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newtodis 06-23-2009 09:34 AM

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Official Thread - Part 5
Alright...we hit 250 pages (over that actually) in the previous thread. Just starting a new one here in case anyone wants to carry on the discussion.

Here is the link from Thread 4:

TanyaLovesPooh 06-23-2009 10:02 AM

Wow....there has been a lot of posting since yesterday.

I wonder what happened over the weekend to make Kate file? It had to be more than Jon's little media stunt.

Madge...where are you? We expect some news on this today. :rotfl2:

LoraJ 06-23-2009 10:04 AM

I know many have been saying they should have gone to counseling, but that's kind of hard to do when one party has already checked out of the marriage and excited about their new life.

TanyaLovesPooh 06-23-2009 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by LoraJ (Post 32396518)
I know many have been saying they should have gone to counseling, but that's kind of hard to do when one party has already checked out of the marriage and excited about their new life.


newtodis 06-23-2009 10:07 AM

Below are comments from the previous thread:


Originally Posted by WaltD4Me (Post 32387719)
Divorce likely is the announcement, but I'm very surprised they filed today. Divorce filings are public record so they had to know the minute they filed it would be news, with all the hype about the announcement, they wouldn't wait one more day and file tomorrow?

I wondered the same thing....why not just wait until the following day?


Originally Posted by *NikkiBell* (Post 32390393)
The crooked houses are very cute, but SO not worth $3K and up!

I thought the houses were cute on the outside but seemed very small and slightly dangerous with the kids slamming doors and stuff running in and out. I'm sure they calmed down after the "newness" wore off but still. And the insides, is it just plywood?? Maybe that's why they put the stickers up inside to "decorate" a little bit? The Crooked House guys really seemed to have a good time.


Originally Posted by Maggimus (Post 32390407)
Anyone else think its weird that Jon has the phone thing in his ear the entire time? As if he cant be away from the phone for a second....

Agreed. I personally cannot stand those things - no one, except maybe the President who has people who take his calls, is that important that you can't take a break...


Originally Posted by Sandy321 (Post 32390492)
Jon and I had a rough day - its almost like a "shell game"

Jon has a lot of anger towards me, and wont talk to me, he wont hold a discussion with me, I want to talk ... I see a window in his world. I dont know if he realizes the repurcussions of his descions down the road...

ok that's sad.

Totally sad. I could have spoken a lot of the words Kate did last night about my own relationship...I pretty much cried through the entire episdoe (and the season premire they showed before)...


Originally Posted by java (Post 32390962)
The flashbacks are sad. It's so clear that he hates the show. And it's been clear for a long time.

Yeah and he is going to get a job

I don't think he "hates" the show. I think he's upset for not speaking up and just going along with things for so long. He said something about that in the interview part, about how he's standing up now and getting a backbone or something like that. I think that's where the tension and such is coming from.

I'm not so sure about the job offer....


Originally Posted by mickey&minnie04 (Post 32391023)
He's excited....***!! I can't believe he just said that!

I thought that was an odd word to use describing their situation.


Originally Posted by Eeyore'sthebest (Post 32391048)
Are they seriously going to continue filming while these poor children have to go through the agony of their parents' divorce???

I would think if you're moving mommy or daddy in and out constantly and you cut off every other person they're used to seeing at the same time, that could be even more tramatic for them. For the time being, trying to keep things as "normal" as possible with the cameras there is probably for the best - phase them out slowly over time.


Originally Posted by Starbrite (Post 32391134)
Organic Fruit, Organic Milk, Organic Juice, Organic Applesauce..... Yeah, we get the point!

Yes....everything's organic. That was clear :rotfl:


Originally Posted by MariDisney (Post 32391139)
I'm sorry. I know there is all kinds of serious stuff going on. But why in the world do they have bibs on 5 year olds in a restaurant????

I laughed when I saw that last night and knew it's be a "hot topic" this morning!


Originally Posted by crazee4mickey (Post 32391151)
All I can say is....
"The show must go on" :confused3 :sad2:
What kind of idiotic statement that is--way to go Kate, when your kids get older they'll love hearing that.

