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lisah0711 05-11-2009 03:57 PM

Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009
***current information for Between the BLs (Biggest Loser) starting May 15, 2009***


read this post for important information and
to join follow the bolded instructions

An Updated participant list will be posted on this thread and updated periodically.

Welcome to Summer 2009 our time to shine!!

We’ve been working hard in 2009 but many of us still have a ways to go. If you keep doing what you are now doing the number on the scale may not be much different at the end of the summer than what it is now. But what could that scale say if you tried something different this summer?

You can make the plan. You can make the changes. You can work to achieve your weight loss goals.

Welcome to the WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009

It is NEVER too late to join the WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009. To join the challenge post on the thread or PM me. Also PM your initial weight to Shannon (LuvBaloo), the weight keeper. Report your weight in pounds ie xxx or xxx.x.

Our WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009 will run for three months this summer from Friday May 15, 2009 until Friday August 14, 2009. First weigh in will be May 22, 2009. Each week starting May 25th our weekly Biggest Losers will be recognized. Our final results will be posted the week after August 17th.

As usual you do not have to watch the TV show to be a part of our challenge – you don’t even have to watch the re-runs! No one is ever voted off our challenge. After three weeks of not reporting your weight to the weight keeper you are removed from the challenge but if you decide to rejoin you are welcomed with open arms.

The purpose of the WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009 is to help you on your weight loss journey and keep us all on track during the summer between the Biggest Loser shows. The challenge forces you to be accountable. Each week you will report your weight to the weight keeper (LuvBaloo). She is the only person that will know your weight. Your weight will never be published for anyone to see.

On our Between the BLs thread we encourage and support each other. We celebrate those small victories and offer advice to help each other meet the weight loss challenges we face. We get to know each other. We laugh together and we cry together. Between the BLs can be your weight loss support system.

You will get out of this challenge what you put into it. If you get serious and use this program it CAN and WILL help you lose weight. As you make choices during the day consider what your fellow losers would do. They would say no to the doughnut at the office but they would find time to get some exercise even if they are tired after a long day. Losing weight is not a 'quick fix'. It takes time, commitment, and lots of hard work. Between the BLs is here to help you.

Our WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009 will be a little different from our previous challenges.

* There will be no teams this time.
* There will one mega-thread for the entire challenge.
* We will not have team captains but will have a different 'coach' each week. They will serve as hostess on the Between the BLs thread, post questions of the day, acknowledge posters, post mini-challenges and offer encouragement. Some coaches may serve for a second week later in the challenge.
* LuvBaloo will serve again as the weight keeper.
* Donac will be our COW (Challenge of the Week) coach. Weekly challenges will encourage us to develop healthy habits for our bodies and souls. Thank you Donac for doing this again!
* We will laugh together, we will cry together and a few of us will finish the summer challenge together, hopefully weighing less than when we started.

Let's review the three components of our WISH Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009

The weight report
* Your weight report is due each Friday.
* You PM your report to LuvBaloo.
* Report your weigh in pounds ie xxx or xxx.x.
* Carefully review your weight before you send your message to Shannon. PLEASE make sure the weight is typed correctly. Is that 166 or 156? Are you at 174 or 177? Misspelling is forgivable, typos happen, let's just make sure they don't happen with those numbers in your weight.
* Weight reports are required to remain in the challenge. After three weeks of no reports you are dropped from the challenge. After being dropped from the challenge you may return by reporting your current weight.

* Donac will post the challenge of the week on our Between the BLs thread.
* Not every week will involve a challenge.
* Participation in the weekly challenge is optional.
* Each challenge will clearly state a beginning date, ending date, and date your points total is due.
* Each challenge will include tasks to preform and point values awarded for accomplishing the tasks.
* It is helpful to print the challenge tasks to refer to throughout the week.
* Points totals may be PMed to Donac.
*Donac will recognize on our Between the BLs thread those earning the top point totals

The Between the Bls Challenge Summer 2009 thread
* One mega-thread will run for the entire challenge.
* Participation on the thread is optional.
* Each week a new 'coach' will serve as hostess on our Between the BLs Challenge Summer 2009 thread. Their duties include posting questions of the day, acknowledging posters, posting mini-challenges and offering encouragement. Some coaches may serve for a second week later in the challenge. If you are interested in serving as a coach please PM or email me.

So that's the scoop losers. To join our challenge follow the instructions given above. If you have any questions PM me.

Have a healthy day!

lisah0711 05-11-2009 03:58 PM

***participant information for Between the BLs (Biggest Loser) starting May 15, 2009***

uptown girl44
Eeyores Butterfly

updated thru post #41

corinnak 05-11-2009 04:14 PM

Awesome, Lisa! Thank you!!

tink1963 05-11-2009 04:32 PM

:woohoo:Thanks Lisa and a big thank you to Shannon for taking on the Weight keeper duties.

:cheer2::cheer2:Here's to a successful summer for all of us BL'ers

pjlla 05-11-2009 05:28 PM

Looks like I am in!...................P

MelanieC 05-11-2009 05:52 PM

I'm so in :)

LuvBaloo 05-11-2009 07:31 PM

I'm in :cool1:

MickeyMagic 05-11-2009 07:40 PM

I'd love to join, too! Thanks so much for doing this. It really does help keep me on track.

ohMom 05-12-2009 07:16 AM

count me in and :thanks: to lisa, dona, Luvbaloo, and pre-thanks to our coaches!!

TammyNC 05-12-2009 08:19 AM

Thanks Lisa for getting this up and going, thanks to Shannon for being our weightkeeper, to Dona for the COWS (I really need to focus on those this challenge) and to all the coaches that will help us through this challenge.:cool1:

RangerPooh 05-12-2009 12:48 PM

Can I still join?

lulamc 05-12-2009 01:07 PM

I'd love to join! I need all the help I can get!

lisah0711 05-12-2009 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by RangerPooh (Post 31785950)
Can I still join?

Adding your name to the list now! Battle Creek seems a bit far away from Cougar country!


Originally Posted by lulamc (Post 31786349)
I'd love to join! I need all the help I can get!

Adding your name, too!

Welcome both of you -- there's still lots of room for anyone else interested.

uptown_girl44 05-12-2009 02:26 PM

I'd love to join... Is it to late?

Worfiedoodles 05-12-2009 02:52 PM

Sign me up!

Maria :upsidedow

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