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cousinbb 10-20-2009 09:10 PM

"Our Italian waiter was flirting with us!" 5 girls tackle the free dining plan
Just came back from Walt Disney World on October 3rd and boy was it a great week. Crowds were low, weather was beautiful, and most things went according to plan. My 4 friends and I first started planning this trip last October and time dragged on FOREVER until finally September 26th rolled around. We took the train down to Orlando and from there took a taxi to Caribbean Beach Resort -lovely resort btw-and our Free Dining experience began. Here is my introduction.

Me - I can be a picky eater sometimes. Not a big fan of vegetables or seafood. LOVE beef and fruit and sweets tho.

Shannon - She LOVES chinese food and fruit. Not a picky eater.

Bethany - She's is willing to try just about anything at least once except fruit.

Lisa - Likes alot of different food, exspecially seafood, vegetables, and sweets.

Nicole - A very picky eater. Doesn't like sausage or seafood. But enjoys fruit and meat.

-from left to right- Nicole, Me, and Shannon

Bethany and Lisa -we do not smoke, those are just candy sticks-

We all ate a small breakfast in the morning everyday. For example, I usually had a banana, yogurt, and smoothie. Our "dinner" reservations were really early. The only times the restaurants had left were in the 2:00 hour, so I called them lunch adrs. If the 5 of us got hungry later on in the day, we used our counter service vouchers for dinner. We had a good list of dinners/lunches.

Shutters at 6:30
Tutto Italia at 2:30
50's Prime Time at 2:45
Tony's Town Square at 2:45
Hoop de do Review at 9:00 -!!!!-

Next up, our first dinner at the resort. Shutters on Sunday.

LMO429 10-20-2009 11:16 PM

looking forward to your reviews :goodvibes

disneyfav4ever 10-21-2009 12:15 AM

Can't wait to read your reviews.

I have a question already, but it's not about the food. I see you're in PA, I am too. You took the train to Florida. How did that go? Do you mind me asking how much it cost and how long the ride was? I'm assuming the train was out of Philly?

MickeyNicki 10-21-2009 10:01 AM

Cutie Patootie Italian Waiters, why those are the best kind of waiters!! Count me in!

cousinbb 10-21-2009 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by LMO429 (Post 34026014)
looking forward to your reviews :goodvibes

Awesome! Hope you enjoy them.

Originally Posted by disneyfav4ever (Post 34026373)
Can't wait to read your reviews.

I have a question already, but it's not about the food. I see you're in PA, I am too. You took the train to Florida. How did that go? Do you mind me asking how much it cost and how long the ride was? I'm assuming the train was out of Philly?

Yes, we took Amtrak at 30th Street Station to the Orlando Station. It cost us $117 dollars one way per person, so roundtrip was $234 per person. However, train tickets are constantly going up and down, depending on what time of year it is. The ride is about 20hrs. While on the train, I bring alot of things to keep me occupied; book, portable dvd player, playing cards etc. so I enjoy it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. ;)


Originally Posted by MickeyNicki (Post 34028943)
Cutie Patootie Italian Waiters, why those are the best kind of waiters!! Count me in!

LOL! Thanks for reading so far :goodvibes


Symans3honeybees 10-21-2009 03:41 PM

Wow, what a good way to start with an All-girls vacation! Please bring 'em on.

Smiling Cheshire Cat 10-21-2009 04:10 PM

Love you DR title. Looking forward to hearing about the food and the waiters.

cousinbb 10-23-2009 06:10 PM

Sunday September 27th, 2009 Dinner at Shutters, CBR at 6:35 p.m.

After we checked in at the resort, we headed to Barbados where our 2 rooms were to be located. It's a short walk from the Custom House. I requested connecting rooms and we got exactly that. woohoo!! We explored a little and started to unpack. I took some pictures of the rooms.

Lisa is unpacking her huge suitcase. :rotfl:

Shannon posing for me in front of the mirror and sinks.

Nicole unpacking her duffel bag on the bed.

After coming off a 20hr trip on the train and then waiting an hour for our rooms to be ready, we were tired, so we took a short nap before heading to Shutters. Port Royale -where Shutters is located- is a short a walk from Barbados. I was very thankful for that. After putting my name in for dinner, we noticed some workers dancing the Cha Cha slide. Shannon and i decided to join in! It was so much fun :yay:. Almost as soon as we were done dancing, our buzzer went off that told us our table was ready. After seated, our waiter, Eddie, told us about the dining plan and what we could get. He even gave us a little tip. If you order water with the food, you can get a smoothie or milkshake later to go! Of course we girls did that. :thumbsup2 We all looked over the menu and ordered. Our food came back in like 15minutes. I was surprised.