I think Kate was asked a question because (if I remember right) she said something like "how will the show go on? "the show must go on"?" I don't think she was making a statement so much as trying to throw the phrase in there while answering the question.


Originally Posted by madge (Post 32391245)
I'm glad I didn't watch. And I'm officially done. I'll not be around for thread #5.

You find the best articles! You can't leave!! :flower3:


Originally Posted by sandramaac (Post 32391525)
Kate----I, me, my kids

Jon----us, we, our kids

I say the same things - "my kids, my room" whatever...I guess that didn't really stand out to me.


Originally Posted by WaltD4Me (Post 32391618)
I totally agree. Jon seemed like he couldn't wait to jump out of that chair and "get on with his life." --- and the money. I notice he said he will probably still do the show. If it wasn't so sad, I would have laughed when he said he might get a job offer.

Yes he really seemed disconnected or something like that....maybe wasn't sure what to say because he didn't know what Kate was going to say in her interview??? I think there must be a contract involved to some extent that they cannot get out of if Jon's continuing to do the show. I thought it was weird that he said he might get a job offer - is something already in the works???


Originally Posted by 1stluvispooh (Post 32391777)
I think he was excited about not just having the identity of Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8.

Parents in general "loose" their identity. I'm no longer me, I'm Corbin's mom or Carter's mom and I'm 100% ok with that! Jon will always be Jon and Kate Plus 8 - it will be around forever in cyberspace and with the books and people aren't just going to forget. You can't just walk away from something like that IMO.


Originally Posted by 3prettyprincesses (Post 32392023)
Jon's a big boy, he can man up and tell Kate no if he wants to. He quit his job to do the show. Why is everyone pinning this whole thing on Kate? They are both responsible for their decisions.

I think Jon said last night that he was trying to more stand up for himself and speak his mind and that's where the problems were stemming from - because he'd been so quiet for so long.

I agree too - I don't think anyone can "pin" this on one person at this point. Based on what was shown just last night, I would totally put it on Jon 120%. Because I'm a bit more "knowledgable" (thanks to the DIS!!) than the adverage viewer, I think it's more split than that but I only know what's reported and what's shown by TLC at this point.


Originally Posted by WaltD4Me (Post 32392294)
I'm honestly surprised Kate filed, I can't help but wonder what "activities" she means. Is there any advantage to be the one to actually file for the divorce? Does who files matter at all for anything?

I didn't like how Jon said he let Kate rule the roost, but now he is standing up on his own two feet and is proud of himself. If he passively let her rule roost for 8 or 9 years, how is she supposed to know that all of sudden he doesn't want that? Doesn't sound like he talked to her about it, sounds like he just decided to be a jerk one day. Yes, I know Kate was controlling, ect, ect, but it didn't seem like Jon wanted to step up either. He said himself that he let her rule the roost, maybe because he didn't want to. They have 8 kids, someone had to be "run" things. I'm sorry I don't believe Jon tried at all, if you decide to change the dynamic almost 10 years into marriage you have to talk to the other person and let them know that.

I do think it matters - at least in SC and MI - who files first and how the paperwork is filed.

I agree with your comments regarding Jon.


Originally Posted by 3prettyprincesses (Post 32392376)
He said he was excited about this new chapter of his life. He went on to say he's only 32.

I wasn't impressed with his choice of words to describe his situation at all. I don't think his age has anything to do with it and I'm not sure why he felt he needed to keep bringing it up, unless that's an "excuse" to him - like "I'm only 32 and I never got to do xyz.". I think that's crap chose to have kids, now you need to grow up and deal with that - you can't go back in time and if you could, would you want to??


Originally Posted by KristiKelly (Post 32392402)
I think the dogs will stay. This (marital problems) has been going on for months. I think the dogs were bought for protection. Kate has said she "doesn't want to be alone", I think, even though she's not fond of them, she will feel protected and now the entire country knows that there are 2 German Shepards on the premises & in the house. Also, if the kids love the dogs (and obviously they do), I think they'll stay for that reason. Imagine taking those dogs away from Mady!!!

Now they need to do an episode like they did on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and show how they're training the dogs to protect.


