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davidb69 07-09-2009 09:02 AM

Our 3rd annual trip to Disney, first real PTR(We leave on AUGUST 7th YEA!!!!)
Hello fellow DISers. Me(40) :-(, DW(34) and our 2 DS(8,6) are so, so ready for Disney. We actually calmed the excitement this year with a trip to the beach for a week in June that we really enjoyed. We used to do the beach for a week before we decided to try to go to Disney once before the kids got older and bam here we are for our 3rd annual trip. Each year the trip has been different. Our first year, we flew down on a saturday, had a long day going to downtown disney and then hit the parks every day and then flew home the following saturday night. Disney Magical Express is incredible and the parks were in the mid 90s every day but hey it's August. I really didn't enjoy the lack of control with our first saturday and last saturday for coming down so we drove down last year. Everything went fine, we drove from the Philly area and the only negative part was our younger DS threw up in the car when we arrived in the Orlando area. He had the stomach bug for the next 2 days but was fine the rest of the trip including the trip home(me and DW got that same bug later in the week). We also had cooler temps(upper 80s in mid august!) and a lot more showers which at disney isn't a big deal. Overall we had a great time and headed home in the middle of the afternoon after hitting Epcot on a sunday till around 3pm. We were supposed to get a hotel to sleep in on the way home but we drove straight home and got home at 7am and went to bed(not fun but we were ok)

This year we were not going to goto Disney, we said we can't afford it this year and then boom, Disney puts out the buy 4 days get 3 free. So we booked and we are set for Disney from August 8th thru August 15th at Pop Century. We've been to All Star Sports and Movies in the last 2 years, so Pop Century seems really nice and a nice fit for a new place to visit making each year fresh and new.

So here we are planning our trip. We are 4 weeks away, dining reservations have been made months ago and we are ready to go now if we could but we patiently wait.

Day -1 - August 6th -
Laundry night, pack bags and have them by the door, make sure DSes/PSP/iphones are charged and podcasts are downloaded. Have mini tv and PS2 and Gamecube packed to go.
Day 0 - August 7th(in Philly area)-
We come home from work and have our last home cooked meal, clean up, pack up the van, hit the bathrooms, and our trip will begin somewhere in the 7-8pm time period.
There are a few hard periods driving to Disney from the Philly area. We plan on having DW drive through these trouble areas while I take a nap during the first part of the trip this year. Last year I drive all but 1-2 hours last year.
Problem #1, Baltimore area, we should hit around 9pm, Orioles are on the road that day, so traffic shouldn't be too bad.
Problem #2 DC area, DC is always a traffic jam even at 10pm at night. Hopefully this will be smooth. If we are doing good then we should be in Richmond, VA by midnight-1am area.
Problem #3 Trees, trees, trees. The reason for packing podcasts for the trip is #1, the wife will be sleeping and scenery in the dark and just trees is boring.
Day #1 YES!!!!!!!!
Kids will start to wake up during the drive around 5-7am. Generally because of the excitement. At this point we should be in the Georgia area.
Last year we ate at a Denny's at Brunswick, GA. It was really good and kids had fun there. I think it was 8am when we ate there last year.
After we eat and leave around 9amish we hit the Jacksonville area around 11am. At this point, we should only have 3 more hours till we hit Disney and we hope to arrive around 2pm. Kids want to eat at the McD near by and will probably do so. After we have lunch then we head to the hotel, check in and unload. Our game plan is to head to the pools and relax after a long day(for us driving anyways). More of the PTR coming later.

:cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1: :cool1:

MomofCKJ 07-09-2009 09:34 AM

Signing on! I enjoy Pop and I hope you will too! I am going next month as well and staying there again. The Food Court is great and I just like the general vibe you get. It is a fun resort!


davidb69 07-09-2009 09:48 AM

part 2 Actual disney stuff
Day 1 Continued(Aug 8th)
Dinner at resort,
Then heading to Mini-golf at Winter/Summerland near Blizzard Beach. Then head back to Pop Century for some much needed Sleep

Day #2 Sun., August 9th:

We will head to Epcot bright and early in the morning for the extra Magic hours at 8am.

We have Dinner set at the Garden Grill and then afterwords we should be set for IllumiNations at 9pm and then head back to the hotel. We have never eaten at the Garden Grill, this will be new to us.

