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lilacgems23 07-08-2009 09:32 AM

Very Late Trip Report - Sept 08 visit
I know its late but didnt think about doing one until now.


Me 24
DH 26
DD 2
SIS 20
BIL 30
Nephew 2

DAY 1:

We got up very early 4.45am as taxi was picking us up at 6am. We arrived at Gloucester early so had a bit of waiting before coach arrived.

We then spent the whole day travelling arriving at Dream Castle Hotel about 10.30pm

We all had a very excited walk around the hotel taking pics, ringing people to say were here and how nice the hotel is then headed off for shower and bed.

For some reason we all ended up in the same room which was hard work at times, me, sis and dd had to share a bed and bil, dh and nephew had the bunks lol

DAY 2:

We set our alarms for 7am but we didnt wake up until about 8am, thick we must have been wore out from the day traveling.

We all showered, dressed then headed for breakfast which was lovely we all opted for the hot selection which was included in the price, were seated immediately, there was no scrum and it was very clean.

We got into the park about 10.30am due to missing 1 of the busses and the 2nd being too full for us to get on.

First thing we headed for was meet and greet with Mickey then Donald. We then walked around the castle although upstairs was closed off for refurbishement. We went on a few rides in fantasyland such as snow white, pinocchio, carousels.

We ate lunch at caseys corner which was ok, you get a fair bit for your money.

After lunch headed back off the Fantasyland for more rides before watching the parade. All adults and kids loved this. Then off to BTM (a hour wait) and had a look around the shops went to go to Alices Labrynth which was closed.

We ran to catch Candlebration as we could hear it starting again we loved this!

The park closed at 7pm so we watch Mickey wave from the bridge before we headed out to disney village where we went to sandwich shop and done some more shopping.

DAY 3:

got up nice and early with wake up call from Goofy. Was in the parks bang on 10am this time. We done meet and greet with Winnie the pooh which was the lngest wait of them all! He kept wandering off.

We then watched the train, DD danced with her Minnie toy. We got some character autographs, rabbit, tiger, eeyrore, goofy and jessy from toy story. A few older children pushed DD out of the way but most characters then seperated the crowd and came to here. She was getting them all to kiss her minnie teddy lol.

We then literally ran to make our table reservation for cafe Mickey. We got there at 12.45 and didnt leave until about 2.30pm! The food was nice except for the childrens menu was very minimal. Everyone had plutos steak except me I had the pinochios pasta (?) and we all had snow whites apple pie. DD has pasta which looked very unappetising was just green and she wouldnt touch it! The charatcer intervention was superb they spent ages at the table, fussed over both adults and children. The restaurant was very quiet.

We headed to the studios went on stitch live, disney cars ride, flying carpets and the men went on Tower of Terror. We also got the stunt show which everyone enjoyed. Crush coaster was over an hour wait so we didnt go on this which was a shame.

We had a meet and greet with Minnie and watched the toon train.

We headed back to the main park in time to watch Candlebration again.

Headed back to the hotel early and all went in their pool then filled up on snacks from the vending machine. Went back to the room and had phone calls from everyone back home we filled them in on our day.

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 09:33 AM

DAY 4:

I woke up ill, feeling all flu (ish) but didnt let it ruin our holiday. Due to this though we didnt get up early as I was everyones alarm clock lol. We reached the park about 11am after we bought our tickets as didnt have them for the 3rd day. Annoyed as I wanted to make the most of our last day here.

First thing was to go on all the rides around discoveryland, frontierland that we hadn't yet been on. Indianna Jones ride was closed.

We saw the train and got more signatures from Buzz and Captain Hook and watched Tiger and Eeyore have a play fight lol.

After lunch we went back to Fantasyland as this was our favourite part and went on all the rides again. This time we went on Autopia which was about an hour wait. The we went on its a small world (didnt see it before) the kids enjoyed it so much we stayed on the boat and went around again.

We then watched the parade for the final time (very sad) went to get some food as we realised we hadnt eaten that day! Then went and bought some more gifts (DD was spolit) and had another look around the castle downstairs before watching Candlebration for the last time (again I was said). Again watched Mickey wave us Bye Bye.

We had lunch at Mcdonalds and had a stroll around Disney Village then headed off back to the hotel to pack and feel sorry for ourselves lol.

DAY 5:

Up at 6am to check everything was packed, get showered and dressed for breakfast at 7am. We left the hotel at 7.30am. A very long journey home and got home about 11pm.

We had a lovely time and was sad to be home and wanted to book again before we had even left DLP lol. The weather was lovely, very warm and sunny not 1 shower. The park was quiet compared to how it was that Easter weekend but some of the ride times were still fairly long.

Sorry its not as interesting as other reports but am going from memory as best I can

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 09:55 AM

Have to add the photos on a new post as its deleting my text when I try to add them to the above posts

1. Day 1 - On ferry

2. The Dream Castle Hotel

3. In caseys eating lunch on day 2

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:03 AM

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:07 AM

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:08 AM


lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:09 AM

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:13 AM


lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:15 AM


lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:16 AM

A few Halloween decs that were up:

The haunted house:

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:19 AM

Cafe Mickey

Few more in the cafe mickey review page

Some in the stuido

Carpgirl 07-08-2009 10:41 AM

What great pics! Bet you haven't go a little pocket camera like me. Mine never come out so close.
Really getting me in the mood for my trip:banana:

lilacgems23 07-08-2009 10:59 AM


mines 5 x optical zoom so is very good for close up pics

lilacgems23 07-29-2009 06:17 PM

why are my photos not showing?

FiFi Rose 07-29-2009 06:33 PM

:confused3 No idea I was just about to say I couldn't see them:rotfl:

Glad you enjoyed yourself - we stayed in dreamcastle last week for a night and were impressed. First experience of off site:goodvibes

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