Originally Posted by Starbrite (Post 32392476)
I agree. Jon reminds me so much of my Ex-H....towards the end, it was honestly like having a 3rd child. We we're very young too, so I heard all the same excuses..."I'm only 32" ya ya ya...there are plenty of responsible parents at that age...heck I'm only 29 and have a 12 year old.

Totally agree!!


Originally Posted by Geoff_M (Post 32392595)
The issue of the house placement tonight was another prime example. Kate's choice may very well have been a better one, but the way that she went about it was totally wrong. Jon had spent time over a couple of months preparing the ground for the playhouses and Kate didn't even bother to go look at the location herself. The very day that the truck arrives, Kate suddenly cares, decides Jon's picked a bad spot, and then undermines him with the installation crew and announces where she wants them. Jon is left to quip "It looks like I've just made a campground!"

I don't think Jon spent months preparing a space for the houses - it didn't appear that way when he was clearing the land at least. It also didn't seem like they'd talked about it. IMO, they should have already had the land cleared before the trucks even got there - how rude to expect others to wait on you to get something done that should have prior to their arrival.

I *think* that neither have been together in so long that they probably texted each other or something and no one really knew where the other one was talking about. I agree that the houses were probably safer up by their house with the kids still being small.


Originally Posted by C.Ann (Post 32392829)
There's is absolutely no reason (other than money) for them to air their dirty laundry and announce their pending divorce on tv

I think it's another darned if you do/don't topic. Had they just parted ways, people would have continued to speculate and as it's been pointed out, the legal documents are public record so it would have come out eventually. I think, just my opinion, that when you have a "reality" show, it should be addressed - maybe not the way it was last night, but in some fashion.


Originally Posted by 3prettyprincesses (Post 32393156)
I didnt' hear them say it was a Mother's Day brunch. Jon did say they were going to a fancy dress up brunch but I don't recall it being Mother's Day? :confused3

No I don't think anyone actually said anything, it just popped up on the bottom of the screen.


Originally Posted by Starbrite (Post 32393376)
Had they not made an official announcement at all, there would've been posters (maybe not on DIS) complaining that it's all a front, the episodes aren't even real, they aren't together anymore, etc etc.

They defiantely needed to make an announcement, maybe the show wasn't the right way to go about it....a press release from both sides would've been better.



Originally Posted by MichelleVW (Post 32395137)
ok....I'm done now...I'm not going to watch or comment any more on the lives of those poor children.

Someone else needs to start part 5 because it won't be me....

Stupid Jon and Kate for ruining what used to be a nice thread to hang out in....

Aww - you have to at least come back and post cute puppy pictures every now and again!

I've started thread 5 (obviously) in case anyone wants to continue to discuss.

I'm sorry....


Originally Posted by Gabes_mommy (Post 32395222)
Now I suspect the kids will rarely see him. If you watched the episode last night he said he was "excited about his new life" and that he already hasn't been around much for the last few months to "prepare the kids" for how things will be in the future. I predict he will be too busy partying to have much time for his kids.

I kind of got that vibe too....


Originally Posted by madge (Post 32395757)
I wonder, on an average day (if there ever is such a thing :confused:), how much time Jon or/and Kate spend managing their household on their own, without help.

That would be an interesting question to know the answer to! I don't know that we ever will.

blissventure 06-23-2009 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by LoraJ (Post 32396518)
I know many have been saying they should have gone to counseling, but that's kind of hard to do when one party has already checked out of the marriage and excited about their new life.

I hold them equally accountable. She rarely loves, honors and cherishes, and he? Well, he checked out to find someone who would. Neither gets cool points from me.

Married or divorced, they need counseling. They are going to have to learn to treat EACH OTHER with some respect, and work as a parental team...or the kids will continue to suffer.

newtodis 06-23-2009 10:11 AM

TLC has provided a place (Kate's previous blogs area) to leave your comments, thoughts for the family:

newtodis 06-23-2009 10:13 AM

In case anyone is interested:

Jon and Kate Gosselin haven't slept together in months, has learned exclusively.

The reality-show couple will announce their divorce next week, as reported exclusively on Thursday. And even as the cameras have rolled for the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8, a troubled marriage in front of the camera has been a nonexistent union off screen.

