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My2Qtz0205 04-10-2009 09:24 AM

Our 10th anniversary FAMILY celebration at WDW *9/7 Two more movie nights!*
Welcome to my first PTR, ever!

The cast:

me & DH, married 10 years this October :hug:

our son, Q, turning 7 while we are there:
He is growing out of the cartoon-phase (already? :confused3), but he loves the teeny bopper stuff, like Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, and The Suite Life of Zach & Cody. He also likes Mickey Mouse.:thumbsup2

our daughter, C, age 3:
She is obsessed with everything having to do with The Little Mermaid. Needless to say, Ariel's Grotto will be the first place we stop when we get to MK. I'm trying to make this costume she is holding last until October so she can wear it to the MNSSHP, but she is dragging it all over the house like a security blanket, so a replacement might be in order.

My mom, my in-laws, and my bil & sil are joining us as well. I won't share their pics just yet, but I'm sure you'll see lots of pics of them in the TR.

Next up:
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My2Qtz0205 04-10-2009 09:46 AM

The details
When: October 16-23rd, 2009 (park days are 17th-22nd)

Where we're staying: Due to the size of our group, we decided to rent an off-property vacation home. I booked :cheer2: a home from a website recommended in my trusty Passporter! We are renting a 5 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom home with its own pool for just over $1k for the week. Not too shabby! This will give us a common area to gather while we are resting from the parks, it will give Q a quiet place to do schoolwork, will allow us to cut down on the meals we eat inside the park, and will give DH & I our own bedroom! :rolleyes1

Why we're going: As I mentioned in my PP, our official reason for going is to celebrate our 10th anniversary. In risk of being blasphemous, I wanted to do a cruise, but DH wasn't going for it. So, since our kids are at a good age to enjoy & remember WDW, I convinced DH that we should do that this year. We will actually be flying in on our anniversary. Q will be turning 7 while we are there, so he can get the giftcard to use as his birthday money! :teacher:

Park plans & ADR's, oh my!

torsie24 04-10-2009 01:46 PM

Yay! Another October PTR!!!

Can't wait for updates!!

My2Qtz0205 04-10-2009 02:51 PM

Thanks for stopping by, Torsie! I need to upload more pics, and then I'll do another update.

mickeyfan71 04-10-2009 03:48 PM

Joining in! I'm going in Oct also and it will be nice to have this to help the time pass! :yay:

My2Qtz0205 04-10-2009 03:55 PM

Yay! Thanks for joining me, Lisa!:cool1:

AngelBabyJana 04-10-2009 08:28 PM

I'm joining in as well! I followed you over here from the Official October Thread. We are going October 3-11th, so it will be nice hearing about all your plans as well. Cute kiddos that you have there! You can tell that your DD LOVES that Little Mermaid dress, how cute!

My2Qtz0205 04-10-2009 10:35 PM

Thanks, Jana! You should start your own PTR so I can follow along with you, too!:thumbsup2

My2Qtz0205 04-12-2009 02:29 PM

Planning, planning, planning!
So here is what we have been up to:

Yup, we made our countdown calendar! Who cares that we can't use it until the end of June/early July--at least we're prepared! Now you begin to see into my neuroses. :scared1::laughing: I'm still going to prettify it a little more by adding a title and a big ole Mickey scrapbooking cut-out at the end.

So, if I've made my countdown calendar already, you know that I already have a preliminary park plan in place, so here it is:

Saturday, 10/17: First park day. Hoping to get an ADR at CRT for breakfast, then doing MK the rest of the day. We will go back to the house for a mid-afternoon break and maybe an early dinner, and then head back out if everybody isn't too burned out. I'm trying not to expect too much.

Sunday, 10/18: Epcot Day 1. We will do either Future World or World Showcase this day. MNSSHP this evening.

Monday, 10/19: Either DHS or AK, depending on what SIL wants to see most. She & BIL leave this evening.

Tuesday, 10/20: Whatever we didn't do Monday. Hoping to get an ADR at California Grill for just hubby & I, as our anniversary celebratory dinner.

Wednesday, 10/21: Epcot Day 2. We'll do whatever we didn't do on Epcot Day 1.

