/12 Monday QOTD: Part of the weight loss process if figuring out why we gained weight in the first place and figuring out strategies to avoid the causes. What was your weight loss catalyst and how do you manage or avoid the catalyst.

4/13 Tuesday QOTD: Since today's (yesterday's) question was thought provoking and serious, I want today's to be fun. So tell us something about you that we don't already know.

4/14 Wednesday's QOTD: Looking back at past vacations, what was your favorite Non Disney vacation?

4/15 Thursday QOTD: for Thursday: Since most people mentioned that Disney vacations were their favorites I've decided to add a twist. What was your favorite non park Disney activity while on vacation?

4/16 Friday QOTD: Do you wear/use a pedometer? If so, do you think it helps you on your weight loss journey? If not, is there a reason why you don't? Do you think that it could help you on your journey?

4/17 Saturday QOTD: What is one exercise/sport, etc. you have always wanted to try and/or wish you fit more into your schedule?

4/18 Sunday QOTD: If you had 2 hours all to yourself, what would you do?

4/19 Monday QOTD: Here is another "what if" question. Mickey Mouse sent you $100 to spend on you only. How would you spend it?

4/20 Tuesday QOTD: Share how you drink lots of water during the day.

4/21 Wednesday QOTD: Yesterday I ate something I thought was low in points. Tell us about a food/meal that you thought was healthy and really wasn't. It can be homemade, store-bought, or restaurant-made.

4/22 Thursday QOTD: What forum(s), other than WISH, do you frequent on the DISBoards?

4/23 Friday QOTD: Which disney princess would you most like to look like?

4/24 Saturday QOTD: Who is your favorite overweight female celebrity?

4/25 Sunday QOTD:What's your favorite scent?

4/26 Monday QOTD: What are your 3 favorite inspirational movies?

4/27 Tuesday QOTD : Share with us something you have done lately that you are proud of.

4/28 Wednesday QOTD: ...hmm What are your favorite diet supplements? What has worked for you.

4/29 Thursday QOTD: What is/was your favorite piece of clothing? It could be anything from a prom dress to a ragged old tshirt.

4/30 Friday QOTD: How do you plan for a successful weekend?


5/1 Saturday QOTD: How will you decide what your final weight should be? Are you thinking of a weight that you "remember" being? Are you using a guide based on your height? Did you have one weight in mind but are re-thinking that goal?

5/2 Sunday QOTD: What is it that you do to pamper yourself? or...if you are using rewards to help get you through this...what is your favorite reward to yourself for doing a good job?

5/3 Monday's QOTD: What can you commit to as we near the end of our BL challenge?

5/4 Tuesday QOTD: What is one Disney thing you dream of doing one day?

5/5 Wednesday's QOTD: What is ONE thing you could not live without for this challenge? It could be a food, it could be a workout video, a piece of equipment, whatever....just share what is the most important.

5/6 Thursday QOTD: What is one thing you will commit to today to help you stay on track (or get you back on track, or prepare you for tomorrow's weigh in, etc.)?

5/7 Friday QOTD: Exercise...we know we need it not just for weight loss but to maintain, tone, and have healthier lungs and hearts, but sometimes inertia is soooooooooo hard to overcome! What do you use to get you moving when all you want to do is skip it (not because of a planned rest day or being sick)? Do you have tricks you use to sneak a workout in, pep talks you give yourself?

5/13 Thursday QOTD: Congratulations! You've just won a trip to week, all expenses choose your resort! This is a dream trip, kids are excused from school and work is covered. When would you go and where would stay? (Sorry, the Castle Suite is not included. )

5/14 A little break!

5/15 Saturday QOTD: What are the warning signs for you that you are maybe starting to lose your way on this lifelong journey? Is is eating more? Not journaling your food? Skipping workouts? And the more important part of this.... HOW DO YOU GET BACK ON TRACK?

5/16 Sunday QOTD: My love of the "bad" chinese foods (dumplings, lo mein, crab rangoon) prompts this question... What is your favorite healthy ethnic food?