The dinner came with warm, soft rolls.

I ordered the NY steak-cooked medium well-with mixed veggies and a potato
This was soooooooo good! The steak was really tender.
Lisa also decided on the NY steak cooked medium rare with veggies and a sweet potato.

Shannon and Bethany got the Caribbean Pasta with shrimp.

And Nicole ordered the Caribbean Pasta with shrimp. She enjoyed it very much except for the goat cheese on top. Dinner at Shutter is really pleasant. Next came desserts. My favorite part :cutie:.

Bethany and I decided on the Tres Leche.
Beside it was my strawberry milkshake. The Tres Leche, in my opinion, had a good flavor but I didn't care for the texture. The milkshake was awesome tho!

Shannon got a fruit platter.

Lisa ordered the cheesecake with raspberries and blueberries.-as you can see, we sat next to a window-

Nicole got a delicious chocolate cake with sprinkles/jimmies on top.

We all really enjoyed our food and desserts, so much that we wanted to go back the next day. But we went to an even better place -more on that later ;)-. The best part was we all walked "home" with a smoothie or milkshake. Yummy! The girls went to bed contented and ready for Epcot!

cousinbb 10-23-2009 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by Symans3honeybees (Post 34033163)
Wow, what a good way to start with an All-girls vacation! Please bring 'em on.

Thanks for reading! I loved my All-girls trip.:cheer2:


Originally Posted by Smiling Cheshire Cat (Post 34033502)
Love you DR title. Looking forward to hearing about the food and the waiters.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy :)

cousinbb 10-30-2009 08:39 PM

Monday at Epcot. Lunch/Dinner at Tutto Italia at 2:30 p.m.

Ah! We woke up Monday morning at 7 ready for first day at the parks.

I love Epcot. It's my favorite park..........Anyways. -lol- We were going to go straight to Soarin but we saw Mary Poppins!!! She is such a nice lady.

Spit Spot! Shannon had to sing A Spoonful of Sugar with Mary.

Nicole had to pretend she was also holding an umbrella.

Then we headed to Soarin and got fastpasses. We only had to wait an hour so we decided to go try Nemo. True it is geared to alot younger kids then we are ;) but we had fun. Turtletalk with crush was hilarious. :rotfl:
Not sure if I mentioned this or not. But Lisa has never been to Disney World. When she got on Soarin, she was amazed! Absolutely loved it, as do the rest of us. Next was Spaceship Earth. I like the new things Disney added to it, especially the ending. I cracked up laughing at our pictures.

Here is Nicole and I. I made a funny face, kinda like a monkey I suppose lol.

Then we rode Mission:Space, the green side. heh Shannon was the only brave one to actually WANT to ride the orange side. We also stopped by Test Track to get fastpasses and visited Figment. Saw these guys while eating a little snack.
Shannon is eating a chocolate covered banana and Lisa had a pretzel.

It was nearing 2ish, therefore, we headed to World Showcase. The area was kinda busy in this section because of the Food and Wine Festival. We decided to check out Canada real quick, because afterwards we had to go to drunch at Italy. That was a bit of a walk. All of us got there at precisely 2:30 and were seated immediately. Sat down and here comes our waiter. Our hot ITALIAN waiter I might add. :lovestruc He first started off wanting to sit with us, but he was like "No, I can't do that." We found out his name was Sandro. He passed out the menus and handed us bread and gave us a few minutes to look it over. When Sandro came back, all 5 of us girls ordered water and our food. Of course, we had no clue what he was saying to us about the Dining Plan. He was really hard to understand. But we got our orders across one way or another lol.
I decided upon the Castalicce.
Delicious!! I loved it.

Shannon and Nicole got Lasagna.
They enjoyed it very much.

Bethany ordered the Farfelli.
She liked it alot.

And Lisa ordered Scappeci Di Varde -sp?-
I beleive the dish had veal and I know she enjoyed it.

So now is when Sandro starts flirting with us. He starts off asking Shannon if she had a boyfriend :eek:. She replies no. And THEN he asks if she would go on a date with him!!! WHAT!?! lol Shannon laughed too hard to answer but told us later on that she would have. hehe. Sandro then sees Bethany texting her sister and asks if she has a boyfriend. She replies no as well. No thanks to Sandro, we become all giggly seeing that he starts to point us out to the waiters. hehe Sandro then comes back for our dessert order.

Bethany and I ordered an easy word dessert, Tiramisu.
Oh My Goodness. This was soooooooooo goooooood!

Shannon and Lisa decided on a pastry cup with fruit and cream. I'm not sure what it was called.
They liked it ok. Wasn't their favorite dessert.

