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Michellepooh 06-10-2009 11:51 AM

Disney Cruise Swap - Swap Complete!
Disney Cruise Swap
Signups: June 10th
Mail by: August 8th
Due Date: August 15th

1. Select any two elements. Each element should be embellished 1-2 different ways.
2. PM me with your DIS name, name and address.
3. Post your status on the Progress thread - which will be posted after the slots are filled. Check-ins are required to make sure we haven't lost anyone and that swappers are still able to fulfill their commitment. I will pm you if you do not check in. If you dont respond within 48 hours of the pm, I will angel your spot. Just let me know if youre going to be out of town during a check in and Ill take care of that!
4. Check the progress thread for your status - it will be updated with ship info and received info.
5. PM me if you have problems and need to drop out or if an emergency happens (we all know things happen beyond our control sometimes), let me know so we can make arrangements for an angel or other help if needed.

Here are the elements to choose from (if you have another idea for an element, let me know and I will add it).

Element Selection:
Please, no hand lettering on any items, use computer fonts, rub-ons,
stamps, etc.
Embellished means using brads, eyelets, charms, ribbon, 3D stickers
(matted stickers are okay too),embossing, stickles, etc.

Element Selection:
Photo Mat 2PP to fit a 4x6 photo, double matted and embellished.

Topper 1PP double matted and embellished OR TITLE LETTERS at least 1 inch with shadow. If you do the letters, please let me know what it spells. You can do the traditional 8 x 2 topper OR you can do a topper/signage piece (welded letters, etc.) Its up to you!

Borders 1 set PP (2 borders) double matted and embellished

Journaling Box: 2PP at least a 3x3 writing area, double matted and
embellished with actual journal area placed on top of the two mats

Tag: 1 PP large tag 4.5-5 inches, 2 pp if smaller, double matted and
embellished, include either ribbon/fiber or eyelet/brad in the hole. May
include both....

Embellished Shapes/Squares: 4PP @ 1-1/2x1-1/2 or larger if you wish, double matted and embellished. These can be circles, squares, flowers, etc. be creative. If it is a shape that would not look right double matted please use your best judgment.....Just
make up for it in another way. Maybe make a few extra or throw in
something extra.

Slide Mounts: 2PP be creative here please

File Folders or Matchbooks: 1 PP if medium size or lager, 2 pp if the smaller sized. Please make sure to enclose a blank page in the matchbook if this
is the element you choose to do.

Bottle Caps: 4PP if metal, 6PP if paper

Library Pocket and Tag: 1PP embellished, no smaller than to hold 2x3 a tag
that should have ribbon/fiber or eyelet in the hole

Shaker Box: 1PP be creative please

Paper Piecing: 1PP be creative please

License Plate: 1PP be creative please

Signage/Bookmark: 1PP 2x6, double matted and embellished

Song/Lyric/Poem: 1PP, double matted and embellished

Altered Paper Clips: 3 large size ones

PP = Per Person

Packaging Instructions
Place your completed elements in a Ziploc bag with your DIS name and group number. Place all your baggies for a group in a GALLON size bag, and label with the same. Please use a gallon bag even if your pieces are smaller and may not require it, the pieces you will be getting back may be bigger.

Please include cash, check or stamps (No Click-it/ship-it postage). If you are in less than 4 groups, include $4.95 for the priority envelopes. If you are in 4 or more groups, please include $10.35 for the priority box. If you would like delivery confirmation on your returned swap, also include the $0.65 and a filled out slip.

A Final Note: This swap is a huge commitment of time and money for everyone involved as it takes a significant amount of both to create all of the pages and elements. Having said that, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not sign up for more than you can handle. It is not fair to me or the other participants to expend the time and money to make something for someone who does not reciprocate. We all want everyone to enjoy swapping but we also want you to think about what you are getting into when you sign up. The due date will not be extended.


