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Lady Lallie 05-31-2009 08:13 PM

Tut-Tut, it Looks Like Rain! May '09 Trip Report. *Finished! 9/27 Pg. 69.
Winnie the Pooh: Christopher Robin! I think it would help with this deception if you would just kind of open your umbrella and say, "Tut-tut, it looks like rain.

There was no deception during my Disney Trip, it rained...and rained. It was Disney though, so it wasn't entirely awful. ;)

Welcome to my 2nd Trip Report!!! :yay:

If you would like to read more about the planning of this trip, please check out my PTR - Supercallifragilistic-ADR'sApproachUs! May '09 PTR.

The Cast:

Me, Leslie aka LL on the DIS. I'm 26, this was my 6th trip to Disney. My second on-property trip, my fourth trip as an adult. I've been in April 1988, November 1995, February 2003, July 2005, September 2008 and this trip, May 2009. I left my wonderful husband, Marc home. He wants a flat screen tv so that will be the next big expenditure at our house. He stayed home with our kitties, Sully & Ruby. Even though we have only been to Disney together once, it made for a really different trip with him staying home.

Jen. Also 26. We met here on the DIS and are convinced that we are long lost Disney Sisters. We are only a month apart in age, our dad's both have the same first and middle name, both of our maiden's names are colors...the list goes on and on. We even found out on this trip that we use the same deodorant and both love the same obscure tv show from 2000 called Higher Ground. :rotfl2: This trip was the first time we met and it was truly awesome to meet such a fantastic person. Jen was with me for 3 nights/4 days.

Mom. My Mom that is, Angela but we will call her Mom. She's 47, shhhh don't tell her I told you. ;) This was her third trip to Disney. She went in 1988 and 1995 with our family and now this trip in 2009. She was really looking forward to this trip as my Dad is not a Disney type person and she was excited to be able to do things at Disney that he wouldn't really care to try or do. She was also with me for 3 nights/4 days but not the same ones as Jen.
*I don't have a single picture of Mom on my camera. I will put one in when I get hers, I know I took a few of her on it. :thumbsup2

Nobby the Gnome. Age is unknown. He is part of the Gnomie Group. We have been passing him between us for the last few months. I will admit that we only took Nobby to the park on one day and we have very few photos. I know! I am so bad!! He was happy in the room with the towel animals! He liked sitting in our window looking at the people pass by.
This is Nobby from his trip in January with Jen.

Trip Details:

We stayed at All Star Music Resort from May 22 - May 30th, 2009. Jen was with me from the 22nd and left on the 25th. Mom arrived on the 26th and left with me on the 30th. So I had two nights solo in the middle.

I'm slowly gathering Jen and Mom's pictures from their cameras. I have uploaded my Photopass pictures but as I am part of a share, it will be awhile before I have those....something to look forward too!

I think I am going to do this Trip Report more on the slow side...I want to make it last and all. It's going to be interesting because I literally took 1/2 a page of notes in my nifty Trip Report Notebook. At the end of the day, I just didn't feel like making notes. Luckily I have been blessed with a decent memory, have my pictures AND Jen & Mom will help me fill in the gaps.

As I post updates, I will be putting this links in the space in case you want to skip all the chitter chatter.

1. I'm leaving on a jet plane....
2. The say the Neon Lights are Bright on Broadway.
3. Spaceship Earth Pancakes.
4. The Light Fixture Challenge: The Results!
5. Wooooooo!
6. Here at Disney, they are very particular to what kind of corkscrew you can use.
7. Topiary, Flowers, Crops & Plants.
8. Topiary, Flowers, Crops & Plants. Part 2.
9. Is that Ellen Degeneres?
10. Epcot Overdose. Part 1.
11. Epcot Overdose. Part 2.
12. Epcot Overdose. Part 3.
13. Change of Plans.
14. Tinkerbell Snot.
15. "But...How did you meet?"
16. The Best Snack in the Whole World.
17. Foolish Mortals. Part 1.
18. Foolish Mortals. Part 2.
19. RAINbows. Part 1.
20. RAINbows. Part 2.
21. Hooray for Hollywood!!
22. A Practically Perfect Meal.
23. Solo Time Has Begun.
24. Photopass Update.
25. Where did my pictures go?
26. She has a thing....
27. She has a thing....Part 2.
28. The Scooter Lady.
29. Citizen's Arrest!
30. The Progress Has Stopped!
31. Final Thoughts.

Tnkrbelle565 05-31-2009 08:19 PM

I'm I first???

2xcited2sleep 05-31-2009 08:19 PM

I'm here! I'm here! So excited I had to post right away. Now going back to read. :upsidedow


"it wasn't entirely awful" .... that is an ominous description. I hope it was better than that! In fact I know it was, b/c I followed your tweets.

Doing a TR on the slow side? :scared: Good thing I like the chitter chatter. ;)

You got a window seat at Chefs! :yay:

Oh and you two totally could pass for sisters! :goodvibes

ILuvCrush 05-31-2009 08:31 PM

I'm here AND on the 1st page!!! woohoo!!!

trixiequilts 05-31-2009 08:59 PM

Hi! Going back to read now. I'm so excited!!! :hyper:

cjackearl 05-31-2009 09:02 PM

I'm here and ready for the ride. Weeeee!:yay:

kschafer 05-31-2009 09:06 PM

WOO HOO!!! First page :yay:

Gonna go back and read now


You and Jen look SO cute at totally could pass for sisters! Can't wait for all the details, feel free to go slow so I can savor it all.

More importantly, how many light pictures?

Northern Disney Girl 05-31-2009 09:11 PM

Count me in too! :thumbsup2 I am so very excited to hear about what kind of mischief you and my buddy Jenny gort into! ;) Bring it on! :goodvibes

NotSoEvilStepmother 05-31-2009 09:13 PM

Staking my claim!!!!!!!

Charleston Princess 05-31-2009 09:21 PM

I'm here! I'm here! I already love the photos and you have only posted two!!! :laughing:

I also love the title -- I always say that when it is about to rain. :lmao:

julezdisney 05-31-2009 09:23 PM

I'm not holding my breath for first page but I am here nonetheless! :thumbsup2

MeMom 05-31-2009 09:28 PM

Might be a first-pager if I submit real quick. If not, I'll be happy with a second place ribbon and keep reading along! Sorry it rained so much, but I'm glad you kept a good outlook. :thumbsup2

autumnpalm 05-31-2009 09:30 PM

I'm here!!!:cool1::cool1:

Happydog 05-31-2009 09:37 PM

Looking forward to reading this LL! And of course learning that I have won the light fixture photo guess.... HA HA HA:rotfl: JUST kidding. But you DID say you took far fewer photos than you thought you might... Can't wait to see them as the trip unfolds.

MinnieNurse 05-31-2009 09:42 PM

I am here and ready for the party!!!

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