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Goldeelox9 12-17-2009 01:17 PM

Vanessa's Wedding Weekend - Quick Trip
Ok so even though I have a rule about finishing one Trip report before heading back to WDW I broke it for Vanessa's Wedding! I am writing a Trip report from last month's Trip HERE!

On Tuesday night (12/8/09) my friend Jenna and I were talking and we decided to go and crash our friend Vanessa's Wedding. We looked up flights and hotels and really thought we could do this. We both went into work the next day to request off and once approval was given I booked the hotel and my flight. Jenna went to book hers and the rates had doubled! She ended up booking through Priceline and after paying a fee to have her ticket changed made it to Disney on time for the wedding!

Day One - December 12, 2009

I woke up at 4:45am and got dressed. I headed to the airport for my 7am flight. Check in was a breeze, the flight was easy and I landed at MCO at 9:00am. I headed down to the bottom level of the airport and grabbed the Magical Express.

I also played on the phone and texted Jenna...she was at her layover in Atlanta.

In no time at all I saw the best sign ever......

I got to the All Star Music by 10:15am and checked in. We were first given a room sooo far away it was crazy, then I got us moved to the jazz building. I would have perfered the Calypso building, but hey last minute travelers can't be choosers.

I grabbed breakfast at the food court and headed to the room for a nap. I was beat (and I am not the one with two flights a layover and a baby in my oven), I know Jenna had to be tired as well.

I texted a few people and rested a bit then Jenna called she was at MCO! YAY I got a shower and dried my hair and was almost 100% ready when Jenna came through the door! We hugged and acted like little kids playing catch up. After being there like 10 minutes she told me the news....There was going to be a baby! I instantly nick named the baby Minnie (Jenna loves her Minnie ears...LOL). I was so excited. I knew she was late and I even brough a Pregancy test with me and was going to force her to pee on the stick...LOL But she beat me to it the night before. YAY. So excited her them!

We didn't even have time for Jenna to change and we headed out to the buses. We tok a bus to MGM then the boat to the Swan.

I love the Tree at [s]MGM[/s] Disney's Hollywood Studios. The boat is always fun. Tricia called me soon as we got on the boat. Funny thing...I emailed tricia a few days ago to see if she was going to be at the wedding and all, well I never got an answer and didn't think I had her number...LOL It was inmy phone the whole time so when she called I said "HI" and just started talking. Later Tricia told me she thought it was odd that I just knew who she was when she called. I had never called her befre so I am not sure why she was in my phone already, but I was glad.

Tricia met us at the Boat launch between the Swan and Dolphin. The three of us found the wedding location and were way early so we headed to the bar for a drink.

Carly called Tricia and Mikkel called me and they were both (along with Tracy) on thier way. Jenna and I were dying of thirst so we ordered water and waited for the other girls.

I was so excited to see everyone and even more excited to see Vanessa. She still had no idea we were even there for the wedding. Mikkel and Tracy got there a few seconds later and ordered drinks.

Once Jesse and Carly got there we had him take a group picture.

It was almost 5:00pm now so we headed outside. No one was there yet so we stood around and waited. Family started showing up.

The Guys looks so awesome with their red Converse.

Vanessa's sister came up to us and thanked us all for being there. Her voice...It is exactally the same as Vanessa's. Sooo freaky!!!

I took a few pictures of the harpest....OMG such a great Choice! She was wonderful.

The Set up was so pretty with the laterns lining the aisle.

We took our seats since the wedding planners told us the bride was finally here.

I couldn't wait to see Vanessa!!!

Goldeelox9 12-17-2009 10:26 PM

I took a few pictures before the ceremony started.

I love this one. The Sand Ceremony made me tear up, ok ok I started crying as soon as I set eyes on Vanessa and didn't stop the whole time. LOL

Ray walked in right after the moms.

The the Girls game in and looked so great. The whole theme came together so well.

I think it is so sweet that Vanessa's niece was her maid of honor. The same niece was her flower girl in her first wedding. Vanessa is so proud of her.

Then came Vanessa. Tristian was such a proud little guy walking his mom down the aisle.

Since we talked about it. I tried to get a picture of Ray soon as Vanessa was in view.