Kate has consulted a divorce attorney and Jon plans to file divorce papers next week, a source close to the situation told As America has helped them reach record TV ratings in the past few weeks - nearly 10 million people tuned in to the season premiere on TLC -- more drama was unfolding behind the scenes. "Jon and Kate haven't slept together in months. Jon doesn't even like to come in the house when Kate is there," the source told

Jon has been living in sleeping quarters in the garage. He has not shared a bed with Kate in months, the source said. Their on-screen fighting and bickering pales in comparison to the off-screen chill that exists between them, and Jon has done everything he can to avoid his wife, according to the source.

The marriage has been dying slowly for a while, says the source. In May, Kate's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, told that, "Six months ago Kate came to Jon and said, 'Hey, it's over.'" But the couple stayed together and learned that they recently moved up the time table for splitting, as tension between them grew.

The source close to the situation told that Jon reached the point where he didn't want to be in the same house with Kate, much less sleep with her. Us Weekly previously reported that Jon was having an affair with Deanna Hummel. Her brother, who lived with Deanna, told the magazine that he had spent nights at her house.

Jon and Kate spent their 10th wedding anniversary apart last weekend and have been photographed together infrequently in recent weeks.

But Jon was photographed with another woman - after he moved on from Deanna. exclusively reported he was seeing Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed a tummy tuck on Kate.

FergieTCat 06-23-2009 10:13 AM

Do you think this will take the air out of the sails of the tabloids, Jodi, Kevin, Julie, GWOP, etc.? What else is there to say, except to continue the cry that they are "exploiting the children."

newtodis 06-23-2009 10:14 AM

According to this article, Jon told Kate he was going to file but the previous People article posted said Kate filed....I wonder what happened????

Kate Gosselin isn’t the only one with bad, bad feelings toward Jon Gosselin.

Some of honchos behind Jon & Kate Plus 8 have been furious with him for weeks because the soon-to-be ex-Mr. Kate Gosselin keeps disappearing during filming, has learned exclusively.

The reality of filming a show suddenly centered on a bad marriage is that Jon can’t stand being around Kate, so for weeks he’s been taking off to avoid her. That’s left the show in a bind at times because there’s been little or no interaction between husband and wife. And we all know the best drama is watching a couple that hates each other interact!

A source close to the situation told that there have been many times that no one can find Jon when the cameras are rolling and that has infuriated the show bosses.

Jon and Kate will announce their split next week, as first reported by

Jon has told Kate that he is going to file divorce papers next week, says the source.

newtodis 06-23-2009 10:16 AM

New Blog from Julie:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
I keep reading that the PA Department of Labor is investigating the show. To my knowledge, people who have filed complaints and have actually been present during filming have not even been acknowledged, interviewed...nothing!

Mr. Petersen is also experiencing the same frustrations.

What can explain the failure of folks to make use of the communications tools as close as their computer or telephone? Is it just me, or do others wonder why the higher-ups at TLC, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, or the so-called professionals surrounding Nadya Suleman can't bring themselves to pick up the telephone and call A Minor Consideration?

Is there some reason the team around Jon and Kate just can't see their way clear to involving the premiere experts in the totality of the risks unique to children in entertainment?

Is it guilt or fear? Those are poor excuses when the welfare of dozens of children is at stake.

It is absolutely clear that mistakes have been made by parents and production companies alike, and that whatever advice and counsel may have been sought has been sickeningly misguided.

"What we have here," said Strother Martin in "Cool Hand Luke," "is a failure to communicate."

It is the height of corporate irresponsibility to employ children in profit-making endeavors and pretend that there are no consequences…now or in the future.

Generations of parents who exposed their flesh-and-blood to celebrity have learned to their sorrow that they didn't know best.

State labor officials need to recognize how dangerous their lack of knowledge of the production process can be when children are employed, especially in reality shows, which are all show and no reality.

The legal advisors to those named above might want to take a look at the principle of Disaffirmance, for I can promise you that when the kids you are employing get around to calling us on their 18th birthday every dollar you think you saved by not treating them fairly will be multiplied a hundred-fold.