5/17 Monday QOTD: How do you imagine your life will change once your reach your goal weight (or get nearer to it anyhow)? Will you be more confident? More outgoing? More athletic? More energetic? Or still just the same old you, but thinner?

5/18 Tuesday QOTD: Someone has invented a "mail time machine" and you can send letters back in time. You decide to sit down today and write a letter to yourself that you will receive the day you START this weight loss journey (whether it was 2 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or two years ago). What will you say? What tips or tricks will you give yourself? Will you be firm with yourself, like you would be with a misbehaving child? Write this letter to yourself here.

5/17 Wednesday QOTD: What is your DREAM career/job? Don't worry about education, income level, hours, etc. Just tell us your DREAM job.

5/19 Thursday QOTD: As our Spring Challenge comes to an end, what is one thing you learned that you think you will carry forward in your life and in your ongoing weight loss/maintenance journey?

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:38 PM


5/27 Thursday QOTD: Tell us a little about yourself and your goals for this challenge.

5/28 Friday QOTD: We talked a little yesterday about ourselves and our goals for this challenge. Today's question is what is your plan to help you reach your goals?

5/29 Saturday QOTD: Do you have any plans for the summer? How will they help or hinder you reaching your goals for this challenge?

5/30 Sunday QOTD: If you were at Disneyland or WDW right now what would you be doing?

5/31 Monday QOTD: What is your best tip to avoid temptation?

6/1 Tuesday QOTD: Do you have other ways to measure your progress besides the scale?

6/2 Wednesday QOTD: What is your secret for staying consistent?

6/3 Thursday QOTD: Tell us one thing that you can do today to get help get yourself where you want to be.

6/4 Friday QOTD is a 2 part question: Today was our first weigh in of the challenge. What was your biggest CHALLENGE last week in your weight loss journey, and what step(s) can you take to remove it? AND what was your biggest VICTORY, and how did you make it happen?

6/5 Saturday QOTD: Saturday's QOTD:What can/do you do to reduce stress?

6/6 Sunday QOTD: What is it about WDW or DL that pulls you back?

6/7 Monday QOTD: What's for dinner?

6/8 Tuesday QOTD: QOTD: How have your IRL friends and family impacted your weight loss goals either negatively or positively?

6/9 Wednesday QOTD: What eating/nutrition plan are you following to help you with your lifestyle and weight loss goals?

6/10 Thursday QOTD: Take three minutes, and list as many things as you can that make you happy. Have fun, I want us to laugh and smile today!

6/11 Friday QOTD: Describe your trip to the grocery store. How do you tackle this task?

6/12 Saturday QOTD: What is your favorite beverage?

6/13 Sunday QOTD: As we start a new calendar week, the school year is ending, and/or summer vacations are imminent, what is one thing you are looking forward to in the next few days?

6/14 Monday QOTD: What is one "treat" (your definition) you have to fit into your new healthier lifestyle?

6/15 Tuesday QOTD: Share your idea of the perfect way to end a day at WDW or DL

6/16 Wednesday QOTD: Some of us are heading to WDW and DL soon and would love to make healthy choices. What is one (or more) healthy snack, meal, etc. you have found at a Disney park?

6/17 Thursday QOTD: In last week's episode of Losing It with Jillian, Jillian mentioned that exercise can be fun and family time. How do you get in exercise that meets either or both?

Week of 6/18 Every Day QOTD: What is for dinner tonight?

6/18 Friday QOTD: Name one thing you miss about being a kid.

6/19 Saturday QOTD: Do you like living where you live? Why? (only give out as much information as you are comfortable giving out)

6/20 Sunday QOTD: What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?

6/21 Monday QOTD: If you had a time machine that could take you back to any year (or era), what year would you return to?

6/22 Tuesday QOTD: Name one thing that not many people know about you.

6/23 Wednesday QOTD:You are making a trip down the green mile... what is your last unhealthy meal? Healthy meal?

