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redzinner 06-04-2009 01:38 PM

Trip Report - Emerald Isle 2009 - Part 5
Tuesday 05/26/2009 Day 4 of Tour

Cycle of the Kings and Queens

It was a great day for a jaunt! Beautiful sunny blue skies greeted us this morning. The jaunting carts and horses are literally across the street from the Killarney Plaza Hotel. We all were helped into a cart and away we trotted into the National Park. Our driver was Patrick and our horse was Jack.

The facts given during the tour of the House are mind boggling. The wealth of the family and other owners over the years is beyond my comprehension.
We were not permitted to take pictures of the rooms inside but the grandeur of the gardens and grounds in these photos will give you a glimpse of the deep pockets of these owners.

After the house tour it was bicycle time to the Torc Falls.

I didnít feel comfortable on the bike so I declined and I missed the falls. There were about 6 of us that chose not to cycle. We had extra time in the gardens which were beautiful. After lunch I started to walk the path to the falls but waited too long for the hike. I knew I wouldnít make it back in time for the coach departure and I really didnít want to hold the group up. Itís only a 2 mile hike up to the falls. If I had investigated it earlier I could have done it. Those that donít bike either have to walk to the falls or stay walking in the gardens. There were smaller horse and carts there and I wondered if they would take people to the head of the path for the falls. Again, I should have planned for this and asked some questions.

Lunch was together in the cafeteria there. Huge selection of foods.

After lunch the coach met us at the Park and took us to the Ross Castle Ruins. From there we could take the coach back to the hotel or walk back.
I chose to walk back (about an hour walk) and enjoy the lovely day. The fields leading up to several lakes along the path were filled with yellow iris and bluebells in bloom.

Freshened up a bit back at the hotel and then went exploring in town. Killarney is a great little town and is definitely the place to get the woolens and souvenirs. Actually we didnít do any shopping in Dublin.
There are ATMs throughout the city and this is where I withdrew my tip money for the guides.

Dinner was on our own and we decided to try an Indian Curry House. The Chicken Tikka Masala was good but not quite as spicy as I like it. Quite a few in the group tried Bricinís and I heard nothing but good reports from fellow travelers.

We spent a great evening at Sheehanís with about 12 others in our group. Fun evening!

Part Six

cappygirl 06-04-2009 02:58 PM

Your pictures are beautiful!!

redzinner 06-04-2009 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by cappygirl (Post 32131093)
Your pictures are beautiful!!

Thanks cappygirl. Some are mine, some are my daughter's.

In a previous post you mentioned your mother. Is she going with you on the trip?

cappygirl 06-04-2009 07:42 PM

No - I'm going with my husband.
But I'm the baby of the family (even at 25!) and my mom was not loving the idea that we wouldn't be checking in with her since we'll have our cell phones off the whole time. But if there's a computer at the hotel I'll be able to send her a quick email to let her know we're okay.

sayhello 06-04-2009 07:55 PM

Oh, this is lovely! It looks like you had perfect weather. That walk back from the Ross Castle Ruins looks positively heavenly!

Isn't it amazing the inequality of wealth you see in places like those? I've been to the mansions in Newport, RI, and it's just incomprehensible how much money one family can have (and spend!)


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