Day #3 Mon., August 10th:
Since we are up a little later the night before we decided to goto Animal Kingdom instead of hitting the magic hour in the morning, we get 3 in the evening. I hope the Safari works out with it being 9am instead of 8am but most animals seem to be sleeping when we are driving by anyways and we do have until 9pm to stay there but I doubt if we will be there past 8pm.

Day #4 Tues., August 11th:
We head to Magic Kingdom for the Magic hour in the morning. Going to be a great day. We have lunch reservations at Crystal Palace. This is always fun and relaxing, even though the kids are no longer the biggest Pooh fans, I am still. :cool1:

We plan on watching Spectromagic and Wishes this day as well.

Day #5 Wed., August 12th:

Back to Epcot at 9am, this is one of the kids favorite parks so we come back here early. Depending on what the kids want to do, is how long we stay, this could be a day where we enjoy the park for the day and then head back to the hotel and swim after dinner and relax at night.

Day #6 Thurs., August 13th:
Hollywood Studios
Our DS that is 6 has hit the 48 inch mark and is excited to go on the Rock and Roller Coaster this year. We are also pumped that we can do this ride as a family.
Park opens at 9am and we will be hitting Fantasmic that night at 9pm.

Day #7 Fri., August 14th:

2nd day at Magic Kingdom, we are hitting at 9am again because of the late show the night before. We have the option of staying up late this night if tuesday night is rainy.

Day #8 Sat., August 15th:
check out early AM, pack car
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s for the best breakfast and best way to kick off the last day of a vacation.
We drive to kids park of choice, honestly any will do. It's always been Epcot but I believe they might choose Hollywood Studios this year.
Leave around 3pm
Drive to GA for dinner
Drive to SC and stay overnight at motel(last year I kept driving, this year I think I will listen)

Day #9 Sun., August 16th:

Breakfast in SC
Lunch/dinner on the road
Home around 7pm
Unpack, laundry, sleep

Day #10 Mon., August 17th, DW back to work, DH home with kids, doing more laundry, catching up on sleep.

davidb69 07-10-2009 08:33 AM

t minus 4 weeks to go
Why am I thinking of what I need to bring 4 weeks before hand?



davidb69 07-11-2009 09:59 PM

Are we there yet?
Thankfully we have the Harry Potter mania hitting us right now, so no big news on disney. Our 6 year old admited that he is scared of going on the Aerosmith rollercoaster this year. He'll change his view when he's there.

t-minus 27 days till the drive. We starting talking about food to pack for the car trip.

Why does time only fly when we are on vacation??????

davidb69 07-12-2009 10:04 PM

Jedi Academy
We were discussing rides and events and we know that American idol thing is new and we know space moutain is down for maintence. Is Jedi academy still going on?

davidb69 07-14-2009 12:35 PM

Luke is no longer worried about Aerosmith ride, apparently I compared it to riding a bus and flying in the air with no seatbelts and in comparision he love the idea of this ride. 3 peaceful weekends before our disney trip. Tomorrow is Harry Potter day. We can't wait.

davidb69 07-16-2009 07:28 PM

Our week before plans before disney
Sat., Aug. 1st

Mel: work in the morning, then Dave & kids meet at Mom-Mom’s house for haircuts/lunchtime…

Relax rest of the day, etc.

Sun., Aug. 2nd: (meatloaf?)

Grocery shop (Acme) for the week (try to plan on finishing all refrigerated food by Friday)…

Mon., Aug. 3rd (fish sticks?)

Get oil change for the van?, change van seats – put in back row seat and take out middle row…

Clean out van, etc.

Tues., Aug. 4th (burgers, spaghettios)

Family trip to Acme – pick out cereals, snacks, drinks, etc. – all food for the drive down and the week at Disney (snacks for car, “breakfast” foods for hotel, evening snacks, drink mixes and snacks to bring with us to the parks, etc.).

Big laundry night! – all regular whites & darks, etc.

