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madmumof2 10-11-2009 09:00 PM

My live trip report!!
Hey! I'm going to try to update this when I can. We'll start off with the journey!

Hi everyone! I'm typing this on the plane right now! We're half way to Florida and we're bored now so the kids are watching Night at the museum 2 and I've come on here lol. Hotel was gorgeous, with comfy massive beds. Uneventful journey down, m25 wasn't too bad. Took about 2 1/2 hours, had a drink at the sofitel after checking in and putting our bags in the room. Over 20 for a round! 1 beer, 1 wine, 1 squash and 1 malibu and coke!

Got upstairs about 8pm, rang Ben, watched a bit of tv, then settled in for the night. The view from the window was amazing. We were right opposite the airport and could see all the planes landing and setting off. The room was gorgeous, as was the hotel, got some lovely pics.

I did set a wake up call for 6am but it never came. Lucky I also set one on my phone! So by 6:30 we were ready to check out. Was a bit of a worry trying to get to the south terminal without the monorail. We had to walk to the north terminal, then up to the 2nd floor to get to the buses, and I had to stand up as it was quite packed and I had nowhere to store my suitcase. The kids went to the back of the bus and were perfectly happy there with their crisps lol.

We got to the South terminal about 7:30 I think and got checked in quite quickly. Our plane was boarding at 9:20 for out 10:20 flight and we had about an hour to wait by the time we'd got through check in and customs. So we spoke to Ben again lol. Had breakfast at Frankie and Benny's which was very tasty.

The plane boarded about half 9 and we were one of the first few people on. We've ended up we a 3 seater in the middle, rather than a window seat so a bit gutted about that but hopefully we'll get a window seat on the way back. I'm actually typing this on the plane! Something to do lol. Kids have been ok, a bit annoying at times but they're bored so it's forgiveable! lol

So we're about half way to Florida right now at the time of writing this, looking forward to getting off and stretching our legs in the lovely Florida heat!

Next update should hopefully be when we're at POP!

Photos here!

madmumof2 10-11-2009 09:09 PM

Well we got to Sanford about 3:30pm. The queue for customs was ridiculous. 2 hours we waited in line and we were dying of thirst by the time we got through!

Got our transfer very quickly and we were soon on our way to POP! When we got here at about 6:30pm we shoved our cases in our room and got changed. It was so hot! We had a little look around but we were very tired after over 20 hours travelling. We got a bite to eat and went to bed.

The resort seems much bigger in real life than it does in pictures, and I thought it looked big on those!

In the morning, we were up early so we got our first POP breakfast. The kids had mickey waffles and sausage and I had the big POP waffle with bacon and sausage.

We left for Epcot around 8:30am and got there quickly. We had a brilliant time there. The kids met Mickey and pals and we had an amazing dinner at Coral Reef! If you haven't been there before I highly recommend it. The Mahi mahi was mouthwateringly gorgoeus!!

We did have a break in the middle of the day and spent the afternoon in the kiddie pool at POP.

The link to the photos is the same as my last post so if you've already looked you would have seen them already lol.

Tomorrow, Seaworld!

madmumof2 10-11-2009 09:20 PM

Today we got up to Mickey ringing our room! The kids loved it and it was a great start to the day. We had breakfast at POP and left at about 9am. We were very tired after our day at Epcot and didn't get back until about 10pm (the queue to see the characters ahd only gone down just before 9 so we got stuck in the stream of people leaving after the fireworks) so we had a bit of a lie in.

I wish we had stayed in bed longer as nothing was open until 11am! We'd drank all of our water and no shops were open for more, the kiddie bit only had the shamu ride open, none of the water bits, so we were walking around about passing out from the heat for 2 hours.

We went to see Believe at 11, which was fantastic. We were sat in the soak zone so obviously when Shamu passed us we got drenched! It was all good as the heat was verging on unbearable at that point so it was nice to cool down, even if we did taste like salt. I've got a few videos of today, and my favourite has to be when we got socked, the look on the kids faces was priceless!

We had a reservation for Dine with Shamu at 12:30 so before that we took a break in the Arctic bit, very cool and lovely to get out of the heat. Alyssa made us all laugh at the Polar bear cave bit, she thought there was really a Polar bear there and was getting all panicky bless her lol.

Dine with Shamu was fantastic. We were sat right next to the pool in the middle so had a perfect view. The meal was lovely and our server was great. We saw Shamu do some tricks and strangely enough there were loads of squirrels everywhere! One right ear the water staring out Shamu. Brave squirrel! lol

We left after that as it was far too hot, and got back to POP about 2pm. we had a little nap, so tired! Got up about 4 and spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. I've just realised we haven't had dinner, just snacks, so I'm betting the kids will be starving in the morning. Perfect for our ressie at Akershus!

So that leaves me up to date now. I have the internet until about 8pm tomorrow so I should be able to update a little before that without having to pay again lol.

Pics of today are here!

Next stop, Akershus!

bigbear 10-12-2009 01:58 AM

Really enjoying reading, hope you have a great time :goodvibes

natalielongstaff 10-12-2009 02:46 AM

Hope you enjoy Pop, we love it :thumbsup2

Pegasus928 10-12-2009 02:48 AM

Great reading all about your holiday so far and seeing loads af fantastic pics.
It really looks as if you are all having a brilliant time and I will be checking in regular to catch up. We may even see you there at some point as we leave tomorrow :thumbsup2

craigs bride 10-12-2009 02:49 AM

great start cant wait to hear more !

Dimplenose 10-12-2009 03:17 AM

Sounds like you're having a good time.

I can't see any of the photos.

whenyouwish.... 10-12-2009 04:45 AM

Sounds like you're all having a great time.

Photos are fab!!!

Beth__WDW23/6/02 10-12-2009 05:36 AM

OMG,I'm excited !!!!!! glad you are doing this :)

Going to look at the pics shortly,glad the kids are enjoying themselves,continue to keep us updated ;)
And have a fantasmic time x

Jets fan 10-12-2009 05:40 AM

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. your photos are great. Looking forward to hearing more:thumbsup2


scottish mum 10-12-2009 06:59 AM

The kids look like they are having a great time. You must be delighted to finally be there after all your worry.

Looking forward to more updates.

ps i've added you on facebook

VailaTigger 10-12-2009 07:24 AM

Loving your live reports! Going to look at your photos now.

We'll be staying at POP next year, so nice to hear that you like it. :thumbsup2

CustardTart 10-12-2009 08:15 AM

Fab live report, Gem!!! Love the pics too - your kids are such cuties... :cutie: :goodvibes :thumbsup2
Look forward to reading more... :surfweb:

mandymouse 10-12-2009 08:54 AM

I love live reports, and this is a great start. Great photos Gem. Have a fab time and I look forward to your next update :thumbsup2

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