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disneybarbie 12-30-2009 04:49 PM

The Non-Nightmare Before Christmas.. Two Disney Sisters in WDW - December 2009 01/24
The Non Nightmare Before Christmas – December 2009

Two Disney Sisters' Perfect December Trip... Celebrating a 21st bday & 21 trips to WDW!!

The Cast...

Me - Emma (25)

Sister – Verity (21) (aka Wazowski31)
(Verity left, Me right)


December 9th - 14th 2009

Disney's Boardwalk Villas.

Celebrating … Verity's 21st birthday (which was back in May, but never mind!), the holiday season.. and our combined 21st trip to WDW!! :yay:

A little about us...

Our first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1993 – I was 8 years old, and Verity was 5 – we grew up with Disney movies, toys and many wonderful family vacations to WDW.. especially since our parents bought into DVC in 2002.

This trip was first dreamt up back in 2004, when we were spending New Year's Eve in the World with our family.. at the time, I was 20 and Verity 16.. we agreed it would be great to come back when we were both over 21 and could have a cocktail or two in world showcase... and so, 5 years later.. the dream came true!
I live with my DF now away from home, so I was looking forward to spending a few days with my little sister, in our favourite place on earth! :goodvibes

We booked the flights with Virgin Atlantic, and reserved the DVC resort (studio at BWV) back in March 2009 – I already had a trip booked with DF's family to WDW in July... so for the first time ever I would be visiting WDW twice in one year!

Before the vacation, we had two 'planning parties' – where we discussed the important details like dining reservations, which parks to visit.. and eat Disney snacks! We also booked tickets for MVMCP and the MK Keys to the Kingdom tour.

Verity's new minnie ears..

As this trip would just be the two of us super-disney-geeks... we also planned to attend several Disney fan meets that were being arranged.
We both enjoy listening to weekly Disney podcasts like All About the Mouse, Inside the Magic & WDW Radio.. so it was exciting to think we'd be meeting the presenters! :thumbsup2

Some small gifts we'd bought for when we met the podcasters..
The months flew by and soon enough.. December arrived and it was time for our trip! :santa:

Hope you enjoy reading about our vacation... we had an amazing time! :wizard:

Verity should be writing in too with her thoughts :cutie:

Emma princess: x

disneybarbie 01-03-2010 05:10 PM

Day 1 - on our way to WDW!
Day 1 – Wednesday December 9th 2009

We're on our way Mickey... 4000 miles to travel!

I'd driven over to my parents' house after work on Tuesday to spend 'disney eve' with Verity!
We were both awake early and left 7.30am, our Dad gave us (and our three suitcases!) a lift to London Gatwick aiport.

Despite checking in online the day before, we still had to queue for nearly an hour at the terminal.. just to drop off our bags! :scared1:
It was totally disorganised... luckily we were both bursting with excitement about WDW so didn't get annoyed!
After getting through security, we bought some magazines, water, snacks & duty free perfume.. then had a quick breakfast at Costa coffee.. pretty soon it was 10.15am and time to board the plane!! :woohoo:

once on board, we settled in to our seats and got even more excited.. one of the inflight movies was going to be … Up!

The flight was almost 9 hours and went surprisingly quickly – there were plenty of movies to watch on the plane, I also watched Hercules on my ipod and listened to some wdw music to pass the time.

We landed at MCO at 3.30pm – a little early (yes!!) .. we were really quick off the plane and weaved around the 'slow moving' families to immigration.. which was a HUGE contrast to when i'd been there in July.. hardly any lines .. and to make it even better, they were playing the Illuminations firework music!!! :yay:

We had a really great immigration officer – he noticed we were staying at Disney's Boardwalk at asked where it was and what there was to do!
Few minutes wait for our luggage and then we were straight through customs to the monorail.. first 'ride' of the vacation! We noticed the trains had adverts on for MVMCP too!

