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winotracy 04-07-2009 05:47 AM

First Ever DISUnplugged Podcast Cruise Ten, Seriously Ten?!? You People Talk Too Much
Welcome to the DISUnplugged Podcast Cruise!!
Ten, Seriously Ten?!? You People Talk Too Much

So you are wondering what this is all about?

For information and to get a quote for this amazing cruise, please check out

Also see previous thread(s): Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine

If you have questions about the cruise, please email me at rather than PM. Thanks!

Need a place to stay before or after the cruise?


$99 per night at the Walt Disney World Dolphin
for DISUnplugged Podcast cruisers only (you must be booked through Dreams Unlimited Travel for the cruise)

Available dates May 4-9 and May 14-17

Rate is for up to two adults per room. Additional adults pay $25 per night. You will be required to put down one night's deposit per stay (so if you are staying before and after the cruise you need to make two deposits). The price is $99 plus tax for a total of $111.38 per night. This deposit is fully refundable up until 7 days prior.

To reserve your pre or post cruise stay, email with the nights you are interested in staying. We will set up your reservation for you and request payment of the deposit at the appropriate time.

NOTE: This rate is only available if you are on the DISUnplugged Podcast cruise. If you cancel your cruise reservation later, your rate will convert to the regular pricing.

Dreams Unlimited Travel will be sponsoring transfers between the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Port Canaveral on May 10 and May 14 for DISUnplugged Podcast cruisers booked through Dreams Unlimited Travel. You must preregister for this service by contacting
Document Information and Luggage Tags

Your documents that you receive may be a bit of a let down after all the build up for this cruise. They will look like a coupon book from a mortgage or loan. If you filled out all of your documents online before the booklets were printed, your documents will be more of an informational receipt. If you filled out your documents online but didn't complete them prior to the printing of the booklets, you will receive all the forms that are required. You can complete your documents online until approximately 5 days prior. Once completed, the cruise contract will become available and you will need to print that and sign the contract and payment authorization page. If you do not bring this, you will have to fill out new documentation at the port.

If you have DCL transfers after the cruise, you will have a page in your documents that must be given to the agent checking you in. This has your flight information. If you don't give this to them, you will need to go to Guest Services by a certain time (they will give you a reminder onboard) or you will not get to do onboard check in for the airlines.

What about Luggage Tags?

If you have Disney Cruise Line transfers from the airport to the port and are arriving on May 10: put your luggage tags on before you leave home.

If you have Disney Cruise Line transfers from a resort to the port: Do not put the luggage tags on your bags before you leave home. Put them on your luggage on May 10 before your luggage is picked up to be transported to the port.

If you do not have Disney Cruise Line transfers: Do not put the luggage tags on at home. Put them on your bags before you go to the port on May 10, regardless of how you get there.

If you do not have enough luggage tags, you can get more at the port but everything given to the porters at the port must have luggage tags. Otherwise, DCL won't know what room to take your bags to.


Every single person who goes on this cruise must have identification. In general, this is what is permitted:

US Adults: Passport OR certified birth certificate and photo ID. There are some other documents that would be ok (including military documents) and if you question what your documents are, please email me and I will check to see if they are acceptable. Basically, you need to have proof that you are a US citizen. A photo ID shows where you live now, but doesn't prove that you are US citizen.

US Children: Passport OR certified birth certificate. They do not need to have a photo ID.

non-US citizens: Passport and possibly a Visa, depending on the country of citizenship. If you have questions on this, contact me.

Do you want to dine with your fellow cruisers?
If you want to be linked to the other DISUnplugged Podcast Cruisers, please contact

So who's all going on the first ever DISUnplugged Podcast Cruise?


Here is a list of who is going. If you are going and want your information here, post on the thread, email or PM me!

