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KatGarcia 07-10-2009 10:13 AM

New 8/25. The trip that never was.
Welcome to my PTR!

Iím Kat. Disney freak. DIS Boards addict. Tinkerbell Fan. And most recently a new Cast Member for the World of Disney NYC!

Hereís me:

I work in the stock room, unloading the boxes. Semi un-Disney like BUT I was referred by another CM and you canít do what they do if you are referred. I wonít lie , Iíd love to call people ďprincessĒ all day and give out magical certs but Iím still really beyond thrilled to be working there.

SO obviously there are perks to working for Disney. Also- to clarify- I am considered an employee of WDW in Florida because we are the only WoD not in a theme park. The bad news is- my store is closing down after the holidays. The lease is up and they arenít renewing. Which means I have about 6 months to go to WDW as a CM.

At first I didnít think it would work out, esp. because I have a reluctant DH (KC) who isnít feeling the Disney as much as he used to. I told him he became a Disney Husband- you know the type- the guy who lets you plan, goes, has a good time but could take it or leave it.

Meet KC, Disney Husband:

But after doing some financial figuring and planning I finally broke the ice with him and we had the talk about it. I explained to him how much it would really mean to me to be able to go to WDW as a CM, if only once. He doesnít exactly understand , but thatís why I am on the DIS with you fine people who just GET IT.

Itís a dream to me to be working for Disney in any way and to be able to walk into the gates as a real tangible part of that means everything to me. After the store closes thatís all the opportunity I have for this, unless we move to Florida, which is not likely any time soon.

We have one other person coming with us! After inviting several people and being turned down for whatever reason, just one remains.

Meet Pants. (guess who got him the shirt)

KC's BFF, Partner in Crime, His brother from another mother. They are inseparable. Pants is a great friend to us both. He came with us last January and had a great time. He's excited to check out F&W with us.

The only other appearance will be by my BFF L & her daughter, H.

We are currently trying to talk L's DH to come too. Her sister and brother-in-law and nephew MIGHT make it too, but they all live 45 minutes away and it's a lot easier for them to plan on the fly that for us to.

When are we going:

Wednesday October 28th through November 2nd.

Where are we staying:

After MUCH debate and heated discussion (lol) I booked! We decided on a split stay. We like to split the stay and make it feel like 2 different vacations. It also was a way for me to still save us as much money as possible (DH's bone of contention with this whole trip) and to be able to stay at one of my dream resorts.

Wednesday October 28th- Saturday October 31st @ All Star Movies, Preferred Room.

Saturday October 31st - November 2nd @ Animal Kingdom lodge, Standard View.

All the rest I am still planning so you can all help me with that!

Thank for reading along and coming on another vacation with us!

KatGarcia 07-10-2009 10:14 AM

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HomeschoolMama 07-10-2009 10:31 AM

Am I the first to post? :yay:

I can't wait to hear all the details, Kat!

jcc0621 07-10-2009 10:31 AM

I'm here!

Lifelong_Dreamer 07-10-2009 10:44 AM

I'm here Kat!

jenseib 07-10-2009 10:52 AM

WoooHoo! :cool1:

debraW76 07-10-2009 11:41 AM

Hi Kat!
So you can't work in the same department if a CM referred you? That sounds weird :confused:.

Can't wait to here about it!

DWGal210 07-10-2009 11:57 AM

Sounds like you're going to have fun! Can't wait to read more! :goodvibes

askelton 07-10-2009 02:07 PM

:banana: Pencil me in for a Grey Goose slushie with you! :goodvibes

mrsksomeday 07-10-2009 03:03 PM

I'm here too! I hope everything works out for you. It is great you get to go back sooner than you thought.:goodvibes

DisneyJo 07-10-2009 03:05 PM

So if you're reffered you can't work on the shop floor????

Fingers crossed this trip all goes to plan for you Kat I know it means so much :goodvibes

MomofCKJ 07-10-2009 03:15 PM

So glad it is working out that you can get a trip in before your store closes. That is a bummer that they are closing for good!


englishrose47 07-10-2009 03:25 PM

Did I make Page 1 !! I am sooo in for his Kat!!!:banana::banana:

Hedy 07-10-2009 06:28 PM


Lynn5700 07-10-2009 06:31 PM

Hey!!! I'm going to NYC this Sunday, and we're going to stop in The WOD store. Are you going to be there?

And what is this?? They are closing!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! It's the closest thing to Disney around me!!

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