A. Disney Magic
1. Lumiere's - KKB2
2. Magic - Michellepooh
3. Helmsman Mickey - hopemax
4. Topsiders - Arizona Rita
5. Beat Street - Tigger1221

B. Disney Wonder
1. Triton's - ZerotoHero
2. Wonder - Michellepooh
3. Nassau - Queenie

D. Disney Magic - Western
1. Key West - Stitch62
2. Cozumel - Michellepooh
3. Grand Cayman - Tigger1221
4. Grand Cayman - KKB2

F. Restaurants (found on both ships)
1. Parrot Cay - Michellepooh
2. Palo - Downrivermama
3. Animator's Palate - KKB2
4. Pluto's Doghouse - Arizona Rita
5. Goofy's Galley - ZerotoHero

G. Pirate Night
1. Michellepooh
2. hopemax - general piratey goodness!
3. MM2000
4. Arizona Rita - general
5. Stitch62
6. Tigger1221
7. KKB2 - fireworks
8. ZerotoHero

H. Characters - Beach/Nautical
1. Michellepooh - ?
2. hopemax - sailor Pluto
3. Stitch62 - sailor Chip
4. Tigger1221 - Beach/tropical Mickey
5. KKB2 - Captain Mickey
6. MinnieGarden - beach Donald
7. morgansmom2000 - beach Minnie

I. Characters - Pirate/Formal
1. Michellepooh - ?
2. MM2000 - Pirate Mickey
3. hopemax - Formal Mickey
4. Tigger1221
5. KKB2 - Formal Minnie
6. ZerotoHero - Pirate Goofy

O. Colors (tropical, nautical, beach, Disney, etc.)
1. Michellepooh - Caribbean (coral, turquoise)
2. MM2000 - Tahiti stack
3. Arizona Rita - Disney
4. Stitch62
5. Tigger1221 - ocean
6. ZerotoHero - Sunny Mickey
7. AWM - "at the beach" Mickey

O1. Colors
1. Tigger1221
2. AWM - "fun in the sun" Mickey
3. Michellepooh - pink/orange beach balls
4. PinballFamily - blue
5. ZerotoHero - ?

P. DCL General (terminal, stateroom, towel animals, sports on deck, DCL, spa, etc.)
1. Lifeboat drill - hopemax!
2. stateroom - Michellepooh
3. Pool - MM2000
4. fish extenders - Arizona Rita
5. Cruise ship from L.a.B. - Tigger1221
6. towel animals - KKB2

P1. DCL General
1. Spa - MinnieGarden
2. Fish extenders - ZerotoHero
3. towel animals - PinballFamily
4. Tigger1221
5. Michellepooh

Q. Special events / Shows
1. Sailaway Party - hopemax
2. Formal Night - Michellepooh
3. 'Til We Meet Again - Arizona Rita
4. Disney Dreams - Stitch62
5. Golden Mickeys - Tigger1221
6. Golden Mickeys - KKB2

R. Castaway Cay
1. Michellepooh
2. hopemax - Beach Bums
3. Tigger1221
4. KKB2 - snorkeling
5. ZerotoHero - stingrays
6. MinnieGarden
7. Belle (KKB2's daughter) - general CC
8. Flying Dutchman - Queenie

S. General Cruise - to be used for ANY cruise line, not just Disney
1. Downrivermama
2. Arizona Rita
3. hopemax
4. Michellepooh

Complete Page Group - Create a ONE page layout (12x12) of any theme relating to Disney Cruise Line. Include a title, at least 2 spots for photos, and one spot for journaling. Page should be embellished in a such a way that all the swapper needs to do is stick the pictures on and journal. Please be creative!! Check out any of the other completed page swaps for ideas.

Completed Page Group 1
1. Michellepooh - DCL general
2. Arizona Rita - fireworks
3. ZerotoHero

Michellepooh 06-10-2009 11:52 AM

Check in dates:

July 11
August 1
Mail by August 8
On its way home to you!
Received by you


hopemax - will be hand-delivered to NEE
ZerotoHero - will be hand-delivered
PinballFamily - will be hand-delivered

morgansmom2000 06-10-2009 11:52 AM


These are the groups Id like:

G. Pirate Night OR I. Characters - Pirate/Formal Id like to do Pirate Mickey so you decide where to put me. (I had my aha moment last night with Inkscape and was able to break a coloring book page into colors!). Either group will work for me because I think the cruise we are going on is going to be over Halloween in 2010. But, if we dont, weve been to the Princess & Pirate Party