105 Rooms So Far...
DIS Name - Names - Dining - (Kids Ages) - Celebrations

3DisneyKids - Erika & Jeff - Early - (6, 7 & 9) - celebrating two birthdays on 5/11 and 5/17
3guysandagal and Katscradle - John, Katherine, Kenny, Johnny - second - (6, 11) - First cruise!!
aaronmckie & A.Mickey - Jason & Shanan - Second - Jason's Bday & 5th Anniversary
Addicted to Dopey - Wallis, Sue, Fred, Valerie, Mark & Doug - Second - Sue's Bday & Mother's Day
ADP - Aaron, Kim & Anna - Second - (7) - 15th Anniversary
aGoofyMom - Donna, Carl & Siri - Early - (7) - 10 th Anniversary 5/1, Donna's Bday 5/13
ALWAYSDISNEYDREAMING - Dorothy & Jenny - First - first cruise!
aspen37 - Anna - Second
Becx N Gav - Becky & Gavin - Early - first cruise!
BillM99999 - Bill & Joanne - Second - First Disney cruise
billwald - Bill & Patricia - Second
btrim - Dana & Binnie - Second
btrim's DS & DBIL - Robin & Mike - Second
calypso*a*go-go - Lisa, Mark, Hayley & Mitch -Second - 14,16
Camcolt - Katie & Peter - Second
CarolynNC - Carolyn - Second - First cruise
Caropooh & alanapapa - Carolyn & Andrew - Second - 25th Anniversary
cdnmickeylover & usetheforceluke- Fiona & Jim - First
chickie - Jackie, Jeff & Millie - First - (9)
chirurgeon - Kim & Judy - Second
ClaraBug - Amanda & Scott - Second - First Cruise!
cocowum & Launchpad - Alicia, Paul & Jennifer - Second - 15th Anniversary
Commando2319 - Ben, Bailey & Sydney - First - (8,7) - first cruise!
concept5123 - Chris & Erica - First Cruise
Crazydisneyman - Chris, Kim & Ginny - Second - (20mo) - First Disney cruise
Cruz Family - Melissa & Tony - Second - 15th Anniversary
CV Workout - Colleen & Eddie - Second
datadoc5 - Bill, Alice & Carol - Second
dbond - Dorothy & Chris - Second
DebbieT11 - Phil & Debbie - Second - Birthdays 5/6 & 5/27
Dian-er - Diana & Brian - Second
dis2cruise - Cheryl & Jim - Second
Disneybridein2k3 - Stacy, Ken, Julianne & Morgan - Second - (3,15)
Disneyfan19712006 - Melissa & Thomas - Second
DisneyKevin - Kevin & John - Second
Disney/Universal Fan - Howard & Ashley - Second
DLBDS - Dara, Tim & Robbin - Second
Dodie - Dodie & Phillip - Second
dpuck1998 - Don, Tamra, Brenda, Trace, Brady & Lily - Second - (10,9,4)
DSWalczak - Sarah & Dave - Second - Dave's B-day 5/7, Sarah's B-day 4/25
DVC Bunny - Deborah, John, Jack - Early - (5) - First DCL Cruise
DVCsince02 - Jennifer & Christopher - Second
experiment 627 - Candy & Stephan - Second
exwdwcm - Michelle & Nancy, Jim & Jeanie - Early - Jeanie's B-day 5/11
fakereadhed -
FireDancer - Frank, Laura & Mike - Early
firsttimemom - Liz, Brian, Lindsay & Patrick - Second - (11 & 9 )- Brian's bday 5/4