6/24 Thursday QOTD: Tell us a little about your last trip to Disney... (if you haven't been to Disney yet, tell us what you look forward to the most).

6/25 Friday QOTD Part 1: What item in your kitchen has helped you the most in your journey to better health!
Part 2: Name one song that really gets you moving! ( I need some new music for my iPod and would love suggestions)!

6/26 Saturday QOTD:What is your biggest guilty pleasure food item at WDW?

6/27 Sunday QOTD: Career and health? Does yours help or hinder you?

6/28 Monday QOTD: What is your favorite old tv series from when you were growing up that you wish was still on or they would revive? (I'm into fun questions for during the week!)

6/29 Tuesday QOTD: What is your favorite singer or band of all time?

6/30 Wednesday QOTD: What is your current favorite tv show?

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:39 PM

7/1 Thursday QOTD: What is your favorite reward treat?

7/2 Friday QOTD: How do you plan to stay on track over this holiday weekend. Now is the time to think about it and for all of us to come up with a plan today that we can stick to this weekend.

7/3 Saturday QOTD: What place do you dream of visiting someday. This can be anywhere in the World.

7/4 Sunday QOTD: What is your favorite summer activity to do with your family?

7/5 Monday QOTD:

7/6 Tuesday QOTD: Since there has been much discussion about Toy Story 3 (which we have yet to see )...What is your favorite Disney Movie of all time?
Part 2: What is your favorite Disney television program?

7/7 Wednesday QOTD: What is your favorite Disney song? You know the one that plays and you can't help but think of your last Disney vacation.

7/8 Thursday QOTD: What Walt Disney World Beverage is not to be missed? I'd like to broaden my horizons and I've heard mention of frozen Margaritas, what else is out there that you just can't pass up?

7/9 Friday QOTD: This question comes from my husband. Several years ago we were in Epcot waiting for the boat to go to the far side of World Showcase. His questions was rate the parks in order of your favorites.

7/10 Saturday QOTD: There have been reports that when we help others we feel better about ourselves. Do you have a favorite charity that you like to help out with?

7/11 Sunday QOTD: What is the one thing that has helped you to eat healthier? Was it an inspiration such as WW or did something happen to make you eat healthier?

7/12 Monday QOTD: Have you ever done a special tour at Disney World? If so, what was it and what was it like?

7/13 Tuesday QOTD: How many brothers and sisters do you have? In every family there is a responsible one and the one where everyone says, "That's just so and so." Which are you?

7/14 Wednesday QOTD: If you are not going to DW or DL this year what is the one thing you will miss?

7/15 Thursday QOTD: There has been a lot of talk the last couple of days of what we are doing wrong. For today I want each of us to say one thing that we have done right.

7/16 Friday QOTD: It seems that many of us are struggling this week, and after reading yesterdays' responses to the qotd, we're all doing many positive things. Whether you're happy with your weighin, or not, what is one thing you can commit to this week to either keep you on track, or help you get back on track?

7/17 Saturday QOTD- What is your favorite, healthy summer meal?
Corn on the Cob and Veggie Burgers or the Yves veggie dogs on the grill (now that Morningstar Farms is out of the Dog business)

7/18 Sunday QOTD- What is your favorite non-disney vacation spot? Tough call. We love Northern Michigan & Mackinac Island.

7/19 Monday QOTD-What is your favorite non-ride thing to do at Disney?

7/20 Tuesday QOTD: What are your meal plans for the day?

7/21 Wednesday QOTD: what is your favorite season? What seasons do you find to be the best or easiest for weight loss and healthy living, and which are the more challenging?

7/22 Thursday QOTD: If money and time were no objects, what disney resort would you stay at and how long would you stay there?

7/31 QOTD : I'm in a fantasy mood, so we'll be daydreaming for this 1.If you could wear anything at all(DIS friendly of course what would it be? Describe your dream outfit in as much detail as possible. It doesn't need to fit you in real life, only in your head. And if your outfit serves a specific purpose what is it?