Count on it

A Minor Consideration does not engage in "I told you so" if that is your concern. We deal in the present and the future as only we know it.

There is no excuse for child abuse.

And finally, if there is anyone in the White House who wants to know how the $68 million dollars committed to global child labor the President just announced might be better spent right here at home, you're welcome to call, too.

Paul Petersen
Posted by The Truth Will Set You Free at 7:42 AM

newtodis 06-23-2009 10:16 AM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Please Stop Watching
Kevin and Jodi plead with the public to give the children their privacy and stop watching the destruction of their family.

luna99 06-23-2009 10:17 AM

one more thing my husband noticed last night.. and then I'll stop posting for a while.. (because I have to get SOME work done today lol)

kate said something about how it took longer to put up the crooked houses than expected because jon hadn't cleared the land like he said he was going to so I guess they had to wait a bit on that and then they had to take time to convince him that the houses needed to go closer to the house (which my husband and I both agreed on)...

but basically kate is STILL trying to blame everything on jon.

my husband said "why did she have to say all that? why couldn't she just have said it took us longer than we thought to get the crooked houses up and then move on from that topic?"

which is so true.

I told my husband the way I see it is this... Kate used to be up front and just say hurtful things to jon to his face and he would just take it.. now that she knows he is angry and won't talk to her, she can't do that anymore.. so the only way she knows how to do it is in round about, passive aggressive ways... kate still is putting jon down but in a backhanded, sneaky way..

"we had to wait on jon to put up the crooked houses"
"I'm doing everything for MY kids (making it look like jon isn't)"

even when they mentioned the separation last night.. kate said something like "it's not my ideal situation" or "i'm not really fond of doing this".. in other words.. KATE doesn't want to get separated but Jon is forcing her into it.

ugh! can't she fess up and admit she has done ANYTHING wrong????

Geoff_M 06-23-2009 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by newtodis (Post 32396588)
I don't think Jon spent months preparing a space for the houses - it didn't appear that way when he was clearing the land at least. It also didn't seem like they'd talked about it. IMO, they should have already had the land cleared before the trucks even got there - how rude to expect others to wait on you to get something done that should have prior to their arrival.

I *think* that neither have been together in so long that they probably texted each other or something and no one really knew where the other one was talking about. I agree that the houses were probably safer up by their house with the kids still being small.

I didn't say that he had spent months preparing the site, I said he had spend "time" over a period of months. Jon stated that he had first worked on the site during the Winter with the removal of trees, stumps, etc. Last night he appeared to leveling the clearing he had earlier created. My point was that Kate had plenty of time to look at, or talk about the site selected. By her own admission she said that she hadn't seen the site even though he had been working on it. What prevent her from at least walking down to the site while Jon wasn't around even if they weren't proactively talking about it? Since when has be decided to be "shy" to Jon about expressing an opinion? If I were Jon. I'd have hit the roof when Kate pulled that last minute stunt. I don't think it was calculated on her part or malicious, but indicative of the behavior that can cause others to throw up their hands and walk away.

nuke 06-23-2009 10:19 AM

QUOTE=Epcot luvr;32396314]Kate from what we have seen does seem to cut people out of her life. It is Kate's way or the highway. I do believe she will cut Jon completely out of her life and not make an effort to co-parent, that is not her style. IMOP, her statement to People that she had to file yesterday because of Jon's actions over the weekend was her first of many temper tantrum outburst to come. I have grown to like Jon, maybe because I have 2 brothers and a husband. I can laugh at how guys are and I roll with the punches, not literally. Guys are guys and from what I know of the men in my life you can push them only so far and they generally will take it. But they do have a breaking point and I do not think Kate ever though Jon might have one. The kids will be better off as long as this show comes to an end, does not seem likely though.[/QUOTE]

I'm quoting this from the other thread because I agree with you. I think Kate will get nastier and nastier. I don't see her holding back and not talking bad about Jon to the kids which is a horrible thing to do to your children.

I also wanted to add that I think that first Utah skiing trip was a turning point not only for Jon but I think that is the point that Beth checked out also. At one part of the show Mady made some comment and the look on Beth's face was very telling. AFter that show we didn't see Beth on the show very much or at all.

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