froggy5657 - Gibson & Mary Jo - Second - (14)
Georgemoe & Anitawood - George & Debbie - Second - First Cruise
guynwdm - Rob - Second
halliesmommy01 - Dave, Becky, Hallie & Tyson - Second
Hedy - Heather - Early
Hpyhiker - Darrel & Jo - Second
jacstangler - John & Christy - Early
jeanigor & columnwest - Todd & Chris - Second - 1st cruise
Kab407 - Kathy & Ann - Second
kimisabella - Andrea & Vinny - Early - 10th Anniversary
KimStaR - Kim & Brian
klam_chowder - Karen & Robert - Second
Kurby - Karen, Patrick, Cassandra - Second - (3.5)
kymickeyfan717 - Kathy - Second
LMO429 - Lauren & Rob
loricz - Lori, Logan & Jacob
LovesThumper - Skip & Marilyn - Early
lttlmc3 - Michelle & Ben
Madi100 - James, Nicole, Madison & Emilie - Second - (11, 8)
maiziezoe - Ann, Thomas, McKenzie, Logan & Piper - Second - (12, 4,2) - Ann's Birthday
Mary Jo & Marla Helwig - Mary Jo & Marla - Second - Mothers Day
MenashaCorp & MerriePoppins - Jason & Susan - Second - 1st cruise
Merry Mousketeer & Disney Enabler - Michael & Carol - First
MinnieGardener & k5jmh - Christy & Mike - First - First Disney Cruise!
MrandMissVacation - Michelle, Steve, Sarah & Trevor - (5,9)
nbg - Nicole, George, Austin & Lukas - Second - (12, 9) - Austin's Birthday
okaybye - Heather
OKW Lover - Jeff & Val - Second
parrotheadlois & DUHGreg - Lois & Greg - Second
pershing - Sue, Colt, Dale & Mitch -
relspeak - Anne & Alan
robind - Robin - Second
safetymom - Kathy & Katie - Second
Sandyh67 & ragtopday - Sandy & Kristen - Second
scarlett873 - Brandie & Matthew - Second
Scoobypop - Chris & Rob - Second
SFBayDon - Don - Second
Sharon Seattle - Sharon & Craig Smith - Second
shellyminnie & tiggerbell - Shelly & Jaime - Second
SnackyStacky - Dan, Lisa & Ava - First - (2)
Spaddy - Anne, Frank & Michael - Second
Squidrific - Caroline, Cat & Katie - (13)
stenogoddess - Lauren & DH - First
super genius - Winston, Jennifer & Jadyn - Second - (9)
TheBeadPirate - Loir & Rick - First Cruise!
tickledtink33 - Kim - Second
tlterrynva - Tammy & Mark - Second
TMLI & Slapwhitey - Tracey, Chris & Benjamin - Second
Tonya2426 - Tonya, Joe, Carol & Joyce - Second
Ursula'sShadow - Mike & Mindy - Second
WebmasterCorey & AuroraJae - Julie, Corey & Ferris - Second - (5 mo.)
Weaura - Brian & Linda - Second - First Cruise/25 years of marriage
Wendysboyfriend - Vincent & Wendy - Second
wildeoscar - Rex
winotracy - Tracy & Bill - Second - Bill's B-day April 26
YodaMouse - MaryAnn & Tony - First
Yvet - Yvette & Emiel - Second
Zulemara -
What's Going On
A list of events that are being planned by your fellow cruisers:


Originally Posted by jeanigor
In case you are trying to keep up and don't want to read through ~20,000 posts of mostly fluff, I have complied a list of some pertinent information and related threads regarding the Podcast Cruise and the surrounding days at WDW.

Podcast Cruise Fish Extender Thread. Click here.
Fish extenders are like a secret Santa gift exchange of sorts. Swing by and check it out.

Tracy's guide/question thread about booking your Disney Cruise Line activities (Palo, excursions, etc.). Click here.
Online bookings open for first time cruisers at 12:01 am EST on Tuesday February 24th.

Orlando Muddy Buddy:
When: May 9th 2009 6:45am til ????

Where: Disney's Wide World of Sports
What: Race/Obstacle course ending in a giant mud pit!
Who: Launchpad11B; Mouse Skywalker; ADP; dpuck1998; crazydisneyman; jeanigor
Why: To raise money for GKTW while having fun!

Kitchen Sink Get Together 5/9/09 at Beaches and Cream.
Share a sweet treat around 3pm on the Saturday before we sail.

Unofficial Pre-Cruise Meet at the Poly 5/9/08. Click here.
We're getting together at the Polynesian Beach approximately one hour prior to Wishes to meet some of our fellow DISers. We're planning on having a Dole Whip (or other beverage of your choice) and watching Wishes and the Electric Water Pageant. The 'party' will continue at Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk afterward

Pre-Podcast Cruise Breakfast at Cape May Café 5/10/09. Click here.
Getting together to share a buffet style breakfast before loading up and joining the convoy of cruisers to the port.

FYI: A bunch of DISers are planning on wearing their GKTW T-shirts for embarkation.

Share when you are arriving or departing. Click here.
Here is the official unoffical thread for when everyone is arriving for the cruise and when they are going home. This way we can figure out who we might want to do other things with pre and post cruise.

Podcast Cruise Tasting event sign-up. Click here.
A thread for all those interested in tasting events (wine, martini, etc.) during the Podcast Cruise

DIS Twigirls and Twiguys Coven dazzles on the Wonder Podcast Cruise Meet. Click here.
For all the fans of the Twilight series.

Post Cruise Drink Around the World. Click here.
Pretty self explanatory. End up stumbling your way around World Showcase.

Group Pre/Post Cruise Dining Plans. Click Here.
Want to a join a group to eat before or after the cruise? Or see what some other folks are doing.

Todd also has an excel spread sheet that lists some more things on it. If you would like a copy PM jeanigor and he will be more than happy to send it to you. :)

winotracy 04-07-2009 05:47 AM

Tracking information for your documents:


Go to

In the Shipment Reference field type in your DCL number. This is an eight digit number (not the one following Grp on your reservation). Press Track.

It may not come up with your documents and you may have to go down to Shipment Destination and select United States and YOUR zip code.

When I put in my reservation number, it came up as a delivered package. Remember that other companies may have the same reference number, but DCL uses your reservation number for this. Mine hasn't shipped yet as when I limited it to my zip code, nothing came up.


Enter your reservation number, country shipped to and postal code.

Yvet 04-07-2009 05:56 AM

Sorry i will wait from now on......

But i have post #1 after Tracy ofcourse........:cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1:

cocowum 04-07-2009 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by Yvet (Post 31214661)
Sorry i will wait from now on......

:scared1::scared1::scared1: Yvet, I'm shocked! ...:rolleyes1

georgemoe 04-07-2009 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by cocowum (Post 31214843)
:scared1::scared1::scared1: Yvet, I'm shocked! ...:rolleyes1

Alicia! Frankly I'm concerned! :scared:

georgemoe 04-07-2009 08:04 AM

Everyone luvs the Brown Truck of Joy!

DVCsince02 04-07-2009 08:05 AM

Woooooooot, 1st page!

Yvet 04-07-2009 08:06 AM

For the international cruisers we love this one:

katscradle 04-07-2009 08:06 AM

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Wow 10!!

Well at least I made the first page, even though I woke up late this morning.

kab407 04-07-2009 08:08 AM

A very fitting title!

Morning folks!

I love me the men in Brown:love::love::love::love:.

kimisabella 04-07-2009 08:08 AM

Whoo Hooo #10 already - I'm going to try to get in early on this thread.... I'm always lagging behind ;)

Yvet 04-07-2009 08:09 AM

Very important Tracy question:

Are Alicia and i back in good graces again?????

firsttimemom 04-07-2009 08:09 AM

woo hoo! I closed #9!!! My work here is done- off to take the girl to school.

Nicole- hope Emilie is feeling better today!

sandyh67 04-07-2009 08:14 AM

first page, I made the first page!!!!:cool1:

winotracy 04-07-2009 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by Yvet (Post 31215673)
Very important Tracy question:

Are Alicia and i back in good graces again?????

I'll think about that one. Alicia did come up with a good title though so....

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