QOTD 8/1: Do you have a best friend other than your spouse or a sibling? If you do then what is their name and what's the story behind it?

QOTD 8/2 : What is the best show or concert you've been to?

8/3 QOTD Since it seems that a few of us are needing changes in our weightloss journeys. So how do you know when its time for a change? And how do you know which change you need to go farther down the road to your goal?

8/4 QOTD: How hard is it for you to take a rest day from your exercise routine?

8/5 QOTD: What is your favorite way to enjoy a nice summer day outside of any outdoor workouts?

8/6 QOTD: So tell us how would you rate your "diet rage"? Your choices are:

Low- I'm moving slowly, but I'm on my way!

Moderate- Everyone's moving except me

High- I'm screaming but no one can hear me!

All Over The Board- It's stop and go all the way

8/7 QOTD What exercise excuse do you use most often?

1. I don't have time
2. I'm too tired
3. It's too difficult for me
4. It's boring
5. I don't want people to see me
6. I don't know what I'm doing
7. I don't make any of these excuses

8/8 QOTD Sunday 8/8: Name one thing that you can do today to create some joy in yourself?

8/9 QOTD: So take a few minutes today to tell someone who has made a difference in your life how much you appreciate them and tell us who it is and why they make a difference to you.

8/10 QOTD: If you were at WDW or Disneyland right now what would you be doing?

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:40 PM

September, October QOTD
9/3 Friday QOTD: Are you prepared to reach your goals for this challenge?

9/4 Saturday QOTD: Which strategy helps you reach your weight loss goals?

9/5 Sunday QOTD: Share with us one thing that you are grateful for today? It can be big or small. Just think about how blessed you are and share with us.

9/6 Monday QOTD: If you were at DL (Disneyland) or WDW (Walt Disney World) right now what would you be doing?

9/7 Tuesday QOTD: Do you think tracking food is an important part of weight loss?

9/8 Wednesday QOTD: Do you suffer from portion distortion?

9/9 Thursday QOTD: Who is standing in your way?

9/10 Friday QOTD: QOTD: Share 3 or more positive aspects of your first week in the BL Challenge.

9/11 Saturday QOTD: What is one fitness goal you have for yourself? And, What is one thing you can do to help yourself achieve that goal?

9/12 Sunday QOTD: What are you having for dinner on Monday night?

9/13 Monday QOTD: What is about exercise that you love and/or what benefits to gain from it?

9/14 Tuesday QOTD: If Mickey Mouse gave you $100 to spend on yourself, how would you spend it?

9/15 Wednesday QOTD: It is almost time for Fall. What are you looking forward to about the new season? It doesn't have to be related to working on your healthy/healthier lifestyle, but it can be!

9/16 Thursday QOTD: In honor of reaching your goal weight and/or maintaining your weight for 6 weeks or more, you have been rewarded with a trip to WDW or DLR. Which ride/attraction would you do first?

9/17 Friday QOTD:What are 5 "go-to" foods that help you stay on track?

9/18 Saturday QOTD: Taking the letters of your name (first name, nickname or screen name), list the letters and next to each, state something positive about yourself

9/19 Sunday QOTD: Did you have an "AH HAH" moment that started you on this journey? If so, what was it?

9/20 Monday QOTD: What is your kryptonite, food-wise? In other words, is there a food (even one that might otherwise be good for you or "not so bad for you") that you cannot keep in your house because it is so irresistible that you might binge on it?

9/21 Tuesday QOTD: What is your favorite food item or meal at Disneyworld, Disneyland or the Disney Cruise Line? And, if you could have that food item in your every day life, would you want it to be available?

9/22 Wednesday QOTD: Post your favorite recipe, requiring 5 ingredients or less (not counting spices and oils)

9/23 Thursday QOTD: Are you motivated to get healthy because of an upcoming event (i.e., reunion, wedding, vacation, race)? If so, how will you deal with the possibility that you may not get to your goal by that date? And how will you stay on track on your weight loss journey (whether it's continuing to lose or maintaining) after the event is past? Finally, if you aren't losing for a particular event, what is motivating you each day? Do you have some reward planned for yourself for interim goals or your ultimate goal? (For those losing for a particular event, that event may BE your goal)?

