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LKD 12-02-2009 01:01 PM

Halloween Disney Style!
Ooopsies D: I posted this in the WDW Forum instead of the Disneyland one D: Forgive me!!

I'm posting it here now and deleting the old! Hope I don't get in trouble D:

Wow, I love writing about my trips to Disney and this is like the best site ever! A whole section about it! :) I totally registered mainly for this part. This site is awesome 8)

Anyways my last trip to Disney was for Mickey's Trick or Treat Party at Disney's California Adventure.

Our group included
Me, Roxie
My 7 yr old cousin Sierra
My 9 yr old cousin Julie
My friend Kitty
My friend Marissa
My photog friend Fremen

We agreed to go on the 16th because it was in the middle of the month so we wouldn't have to wait to long! Then we wondered what costumes to wear! I originally started on Jasmine's Purple Engagement Dress to wear so I would have something unique :)

I had made Sierra an Aurora dress for her birthday so she was going to go in that :)

Julie wore my brother's Mando (Starwars) armor. She's such a tomboy!

Kitty planned on making and wearing Briar Rose!

I didn't know what Marissa was going to wear until that day. I knew it was either Esmeralda and Jasmine.

A week before the date I gave up on inviting other friends and so I decided to switch to Belle. My Jasmine wig was ruined by wind and I didn't not want to redo it ><

So I decided to make my life hard and chose to make her ballgown!

So the 16th came and I spent all day working on my gown and wig.

We went to IHOP and everyone asked us where we were going! xD This one lil girl at the table next to us kept staring at me
After we went to Target cause we needed safety pins because my dress was too long D:

We got to the park around 9 D: Really late! We met up with Marissa (who was Jasmine!) late because of cell phone issues ><

We had to get on the elevator to get down from the parking structure because my gown was too big to fit on the escalator xD

Some guy in there asked us if we worked there! When we told him no he asked if we were auditioning xD

We were about to go into Cali Adventure when we got stopped by kids to take pics! The cast members at the entrance said we had the best costumes all night

We went straight to the Tower of Terror. We had a lovely chat with a cast members before we got on and I was made to sit on the corner in the front cause my gown took up a lot of room! The whole front was covered by my dress!

Here's our tower picture!

When we were in line for candy a little girl attached herself to us and wouldn't let us leave!

After we went to Belle's Library to get some shots but the camera died >< so all I have is this blurry picture

We found a group of other girls dressed up as Disney people and we danced together to our movies songs. It was really fun. Everyone that past by stared at us

We walked to the bugs life area and we found my photographer friend and his family. We walked around getting candy and I saw Drizella and Anastasia walking back to the back and I took off running! I love Drizella! I caught up with her and hugged her and told her I would dress up as her next year and she squealed and jumped.

We all spotted Jack Sparrow so we decided to wait in line :)
I had a small girl come up to me for a picture and wow my mouth was so tired of smiling by the time they got all the shots they wanted! I can imagine how the real Belle feels!

Fremen got these shots of us while we waited.

Me xP

Marissa and Kitty <33

Once Jack spotted us he seemed impatient to get to us!
He spent so much time talking to us though. He told me the Beast would be jealous and somehow we started talking about how we weren't married yet because he was too "feminine" and Jack said that when he transformed the beast transformed in other certain places too!! After he tried to read my book but he said it was boring :/
When we took a pic we all lifted our skirts!

After Jack we rushed to get in line to see the Princesses! I was lucky that Belle was there!!
When we were in line this guy dressed up as Gaston walked by and we waved at each other. Remember him he comes up again lol

My cousins went up to Belle first. Unfortunately I didn't hear what they were saying :<
I went up to Belle alone and she really loved my dress ^^

She pointed out that I had a flower in the front like she did and she asked me if Mrs Potts made my dress too! I told her I made it and she said she wasn't that great at sewing!
She asked me about my book and when she saw it was King Arthur she said "Oh! Its my favorite book! How did you know?! Silly me its cause your my twin!"
We posed and took pictures after. She was so awesome! Love you Belle!! <33
Marissa and Kitty piled in for a picture too x3

We took pictures with Ariel after. She didn't seem that happy to see us >> She even said we didn't have to take a picture with her :/ Ah well

It's funny earlier in the day we were talking about how Gaston was so hot xD
Anyways the Gaston from earlier past by again and I asked him if we could take pictures xD When the real Belle passed by she was all "Gaston! How could you! Your cheating on me!" and she stole him from me but then I stole him back!

We got a lot of funny pictures! Heres some
Gaston just doesn't understand :/
The book is upside down!
"Can you imagine? He asked me to marry him. Me? The wife of that borish, brainless..."
Whaaat? That didn't happen in the movie!

Then we walked around downtown Disney and it was fun! We got stopped I don't remember how many times but we managed to get around xD We were looking for somewhere to buy a drink but there wasn't any place open D:

Sadly our trip ended there :< So short but fun :)

I'm going back as Drizella next year <3

QueenDoOver 12-02-2009 02:00 PM

What a fun night. Really great costumes too.

Eeee-va 12-02-2009 09:45 PM

Oh, how fun! I love your costumes! When I read about the last-minute work and the need for safety pins I had my doubts, but they really are all fabulous. (I make a lot of costumes myself so I should know well enough that most do get finished at the last minute. :) )

I'm surprised they let you take pictures with other people dressed up; I thought that wasn't "allowed"? (though I'd think that would be a lot of the fun!) I'm glad you got so many nice pictures and more importantly, that you had such a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing! I hope I can go to the Halloween event next year myself!

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