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wicket2005 07-21-2009 06:13 AM

Going With The Flow - Day One - 21st July 2009

I have woken up early this morning (5.30 am) and not too bothered because I am excited about the day to come. The beds are really comfortable at the RPR so I had a good nightś sleep.

Supposed to be 88 today with 20 per cent chance of rain, dry air over us at the moment but I think a tropical wave is coming on Wednesday, well it can just wave and go as far as I am concerned.

Plans for today, I don't have any :rotfl:, please don't disown me. We will be in a park of some description, I need to dig out the parks to avoid list I have with me. As I have just mentioned in my 20th July report we are doing a first and going to the Virgin Welcome meeting, primarily to enquire about the free parking I am sure I read somewhere. Parking charges are $15 a day so if we can save that cost it will be handy. It is only at the Hard Rock Cafe and is only about 5 minutes are so away at 8 am. I think Ian and Craig fancied the free breakfast and meal. First time I have seen the breakfast mentioned most be struggling with selling tickets, it is only supposed to be 10 minutes. I will just get up and go if it runs any longer.

wicket2005 07-21-2009 06:25 AM

Security had rang us yesterday, I had saw our phone was flashing when we got back into the room but thought it was probably the Virgin Rep. Anyway they said they will only work on the safe if we are in the room and to give them a ring. They are coming up now. Some idiot had left the safe open with the bolt out so we couldn't put a new code in. We have used the lads' safe for the valuables but need 2.

Just seen a Subway advert a foot long for 5 dollars, this is about 3 pounds, we are charged this amount for a 6 inch one.

wilma-bride 07-21-2009 06:29 AM

Wow, a Virgin Welcome meeting - enjoy ;) Hope you get the parking issue sorted and enjoy the free breakfast.

I look forward to seeing what you guys end up doing today - you are putting me in mind of Julia Roberts (a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl :rotfl:)

Kymie 07-21-2009 06:34 AM

Wow,your room looks lovely! You will have to try and bump in to @mikeyhrc or his g/f @lillauren99!!

mandymouse 07-21-2009 07:43 AM

I look forward to finding out what you get up to today

Have fun :)

cannp123165 07-21-2009 09:21 AM

Have a great day. :)

jockey 07-21-2009 10:21 AM

Have a great day :)

natalielongstaff 07-21-2009 10:40 AM

Enjoy the day, whatever you decide to do :rolleyes1

suzycute 07-21-2009 11:12 AM

Hope you're enjoying your day! :)

wicket2005 07-21-2009 11:25 PM

Thanks for the well wishes for the day, we did have a good time and not a spot of rain was seen which is unusual for this time of the year. It was very hot.

Here is what we did today.

We had a pleasant walk down to the Hard Rock Cafe, I was on the lookout for mikey off Twitter and his girlfriend but I wasn't sure what Lauren looked like. There was only a few families there and we were not sure what to expect of this '10 Minute Update' mtg, I very much expected a hard sell with the tickets.

However, the HRC staff were very friendly as were the Virgin reps. We were sat down for the free breakfast which was a choice of 3 types. We choose the Full Monty which was a typical American breakie, sausages, bacon, eggs and toast, with OJ and coffee/tea. It was just a normal portion of food so no feeling bloated afterwards which was just as well as my football was still present. The reps gave a short talk as well as saying about the different tickets, safety issues and contact numbers. Afterwards they came round to see if we had any questions. They confirmed that we should not be paying for parking so we just need to ask to see the Manager if we are charged for it when we check out. So all in all a successful outing free breakfast, free parking for the fortnight and a free meal at Citywalk when we want. It was well worth us going and I recommend it if you are planning on spending the day at Universal. You also get your parking back if you have come specially for the meeting. Years ago a travel company we used actually gave you a free admission to Universal Studios where they were holding a meeting, we took the tickets but didn't go to the meeting.