Walked to the Magical Express check in area.. no line.. I had printed out our email confirmation from DVC but didn't need it as the CM found us on the system.. this was Verity's first DME experience! I had used it twice before and always been really impressed with the service.

Our bus was going to Port Orleans Riverside and then the Boardwalk... the bus driver really liked that we'd made BWV tags for our suitcases, he was able to put them separately to the POR luggage!

We waited on the bus for about 15 mins before we got on our way to WDW.. we texted our parents to say we'd arrived fine, and I phoned DF to tell him how the journey was going (it was nearly 10pm in England so I needed to ring before it got too late!)

The journey flew by (I love the video you get to watch while on board!).. after a quick stop at POR where most people got off ..
and we were at the Boardwalk!

We gave the bus driver a tip in a disney customised envelope.. he was so surprised, he said he'd frame it!!

We checked in and headed to our room.. 4136 – it was the last room on the corridor, by the quiet pool.. once we walked in, we realised we had a refurb room .. AND we'd had an upgrade from a standard view to Water View!!

We spoke to our Dad, then got unpacked.. had quick showers to wake ourselves up.. and headed to Epcot!! :woohoo:

disneybarbie 01-03-2010 05:13 PM

Day 1 - continued...

We picked up our park tickets at International Gateway – we'd booked 6 day hopper tickets from wdw USA website – which worked out better value for money for us than the standard UK tickets which are for 7 days and always include 'water parks & more' option that we didn't need this trip.

First we headed over to Japan, it was a really warm and pleasant evening.. it was great to see the xmas garlands and decorations all around the park!

In Japan, we got dinner at Yakitori House counter service and sat outside in the gardens..

After eating we continued strolling around the World..
looking in the shops in Italy and Germany – we also did Maelstrom in Norway and Gran Fiesta tour in Mexico as neither had a line!

As we left the Mexico pavilion, it was just before 9.30pm and people were gathering for Illuminations. We got a passionfruit margerita to share from the Mexico city stand (left from F&W festival).. and watched the fireworks.

We both love the Illuminations show... and then we got to see the Holidays tag at the end.. WOW!! It was soo bright and stunning – the whole sky was alight.

Afterwards, we decided to walk the 'long way' back to International Gateway.. going against the huge crowds heading to the Futureworld exit! But by the time we got to the American pavillion, it was almost empty and so calm. :goodvibes

We stopped at BW Stage Door shop for some snacks for the room, then headed up to bed.

The Disney Florist fairies had been while we'd been out, and delivered a xmas gift basket for Verity!

At about 11pm, we heard a huge 'boom' outside.. and realised it was the barge 'blow out' at Epcot!!

Off to sleep .. ready for MK tomorrow!!

Emma princess:


Kimmy 01-03-2010 06:26 PM

Great Start! Can't wait to hear more...I love the BW!

PhillipA82 01-03-2010 06:36 PM

Nice nice :)

NikkiLovesWDW! 01-03-2010 06:39 PM

Yay!! I love a TR with lots of pictures! Sounds like you were off to a great start! I can't believe that you were not exhausted and were able to even go to Epcot that day. It must have been, what, midnight your time by the time you left your room??

And tell me more about this passionfruit margarita in Mexico? I consider myself a Mexican Pavilion Margarita Stand expert and I have not seen that one!!! Is it new? And delicious?

Oh AND you know how I LOVE to take the long way around WS after Illuminations! Isn't it the best?!