9/24 Friday QOTD: As we get closer to the holidays do you think your family will accept new recipes that will help you keep on track?

9/25 Saturday QOTD: Really 2 questions: 1. Which classic Disney movie to love to watch over and over again. I mean from before 1970 2. Which more recent movie to do you enjoy watching. It could be live action or animation

9/26 Sunday QOTD: Disney's theme for the next year is "Let the Memories Begin" What is your best Disney memories.

9/27 Monday QOTD: As the weather is getting cooler and winter is getting closer there will be many times when we can't get outside. What is favorite exercise DVD and why? What is the best thing about it? What DVD have you tried that you did not like?

9/28 Tuesday QOTD: Speaking of restaurants at DW is there a place you tried at DW or DL that you really enjoyed? If you haven't been in a long time is there a place that you have read about you would like to try?

9/29 Wednesday QOTD: Dr Oz is big on pedometers. He feels that you should do over 10000 steps a day. Do you have a pedometer? Do you use it? Do you usually get in your 10000 steps?

9/30 Thursday QOTD: If you had an unllimited amount of money to spend just one night in DW, where would you stay?


10/1 Friday QOTD: Now that we have been doing this challenge for a little over a month now. What is working for you, what is not working for you. Do you feel you are on track and if not what can you do to get yourself back on track?

10/2 Saturday QOTD: How do you plan for a successful weekend?

10/3 Sunday QOTD: Sunday- Since we're all disney fans, when did your love for all things disney begin? Did you get the disney magic from the first time you entered a disney park, or was it a love that gradually built up?

10/4 Monday QOTD: Ding-dong! Your personal guide has just woken you up and has great news. Your chartered plane is here to take you on an all-expense paid "health" vacation for the next week. Where are you going? What are you doing? It's all up to you!

10/5 Tuesday QOTD: How do you handle it when people comment on your "diet foods"? Do you just ignore them? Do you just gently remind them that it isn't about a "DIET" but about a healthier lifestyle? Or do you give it to them, both barrels???

10/6 Wednesday QOTD: Here's the scenario..... you have a good friend who has lost a good bit of weight (let's say more than 50 pounds), but is struggling to maintain/finish her/his weight loss. She/he is close to goal or at goal, but is losing her/his momentum and motivation. She/he has skipped a few scheduled workouts/runs and been yo-yoing the same 5 pounds for a few weeks now. She/he comes to you for advise. What would you say to her/him?

10/7 Thursday QOTD: In addition to getting healthier with your eating and exercise, are there any other areas of your life that you are trying to to get healthier with?

10/8 Friday QOTD: Our family likes to have what we call "Family Night" on Friday night. Do you have anything special you do to mark the end of a week and the beginning of the weekend? What do you do to keep your goals continuing when you do these activities. Do you use Friday nights as a "cheat night" or do you keep on track? Do you have anything special you make to eat on Friday nights that is healthy and keeps you on track?

10/9 Saturday QOTD

10/10 Sunday QOTD: What do you do on the weekend to get ready for the week ahead to stay on target? Do you prep food, plan a menu, plan exercise or pick your days of the week and times your going to work out?

10/11 Monday QOTD: What is your favorite healthy recipe book?

10/12 Tuesday QOTD This is more of an assignment- between today and tomorrow, go out an take in the nature outside. What is something that you noticed that you might not have noticed if you weren't stopped and intentationally taking notice?

10/13 Wednesday QOTD:

10/14 Thursday QOTD: What is your favorite treat that is healthy for you and fits into staying on track?

10/15 Friday QOTD: What is one of your weaknesses that you can improve on?

10/16 Saturday QOTD: Are you an early riser or night owl and how does that effect your diet and exercise?

10/17 Sunday QOTD: There has been conversation about how people are experiencing compliments and even advances from the opposite sex. The question is, have you noticed this happening to you and how do you handle it?