As we were unable to go to a Disney park or Sea World for opening we thought it best just to go into Islands. We had a fantastic time here, I just love all the rides, so much fun. I just adore all the coasters, first one we went on was The Hulk, I had forgotten how quick it launches you out into the blue yonder. We followed this by Dr Doom, this is the one ride that makes my heart beat fasten because of that serious bit of air time I get when you shoot up. I screamed and screamed and screamed again. I quick blast round on Spiderman which was excellent.

Following this were the 3 water rides which do get you soaked. I hadn't bothered bringing a bag today as I didn't want to bother with lockers or trying to keep it dry. First stop was Popeye - soaked, followed by Dudley - soaked again but at least no one was firing water jets at you on the bridge then finally River Adventure. I quite enjoy people watching on the ride as new people just don't know what to expect.

We topped the water rides with a ride on Duelling Dragons, not in my favourite front row though as the line was quite long for this row but just in the middle. I loved this ride. Whilst we were waiting 3 American men were talking, one asked if it went upside down and his mate said no, I just looked at him and nodded, I think panic set in then as I think he had second thoughts. I thought they are going to be in for a shock because it twists you all over the place.

After the dragons we decided to go back to the hotel and have a chill at the pool. It was lovely sitting there in the heat and having a swim. I think Gary enjoyed ordering two smoothies with his room key. Service at the Royal Pacific seems to be a lot quicker than the Hard Rock but then last year at the HR the pool area was a lot busier. We had lunch by the pool.

I ordered Huli Huli chicken sandwich (which was lovely) and especially for Willbe an Island Punch Cocktail. Willbe is the name given to my new niece or nephew by my sister's partner, who will be joining the family in January (in case you have forgotten, I know I keep mentioning it:goodvibes) Yay! So a toast to Willbe :)

By the way can anyone remember who did the trip report with the cocktail count in? Natś name came to mind for some reason but I am sure someone can enlighten me. Anyway that is my cocktail count 1. Island Punch - a tempting twist of an island recipe containing 3 olives cherry vodka, pineapple juice, oj, grenadine and a splash of sprite, it was delish and Dad if you reading this as Ian would say ' am on my holidays ' and this is not normal behaviour.

Bevś Holiday Tip Number 3

If buying a meal at the poolside of the RPR buy one meal between two of you otherwise you will sink in the pool.

We very much enjoyed our time at the pool, I wrote up some notes for this and read a book as well as chatted to the family. After a while we decided to go off and do something else.

The choices we had were Epcot, Hollywood Studios or Sea World. We had a vote and decided to go to Epcot. I had just sat down in the car when there was a loud exclamation from Gary in the back 'what the .... (opposite of heaven)' pointing at my bag. I was just about to fling my bag off out of the window as I feared there was a huge spider or something else undesirable on it when I realised what it was.

It was a my lime green mickey mouse head label which I had lovingly hand crafted courtesy of Jo (DisneyMom) instructions (thank you Jo). It proudly had my virtual name scribbed on it, in the hope that a fellow DISer may spot me and say hello, though the rest of the family was quite openly hoping this wouldn't be the case. It would have caused them great amusement if someone had shouted wicket2005 at me, though I often smile when I think of Karenś report when she was on a cruise and someone came over asking if she was Custardtart, just makes me :rotfl: when I think about it. Anyway going off track again, it only took 15 minutes to get to Epcot and we were soon into the park.

Naturally the 3 main rides had lines way too long to wait in, who on earth wants to wait in lines over an hour long, we don't but we hadn't gone to the park with the intentions of doing the main rides. We had just gone to enjoy the park and have a stroll round the World Showcase which we enjoy doing.

However, before that we went in Mouseketeer (spelling looks at bit strange) and it sells Chamilia charms, the Disney ones. I may buy some of these later on. The best thing it sold was something everyone of us on these boards should be wearing round the parks, I am modelling it on one of the photos if you care to have a look. Unfortunately, again the family threatened to disown me if I paraded round in it.

Before hitting the World Showcase, we went on Journey to Imagination which made me think of DisneyJo as on the way over I had listened to DisneyBrit where she was saying that it was her favourite ride when she was a kid.