Doesn't Vanessa look hot?

She was so focused she didn't see us until after the ceremony was over.

The Cememony was just so lovely.

It was the first weddingI have been to since my own and it was so meaningful. I love all of the Catholic touches Vanessa added.

The kids were soo well behaved during the Ceremony.

Which is more then I can say about some bridesmaids....Who were taking pictures during the ceremony!

Tracy did a wonderful reading...she nailed it...She should be some sort of public speaker or an actress or something.

The details on Vanessa's dress were sooo pretty!

Ray looked at her with such love! It was really sweet.

They all held hands and you could see what a strong family they were.

The sand ceremony was really nice.

Vanessa's birdcage veil was perfect!

You may kiss the bride!

This is right after Vanessa saw us and she was asking Ray if that was really jenna and I and if we were really there!

They started down the aisle.

Don't they look amazing!

This is the sign that the ring bearer carried....I loved it!

Goldeelox9 12-17-2009 10:27 PM

Cake Cutting time.

I can not even explain how totally amazing this cake was. It was to die for. I think it was the best thing I have ever tasted...ever!

They better start saving for Melody's Disney Wedding now.

They will live happily ever after!

Vanessa was showing off her red crinnie!

Every picture of Mikkel and I that I have ever had taken I look goofy!

Some of my Favorite People

We headed over to the Dolphin to take some pictures.

This is my favorite...

This tree was my favorite in all of WDW. It was all white pointsettias and blue led lights....LOVED IT!

She looks like a movie star!

Santa was on Vacation in the Dolphin. We needed pictures.

Look at this cutie pie!

What a pretty bride.

Vanessa's flowers were amazing!

I think she looks like she is selling soda's in this picture or a 50's pin up girl.

Jenna was so cute texting everyone she knew to tell them about Minnie.

Vanessa's Nephew got the kids ice cream to keep them busy during pictures.

Around this time Jenna and I headed out for the Wilderness Lodge to meet Lisa and Eric for dinner. We took a bus to the Magic Kingdom then transfered to the Wilderness Lodge.

The Christmas Decorations there were neat to see. I so want to stay at the Wilderness Lodge someday. It was a totally cool hotel.

Jenna and I were starving we had not eaten since way way earlier. We had so much fun at dinner. None of us had ever been to the Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Poor Jenna threw up like 4 times at the Wilderness Lodge. We felt so bad for her. Eric was a great guy and Lisa was EXACTALLY like I thought she would be. She is amazing. We had a wonderful dinner. I am so excited for Lisa to become a grandmom soon. You should hear her talk about her kids, she is so proud of them. It almost made me sad...She reminded me of my mom so much, the love her her kids is so wonderful!

Look how tired we all look!

We all took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and transfered to our resort buses. It was Extra Magic hours and the crowds were aweful! We waited forever!

We got home and Jenna crashed in like 30 seconds. I played on my phone and facebook and chatted until my phone died. What a wonderful day!

Goldeelox9 05-07-2010 08:24 PM

The night before was a killer so Jenna and I slept in. The plan for today was to head to Downtown Disney, buy tickets to the Christmas Party, Hang with Mikkel and have a good time!

Mikkel called to let me know she just dropped Laura’s Groom’s cake off at Raglan Road and that the Trash the Dress shoot was off so she was coming to the hotel! Jenna and finished getting ready and we were almost done soon as Mikkel got there. She had yummy cookies for us!

We headed out to Mikkel’s car and we were on our way to Downtown Disney. First stop, pleasure Island. After a quick bathroom break we headed to raglan Road to see Laura. I was so bummed I was missing her wedding on Monday, but really wanted to see her.

She looked great and we got to see Craig’s grooms cake.

...Did it taste as good as it looked?

Why do I look like I am drunk ???

We took a few quick pictures and then walked around downtown Disney. Poor Jenna was soo sick!