O. Colors (tropical, nautical, beach, Disney, etc.) Im unsure of my elements just yet. Ill probably use the Tahiti stack though ;)

P. DCL General (terminal, stateroom, towel animals, sports on deck, DCL, spa, etc.) Im not sure what Ill do yet. Maybe something with a pool?

hopemax 06-10-2009 11:55 AM

Here is what I would like:

A - Helmsman Mickey
G - General Piratey goodness
H - Sailor Pluto
I - I would like a spot, but I haven't decided on a character yet

Q - I was going to sign up for Sailaway party, but Michelle took it, but there is an open space, would anyone object to 2 Sailaway party spots?

R - Beach Bums

Michellepooh 06-10-2009 12:01 PM

Hope - you can have the Sailaway Party spot. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I just picked a topic.

My computer seems slower than molasses today, so make sure to check your groups in case I miss anything.

hopemax 06-10-2009 12:02 PM

Thank you! I think the DIS is having problems, I've been getting "page unable to load" messages all morning.

morgansmom2000 06-10-2009 12:14 PM

My 'puter is soooo slow too!

Ah heck, put me down for the Pirate Night too!

Michellepooh 06-10-2009 12:24 PM

Gotcha Morgansmom!

Arizona Rita 06-10-2009 12:33 PM

OK, here we go!
A~ I dont know what yet
F~ Pluto's Dog House
G~ General Pirate
O~ (let me go back and check)
Q~ Til' We Meet Again
P~ Fish Extender or You've Got Mail (I thought that I would ask the players which they prefer)

And Page group~ Do we need to list what we are going to do? I was thinking Fireworks butam not sure that will work for everyone.

O~ I think general DCL colors?


Tigger1221 06-10-2009 12:37 PM

Mom (Stitch62) wants-
D: Key West
Q: Disney Dreams
I will ask for the specifics of the others after she get home

I want
D: Grand Cayman
Q: Disney Dreams
Will decide specifics tonight

Michellepooh 06-10-2009 12:45 PM

Thanks for joining Arizona Rita, Stitch62, and Tigger1221!!!

Tigger1221 - Are you and your mom both doing Disney Dreams for Group Q?

Also, please be double-checking your groups, I don't want to miss anything! :goodvibes

Tigger1221 06-10-2009 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by Michellepooh (Post 32215408)
Thanks for joining Arizona Rita, Stitch62, and Tigger1221!!!

Tigger1221 - Are you and your mom both doing Disney Dreams for Group Q?

Also, please be double-checking your groups, I don't want to miss anything! :goodvibes

No I am sorry I meant to say I would do Golden Mickeys.

kkbeaton2 06-10-2009 12:50 PM

Hello ~ I would like to join the following groups please.

A. Disney Magic ~ Lumiere's

D. Disney Magic – Western ~ Grand Cayman

F. Restaurants (found on both ships) ~ Animator's Palate

G. Pirate Night - fireworks

H. Characters - Beach/Nautical

I. Characters - Pirate/Formal Formal Minnie

K. Oceaneer's Lab

M. The Stack

P. DCL General (terminal, stateroom, towel animals, sports on deck, DCL, spa, etc.) ~ Towel animals

Q. Special events / Shows ~ Golden Mickeys

R. Castaway Cay ~ snorkeling

Thanks for hostessing this one, I'm so excited about it!

Tigger1221 06-10-2009 12:51 PM

I will also do A-Lumieres

ZeroToHero 06-10-2009 12:52 PM

B. Disney Wonder
2. Triton's -ZeroToHero

F. Restaurants (found on both ships)
5. Goofy's Galley -ZeroToHero

G1. Pirate Night
1. ZeroToHero

O. Colors (tropical, nautical, beach, Disney, etc.)
6. ZeroToHero (Can I do sunny Mickey Heads? I can post a picture of the paper)

R. Castaway Cay
4. Swimming with Stingrays (is that too specific, or do a lot of people do it?) - ZeroToHero

Completed Page Group 1
3. ZeroToHero
(Not sure what yet)

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