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CJDisneyMommy 01-02-2010 11:02 AM

Watch as my little man earns his ears
:cheer2:And here it is, my post trip report!!:cheer2:

It is strange that as we arrived back home I felt homesick, Disney, I miss you so:sad1:

We had a wonderful time, but it had to end sooner or later. Just to recap, I went to Disney for Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party.

The cast that made up our trip was me (i'm Katie, 21), I absolutely love Disney world and miss it alllll the time. I've been countless times but it never gets old. This was my first trip as a mother and I was absolutely ecstatic to take my son at such a young age!:cool1:

my son (Conner, 10 months), he's my little prince and in the works of turning into a Disney fanatic like me. He sleeps with his Mickey baby (you will see it later on, and his magic kingdom blanket) :wizard:

my mom (Laura, 45), she took us on the trip for our Christmas present and if my brother hadn't been acting like a bratty 13 year old along with the fact that my mom is a "deluxe resort snob", she would have had the best trip ever:yay:

my sons father (JR, 23), we went in August of 2008 for his first trip but missed out on a lot of the rides because he didn't understand the Disney ways (getting up early for extra magic hours, napping mid day and then staying up late for more EMH) He did much better this trippirate:

and my brother (Shane, 13) he just turned 13 and drove all of us crazy this trip :confused3

Since our trip is filled with sooo many details I will break it down into parts. I hope you enjoy it!

IATink 01-02-2010 11:53 AM

Can't wait to read all about it! :goodvibes

CJDisneyMommy 01-03-2010 10:03 AM

I did have plans to pack for everyone at least a week before we left. :rotfl: I got Conner and myself packed about 5 days in advance, but as the weather forecast changed throughout the week, I probably unpacked and repacked 4 or 5 times:scared1:

BUT one of the most exciting parts of my packing adventure was this: on black friday I went over to the mall around 12:30 AM and bought Conner his very own Mickey Mouse suitcase for out trip.

He even tried to zip it up after I finished packing for him (for the 4th or 5th time!)

And then he was ready to go!!! But this was the night before, we still had to wait a little longer.

We left for Disney on a friday and arrived around 6PM. We were staying in the cabins at Disneys Fort Wilderness so we went to the super target on our way there.

Guess what the first thing we saw at the cabin was.....

An Armadillo!!! I only got a picture of his butt:rotfl:, he wasn't even afraid of our car!

I just realized I accidentally deleted pictures of the cabin off of my camara after I printed them:eek:oops sorry everyone

But, we got up bright and early the next morning and got ready to head on into the Magic Kingdom

I bought Conner a special pirates of the caribbean shirt for todaypirate:

And when I saw this sign all I could do was smile and clapp like a two year old haha

We were walking through security right as the Magic Kingdom opened for the day. The characters were standing up where the train is and threw confetti at the end of the countdown! It was so cute:lovestruc

I had a special plan the magic kingdom that morning, but I had been keeping it a secret from JR (conners daddy)

What was my special plan? How did JR react? Did he let me do it? Stick around and find out!

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