Nicole got some kind of tart with chocolate something and gelato something lol.
I don't think she really liked it.

After finishing our desserts, Sandro came back with the check and Lisa asked for his autograph. I don't think he really knew what this was because he asked "Liked a football player?" and we told him yes. So he wrote his name and the number 8 lol. Shannon also got her picture with him. I think she loved him the most. -ot, after some time, we realized that Shane Victorino, the Phillies center field player, whom Shannon also has a crush on, is number 8. So that sent us in fits of laughter.- Here's his picture.
Whatcha think? He even called Shannon "sexy"
He even started to sing to us. :love:
But sadly, our dinner ended and we had to leave. Shannon made sure she waved goodbye before leaving the restaurant.

Our Epcot day isn't over yet, but I will finish in another report about more cute boys the girls found. :-)

mom2cookies 11-04-2009 09:37 AM

HEHE I'm Loving your report, you are doing a good job : 0 )

cousinbb 11-05-2009 08:47 PM

continuation of our day at Epcot

Leaving Tutto Italia was not a happy time for Shannon. She dreamed that Sandro would come running around the corner, shouting her name to come back. :cloud9: Good luck with that lol ;)

We decided to explore the rest of the "world" and head to America where we saw the Voices of Liberty. They all have such beautiful voices.

The girls and I decided to skip The American Adventure because it was 30 or so minutes long and we had more to do, so we went to Japan. I really like this part of the World Showcase. It's so lovely. I found a hidden mickey here.
Can you see it?
I have read where you could buy and pick a pearl in Japan. That sounded like so much fun to me, so I did it. I really lucked out too! I got a blue pearl. They say it is a rare one. I havn't done anything to it yet. It's still in the little clear baggy they put it in, but I love it.
You can't really tell it's blue, but in person, it is. Lisa and Shannon also bought a pearl. I find it to be alot of fun! lol

After Japan was Morocco. I was hoping Jasmine and Aladdin were out, but we missed them. The girls just walked around the stores a bit and we headed to France. We didn't do much here either. Saw some kids dunk their heads into the fountain :mad:. That was kinda upsetting. We did see Sleeping Beauty.
The five us then walked across the bridge to United Kingdom. This turned out to be interesting. The girls saw a cute cleaning guy and ran after him to get his autograph. :eek::rolleyes: I just took a not-so-good

I have no clue what Bethany is doing here. hehe
Not sure what his name was, but the girls told me that he told them "I love it when this happens". rofl.
We continued on and saw Alice and got her autograph as well as a picture of her thumb. She named it Mr. Bimble. :rotfl: We all had fun with her. Finally got to the United Kingdom and explored the shops. We all bought a few things here. Another interesting event happened. While buying our things,the girls started to talk to the cashiers, who happend to be guys... cute guys they thought. -I disagree- Their names were Daniel and Daren who were funny and talked with their sweet British accents. Shannon and Lisa asked for their autograph and picture.
You should've seen how Daren-the one behind Shannon- did his "autograph" It was just a circle of scribbles. Daniel kept yelling at him for doing that but it was so funny!

Next was Canada. Again, the girls explored the shop. They thought the stuffed dogs and beavers were cute.:cutie: By this time, our Test Track fastpasses were up and we left World Showcase for that. Aaaa I love this ride. That sensation of speed is so cool. After getting off the ride, it seemed to be our lucky day because the photos were "NAME YOUR PRICE!!" What!?! That's never happened to me before. We all bought one for 5 dollars. Woohoo!
Since the lines for the rides were kinda long, we decided to see the countries we hadn't explored yet. All of us walked to Mexico and rode Gran Fiesta Tour. The changes to that ride are very interesting and entertaining. Up next was Norway, home of the delicious schoolbread. Of course I bought one. -sorry, no picture- Love love love them things. We were going to ride Mailstrom but the wait was 40 minutes, so we skipped it.
We then did a Kim Impossible mission. We had to pick the cell phone up in Norway but our mission was in China. Worked for us! Doing the Kim Impossible thing was kind of boring for us but its a great way to explore a country. You can do multiple countries, but one was good enough for us.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do Germany because IllumiNations:Reflections of Earth would be starting in half an hour! Finding a spot this late -that sounds weird haha- was hard but we found a decent spot in Morocco. Ahhh I love fireworks, especially when they are in WDW. It's such a great way to end the day, except they didn't quite end the day for us. It was extra magic hours that day and guess how we spent it. Riding Mission:Space? No. Seeing Honey I Shrunk the Audience? Nope.
Eating dinner. At the Electric Umbrella. At 11:00 p.m. :scared1: What???! Yup, that's what we did. There's always a first time for everything I suppose lol. Their food tasted great to us since we were so hungry.
After eating, we left to go back to our resort and dream about this day and the days ahead.

cousinbb 11-13-2009 08:23 PM

Tuesday at MGM Studios -Hollywood Studios :mad:- Drunch at 50's Prime Time at 2:45 p.m.

