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BC 05-31-2009 11:06 AM

Packing list for trip to the Bahamas? Anyone been?
My daughter is headed to Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas and we were wondering about a packing list. Is there anything we may not think about that she would need? Also, has anyone ever been to Green Turtle Cay specifically and if so, tell us about it. Should she just take cash or is it best to just use a credit card? Any info is appreciated.

BC 05-31-2009 12:36 PM

Surely somebody has been to the Bahamas! Please help me out.

wdwmom2 05-31-2009 12:38 PM

Wish I could help. Try cruisecritics Bahamas forum. Here is a link

TaraPA 05-31-2009 12:41 PM

We've been to Green Turtle Cay many times...we stay in Treasure Cay & take the ferry over for a day trip. I'm curious why she would choose Green Turtle Cay? It's VERY remote, absoutely nothing to do, I'm not even sure there is a restaraunt there anymore. However, if she's looking to sit on a gorgeous beach & read the whole trip - this is the place to be!

Is she staying at Green Turtle Club? I don't think there's a dress code there or anywhere on the island, khaki shorts & a t-shirt are about as dressed up as people get there. We always take cash, even if the places have a CC machine, it's usually down...and things being fixed in Bahamas time are vereeeeeeeeee slow!

Disfan1 05-31-2009 02:05 PM

I have been to Andros Island in the Bahams for a SCUBA diving trip and I recommend either flip-flops or sandals - it is WAY too hot for sneakers or other closed shoes!

BC 05-31-2009 07:12 PM

Thanks for your response....
TaraPA, she is going there because the boat manufacturer of her friend's boat is sponsoring this trip. There are lots of boats made by "Edgewater" that are going over from Miami and they have dives, fishing & snorkeling planned along with afternoon cookouts on the beach and such. They tell her there are several "bars" on the island that have pools to enjoy. They actually have rented a large house for 6 of them to stay in. She is not so much of one to enjoy being out of the action, but hopefully with this group, she will have fun. She does like to read and relax, so it sounds like she could get lots of that. I guess shorts, t-shirts & lots of sunscreen is all she needs. How about bugs, are they bad over there?

TaraPA 05-31-2009 08:03 PM

That explains why they're going there, tons of boats are in that marina! The Bahamas Out Islands are famous for their boating. It sounds like they have a lot planned, it sounds like a great time! It's just so off the beaten path, that if you've never gone to the Caribbean, or you've gone to more commmercialized places such as Nassau, St. Thomas, Aruba, etc. you may be in for a shock. There's no airport (are they flying into Treasure Cay & taking the boat over?), no grocery stores, no fast food, barely any TV, etc. When you get to the marina there's no beach in sight, and some of the buildings right there are run down. I remember the 1st time as a kid when we flew into Treasure Cay - the airport was no more than a shack, and we couldn't see a beach for miles. We drove on a dusty dirt road through a forest of half-dead pine trees, in a rickey old van. I was devastated! This wasn't Peurta Vallarta like they showed on The Love Boat!!! But once we rounded a corner to the most beautiful beach I've ever seen I was hooked.

We've never encountered bugs on Treasure Cay, or Green Turtle Cay. We've always gone in February or March, so I'm not sure if there is a "buggy" season in The Bahamas.

Tell her she has to visit Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar - it's a shack - but has been there since the 1970's. I left my business card on the wall (with thousands of others) back in 2004. The last time I was in Green Turtle was March 2008.

If they are boating at all, they shouldn't miss Treasure Cay, just a 30 minute boat ride south. National Geographic named the beach there one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful in the world, and it truly is. Sometimes you are the only person on the beach, that's how secluded & untraveled these out islands can be!

BC 05-31-2009 08:52 PM

No, they are not flying into Treasure Island, they are going by boat from Miami. I think they have a Captains meeting on Friday and then head out for what she is told is a 4 hr boat trip over. They plan to buy all their food and stuff in Miami before they head over. I know they have talked about "island hopping", so I am sure they will see Treasure Island. Someone told her there is no light on the island at night, so she will need a flashlight! Sounds odd to me. I understand they rent golf carts & get around the island like that. With no light, me being a mother no matter how old she is, was concerned about crime, but she says there is zero crime on Turtle Cay. They don't even lock the doors of the house! How about communication? She was told the cell won't work and they have to use walkie talkies! Talk about a deserted island!!

Oh, I will be sure to tell her about Miss Emily's. Thanks for all the info!

TaraPA 05-31-2009 09:44 PM

You've painted a good picture of "roughing it" in the Out Islands! I've never been on Green Turtle at after dark, but I've been to several Caribbean islands that lose power at night. Many use solar lighting, and only have emergency generators for evening light. Many also have very limited hot water, and they use cisterns for water supply - they collect rain water to use for showers. There is little to no crime there - everybody knows everybody, the natives are genuine & friendly, and there's nowhere to escape to or hide if you commit a crime. You are surrounded by expansive waters. I've never felt unsafe there. That being said, however, I'd never venture out alone at night while there. I rarely do that at home!

I would suggest taking the non-battery operated flashlights - I found some that you crank & they work very well. They are smart to get food in Miami. Even on Treasure Cay, where they have a small, primitive grocery store, the pickings are slim - and at least double US prices, if not triple. For example a can of Pringles that here would be around $1.29 will be $5.99 there. Orange Juice is $6.99 a half gallon. The boat only comes once a week to replenesh the grocery store, so if they're out of something you need, you're out of luck!

I'm so envious that she's going, I really love those islands. I started going there as a child around 1978, my aunt had a timeshare on Treasure Cay. Every few years my parents take my family & my brother & his family back instead of giving us birthday & Christmas gifts. We love it! On our last trip in 2008, Treasure Cay did have internet access - spotty, but we were able to connect every now & then. US cell phones did not work but there are land lines that you can use to dial out to the US.

I'll have to go look for some pics to scan for you & your daughter from Green Turtle. I'll try & get to that tomorrow.

BC 06-02-2009 07:18 AM

Pics would be great! Thanks for the crank flashlight suggestion. She will get one today.

TinklednPants 06-02-2009 07:23 AM

Three bikinis, a pair of sandals, a skirt and a pair of heels. Packing done. :thumbsup2

TaraPA 06-03-2009 08:56 PM

Oh no skirt or heels on Green Turtle! Khaki shorts are about as fancy as it gets there. I'm going to try & scan a few pics now...I just realized I have NONE of the beach at Green Turtle - just from walking around town...

TaraPA 06-03-2009 09:09 PM

Little place we stopped for lunch - place was empty, we had to go next door to find someone to cook lunch!

The streets of Green Turtle Cay

TaraPA 06-03-2009 09:12 PM

DH, SIL & DB outside of the infamous Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar

DB, me, SIL inside the bar

School on Green Turtle Cay

TaraPA 06-03-2009 09:21 PM

Here's a picture of the beach on Treasure Cay - looking towards Green Turtle Cay - you see that thin line of dark on the horizon - in the left hand side of the pic - that is Green Turtle Cay!

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