Thursday, 10/22: This is Q's birthday, so it is another MK day! I'm hoping to get an ADR at Chef Mickey's for an early dinner. This is a MNSSHP night, which means we'll be kicked out of the park by 7, so I think this would be a good time to go to DTD to let Q spend his giftcard.

Friday, 10/23: Fly back home.

I do have a "just in case" plan in place in case we can't get into CRT on Saturday. I will ask for Akershus for breakfast instead, and just make that our Epcot Day 1. Then I will bump up Epcot Day 2 or AK to Sunday. I don't know what I'll do if I can't get into Chef Mickey's for dinner on 10/22. That's the only place I can think of that DS might enjoy for his bday. He needs to be entertained, or he will not sit still!

Comments? Suggestions?

I mentioned in my OP that we are going to try to save money by cooking meals at home. I plan on packing lunches and snacks into the park each day except for those days that we have ADR's.

I want to get C an appointment at BBB while we're at MK, but I don't want to take away from Q's special day by getting it on his bday. What do you think?:confused3

Btw, I saw on the homepage that DL's BBB is offering Knight packages to little boys. It includes hair paint, a sword, and a shield for $12.95. Does anybody know if WDW's BBB will start offering this?

My2Qtz0205 04-12-2009 05:34 PM

Thanks, SIMMS. I'm hoping we can go back for C's 7th birthday, but I haven't told DH that I'm thinking about that yet.:lmao:

mickeyfan71 04-12-2009 10:12 PM

Love the countdown calendar. I need to get to Home Depot to get my supplies! :lmao: I know the BBB has something for the boys at WDW-just not sure exactly what it is. I haven't started a Pre-TR here but I have one on the "Enchanted" website if your are interested!

shordiebecka 04-13-2009 03:46 PM

I think having your little girl do the BBB would be okay on his birthday- I'm not sure what they offer for boys, but there is also a barbershop on manistreet that does cool hair stuff for boys- paint in the hair, etc etc. You could look into that!

Great planning so far!

My2Qtz0205 04-13-2009 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by mickeyfan71 (Post 31307434)
Love the countdown calendar. I need to get to Home Depot to get my supplies! :lmao: I know the BBB has something for the boys at WDW-just not sure exactly what it is. I haven't started a Pre-TR here but I have one on the "Enchanted" website if your are interested!

Haha! I felt so funny when I was standing there picking out 111 Mickey paint samples (110 for the countdown, plus 1 extra lime green Mickey head!). I was expecting someone to ask what I was doing.

I'll check out your ptr, too.

My2Qtz0205 04-13-2009 04:25 PM

Got more stuff done...
Ok, so far I have:

Booked the rental house
Made a preliminary park plan
Registered Q's bday on the Disney website
Made our countdown calendar

Today I booked doggie's "vacation home," a new kennel with glassed-in suites with a front yard river view, a flat screen tv, and a fireplace. Seriously. Griffin has been surrended to the pound twice in his 18 month-long life, so I didn't want to leave him in a place that would remind him of the pound. The ordinary runs at the kennel looked just like what he was in when we rescued him. So, after making my DH tour the kennel with me on Saturday, we agreed it would be worth the $20 extra/night for Griffin's comfort. Here's our boy (ignore the bow:)):

The other thing I did today was pay a visit to the AAA office. I had heard they could get us discounted park tickets and car rental. The only park tickets they offer, though, are 3, 5, or 7 day park hopper passes. We had already looked at the park hopper option, and decided that was not for us. It would add another $400 onto our budget if we bought the discounted park hoppers. Big no. She also checked on availability of a rental minivan for our dates from Hertz. Would you believe all of their minivans have already been booked for our dates??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I can't even book my flight because Southwest is so daggone slow putting up their schedule, but the rental car companies are already running out of rentals? So now I'm panicking--should I go ahead and book a van through another company, even though I don't know my flight info? I know we're going to fly Southwest, but I don't know what time we'll arrive in Orlando. Grrr--don't these people know that I am an obsessive-I-need-to-know-details-NOW planner?? DH still needs to talk to his company to see what kind of discounts they can get for rental cars, so that is now His Job. I hate giving him something to be responsible for, but I have no choice. So I guess he will "get around to it.":rolleyes:

Wow, so this is the update that turned into a rant. :dance3: Thanks for reading!

mickeyfan71 04-13-2009 08:56 PM

Griffin will love his "vacation". That sounds awesome!

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