Wazowski31 01-03-2010 06:48 PM

Ooh, it's getting good! Is so much fun to relive the holiday! I was so impressed with our refurbished room at BW, our studio didn't have an adjoining door to a 1 bed so we had a nice day bed and the room felt more spacious.
I'm just remembering how amazing that dinner was in Japan, we both love japanese food but it's hard to find a good variety (and good quality) back in England so we had dreamt about that first meal for quite some time! and I absolutely love that iced green tea! yum!
We managed to get front row on both boat rides! and as we exited the Gran Fiesta tour one of the cast members was pointing out the hidden mickey in the flag/poster above the queue line.
Was so impressed with the 'holiday' illuminations, think the only fireworks that top it are Disney's new year's eve shows! We managed to have a great view of them, considering we hadn't realized what the time was! I loved walking the long way round world showcase on the way home, although I do remember getting a lot of fireworks debris in my eyes and therefore rubbing all my mascara off! a good look!
My xmas gift basket was amazing! Full of Disney candy and goodness, I really love the disney florist service, it's such a lovely way to spread out the excitement and surprises of the holiday.
I best go to sleep too! Can't wait to read more, thanks for doing this Emma!
Verity xxx

PopArtGal 01-04-2010 05:27 PM

I'm in!

I may sound stupid, but what do you mean by the barge blow out? Illuminations wasn't done when you left?

disneybarbie 01-05-2010 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by PopArtGal (Post 34874342)
I'm in!

I may sound stupid, but what do you mean by the barge blow out? Illuminations wasn't done when you left?

Thanks for reading so far!
The 'barge blow out' is when they have to get rid of all the propane gas left on the fire barge used in Illuminations.. it sounds like a huge rumble of thunder from the Boardwalk :goodvibes


Originally Posted by NikkiLovesWDW! (Post 34860904)
Yay!! I love a TR with lots of pictures! Sounds like you were off to a great start! I can't believe that you were not exhausted and were able to even go to Epcot that day. It must have been, what, midnight your time by the time you left your room??

Hi Nikki!
Yup we were pretty exhausted - but having showers & freshening up really woke us up.. we only had 5 nights in WDW and were determined to make the most of every moment!! :wizard:

And tell me more about this passionfruit margarita in Mexico? I consider myself a Mexican Pavilion Margarita Stand expert and I have not seen that one!!! Is it new? And delicious?

The 'Mexico City' stand was still there from Food&Wine festival.. and they served the passionfruit margerita! I've heard that the Cantina is being closed for a long refurb this year so Disney kept the F&W stand for now :thumbsup2 ... and yup, it was delicious! ... we did kinda get brain-freeze by the end though lol.

Oh AND you know how I LOVE to take the long way around WS after Illuminations! Isn't it the best?!

I actually got that idea from your TR.. thank you!! .. apart from the first bit when we walked through the firework smoke cloud :scared1: it was a lovely way to walk back to the Boardwalk!

Our photopass cd arrived today! so more updates and photos to come :yay:

Emma princess: x

BippityBoo 01-05-2010 05:54 PM

I am loving your TR already! I have to say that I really dislike to fly. I am not totally terrified, but a little scared none the less. I am SO impressed that you can survive a 9 hour one!! I think that "Up" would help me out, though :goodvibes

Your room looks great and what an awesome view!! I am so impressed that you had enough energy to go to Epcot after a long travel day. I can not wait to see the decorations at MK!!! Thanks again for the link to your TR!

Nancy for Disney 01-05-2010 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by Wazowski31 (Post 34861029)
Ooh, it's getting good! Is so much fun to relive the holiday!

I think reliving the vacation is the best part of trip reports. I was in Disney the same time as you. I love to compare trips and to see if my path crossed with a stranger I met on the internet. So far it hasn't. We were in HS on Wed. but had dinner on the Boardwalk.

ladybugmom 01-06-2010 02:01 AM

Hi Emma!! I found the link to your TR on Katie's PTR! I'm so excited about your TR b/c we're planning a trip this December!! I cannot WAIT to go to WDW at Christmastime!! Great updates so far!! :goodvibes

praisehisname 01-06-2010 06:22 AM

I'm in! DH and I were there the 10th - 14th, so I can't wait to hear about those days from your perspective!

disneybarbie 01-06-2010 07:09 AM

Day 2 - December 10th 2009
Day 2 – Thursday December 10th 2009
Magic Kingdom! .. a Dole Whip meet.. then dinner at Kouzzina

We both slept well until about 4am, when the jet lag kicked in and we both woke up.. managed to doze a bit until the 6am wake up call.. we were greeted by some festive music and then “nooo sleeping!!” from Stitch and Mickey. :woohoo:

We got ready and headed down to the bus stop just after 7am, although our room was far from the lobby – we had a nearby staircase down to the front of the Boardwalk.