The girls and I all woke up at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning ready for the day, hoping it would be as fun as yesterday. It was also the day that I would be trying a ride for the first time, Tower of Terror :eek:. A little scared was I. lol
We hopped on the bus, entered MGM and headed directly to Toy Story Mania. Of course we get stopped in the middle of the road and was asked to audition for American Idol. We'll think about it. All of us got fastpasses for the TSM and decided to see if Prince Caspian was out. He was!! That was cool. He was very nice and Lisa even gave him a kiss on the cheek -she was dared to-.:rotfl: Then we rode the Great Movie Ride.Some pictures I took while waiting in line.

I've heard you sometimes get a cowboy instead of a gangster?!? Well, I hope someday I get a ride with the cowboy. I've always got stuck with a gangster, which is fine sometimes but some of those actors need to be replaced in my opinion.
We were going to do the Little Mermaid show, but the line was HUGE so we skipped it. Instead we saw characters out by the Hat and there was GOOFY!!!! I love love love Goofy.
They were soooo much fun.
Our fastpasses for TSM were up so we went back into Pixar land and rode this awesome 3d ride.

Waiting in a short line.

Part of the ceiling

We were at a standstill for a moment after getting off of TSM because the girls and I couldn't decide what to do next. I pointed out that we could ride the Star Wars ride. So we did that. It had a longer wait line than I'm used to but it moved quickly. As soon as all us got off, we headed straight to Indiana Jones Stunt show. We got pretty good seats and guess who got picked to volunteer as screamers. Bethany and I!!! Ahhh it was sooooo cool being on that stage. Acting out the emotions and hand movements and then seeing the "death scene" up close was really exciting. I only regret that I have no pictures. I should've asked the others girls to take some. Oh well.
Sounds Dangerous was closed and one of the American Idol shows was taking place so we decided to stop in and see what it was like. None of us ever auditioned just to let ya'll know. lol This experience is pretty cool. I would definitely go too see it again. It has great audience participation and the voting process is very clever and easy. By the time the show was over, our drunch ressies were up! To Prime Time we went. There was a wee bit of a wait but not too bad. I think we all had high expectations for this dinner because of my previous experiences with my 'uncles and aunts". But sad to say our "aunt" wasn't in the mood to make sure her visitors were behaving. But the food was delicious!!

Nicole,Bethany, and I ordered the Fried Chicken with our choice of veggies.

Shannon and Lisa had Cousin Erics Char-grilled Chicken Sandwich

All were good. We were all so stuffed but a little bit of room for dessert, except Shannon.

I ordered a Strawberry Milkshake

Lisa got an Ice Cream Sundae

Nicole decided on the Smores

Bethany had a chocolate milkshake but I have no picture of that.
We were happy.

After dinner we went to see Lights, Motors, Action! I've seen it before and am not really impressed with it, but the others really wanted to watch it so I gave in. We got there a little late but were able to see the more exciting parts of the show.
When the Action show was over, Beauty and the Beast would be starting in half an hour so we rushed on over there and grabbed a pretty good seat. I took some pictures.
This is one of my favorite shows.
After seeing this wonderful show it was time to ride........THE TOWER OF TERROR! Hooboy was my heart pounding all through the waiting and during the ride. It was soooo cool! I even bought a shirt that says TOT. I wanted to ride again but we still had to do the Little Mermaid. Thankfully the line got shorter and we watched it. The girls and I still had some time to kill before Fantasmic started; therefore, we went shopping down Sunset Boulevard and I took this picture.
Kinda blury but I think its a nice effect.

Oh what a lovely day it turned out to be. We got good seats for Fantasmic and enjoyed every bit of it, as always. We slept good that night, ready for our next day.

binkytell 11-14-2009 06:23 AM

i wish i could have a girlie time at disney, you girls look like your have a fab time :cool1:

cousinbb 11-17-2009 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by mom2cookies (Post 34202359)
HEHE I'm Loving your report, you are doing a good job : 0 )

Thank you very much :)


Originally Posted by binkytell (Post 34328254)
i wish i could have a girlie time at disney, you girls look like your have a fab time :cool1:

We really did have an awesome time and adventure. Thanks for reading ;) I see you are from Scotland. I would love to visit that place some time. How's the weather like over there?

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