10/18 Monday: I shared a picture of a wedding gown that I'm considering for my vow renewal in a year and a half. If you were planning your wedding or vow renewal and you were at your weight loss goal, what gown would you pick.

10/19 Tuesday QOTD: QOTD for Tuesday: Who is your favorite Disney Character and Why.

10/20 Wednesday QOTD: We've done all of the really good relevant questions before, so I'm going for an easy peasy one. What is your favorite color.

10/21 Thursday QOTD: What was the worst item that you ate on Wednesday. Would you make the same choice again?

10/22 Friday QOTD: What is one promise you can make today to keep yourself on plan this weekend and upcoming week?

10/23 Saturday QOTD: What character's personality do you think you are most like and why? Feel free to google the characters and use the wiki description they are really good.

10/24 Sunday QOTD: I loved the movie the bucket list and ever since watching it I have made a list of my own. What is one thing on your list or if you dont have a list what is 1 thing you really want to do before you kick the bucket?

10/25 Monday QOTD: I'm all about quick weeknight meals! Share a recipe or meal that you go to when you have 20 min or less to prepare.

10/26 Tuesday QOTD: If you could spend an hour with any famous person who would it be and why?

10/27 Wednesday QOTD: What is one "material" thing you could not live without? We all know we could not live without our families, significant others, friends, and of course each other.

10/28 Thursday QOTD: What was your favorite halloween costume either you or your children ever had. Feel free to share pictures if you have them

10/29 Friday QOTD: What piece of equipment have you found to be the most useful on your weight loss journey?

10/30 Saturday QOTD: What is your plan for staying on track this weekend with Halloween on Sunday? Will you have any candy or avoid it altogether?

10/31 Sunday QOTD: What is your all-time favorite treat? It can be candy or chips or whatever you absolutely love to eat and seem to always have some in the house!

corinnak 01-16-2010 02:42 PM

Reserved for Mysterious Purposes yet to be discovered.

lisah0711 01-17-2010 09:21 AM

Thanks corinnak for maintaining this thread for us! :love:

corinnak 01-17-2010 09:52 AM

My pleasure, Lisa! :goodvibes

50sjayne 02-02-2010 10:53 AM

This was a great idea...thanks

corinnak 02-02-2010 11:34 AM

I'm so glad you posted that! I was not able to get into it today and was afraid that maybe the thread had been deleted since it wasn't really a discussion. Seems like it was more just technical difficulties, though. Whew.

lisah0711 03-06-2010 08:57 AM

I think the thread might have been deleted. Looks like any thread that had its last post before 2/4 is gone. We might need to ask ohMom to bring it back or remember to bump it once a week -- maybe on weigh in day? Luckily we had a our handy links which still work! :thumbsup2 Maybe this post will bump it . . . IT DID! We just have to remember to bump it once a week or so.

3/6 Saturday's QOTD: Let's say you went to Disney and ate everything in site even though you have been enjoying a healthy lifestyle for months (), how do you get back on the wagon when you get back? Do you weigh in right away or try to lose some of the weight gain before checking in with the you struggle getting back on track?

3/7 Sunday's QOTD: Now that there have been another 4 weeks added to the Challenge, are you planning on changing your challenge goal with LuvBaloo? or are you just going to think of it as a bonus 4 weeks to get to your original goal?

3/8 Monday's QOTD: What is one thing you do for yourself when you want to feel better physically that does not involve weight loss/excersize?

Good luck for your race today, corinnak!

cclovesdis 03-07-2010 08:23 AM

Thanks for having this thread! I know it will be so helpful for me as I start to plan out QOTD for the week I coach.


lisah0711 03-08-2010 08:37 AM

cc if you do a search for Biggest Loser you will find links to the older challenges, i.e., the fall challenge (8) or the Between the BLs challenge we did last summer. They might give you some ideas but they are big threads, too.

corinnak 03-18-2010 01:30 PM

It has been 10 days, and there have been 10 more questions posted!!!

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