We waited a few minutes and then, a magical moment.. the MK bus arrived!

Two stops at the Swan & Dolphin hotels, then we were on our way to MK!:yay:

There were very few people around when we arrived, so we took some photos.. another guest was kind enough to take a picture of the two of us.

Just before 8am, the opening ceremony started – Verity hadn't seen this before.. I love it!

First, a photopass picture on Main Street (I had pre-purchased the photopass cd for $'s normally $150!)
(yup.. that's Pal Mickey in his Pirate costume!)

We headed to Tomorrowland to ride the recently reopened Space Mountain – unfortunately, it was closed! So our first ride of the day was... the TTA!!

When we went through SM, the lights were all on –

that didn't give us confidence that it would be reopening any time soon – so next we got Fast Passes for it... then rode Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.. followed by a first for both of us.. Tomorrowland Speedway! I joked it was the first time I had driven a car in the USA ;)

disneybarbie 01-06-2010 07:17 AM

Day 2 - continued..

The park still felt quiet, it was a little cloudy but warm... next we headed to Fantasyland and rode the Tea Cups,

Verity managed to film this on her new camcorder (I think she's going to try upload videos to the TR if possible!)!

Then we did Snow White's Scary Adventures

Then a quick look in the shops.. Sir Mickey's and Tinkerbell's Treasures (the Giant trying to peak in!) (make it pink.. no make it blue! Sleeping Beauty's dress)

and It's a Small World – we sang the song all the way round. :cutie:

Afterwards, we walked through Cinderella's Castle, Verity hadn't done this for several years..

(we noted how polite other guests were when we took photos, they'd stop walking until we'd taken the picture.. that doesn't normally happen at home!)
By now it was about 9.30am so we decided to stop for breakfast.. where else, but the Main Street Bakery! I considered getting a cinnamon roll, but it was huge! Instead, I had a cherry danish with a latte, Verity had a cheese & ham croissant with a latte.

We sat on the tables outside the Plaza restaurant to eat, gazing at the castle – some other guests walking by asked us where our food was from because it looked delicious!

Verity noticed our receipt from the Bakery was very long... then realised the bottom half was a coupon for 20% off at the Emporium until 12pm!!
we made a quick decision to go for a shopping spree next! :banana:

It turned out to be great timing as we missed most of a sudden rain shower... we did a load of shopping (lots of Christmas presents for family back home) – and our $14 breakfast saved us over $40 in the store. We had the shopping sent back to the Boardwalk.

We waited a little while on Main Street for the rain to ease off a bit – it was nice to be able to look at the decorations and Window 'credits' to the Disney imagineers.

Next we went to Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean had less than 5 minutes wait (a favourite!)

(In the shop..)

Then we did the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room – hadn't done this for a few trips, it's quite cute. I would like to see the original version at Disneyland as we never did this in WDW before it became 'under new management'.

The rain had stopped by now, so we walked over to Liberty Square
and did the Hall of Presidents – neither of us had seen it with the new Obama animatronic, Verity admitted that she was looking forward to a nap during it (!) but we were both surprised by how good it is now!

After that, we went into the Christmas Shoppe to buy a few more things –

then it was time for our FPs for the new Space Mountain!
We enjoyed the enhancements – it did feel much darker which made the turns and drops more unexpected.

It was getting near lunchtime so we walked over to Frontierland and went to Pecos Bill's :) … Chicken wrap for Verity, Taco Salad for me and a large lemonade to share.. and the bill came to exactly $20 :teacher:!

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