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Snowy-girls 06-13-2009 03:47 PM

A Trip Full Of First's,Suprise's,Tears+Memories To Last A Lifetime.DAY 2.

Me-Michelle 34yrs.Planner,Loves Disney,Tink,Seuss Landing+kid's rides.Hates Height's,Backwards Stuff,Spinning+Getting Wet,

Dh-Tony 30yrs.Likes Disney,Loves IOA,All rides-the faster the better.

Dd7-Chloe 7yrs(will be 8 over there).Loves Tink,HSM,Cinderella.Hates Spinning rides.

Dd4-Emily 4yrs.Loves Tink,HSM,Stitch,Cinderenda+Shamoose.Hates Loud noises,fireworks.
......................................xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx..................................
DAY 2-APRIL 2nd.
I woke at 2-50am,and this turns into a regular occurence.I drifted on+off until 5am-and eventually gave in+got up.The girls+Tony followed soon after at 5-30am,we washed,dressed+went down to reception to buy our 14 day I-Ride Trolley passes-$16 each adult+the girls are free until the age of 12yrs.We had a leisurley walk down to IHOP,a bit nippy this morning-but would go on to be a very hot 85deg :goodvibes,arriving at 7-20am we were the only ones in there,after about 10mins of playing Soiltaire whilst wating for our food another English family arrived+it stayed empty like that until we left.
Tony--Bottomless Coffee Pot,Chicken Fajita Omelette,Breakfast Potatoes+3 Pancakes smothered in whipped topping+blueberries.

Me--Orange Juice,Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity-consisted of 2 Bacon,2 Sausage,2 Fried Eggs+2 Pancakes smothered in Strawberry Compote,Whipped Topping+Maple Syrup.

Girls--Orange Juice each,and shared a Rooty Tooty.
Total inc Tip $38.

We love IHOP,there pancakes are truly scrumptious,our waitress was very attentive+was great with the girls.We kept our receipt+popped into the little gift shop next door for our free gift-and he gave both the girls a dolphin bracelet each-he also said 10% off anything you like.So we had a nosey+Emily found a Lilo soft toy to go with her Stitchy,a bargain at $5.We strolled back to the hotel looking in some other gift shops along the way.We got a Taxi to Walmart :cool1:,oh boy have i been waiting for this :laughing:,$14-which i thought was a little steep.We went straight to the electrical desk to get our Net10's activated and then we began our trolley dash.We loaded up with Mountain Dew,Dr Pepper Cherry,Lays,Ruffles,Hershey Bars,Egg Rolls,Muffins to name a few items.I had a nosey at the birthday cakes whilst the girls+Tony were looking at toys.We left Walmart $109.62 lighter,got a Taxi back+arrived at the hotel at 12-30pm.
Me+Tony was'nt all that hungry,but the girls snacked on crunchy cheetos+banana muffins.Whilst Emily slept until 2pm,Tony+Chloe watched Hannah Montanna+i packed the bag ready for Seaworld+the girls first suprise of our trip :yay:.
We used our I-Ride passes and got to Seaworld at 3pm.We went straight to the Ray's for a stroke,i was really looking forward to this,and i was very happy to know that Emily wanted to parcitipate as this is the first time she has done anything like this.She was a little nervous to start with,but once she settled she thoroughly enjoyed it,until a huge ray came past and splashed her straight in the face-she was not very happy then.
We made our way to see the Dolphins,but we did'nt get to stroke them as they were being fed up in the now closed in area where you pay each to feed them.
Next we made our way to Shamu's Happy Harbour,this was'nt built the last time we was here,we went straight to the lockers as you can't take anything on the Shamu Express ride,these cost 50cent i believe.We queued for what seemed like forever in the blazing/burning sun-aprox 50mins :scared1:-and there is no undercover queuing here-just a few parasols dotted about.Now as we were getting closer i could see that this tame little kiddy coaster did'nt look so tame after all :eek:,i was a little worried about Emily not liking this,but more worried about me not liking it :scared1: :lmao:.Me+Chloe boarded our very TINY Shamu+Tony+Emily was in front of us,the next thing i knew i was being blasted to kingdom blinkin come :scared1:,poor little Emily was screaming+crying+i was yelling at her 'it's ok baby it will be over soon-brave girl'.Chloe was cracking up at me giving out little yelps as i was jolted this way and that+Tony,well i think he could'nt wait for it to finish+run away from us as quick as he could from embarrasment :rotfl2:.When we eventually came to a halt,i was quick to get off+pledged 'never again',Chloe still could'nt stop laughing,and poor Emily was shaking like a leaf,crying her eyes out saying over and over again 'i don't like it'.So this was the great fun we had on our first family ride together :rotfl:.
Next was Swishy Fishies-Seaworlds version of Teacup's,now bear in mind me+Chloe don't do spinning,but we braved it for Emily's sake.We got in after aprox 20mins-rather like squished fishies,and me+Tony held onto the disc so it would'nt spin out of control and then we were off-oh my lord we were going like the clappers :laughing:,and trying to hold onto the disc so we never spun was proving to be very difficult.Chloe-yep you guessed it-was cracking up-she ended up loving spinning rides from here on in,i hated it+was nearly throwing up+yep poor Emily screaming-'i don't like it'.Now only 2 rides down,and were scaring Emily for life with rides :sad2:.
We got off+made our way round to Jazzy Jellies-i had legs like jelly so i sat this one out,they queued for aprox 20mins.This was a gentle ride which the girls really enjoyed :thumbsup2.
It was getting close to our suprise so we got our stuff out of the lockers and had a nosey around the park+took some pictures.The girls were getting hungry and asked when are we going to eat-so this was my cue to tell them there suprise+a first for all of us-were going to 'Dine With Shamu' :yay:.Well the girls were so excited-but Emily thought we had to actually get in the pool with him :cutie:,and was quite dissapointed when we explained to her that we did'nt.Our ressie was 6pm.
Now i had booked+paid($136.32-not inc tip)for this 4months out on the day our date was released,and it paid off-as when we checked in at 5-40pm the guy said to me 'wow you booked early-you have a poolside table :cool1:,so i was very happy.We had our picture taken,which is included in the price+came in a cardboard folder.When we entered the pool area,we were shown to our seat and i was over the moon as to where we were sitting-a perfect view :cool1:.Our server took our drinks order 2 Bud's+2 Coke's+told us to help ourselves to the buffet which was set up inside.There was so much to choose from+it all looked so fresh+appetising-i was glad i did'nt have any lunch in the hotel.
Tony-Roast Turkey,Mashed Potatoes,Fried Chicken,Bread Roll,Beef Stew+Veg.
Me-Same as Tony but without the Chicken.
Emily-Roast Turkey,Mash,Veg,Hot Dog,Rice+Bread Roll.
Chloe-Fried Chicken,Rice,Pasta+Bread Roll.
The food was delicious,hot+very tasty-contary to what i have read on the main dis boards+another forum.
As we were half way through our main the show started with the trainers talking all about the whales+Shamu showing us all what he can do :worship:.These are truly magnificent creatures,we was all in awe.We got a little splashed on our feet but nothing major.We got some great photo's but most of them ended up on the disposable camera as the batteries in our other one died.