Wed., Aug. 5th: (veal patties)

Go online and put a hold on our mail, stop by pet store and get crickets/worms for the Gecko,

Dave – mow the lawn… Dave and Mel can pack their clothes, most of their suitcases, etc.,

Do kids’ laundry… Have kids start to pack their toys or animals?? Have them pick out movies and games for the car trip? Start to pack kids’ suitcases…

Thurs., Aug. 6th: (ham slice & mac n cheese)

Have kids wear PJs or old clothes, do small load of any extra laundry to be done…

Set light timers for the house, leave Dave a note about the cats, etc., Gather TV/electronics for the car and pack that/leave by front door, charge DS’s, PSP’s, CHARGE VIDEO CAMERA, etc., Pull out all pool toys, ladder, etc. and put all stuff on deck inside the garage… Start to pack groceries/ snacks for our trip, Have kids finish packing toys & stuffed animals. Pack kids clothes & suitcases. Pack separate bag of bathing suits, towel, suntan lotion, extra t-shirts for car trip, etc. Gather GPS for the car, any maps, Disney binder, etc., Disney tickets and paperwork, All suitcases should be packed and by the front door, ready to go, maybe add last minute stuff on Friday afternoon… (Mel – contact lens stuff, etc.),

Get enough sleep!!! (in bed, not the couch)!!!

Fri., Aug. 7th: (pork roll)

Work (Mel: all day), Dave – maybe leave early from work, take an afternoon nap, pick up the kids, etc. GET DARTH CAT INSIDE AND LOCK THE BEAST IN A ROOM UNTIL WE LEAVE!!!! J

When I get home, Dave - pack van with suitcases, etc., Mel – cook dinner, clean-up, etc., Kids can change into PJs or just sleep in the same clothes their wear on Friday and wear the same clothes on Saturday?? Shock the pool, put pool cover on, etc., Turn down thermostat for the week, Lock doors, pull up bathroom mats, change cat litter, set out extra water & food dishes for the cats. Pack cooler for car trip down – drinks, etc., and snacks for hotel…

Bring pillows, blankets, etc. for the van… Leave around 7-8pm for Disney!!! Drive all night and try to stay awake… DE, MD, DC, VA…

davidb69 07-20-2009 12:13 PM

My son's issue
Well, 3 weeks till Disney and my 6 year old had to goto the hospital on friday. Uggg. Blood was everywhere. He was goofing off and slipped and took a lot of skin off his baby toe and in between the following toe. My first reaction was to all the blood, then my 2nd reaction was how is this going to effect our disney trip. Well, thankfully after we went to the hospital, got it all cleaned out, he just has to spend a few days off his feet and he's fine. The next 2 weeks of work are the easy part, then as soon as August hits we are full board into moving the planning into doing. I just can't get July to go away fast enough.

davidb69 07-21-2009 07:46 AM

Mini van update
Ok, the van now has had the Tires rotated and oil has been changed with 2 and a half weeks to go.

So besides cleaning and redoing the seats in the van, the van is ready for travel.

:cool1: :cool1: :cool1: :cool1: :cool1: :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:

davidb69 07-23-2009 12:00 PM

I am talking to myself it seems but oh well.
Well, we are almost there, After today, only 10 work days until I can relax.

This weekend, car seat is moved and van will be cleaned. Take the kids to see the G-Force movie. I heard they have stuff from the movie Up at disney, kids had no interest in that but are excited for the G-Force movie.

davidb69 07-24-2009 08:02 AM

exactly 2 weeks until the drive begins!!!!
Oh my, 2 more weeks till the journey begins. I am so excited to get going, after today 9 days of work. 8 really because I can barely call next tuesday a work day.

Hopefully the car can be cleaned up tomorrow for the trip.

davidb69 07-26-2009 02:41 PM

Matthew, Luke, Melody and Wall E

The Family at Epcot

Luke enjoying the water at epcot

Matthew and Luke with their favorite pup Pluto.

Me and the Boys at the All Star Sports hotel.

Our family getting an behind the scenes tour of Mission Space.

I can't believe 12 more days till we make our way back down there. I am so excited.

mothermouse 07-26-2009 05:17 PM

You're not talking to yourself, I'm reading, I'm reading :surfweb: Have a fun trip can't wait to read about it when you guys get back :banana:

davidb69 07-27-2009 08:58 PM

So close and yet so far.

Originally Posted by mothermouse (Post 32883584)
You're not talking to yourself, I'm reading, I'm reading :surfweb: Have a fun trip can't wait to read about it when you guys get back :banana:

I think most of the fun is prepping to go there, and then being there. Writing the post trip will be fun as well but then there is work to go back to :-(

Glad someone is reading though. :goodvibes

This weekend the van was prepped, So this week is all about having a "normal" work week, getting kids new shoes and hair cuts and then the following week the thoughts of did we pack everything we need sets in.

I will write more later this week as it gets interesting. Seeing that calendar turning to August makes it all worth wild.

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