Next onto the World Showcase, stopping off at various points. I know people often say AK is a hot park but we always find that walk round the showcase to be very hot. The lads particularly liked a stall that was selling loads of things to do with mooses in Canada. I think Gary fancies some moose pyjama bottoms. I tried on a moose hat which again had the family laughing for some reason.

Somewhere round I spotted a Mickey Head ice cream which I had promised I would have for Tammy on Twitter (Bodie28) and on here TWyn. If any of you are on Twitter please add her, she is a lovely American lady.:goodvibes I even asked Ian to take a photo which he did, again and again and again. I think he was trying to get his revenge on me as I have the habit of taking on the spur photos which often catch him with his mouth full or pulling a funny face (I might add I am specifically banned from posting any said photos on Twitpic). So you will not be seeing the photo of him asleep upright on the plane with his mouth wide open.:rotfl:

On the way out we popped into the Ice Cold station again for some free drinks. We decided the Chinese version of coke was the best, tasted of melons. As we were heading out of the park the breeze picked up and we thought a storm may be coming but it didn't.

On the way back up we popped into Walmart to pick up some snacks. They were selling 6 bottles of water for $1, this is tons cheaper than in the parks. We bought some stuff for breakfast.

We then headed up to the Mall of Millenia. Ian and the lads had a few things they wanted from the Hollister and Abbercombie shops. I left them too it, all I was after was a book but there were no book shops. There was a shop that sold Jimmy Cho (or something like that) shoes which made me think of Nat and her New York trip and the expensive shoes bought there.:goodvibes Handy for your October visit Nat. Anyway I ended up buying a top from Gap, blue and white strappy top which is quite nice, I rescued Craig who was sitting in the conveniently placed seat outside the Abercrombie shop and whisked him away for a bit. He had a bit of a grumble about Gary and Ian's unnecessary spending. The stuff that Craig was after wasn't in stock in his size so we will have a look at the Florida Mall shop (what fun - not). Bargain hunter Ian picked up some teeshirts and shorts and Gary a belt. I looked at some knickers in VIctoriaś Secret in the reduced section $18.99 reduced price, ticketed price $18 something wrong there, methinks.

Forgot to mention a tip given on either DisneyBrit or Eye of Orlando, as the same people do both podcasts I get them mixed up, they said to use Magicool, it worked a treat after feeling hot in Epcot.

We were feeling a bit hungry at the Mall so we popped into our nearest Chipolte. I had a chicken burrito which was delicious.

Now everyone has deserted me, no stamina, all happily sleeping away. I will just upload some photos then join them I think though I am not feeling tired at the moment.

wicket2005 07-21-2009 11:53 PM

Todayś photos cya going to bed now.

mandymouse 07-22-2009 03:02 AM

What a great day Bev. I love The Hulk too, there's nothing like that launch is there ? LOL. Lovely pics too :thumbsup2

thelittlemermaid83 07-22-2009 03:15 AM

Great day Bev, love the photos esp the one of you in the Moose hat :lmao:

Pinky166 07-22-2009 04:43 AM

Wow what a great first day!

I love your description of the families reaction to your lime green mickey head with name! :lmao: I have secretly made one ready for my trip & I know that I will get the exact same reaction from my hubby. I've even hatched a plan as he always carries the rucksack & I dip in & out of it for whatever we need whilst it's on his back so I will sneak it on & off once we are in the parks. :lmao:

Did you buy the Lime Green Mickey ears? I agree all dissers should wear them, it's should be law. :idea: You could even get your screen name sewn on it. ;)

I am so going to miss all the rides at IOA in September, I am regretting our decision to skip it this trip, (first time ever :eek:) our faves are Spiderman, hulk & Duelling Dragons.

Where was the shop that sold the Chamilia charms? In Epcot??? :confused3 Did they stock many? Details Bev! I need details. :rotfl2::rotfl::lmao:

Glad you mentioned the Magicool - I have just bought some for our trip, they do a version which is supposed to help with prickly heat too. I always suffer with that so I hope it works. :thumbsup2

Looking forward to reading Wednesdays adventures. :thumbsup2

jen_uk 07-22-2009 05:02 AM

Great day, love the photos, esp the moose hat one! :cool1:

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