Snowy-girls 06-13-2009 03:48 PM

The desserts were REALLY good,we got 2 big platefulls of Strawberries,choc gateaux,strawberry gateaux,profiteroles,gummi bears and black+white M&M's to share.Me+Tony ended up with another 2 Bud's each-hic.
This is a show we would deffinatley do again,we were in there aprox 1 hour.We left a generous tip+left very full.
The park was closing at 8pm tonight so for the last hour we wandered around taking some pictures and looking in the gift shops-the girls bought themselves a soft toy each+nik naks out of their daily allowance,and Me+Tony bought ourselves a frame-$19-16 inc tax, for our Dine With Shamu photo.
We got the I-Ride back to our hotel+arrived about 9pm.The girls shared a bath+where in bed by 9-45pm.By the time me+Tony showered,ironed clothes for tomorrow+re-packed the bag for tomorrow,had some Mountain Dew+we crawled into bed at 11-25pm.
Some random pics from today love Emily's face in this one. to be seated at Dine With Shamu. having a test run.

Coming Up On Day 3-A Rather Wet Magic Kingdom-Stay Tuned :thumbsup2.

wickesy 06-13-2009 04:04 PM

Bad Mummy taking Emily on all the scary rides :laughing: :hug: Bless her for thinking she had to get into the pool to have dinner with Shamu.

We went into IHOP for the first time this year and really enjoyed our breakfast in there.

Looking forward to more. :goodvibes

Jets fan 06-13-2009 04:08 PM

Great day. I noticed your pic of Pirates Golf - am so envious as I love it there. Will definitely try dining in Seaworld next time now!


Lizzybear 06-13-2009 05:13 PM

Aww poor Emily, what with the thorough airport search and the scary rides bless her! princess: Sounds like a nice chilled first day, love IHOP for breakfast and have to eat there every time we visit the US :thumbsup2

jjk 06-14-2009 03:52 AM

what a lovely Day Michelle, we love playing solitare at ihop too :goodvibes

strawberry blonde 06-14-2009 04:34 AM

Seems like you had a great day. Seeing the photos makes me wish we were there now.

Roll on day 3:surfweb:

Gaynor 06-14-2009 05:46 AM

A great day and lovely photos.
I think i'd like to try dining with Shamu, it sounds really nice :)

irongirlof12 06-14-2009 06:00 AM

what a fab day- I thought that the ride was going to freak my gilrs out as well but they were ok, some of these smaller coasters are worse that the biggies - glad you recovered :thumbsup2

disney13 06-14-2009 06:21 AM

Great 2nd day trip report. Love the photo from iHop.

Seems like Dine with Shamu is a must on our next trip.

Andy :)

mandymouse 06-14-2009 09:14 AM

What a great day and lovely photos too. The dine with Shamu sounds like lots of fun

It can only be about 6 years ago, when I used to scream my head off on Goofy's Barnstormer (I was petrified of any kind of coaster), but now I love Kraken, The Hulk and all the big rides. You'll probably start enjoying them when the girls start riding them too :thumbsup2

jen_uk 06-14-2009 09:26 AM

Great day, Dine with Shamu sounds fab, love all the pics :thumbsup2

Nix 06-14-2009 11:50 AM

What a great day! This report realy invokes memories for me of when I first went to Orlando with my parents (I believe I was 5!) Really looking forward to the nest part!

cap'njack. 06-15-2009 05:24 AM

What a wonderful day!

Your dine with Shamu looked soooo cool! I love the picture of the girls outside of Ripley's...I loved that place when we went there, glad it's still.

raph_b 06-15-2009 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by Snowy-girls (Post 32257271)
but Emily thought we had to actually get in the pool with him

I absolutely love that! so cute - but what a great idea, I'd love to have dinner in the pool with Shamu :) I think Emily could be on to something there....

Sounds like a lovely day Michelle, the girls look so happy in all the pictures.

I'm impressed you managed to keep the dining with Shamu a secret until the actual day.

Roll on day 3 ;)

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