We decided on Wolfgang Puck Express for lunch because it was near a bathroom for Jenna. Lunch was great! Mikkel even scored a free Ice Cream from our waiter and he and I had an usually long conversation about our Palm Pre phones. LOL

We headed to the Pin store after lunch and then finally made our way to guest services to get our Christmas Party tickets. Well OMG..... they were sold out. Jenna and I almost cried. We were so sad. So we started making a plan about what we were going to do tonight. We said goodby to Mikkel and we went to World of Disney. We couldn’t even think we were so upset. We went out to a bench and called Tracy to see if she could use her Cast member status to get us luck. So we went to the Christmas Store and I got a present for Amy and one for me and Pete! Jenna got her Christmas Minnie ears! Jim Shore was there signing autographs, but we just missed him. We headed back to the busses. We were Hot, Tired and sad! While on the bus Tracy called and told us she had no pull on party tickets. There were punk kids on the bus who were there with some field trip and they had party tickets. They wouldn’t sell them to us though AND they only wanted to go see the parade and then go home to watch the Eagles game! We even offered them extra! LOL We wanted to go so bad!

We got back to the hotel and Jenna went to lay down. I went to the gift shop and then got a drink and sat under an umbrella. I called Pete and whined about the party and we talked a while. I wanted to let Jenna rest. After an hour or so Jenna called. She was awake. I headed back to the room and gave her the sour candy I bought her. I was hoping it would help. I took some pictures of the hotel along the way.

We called Vanessa to tell her we would not be at the party. She told us about a ticket broker that she used to get her tickets to the party...for cheaper then Disney was selling them! OMG....we got on the iPhone and Palm Pre and looked up where they were. We called and they had 11 for tonight left, but wouldn’t hold them for us. UGH! So we called Pete who being the wonderful husband he is, charged them on the phone for us. We hauled *** out of the room and got a cab to the place. We got our tickets and had the cab wait for us...OMG could the people in the store move any slower!! They told us there were only 3 left after we picked ours up. Thankfully Pete had paid for ours. The place closed at 6pm and we left there at like 5:55pm. We got the cab driver to take us to downtown Disney, then after climbing through bushes we got a bus to Wilderness Lodge, then a bus to the Magic Kingdom!

Goldeelox9 05-08-2010 09:17 PM

FINALLY we were here, the Magic Kingdom...our favorite!

There was a group of like 4 girls getting a picture taken. I went to get out of the way of the picture and at the last minute I jumped in it and smiled....The lady taking the picture laughes so hard and asked my name so she could tag me on facebook! LOL

Isn't Jenna Cute?

It was like 6:30ish so we got a times guide and headed up Main Street to Cosmic Ray’s for some dinner. I got a Cheeseburger and Jenna had kids PB&J. She was able to keep it down! YAY!

We saw Alice near the Teacups and stopped for a picture before heading to Toontown.

We met Christmas Minnie in her gazebo, then Christmas Mickey in his living room!!

Each line was forever long! Then we stood in line for Donald Duck, but he left and Scrooge McDuck came.

Goldeelox9 05-08-2010 09:19 PM

We called Vanessa to see where she was and they were just getting there. It was almost fireworks time so we got a few Castle pictures and one foot was killing me!

We saw the very beginning of Belle’s Christmas show before heading to Main Street.

We got an ok spot for the fireworks, but it turned into a GREAT spot for the Parade! The fireworks were Magical!

Goldeelox9 05-08-2010 09:20 PM

We had to sit and wait for the parade for like an hour, but we wanted to see it.

There was this really cute Photopass guy...I snapped his picture!

We wanted to do the "Party Stuff" I mean we have both rode the rides 100 times, but you can only see the Christmas parade at the Christmas party!!! Well our spot was perfect! We tried saving seats for Vanessa, but we could never hook up so we gave up our saved seats to people sitting behind us. The parade was great. We both loved is ans squealed like little girls when Cinderella came. LOL

After the parade we went up to get seats to see the show.

Vanessa called and she came and we watched the show together. It was great! We talked and caught up and took some photopass pictures!

Then we walked up Main Street and met up with Ray and the kids.

We took some pictures and then it was over...the party was over and we headed down Main Street to the buses!

Vanessa, Ray, the Kids, Jenna and I said our goodbyes and hugged and kissed and got in line for our bus. It took FOREVER! We did not get back to our room until around 1am. Jenna had to be up at the Magical express at like 6am! Poor Girl! We laid down and we were out cold! Both of us, sound asleep!

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