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lilmissie 04-12-2009 11:34 AM

First Trip - Oct '09 So Excited!! (Pre-Trip Report)
The Cast:

Myself - 23 - First trip

DH - 30 - Second trip (last time was 20 years ago)

DS#1 - 2ish -first trip (celebrating 3rd Birthday at WDW)

DS#2 - 2ish - first trip (celbrating 3rd Birthday at WDW)

DS#3 - 2 - first trip

sub in's

MIL/FIL - will be staying at their time share partaking in some of our activities.

When: October 18th - 23rd

Where: Wilderness Lodge

Why: Two reasons really. The main reason is we won the trip through Roger's Publishing House. They are flying our family there and back. 5 nights in deluxe resort. 4x 6 day magic your way passes. Signed up for transportation from airport to resort (and return).We are responsible for food and our own spending money. Second reason...we set the date so we can Celebrate the twins Third birthday in the World !!

I am so excited. We have been planning a trip to WDW for a while now. But we were going to wait until the kids were older. When we were told we won we were definatly taking advantage of it. It will be so nice to see the kids reaction. They have no idea where we're going. The plan is to not tell them until we get there. It will be so nice to watch the magic in their eyes.

So far we have our room booked. Flights should be booked within the next week or two. I'm looking into CARES for the airplane ride. I am borrowing an ERGO to help manover with baby (who will really be a toddler by then - but I'm not ready to admit that :rotfl:) Plus we are looking into a couple Stroller Swaps. Plan is to get a double and a single that way I don't have to wear baby all the time. Other then that we have no idea of where to start. Dh says its to early to plan but yet everyone on here says it's time to start. So I'm starting.

My2Qtz0205 04-12-2009 12:32 PM

Hi! Our trips will overlap. We're arriving on the 16th and leaving on the 23rd. Congrats on winning a trip! Wow!:cool1:

torsie24 04-12-2009 12:33 PM

Yay, how amazing you won such an awesome trip! I'd love to stay at WL!!

How wonderful to surprise your kids!! Their faces will be priceless!!

lilmissie 04-16-2009 10:05 PM

Yes it was a great package. I am very happy. Plan tickets have been purchased officially! We are one step closer. Now I need to figure out what else I can plan now.

flyfire 04-17-2009 01:11 AM

Your trip sounds great:thumbsup2. The boards are really a great place to read all about and look at pics of your resort. is also very helpful.

lilmissie 04-19-2009 02:23 PM

Ok so Resort - booked, flights - booked, CARES & Ergo - arranged, Double Stroller - booked.

Still have the single stroller as interest.

Now it's time to decide on MNSSHP and start thinking of Reservations at all.

After that - packing lists.

What else am I missing?

My2Qtz0205 04-21-2009 05:42 PM

Do you have an idea of what parks you want to do on what days? Are you going to do MNSSHP? You can buy tickets for that May 1st (next FRIDAY!!:banana:)

lilmissie 04-25-2009 10:57 PM

I have no idea what parks to do what days lol. And as for MNSSHP we're undecided. DH really feels it's to expensive for just him and I as the kids will sleep through it. I was going to see what prices are like on May 1st and decide from there.

CriminyCrafft 05-13-2009 01:23 AM

I will be at Wilderness Lodge the same time as you - from Oct 17-20. I'll be at WL all by my widdle self, and then on 10/20 my BFF comes to meet me and we're moving on to Animal Kingdom Lodge till Oct. 26!

I highly recommend MNSSHP. I'm going by myself on Oct 18 and then again with the BFF on Oct. 20. It is just amazing and I need two nights to do everything!

I hope you update soon!! Have you done any additional planning? Got any ADRs tentatively planned? I'm definitely eating at Whispering Canyon and Artist Point!

lilmissie 05-13-2009 08:38 AM

I am still stuck on what to plan so early. I am waiting for my Birth Certificate to show up so that we can order passports. DH is still not sure he wants to go to MNSSHP so as of right now we're not going:eek: but I am hoping that I can get him to change his mind ;) As for any other plans - nothing really has been made. I have looked into the possibility of a grociery delivery. I have no idea what to get for ADR's. I need to still look into that a bit so that we're ready to book them. I know we want to do a character meal on the Monday (twins Bday) But other then that I have no idea what the plan is. I don't even know what character meal yet:scared1:

Reese'smom 05-13-2009 08:44 AM

I'm in! We're taking our 2 year old for her first trip in Sept!
How about showing pics of your family? You could also start looking at menus and decide some places you want to eat!

lilmissie 05-13-2009 10:13 AM

I will have to get some pictures loaded up but then I can post them. Hopefully later tonight I can get that done. Where would I find menus? Wow this is all so new - yet so exciting!!

CriminyCrafft 05-13-2009 10:16 AM

I spend hours here looking at menus:

Crystal Palace character buffet is awesome. I've never done Chef Mickey's or Cinderella's Royal Table or 1900 Park Fare but they look pretty sweet too!

lilmissie 05-13-2009 10:43 AM

Thanks I'll start looking at the menu's. Cinderella's is not really appealing to me as I have all boys. But I'm sure now that I have the menu's I can get something rolling.

TigerKat 05-14-2009 03:15 PM

Signing on! I'll be at SSR 10/17-10/21!

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